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Remember the 2000's? LMFAO what the FUCK were people thinking back then?

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At least everyone wasn't so cynical back then.

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Cut the back and sides of their heads, put some holes in the knees of their jeans and they fit right it 2019.

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They were sex gods of their time

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Yea, I do remember when white people were what culture was about before everyone started acting like nogs

I remember white girls with cute small butts and small waists. I remember when girls jeans weren't cut to end right under her tits. I remember op. Do you?

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This. Everything was more genuine. People were into things unironically.

This too. Little girls loved this shit

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"little girls" i'm a grown ass adult and i love this shit, it's nostalgic as fuck.

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I remember there were some scene kids like this in my highschool and we all thought they were fags. Turned out they prayed on underage girls,as in the would try and bone girls in grade 6 and shit when they were in grade 12. Really weird. All scene kids are pesos.

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early 00s=based
mid/late 00s= cringe

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Is there anything more DISGUSTING than bluejeans with a black shirt or shoes. I seriously can't think of anything. Someone should have told these guys. That's a big no no

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Maybe in your flyover cuck state

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roastie who didn't get picked by the hot scene guys

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Where can I find a history of popular/mainstream men's fashion (ideally focusing on the last half century)? Could be a book, blog, documentary, I'm not fussed.

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>living in America

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One step forward, two steps back.

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fucking hell, he got JUSTed

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The experiment was to see if they could feminize young men again, like they did with glam rock, but this time they would encourage them more to experiment with homosexuality and essentially indulging in temper tantrums.

From what I've heard emos on the ground rarely ever did kiss boys or cry but that was clearly what they were being encouraged to do by emo acts who were instructed to promote both.

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Oh, I sort of forgot the other part: lots of gender bending behaviour. It was definitely a forerunner to trans and drag promotion today.

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One thing to notice with emo guys is they are much more likely to have been low-t than actually skele.
Look at their soft skin and bitch hips.

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These guys look cool, who are they?

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>People were into things unironically.
Definitely. Being into anime, or skateboarding, or downtempo music were usually separate things that people undertook. Now people claim to love everything on a shallow level. There is seriously an art hoe or soiboi on IG right now posing with manga, a deck, and a keyboard. Not really giving a shit about the history or scene of any of them. Just to diversify their cool portfolio. With the increased importance of shared pictures, people are a lot more desperate to co-opt random things to look more interesting

Holy shit this. Remember when girls had volume and cute style to their hair? The choices weren't just thot knot, or ponytail, or ponytail w/ snapback hat. And alternative/indie girls had cool pixie cuts, or wedge cuts, or unironic dye jobs like full black or full auburn. Now it's shaved, or half-assed dyed red koolaid stain with small ponytail on top. Alt girls' goal is seriously to look like a socially retarded failure

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I see Ollie is trying to start the not matching shoes trend

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The hair was fucking awful. Thotcore was a godsend for getting girls closer to stuff that looks good.

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Especially if it's light blue.Truly vomit inducing

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teen agers appealing to teen agers.
now fashion is appealing to YOUNG adults. Not adults not dadcore, there is a clear difference.

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mid was decent but i agree with late 2000s

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CLEAN is the new SCENE

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I remember when OP's shit was all the rage and then I saw pic related. God, it was like having acid rinsed out of my eyes.

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t. retarded niggerfaggots
post 9-11 everyone was cynical and shitty. Garbage like Family Guy was insanely popular. It was all about being ironic and hating everything. If anything we're getting to neo-modernism where it's cool to be earnest.

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Imagine being this guy, in a band with fucking Oli Sykes.

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>Now people claim to love everything on a shallow level
I feel like these kinds of people have always existed. Remember poser skaters existed back then as well..you know the one. Walking around, wearing a skateboard as an accessory.

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Zack ended up becoming a complete Chad at least.

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Is he alright, /fa/?

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The best part is that a lot of these scene dudes were legit really ugly, but girls were somehow just completely unable to look past the haircuts.

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Guy in the middle is Yung Lean at least.

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Old and fat

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>The brown stain on his hoodie
>Looks like it's been sewn together multiple times


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Yung Lean in the middle, Bladee on the left, idk about the other dude

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Nope. I'm not talking about "overdo girl" who has to overdo everything. Of course leopard spots and pink stripes are superfluous. But the modern equivalent is $90 yoga pants girl.

I'm talking about mid range and under. A cute girl with pretty hair who tries to dress feminine inspires you to be a better man. A girl with purposely ugly bedbun and ill-fitting tights is depressing. That's why it's in style. It's such an affront to the senses that it makes people forget about the lack of real romance and true tenderness in their twitter life.

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suicidal emos like in ops pic had kind of a fun about their suffering. think newgrounds and lolsorandumb. even if these things were cringe there was some sort of life to them.

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The last time I noticed stereotypical 2000s looking emo or scene people was around 2011. Do you see anybody looking like that, on a regular basis, anymore, or is it just costume nowadays than custom?

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Lil Peep was like the modern evolution of that

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drain gang is the zoomer collective
sad boys were based

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>sad boys were based.
Now we have onions boys. At least they aren't sad, for they have turned the frown upside down!

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>A cute girl with pretty hair who tries to dress feminine inspires you to be a better man.

That's my point, dude. I guess it might have been different where you live but I remember ugly ugly hair, ugly ugly make-up, ugly ugly clothes.
The reason I prefer thotcore is it's more feminine and closer to a healthy look than what I used to see.
Bottle black hair that looked like it got caught in an escalator and they had to cut themselves free.

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>Now we have onions boys. At least they aren't sad, for they have turned the frown upside down!
nice selfie redditfriend, gorgeous eyeballs

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what's wrong here again?

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Remember the 2010's? LMFAO what the FUCK were people thinking back then?

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He's like 40 cut him some slack, he seems happier doing comics and being a dad nowadays.

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2000s indie, rock, punk fashion is GOAT

Everything went to shit in early 2010s with snapbacks, swagfaggery and dubstep

Remember when supreme was made for skaters and not niggers?

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big, if true

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Fuck iPhone and Facebook

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Why are KISS the only band who were honest about being a boyband. So many musicians get popular from female attention and then they pretend they have more integrity passed that

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Probably the embarrassing/insulting need to ve unique, or more likely needing to "dress up" in order to dress at all after becoming an adult people. Still trying to look like a fictional character because you watched too many animes

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jeans a t-shirt is not dressing up

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Still not as cringe as skinny joggers and nigger shoes

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I think hes talking about the hair, its still the best hairstyle ever

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What are these subhumans?

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Why the fuck does DG love Y-3 so much? I see it in almost all of their fits. Irks me because I love the brand and their music is shit

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my fucking heart hurt

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They look ok to me

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Everyone laughed at fags who dressed like that at the time as well

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If you think people need to be encouraged to act like faggots, you haven't been paying attention, and you've ignored all the social and cultural trends leading up to this for the last 200 years. I'm not even saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that there's enough history to explain it without (((conspiracies))). If you have some sauce I'd love to read it though.

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this is very cool thanks for sharing

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Wrong. One of the bands from my area got signed to the big scene metalcore label, rise records. The idea was no different than boy bands: the music was shit, but teenage girls bought up merch and cds and ringtones and whatever else. So the labels would sign up every band that had a few members that looked fuckable, get them booked on tours for dogshit pay, and they all kinda ended up failing because it's a pyramid scheme tier unsustainable model. And yeah there were plenty of creeps; heroin addicts, sexual predators, lots of thieves, etc. So venues started banning promoters who booked the music cuz it always led to trouble. And eventually that scene died

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Back then it was sidekicks and MySpace
I literally had my sidekick until the Nokia/Microsoft edge network collapse

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Implying I don't still dress like this, minus the hair.

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just give it 3 more years and late 2000s will be in

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I want to go back lads.

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I lived it (not in diapers either zoomers) and it was just as shitty as any fad at any other time throughout history. The older I get, the more I realize how retarded kids are. Get off my fucking lawn

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Atleast their music was hard when they looked like that now they dress """""""" e f ayyy""""" and their shit is gay as you are op

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WHat did he mena by this?

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My cousin was a scene kid and he liked teens, plus raped someone

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lol niggers aren't people though

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What the fuck, why do they think this is cool

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>pop punk, post grunge, nu metal on the Hot 100

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this. and twitter.

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supreme was already for niggers when i first heard of it in 1995, so no i don't

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lol old timer

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go away zoombers

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the irony wasn't as deep as it is now but being openly sincere has been frowned upon since like the early 90s

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Where the fuck did the time go? 2020 in 11 fucking months.

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This makes me sad. We’re all getting older.

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>what the FUCK were people thinking back then?

Their (((producers))) were 10 years late to the "skateboarding scene" and pumped out a plastic version of it onto their own airwaves.

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Nowadays ironic emo - rap zoomers look exactly the same except their t shirts are ironically rock/metal looking and cost 10 times as much and they have that middle part long hair instead of emo. They are also more miserable it seems as everything is jaded and ironic nowadays

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should say
>yeah the 90s were lit (barely conscious of the world then)
He is right though, BLOPs 2 was the last good call of duty

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And the whole time-space continuum clapped

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Pretty true, but CS 1.6 and nokia 3310 is boomer tier

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Post is looking good

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Didnt they put up a fundraiser a few years back to relaunche their music career out of the gutter?
I believe their goal was around a few thousand dollars and they managed to raise like 40 bucks lmao

I also love how one of them is clearly going bald but still tries to rock the emo look

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they legit look like those low test buzzfeed guys lmao

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People were still cynical. You were just younger.

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Same here. At my school there were absolutely no guys like this. If you were a guy and dressed like this you'd probably get bullied to suicide or at the very least clinical depression. The only girl I knew that was into this sort of thing was completely fucked up. Nympho, emotionally abusive, manipulative, violent, willing to do or be anything for attention, etc. I never got a good impression from people from this scene. They all seemed like selfish, piece of shit, hedonistic, sociopaths.

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>BLOPs 2 was the last good call of duty
I'll give you that one, bo2 was fun as fuck

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people dressd like shit because there was literally nothing nice in basic shops like H+M etc. all you could get was like jeans, tshirts and hoodies. popular culture was really reductive and conservative. mens fashion in basic clothing shops only started to get a bit more varied in the early 10s.

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2001 to 2006 was the stupidest period in human history

>> No.14083404

>BLOPs 2 was the last good call of duty
Blops 2 was absolute shit, made me quit until Blops 3 brought back skill into the game.

>> No.14083435

>remember the 2010's
>remember the 2020's
>remember the 2030"
>remember 2140's
>the fifith of November
christ your old OP

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lol this was 15yrs old me in 2007

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no mention of the gamecube, dreamcast or ps2
there was no bad console in our gen it really was the best. not even PC was bad.

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Those are interesting points. Was it even possible to get slim fit men's pants or shirts in regular stores around the late 2000s, maybe 2008, or were they all straight and regular fit, even oversized? When did younger popular stores like Old Navy introduce slim fits?

>> No.14084167

By 2006 they were everywhere. You fucking kids think skinny and slim jeans just appeard out of nowhere in the 00's but they were already a thing in the 80's

>> No.14084182

Maybe I happened to continually bypass them. I was never an Emo, either, and I thought that they just bought their "slim fits" from the women's sections.

>> No.14084212

They found the perfect way to turn their feminine features and bad genes into pussy getting so I have to respect that

>> No.14085128

>Blops 2 was absolute shit
BLOPs 2 was the peak of gaming

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>dem hairy thighs
And I thought mine was bad enough.

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>dem very hairy thighs
And I thought mine was bad enough.

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I hope he still does at least some physical exercises regularly...y'know, for health's sake.

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Oh man, Oli was my prophet back then. I was so obsessed with him, I tried so hard to be him. Look at him now, he’s effay now. The new album is also good.

>> No.14085626

I can’t stop looking at the buzzcut guy. He’s the hottest and I really want to know his dick size. I’m not a woman so it doesn’t matter, but it’s hot to know his size.

>> No.14085628

All white men have hairy legs like those.

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this meme makes zero morphological sense

>> No.14087142

Modern warfare 2 was the first game that brought me back to FPS games since Halo 2

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Leave and dont come back.

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