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Going to a dark twinky techno rave sometime soon, but quite unsure what to wear. Help me out /fa/, looking for some dark techno twinkspo

>inb4 OP is a faggot

Stop pretending you aren't either, you effay-browsing degenerate

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Blacklight-reactive clothing.

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rick suits, avant garde suiting with no shirt to show your abs.

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>dark twinky techno rave
i don't listen to much techno, is this a common thing? how do you know it'll just be twinks?
eyeliner and black clothes i guess

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Most techno raves are full of LGBT and twinks. I've been to a uncountable amount of these.

OP just dress "different". Dress like you would if no one could judge you on the street, show your personality.

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>all electronic music is techno
This board is a living meme of underage autists

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nobody said that you dumb cunt

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No one here even implied such a horrid thing.

The party is literally pure techno. Mostly Berlinesque dark, heavy hitting techno, if I am to believe the previews that have been put out.

It's a club known for its door policy. It probably won't be just twinks but the ratio of straights and thirsty bears will be a lot lower than your average gay club. Techno in general will often attract a lot of gays due to some weird symbiosis.

Thanks for the suggestions lads, I appreciate 'em. I've got a couple of potential outfits dangling around in my head.

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Who doesnt dress however they want when possible anyway?

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People with low confidence and folk living in extremely religious countries, I imagine

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Go on Youtube and watch some boiler room Berlin to see how ppl are dressed. No black light shit this isn't edm. Black and edgy

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Uniqlo has seamless autism tees that are pretty see through. Get a white or skin colored one a couple sizes small and it'll turn see-through when it stretches.

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you should wear all black with a loose top then just stand in a corner

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>Mostly Berlinesque dark, heavy hitting techno

y-you got some of that for m-me?

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Based and gay

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i hate how techno got invested with pretentious faggots like you. no one even gives a shit about music anymore, its just a dress up with the im so part of it elitist mentality

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Techno has played a mayor role in gay subculture since its conception, kiddo. Learn your history.

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Paula temple, ansome, randomer, perc just go look up who plays in memehein really now fuck off please

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Solid selection but this industrial style techno is slowly getting replaced by acid techno like 999999999/ boston 168 or more EBM- influenced styles like Thomas Heckmann, I hate models, Inhalt der Nacht (raw agency or aufnahme+wiedergabe labels)

Berlin techno culture is mostly about showing your true colours, if you like you can go rave in a bathrobe or Wedding dress (ive seen it all).
The all black everything/ bdsm/ fetish influenced fashion is mostly for tourists or gay guys actually into fetish stuff

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Latex chaps + cockring

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if you're going to pop some e be sure to dress accordingly, don't get stuck with a layer that will only further your sweat output

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