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>just dress nice bro

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>that guy is well dressed according to OP's standards

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noticed for the first time the hashtag at the end. wtf. i mean he is a cuck but what evolution of whore just states at the end of a thank you note that he is her orbiter even after mentioning it indirectly all the time. are such women just simply assholes which know what they do or is this shit subconscious and they are somehow unaware?

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goddamn that caption is fucking brutal HAHAHAHAAH

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We never see the years of pathetic puppydog trailing, attempts at buying their way into her pants, and other such shit that lead to the tributes of pathetic these pictures are.

Sometimes the woman is malicious, sometimes they've made their position clear and chubface refuses to stop, sometimes they're just well aware the guy won't make a damn move and is hoping that if they keep up this pathetic charade, the girl will pity-fuck him.

tldr he's trying to be manipulative and it's blowing up in his face.

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these orbiters are mentally ill but why should they be manipulative? these women take advantage of them. i can see them being annoying for the woman but after all its not a great scheme they are playing at these women but if anything a scheme of these women so how can you talk about „blowing up in his face“.
are you a woman and were in the position of ops pic?

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No, I'm a guy. I've had friends in the position of OP's picture, both as the orbiter and the woman, and in none of those situations were the women out to get free shit by maliciously targeting introverts or some business.

It was always the guy who wouldn't take any advice or hints, from me, from other friends, from the girl flat-out saying no, and wouldn't even directly ask her out either. Frustrating as fuck to witness.
There are tinder sluts and sadists out there who'll take you for a ride, though, they do exist from time to time.

Anyway this is just a stealth topic, it isn't /fa/. Sage.

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>friend date

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>how should I be treated standard

this girl will be a 35yo single and hateful woman someday

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holy shit she's telling the world how bad he is this is sad

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if you start thinking of girls as the same as men, it makes a lot more sense.

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but they arent

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A thread died for this.

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This is why socks over pants is a bad idea
You may believe it makes you look like a free spirit skater bro who doesn't care to properly style his clothes, but in reality you just look stupid

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>friend date

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Except it's not always like that. Oftentimes women will yo-yo their orbiters. Orbiter realizes she doesn't like him, so he starts moving away, then suddenly the girl is reaching out to him more and more and being extremely affectionate. The orbiter then thinks she likes him after all, and starts giving him more attention again. And the cycle repeats until he eventually realizes what's going on, that she's intentionally keeping him orbiting.

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>friend date
is this a thing now

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You're replying to bait

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He probably at least smashed once or twice dont see a problem

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How do I join anonymous

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Put your email in the email field followed by a picture of your mother's tits and I'll let you join

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Dat sock
>lusting after a non white

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You have to hack 4chan.

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some girls are afraid that if they openly reject a guy that he might murder her or threaten suicide. dude is pathetic anyway imagine puppy dogging a someone with a vagina lmao

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