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you will never have a fashionable mensur scar, why live

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you can still get them in Switzerland.

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wtf is a mensur scar? and what is going on in the pic?

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Based beyond words

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It's a scar received in a sword duel, or while fencing.
Not something you see much nowdays.
In the past, it was seen as a badge of honor.

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These days, people just get shitty tattoos, instead.

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Wouldn’t a bigger badge of honor be a sword fighter who never got a scar?

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full disclose, I gave myself a facial scar with a utility knife years ago. I was young and retarded and insecure.
i did it on my left cheek, i was a pussy so i didn't cut so deep but it still left a scar about 3 inches long.
Doesn't look way cool but it gave me more confidence and I don't regret it

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I hope you never tell that story in real life. What do you tell people when they ask how you got it?

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post pic

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the way a mensur (these kind of duels) were and still are designed makes it pretty much impossible to not get hit you have to stand still and not move a muscle except for your sword arm

it's a proof of courage and necessary to become a full member of certain fraternities

u should read up on the concept of german/swiss/austrian fraternities it's quite something different from their american counterparts

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fuck that its gross you literally lose beauty. the real champs didn't got hit or maybe just had an edgy scar in the eye which looks cool.

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truly peak effayness

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>getting a dueling scar in a fake duel while wearing protective clothing and goggles
cringe af

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nah. they look more fashionable dead.

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the real champs stand there and don't even flinch while taking hits (<--what the whole thing is about)

and also you are wrong

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So why not just do it to yourself with a box cutter like this fag. >>14061412

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it's not about the scar and apart from that there is no sport in cutting yourself and cutting yourself certainly does not warrant the same amount of courage than facing someone sword in hand

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and you are an autist. so why even care about your opinion.

real champs dont get hit, deal with it.

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>than facing someone sword in hand
incel core

yeah dude go study your way of the blade pussy slayer. fucking idiot.

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it is not an opinion it is tradition

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W2c nose-guarded goggles?

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>losing an eye and not being cringy.

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and it's stupid as shit so what. they didnt got better from it, nothing was gained they only lost foolishly. if you wanna be that kind of neckbeard dumbass be my guest "traditional" stupid primitive man.

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maybe reddit is more your speed

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maybe being an incel is more your lifestyle

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I'll let you on a little secret: you can find a knife in your house. Just do it

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It's pretty much impossible not to have a wound in a knife/sword fight. Shit's insanely fast and brutal and the idea of a perfect fight isn't really a thing.

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thats because u never seen my swordfighting skills

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I think you're gay

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As a member of a german Landsmannschaft (a kind of fencing frat) with 5 duels I would really like to see them. Even really good duelists get hit if they challenge worthy opponents, but you keep on fighting bleeding. I got no fancy scar in the face, but the skin under my hair has over 40 stitches holding it together.
Fencing for scars is incelcore, we do it for brotherhood and honour.

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>larping this hard
holy shit lmao

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It's nothing special, you can barely even see it anymore

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the mark of a faggit loser

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>live in austria where fraternities like this are still a thing
>grandpa had a small one, was an amazing swordsman, butchered his opponents face and barely got hit
>dad had one
>joined the same fraternity a few months ago

Yes I will, I hope only one or two though and not in weird locations or shapes because I don't wanna look like a 5 year olds doodle paper

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I have a friend who did the exact same thing. Very cringy

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there is this gypsy heroin addict in my town that pretends to be a saolin master, he has an autist gypsy friend that is his disciple and beats him up as demonstration of his skills,
he did a scar with a knife across his chest, sent him to the hospital, he just wanted a scar, this seems way more common than it should

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He's got a petty one.

Mensur isn't a freeform duel but designed as a test of courage and will. And also to show off to everyone else how much courage and will you supposedly have. You basically swing at each other until someone draws blood and then you might still keep going some.

Even if that wasn't the case you'd be a fagit for thinking a scar is a sign of defeat and not a badge of honor to have participated in a fight and survived. Keep in mind most people have no scars because they live measly little lives and wouldn't dare to risk a thing.

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I still don't get how having a scar from battle means you're a winner like what

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It doesn't mean you're a literal winner. In Mensur times it's more like ritualistic, think of it as a more elaborate form of the kind of tribal rituals where maturing boys get bitten by fire ants or have their faces cut or tattooed or Muslims self flagelatte etc. It is about courage and willpower to suffer.
In terms of sport duels and medieval warfare it doesn't make you a winner, it makes you experienced which means you didn't get killed. It means you participated in combat and the way you were hit wasn't even lethal. That's great.

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Very interesting. However I’d much rather do it shirtless as

Body scars > face scars

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So who is larping right now?

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Forgot pic. Sorry for the mess, its our workspace to store and repair our gear.

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i have this weird vertical scar along the left side of my face. just on the left side of my left eye. I have no idea where I got it, it must be old because its barely visible, but it must have been bad because its still visible. kinda wish it was easier to spot so people could think I was cool or dangerous and not at all a gigantic pussy. is not remembering a scaring head accident a bad omen? I have others.

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can I join? what your club about? if I join can I wear those cool goggles with nose-guard? could you please post the gnarliest dude in your gang?

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imagine thinking nobody but larpers have scars. ive never been in a sword fight and i have several scars including a facial scar.
all you idiot frat boys blown the fuck out

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You want a fun Wikipedia article? Look up Otto Skorzeny. S.S. officer, Mossad agent, Egyptian military consultant and so much more. The man rescued Mussolini on a paraglider.

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Which university?

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hi incel

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le swrods manship I want /pol/ incels to die already tbqh
grow the fuck up

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Me and a friend in high school wanted to give each other mensurs, thought it would look hot and prove to each other our bravery and companionship.

I still want one desu. The appeal of them hasn't worn off at all.

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Some people at my university still do it. Most of these fraternities are full of idiots, sadly.

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>In a fraternity at a big ten school
If you did that shit now it’d be on national media. My fraternity is on the brink of getting kicked off for brothers doing wall sits and inviting pledges to do wall sits with them.

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I'm talking about Germany and Burschenschaften/Verbindungen, not about your stupid American shit.
Over here, people have sued universities that kicked people out for academic fencing and won.

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Ok gotcha man. I had to look up what you’re talking about. I wish fraternities in the US carried on the same traditions as those in Europe.

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imagine joining a dumb frat that larps about courage and honour while circumcising each others faces using beat up shitty old swords held together with masking tape and basket hilts made out of rebar.

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Those are training swords and baskets, they are about 1-2 years old, but since we are practicing 5 times a week each 1 hour they get torn up pretty fast. Our duel swords have new blades for each match you get to keep after an baskets made out of steel plate decorated with the colours of the frat.
Don`t just hate stuff you don`t understand, that`s dumb. German frats have a society for academic progress and you have to progress at least at average speed and effort in your studies or get forbidden to drink beer or other penalties. It`s nothing like those american frat boys but more about discipline and upper class behavior (like formal dinner and balls regulary).

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cringe reddit larp thread :(

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Mensur is meant to show strength, you are meant to get hit and not flinch. At the same time you are trying to hit your opponent

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you are not a "winner", but it means that you can take a hit

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>swrods manship
not what this is about faggot

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I got into a pub fight about a month ago. It left me with a scar on my upper left cheek. It looks kinda cool

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superior combat-related larp badge of honor coming through

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Fucking wild ride

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>one faggot tranny sperging out through the whole thread
Hahahaha kill yourself

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Thats a jewish one, isnt it?

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>3 inches long
Micro-dick confirmed

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I lost my left ball in a fencing torunament. I hope it counts...

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>scar on face gave me more confidence

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I don't know about that. When it comes to a knife fight, I think you're certainly right, but I'd guess that a solid 90% of the sparring I do (Polish sabre and Fiore's longsword) doesn't end in doubles, and I'd suggest that there's something seriously wrong with whatever this weird Landsmannschaft thing is if most of your bouts do end in doubles (as well as if you're getting yourself seriously injured - why the fuck would you continue having anything to do with a club that gave you 40 stitches? That's not "brotherhood and honour", that's just stupid).

Maybe I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here though; you talk about duels, rather than bouts or sparring, so maybe this frat thing is wildly different to what I'm imagining. I'm curious to learn more.

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Right, we do the sparring with a helmet, but the duels with protection of the vital areas (e.g. glasses made of steel, protection for the ears and nose [...]), so you can only get hurt during those ceremonial duels and not get any damage aside of those scars. When fighting a Mensur (a duel) you`ll have your brothers around you, each side has a doctor, one fully armored Sekundant (protecting you against unlawful hits), someone to desinfect your blade between sets and one guy to hold and massage your arm an blade before for example. It creates a strong bond between the members of the frat, i did sky diving, but facing another guy with sword in hand was a for more extreme experience.

I hald no grudge against my opponents, we all drank beer together after the duels and getting stitched up, and also those 40 stitches are completly under my hair - just ruined my hair style for a short time, but thats just a /fa/g problem.
Those scars heal up pretty good (desinfected blades etc), so once healed you just have a really strong memory of an extreme adventure and brotherhood, because all your brothers lived through the same thing. Also it`s pretty nice to meet those 90-year old "Alte Herren" (veteran members), who did the same stuff 70 years ago and share your experience and still tell about it with glowing eyes and full of exitement.
Yes - it is stupid to hit each other with blades and join a club with the risk of scarring you for life, but for me it was totally worth it, I really liked the experience and will never have to fence again if I don`t want to and can keep going to the matches of my brothers and the drinking events til I face the grave. That`s so worth it getting some pain and stitches and sweating to learn some wierd sports in my youth.

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nah you clearly got brain damage now. get that shit checked with a good doctor.

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Also, a duel is over after 30 rounds of 4 hits each (40 rounds 6 hits each if it`s because of some honour stuff/hard insult) or when the medical or Sekundant say so and get you out. In a normal match where you just do it to fulfil your obligation to do so normally it will just be over unbloody or after the first hit, but when its an insult based duel you try to keep fighting as long as possible. In just one duel where I fought for my frat with another frat (3 vs. 3) i got 30 of my 40 stitches because I was hit 4 times, but kept fighting. In a normal duel it would have ended after the first hit. I also hit my opponent 2 times, but not nearly as good - he was just a superior fencer and I was hoping to score a lucky hit. I would not have to do any honour challenges, just 2 normal duels, but I chose to and am very glad I did. You get small silver badges for your colours for doing so.

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Wow, just ad hominem, very good argumentation. Also I finished my studies and will be getting my medical doctors degree soon, so I´ll just check myself, thanks mate.

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So there are kind of two separate elements to this Landsmannschaft thing, right?

On the one hand, it's a fencing club like any other, where you learn technique and spar with fencing gear on (I'm assuming that by helmet, you mean a fencing mask and padding, with training weapons, right?), and then on the other hand, there's this whole weird duelling element to it?

So I guess it's that latter half which I don't understand. Why are you duelling with one another? What's the aim? Like, you mention that it's ceremonial - the aim seeming to be the experience of threat and excitement, and forming some kind of bond around that, but then you also talk about "your obligation to do so", "insult based duel", and "honour challenges".

So, I guess I don't get the point of this other aspect to it, and it also seems to me to be really unmartial - like, you talk about protection of the vital areas (e.g. glasses made of steel, protection for the ears and nose, etc), but I cannot imagine anyone in any of the HEMA communities I've been in fencing with sharp weapons in anything short of full plate and that fight lasting more than two exchanges without one of them dying or being permanently disfigured (in terms of loosing a hand, for instance). Hell, I broke two fingers and fractured a wrist in a single exchange with a blunt feder (a sword specifically designed to be lighter and safer to train with) through gloves (in my case, modified motorbike gloves). If I also had to plant my feet and not move like other people were mentioning, I just can't imagine how any kind of martial fencing would end in anything short of a bloodbath within seconds.

Presumably the kind of fencing you're talking about is specifically designed around light superficial cuts, right? Otherwise surely every fight is going to end with someone loosing a hand or being run through on the first exchange?

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you also wont have kidney damage thx to the obligatory beer drinking

>fuck burschis

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frats are all about conformity.
A.e drink when ordered. work when orderd, wear a tie when ordert etc..
and the mensur is the ultimate test for it.

Think about it.
A sharp blade is on its way to your head and you were ordered not to move and let it happen.

All that about honor and stuff is just smoke and mirrors to lure new boys in.

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so its literal "yes boss fuck my wife" cuckcore.

>> No.14067536

Also not accidentally die of water poisoning because you didn't pay attention in school and try to gulp down 10 liters of water as an initiation ritual.

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jeh it is basicly this.

the appeal, it that you live in a big house and get instant access to other people on the campus. what nobody tells you is that you will have to sacrifice big chunks of your personality, all your freetime
and follow a strict hierarchy.

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jeh it is basically this.

the appeal, it that you live in a big house and get instant access to other people on the campus. what nobody tells you is that you will have to sacrifice big chunks of your personality, all your freetime
and follow a strict hierarchy.

>> No.14067583

Literal domesticated life
big chunks of life too instead on hitting on the girls and actually making friends outside with non-psychopathic people who will never just use you if it's not for their ends. .

>> No.14067595

you joined one anon ?
if so in which city

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>tfw too Catholic to join a Burschenschaft

>> No.14067633

Depends on the frat, especially some Corps I got to know are exactly like that. I live in a small univerrsity city, so the drinking games are limited and not compulsory, but I know this shit from cities with old academic traditions like Marburg, Göttingen or Heidelberg, it`s pretty fucked up there.
I can`t see a lot of conformity in my frat, but we also have brothers with migration background/foreign pass and openly gay people, so maybe we are also a lot more liberal than most Burschenschaften or frats in Germany and especially Austria.
Yes, you are not to move away from the blade but to parry it with your blade or armoured arm - if you would be allowed to move, it would be a lot more dangerous. But you do not have to take a hit at all, thats bullshit.

Nothing like that, fuck that american frat shit.

>> No.14067641

>hitting on girls all the time instead of getting to know guys you will meet there for live...?
>met some really cool dudes there I even regulary see after finishing uni
>have girlfriend and a lot of friends not alinged to any frat

You don`t really know what life is in a frat, do you?

>> No.14067699 [DELETED] 

>I can`t see a lot of conformity in my frat, but we also have brothers with migration background/foreign pass and openly gay people

thats not what conformity is about.
Lets me say it this way.
I bet 100$ that you have at the very least ONE
fat, loud-mouthed, low-iq, "closet alcoholic", academic failure of fratbrother who is higher in the hierarchy than you and demends respect from eveyone just for the fact he can drink more beer than some other.

conformity is, giving in in these demends.

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>I can`t see a lot of conformity in my frat, but we also have brothers with migration background/foreign pass and openly gay people

thats not what conformity is about.
Lets me say it this way.
I bet 100$ that you have at the very least ONE
fat, loud-mouthed, low-iq, "closet alcoholic", academic failure of fratbrother who is higher in the hierarchy than you and demends respect from eveyone just for the fact he can drink more beer than some other.

conformity is, giving into these demands.

>> No.14067735

thats what conformity is about only he actually enjoys seeing you permanently hurt for game and not for anything real/worthwhile.

how isn't this to self interest. to self benefit not the same as self harm? all for what. the pleasure of some higher "friend". Not even guilt is felt by him after injuring you for a whim of his.

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discord tranny seething that he wasnt and will never be close to a real man but he's even further away from ever ever ever being a real woman post dilated axe wound neo vagina if you reply to this post with anything other than "based" you are a confirmed discord tranny

>> No.14067767

I dont care about transgenders im fine with myself and I have friends. I really dont need to have some batshit insane nigga ordering me to get hit with a blade in my head to feel good about myself. I dont even browse 4chan as much as you thankfully I have really grown the fuck up in a lot of ways thank god im not you.

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>real man
nigga you aint a real man. while i see that frats can have some benifits i also see that they are a "Sammelbecken" for friendless, insecure retards (a.e you). who sacrifice their own individuality in order to fit in with some of the other soziopaths.

your post is prof of that.
Instead of using arguments you simply shout: LOL gay.

Your post also shows why conformity is bad.
conformity in the long run leads to losing the ability for critical thought.

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>real man
nigga you aint a real man.
real man think for themself.
while i see that frats can have some benifits i also see that they are a "Sammelbecken" for friendless, insecure retards (a.e you). who sacrifice their own individuality in order to fit in with some of the other soziopaths.

your post is proof of that.
Instead of using arguments you simply shout: LOL gay.

Your post also shows why conformity is bad.
conformity in the long run leads to the losing of the ability for critical thought.

>> No.14067809 [DELETED] 

Yikes at this discord tranny. How much more reddit can you get, comrade? By the way, why do you try so hard to talk like a nigger? It’s embarrassing.

>> No.14067851

only insults no arguments.
>>14067633 at least was civilized
you my dear are not.

And npc´s like you are sadly the majority in frats. If it wansnt for that i would acutally be in favor for them.

>> No.14067886

>mfw three big ass scars on my face
>one from blacking out on xanax and falling into a wall
>others from scaffolding falling on me
you dont want one, i get stares alot so im self concious about it. i look like i fuckin psycho or something i tried that lazer graphing even and it didnt do squat

>> No.14067984

>tfw highest in hierarchy

You owe me 100$. Aside of that, I have fat, I have loud-mouthed and closet alcoholic brothers, but none in this combination. And also no academic failures, because you get kicked for drinking instead of studying and failing your academic goals for a longer period.

Also >>14067746 is dumb as fuck. It`s as stereotypical alt-right as it can get.

For sure, there are of course some friendless guys who join in for the benefits of community, but thats one of the most positive things about frats, giving loners moving abroad a home and opportunity to make a lot of friends. You don`t have to sacrifice your individuality, it`s not the Hitler Youth or like the frats in the German Empire anymore.

>> No.14067987

pic would be nice.
I believe that it can be a major turn off... sorry for your face mate

>> No.14068070

How can one group of people be so collectively ugly?

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>being a non-anglo
>unironically using "alt-right"
>implying the hitler youth and the german empire were bad
>reddit spacing
>defending discord trannies
>replying with anything other than "based"

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So it's totally unmartial, is actually about insult, presumably you aren't allowed to thrust, there's actual padding, and the weapons used are specialised to be largely focused on superficial cuts?

>> No.14068496

Meine Güte, so etwas Phrittiges wie dich findet man doch unter der Sonne nicht.

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giving yourself a scar on purpose like that was fashionable back then. is dumb.

>> No.14068682

Du dummer dummer Junge.

>> No.14068827

Night of the long cringe for you faggots

>> No.14068831

that's so fucking disgusting

>> No.14068837

Wanna know how I can tell you've never achieved any big goals you've placed for yourself? And no making your bed doesn't count.

>> No.14068860

If this guy managed to cap Tito he would be my greatest hero, but they dun goofed.

>> No.14068891

based delusional crackhead

>> No.14069059

>sucking the transexual cock of modernity

Thats a yikes from me. If you want to larp as a student from 120 years ago atleast embrace it.

>> No.14069090

Lol you sound like a lot of fun, i bet you have a lot of friends and are in brotherhoods. Not.

>> No.14069100

I'll start university this fall and thought about joining one of these fraternities but some of the stuff I've seen seems really autistic. Like wearing tucked in dress shirts all the time and behaving like a snob in general.

>> No.14069116 [DELETED] 

you talk like a braunschweiger

>> No.14069148

What general area are you from?

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fucking jej

>> No.14069608

Baden Wuerttemberg

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Face scars look pretty tough.

>> No.14069705

Imagine the type of weeb it takes to post this, then remember that's the kind of person that glorifies scars like this.

>> No.14069748
File: 60 KB, 737x454, skorzeny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14069771

I knew a guy who had scars like this from getting attacked by a dog as a kid. He also wore glasses so the overall effect made him look like a James Bond villain

>> No.14069910

I have a scar on my lip from fighting and two more on the top of my head that you can only see when I buzz it. I had the Yamcha eye cut for a while but it healed up. It was fucking sweet, I wish it was permanent. Shitty story but it looked badass.

>> No.14070399

>120 years ago
>implying there aren`t still over 400 fencing active frats in Germany/Austria


Just three of the major organisations with a lot of local groups at nearly every university, as much as >20 at some locations like Marburg or Heidelberg

>> No.14070412

As a Swede I had the option to study in Germany but chose to continue my studies here instead. One of my professors who really took a liking to me early on recommended it.
She has lots of contacts in German universities since she herself is German.
Should I reconsider? I speak pretty good German but the reason I'm hesitating is because I had this notion that German unis would be full of left wing retards, and at our Swedish unis u get enough of that shit already.

Any suggestions/experiences German bros?

>> No.14070542
File: 66 KB, 750x733, A2FE101F-F7E2-484A-83B3-94A6D20662D0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’d tell you don’t come because my university is full of chinks and pajeets but if you’re an actual smart STEM G why not? but FUCK CHUNKS AND PAJEETS

>> No.14071441

i have a question

is it true that you guys drink until you puke and than just continue drinking ?

>> No.14071444

meant >>14067984

>> No.14071617
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I’ve got a scar on my forehead from a gig. I was in the front row while Sworn In were playing. I head banged the guitar as the guitarist swung it over his shoulder/into my face. Blood everywhere. Fucking metal as hell

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