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Does /fa/ like stripes?
This is a rare telnyashka thread, come on in.

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cliche, 10% chance to look like other guys when going on: too bi.
too normie, only okay in a few colorways

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when going out: too big

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It’s meant to be an undershirt.
Looks really good under a jacket/coat.
Warm as fuck too

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where do u buy actual telnyashkas? (not shitty replicas)

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I do not even know, I’m stuck with the shit replicas as well

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do you buy off ebay

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Amazon actually
Should have been suspicious when the package only took 2 days to deliver

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paging telnyashkabro

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I bought a telnyashka myself recently. unfortunately I look like shit in stripes, why is this?

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What's all this then.

Buy off a Russian seller (unfortunately the one I used has closed) or get them off Epic Militaria.

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I fell it;s probably more that the fit isn't for everyone.

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>that orange

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Unfortunately I've only ever seen them in the closed shop I mentioned. For those firefighters they parachute in the arse end of nowhere to fight wildfires. The name of the organisation escapes me.

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i have a red one, wear it with every shade of green imaginable

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Green on green works. The black will always be my favourite though.

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I get lots of compliments on my telnyashkas. I just buy cheapo ones off of ebay. I've got a couple of heavier weight ones but mostly just stick with the light ones for layering. It never gets all that cold where I live.

Ministry of Emergency Situations

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>Green on green works
speaking from experience it is very risky to combine two shades of green
Also the place where i bought them only had red, blue and black but i would love to get one in green
does ur gf like them too?

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Fucking hell that tattoo. I hope you aren't who I think you are

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Oh good find. The heavier ones are great on their own if your house is a bit cold.

She wears one.

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I've been camwhoring a long time, I've got more strings to my bow than just the tatts you know.

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What pants my guy

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>HuRR durr TATTOOS ArE dEGeneRaTE!!!

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It's an overall. Polish metro pattern. I think the coverall itself is called Plamiak AT-1.

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Varusteleka stocks them

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yes they are fa only if horizontal cause vert is for fatties

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dude it's the being a tranny bit that's the degenerate part.

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I hope all your Bretons don't fit like that, because that one is pretty awful.

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It's one of the winter wight versions.

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Yo is this your back yard?

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Love these things. Every year at a festival in my city there's this Russian guy that sells all sorts of Soviet and Russian military surplus shit, so every year I buy a few pieces off of him.

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Can I ask which city?

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Nice! I envy you. What a beautiful little spot to have access to all the time.

I wasn't sure if you owned/rented that spot or if you merely had access to some park or forest with that kind of look.

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Probably just a warehouse in your country.
Doubt you'll find anything better.
Looks legit too, here's their site from the label: http://тeльняшки-мaйки.pф

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is it true you're from nz? if so what are your thoughts on milsurp shops here

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Actually I'm from the UK. It's just my house and area that have a bit of age to them. If I go taking pictures at derelicts around here people think I'm in a slav country sometimes.

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not a big difference between those the UK and slavic countries
nice snowman :)

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Wait, if you in the UK how are you allowed all these AK47's and shit. Or are they replicas

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i hate the uk fucking inbreds you guys invented inbreeding actually anglos fucked up the world kys

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True. The snow was a bit naff, very wet. So he stayed childsized and melted quite fast.

Oh they're real but deactivated. Basically welded to within an inch of their lives, which is a shame.

The eternal anglo has probably been a net benefit to the planet in my opinion.

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Thought we left shitty tribal tattoos in the 90s

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It was based on something else, but I can see the similarity in hindsight. Also I'm older than you probably think.

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