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Do any of you wear a kilt out casually? I wear one pretty regularly and have been surprised at how often people compliment me on it. Women seem really into it, some guys make jokes about skirts, but this happens rarely. When it does I just grin and shrug it off and they usually come over and apologize and ask me about it later.

I don't know, it's honestly comfy as hell, looks good, what's not to like?

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Another shot. Anyone else try it?

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Pretty bold move man

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I used to wear my kilt around when I was a dumb highschooler. I remember the vice principal or principal once came up to me to passively ask me if the kilt was gang related. I like to think he was making a joke, equivocating clans with "the klan", but I'm pretty sure he wasn't that clever.

I still have my kilt too. I should break the fucker out again.

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that's dumb as hell. even if I was going to go out in public in a skirt, a kilt would not be high on the list

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Not really, usually just o Burns night with a knitted jumper when I go to the pub or sometimes I wear it the day after an event where I've been wearing it properly.

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Just wore it out tonight in rural Washington state. Went over well. Just saying you might be surprised, m8s. Take a breath and give it a try.

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im studying physics and we have some realy autistic people there. one of them wears a kilt and people dont make fun because we are physicists but even to us we only reference him as the guy with the kilt. from own experience ican only imagine the „real“ world to be more mean.
so even if you are scottish i would only wear it if there is something traditional going on else its just weird

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Only if you are american. Scots themselves aren't stupid enough to wear them casually

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