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Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead.

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Why not both?
Nice clothing will draw attention to and accentuate a hot body

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Why bother buying clothes that fit you now when you're body is going to change after extensive workout routine.

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You are one sad cunt. The gym is hands down the biggest scam of this century . “Fitness culture” , including gym memberships, expensive fitness clothing , overpriced running shoes, health food, it’s all just a cash cow to dupe retarded sheep like you. All you need is to do some pushups , some squats, a few pull-ups , and walk for 30 mins a day. Everything else is a rip off.

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and you are a one huge fucking newfag for not knowing the quote whilst browsing this board

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idgaf about what tricky ricky says

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received my geob last night, they are nice shoe. they appear to be just slightly ever so slightly to stiff on the sidewall by my baby toes though...and i have the biggest size. , i d k what to say rick, but you should be making bigger shoes i think. i could just wear them but idk if this is going to loosen up or not... why did he make the toebox so stiff and hard, what was he thinking.

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get a home gym you sperg
>designate literally 10m in your house for excercize
>buy barbells, a mat if you have hardwood floors or an abrasive rug
>do cardio literally fucking anywhere

because i'm already at my target body size and the only thing working out does for me is increase my stamina and tone my muscles.

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Literally of the thing listed there you only need a gym membership or alternatively a home gym, gym membership are also only 20 $ in big cities and up to 40 $ in towns, you don't need to pay more than that to get a decent gym, and as for clothing, lifting in converse is better than lifting in running shoes and you only need some shorts and a t-shirt to have perfectly valid gym attire, anything more expensive than that is a scam.
But you don't care, you're only coping into being a repulsive lazy retard, so I don't know why even bother writing this.

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Some people want to add muscle mass

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I hate when it comes to women there are thicc small girls with big tiddies and huge lanky giraffe looking ass bitches but when it comes to men its just
>just go to the gym bro XD

Like some people look better slim and some people look better with muscles

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You can hit the gym and remain slim

Although I don't know if that super skinny dude in the WAYWTs who's always wearing Guidis could pull it off after a year of lifting

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people who look more feminine dont look better after gym

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Maybe in America. I go to this guy's home gym for about 23 usd a month with all the advice and dietary tips from someone who has been bodybuilding for over 30 years.

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>has to pay to use his boyfriends home gym

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>tricky ricky

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that's why you should wear oversized full yeezy fits.

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>not even lemaire
step it up you plebian

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>upright rows

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>he hasn't done his facepulls today

To the squat chamber with you

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someone post the vimeo

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