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I love fashion

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if only there was someone who loves you

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>unchecked quads

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Checked. Such a blessed post. Hope everyone has a good day/night.

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Fuck yeah menswear

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Holy fuck. Could this based and wholesome post be proof that there is hope for /fa/?

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shut the fuck up

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>used in obviously ironic post
>”go back 2 redit”
Wew laddie.

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Damn, it's only been two weeks and the best thread of the year has already happened, what a shame.

Be nice anon, he loves fashion, that's enough for me.

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please expand on this. otherwise, pointless thread.

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for those of us that have delved deep enough to understand and develop the wardrobe we want, let us rejoice over our above average self awareness of presenting ourselves

ily guys

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Fucking checked, best thread on /fa/ right now

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>Browsing /fa/ for ideas and then creating my own style

Damn it feels good to just be myself


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Checked and blomeerpilled. I love everyone posting on this thread

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I love happy wojak and quads

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I love you too, anon
t. fashion

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i love all you guys

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hell yeah. fashion is one of my few passions and genuinely brings me joy. I love fashion too :--)

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you know what? I think things are going to turn out alright after all.

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haha 4chan is so edgy right dude?

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honestly based

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Ive been wearing new shoes i bought recently and my wardrobe is really coming together rn. Feels good

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based, and dare I say it, fashionpilled?

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