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I just watched the devil wears prada (no homo) and they made alot of references to fashionable women starving themselves, it made me wonder, how did the trend towards big asses in the last couple of years affect the fashion world?

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Everyone realised big asses were better than small ones and so it became gay to not like big girl asses.
The fashion world was changed forever by this discovery, and so Kim K rose to fame and took the ‘lavishly wealthy and everyone’s in my biz’ throne and Paris Hilton receded into the depths of irrelevancy

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literally nothing changed, big asses are a result of men getting more of what they want because more girls are jumping on the bandwagon thus only the hottest succeed, so we see more of them in porn and instagram etc

fashion is and always has been run by women and gay men. They like stick thin women and will continue to

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Most fashion designers are gay men, and gay men like anorexic women because they look like the teenage twinks they fuck.

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This. Delete ur thread fag.

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