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Anyone got that picture of two guys in fleece jackets with black trousers? I think it was similar to this

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just got one of these in the wine color

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Cheers lad, do you know the instagram?

Do you find the collar a bit big?

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the collar is fine imo, my issue is with the length because i wear medium/high rise pants. also the shoulders are a bit awkward.

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>ar medium/high rise pants.
w2c high pants

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What size are you? I had to get a small because medium was too huge

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Dickies 874 are pretty high

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i don't unfortunately, only got the pic from another thread

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medium. i always go with medium anything because its safest, whenever i go small or large it's always either too baggy or tight.

don't know how your proportions are but unbranded looks fairly medium rise on me despite being considered low by most.

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really weird to me how fleece is suddenly so fashionable. fleece is utilitarian and for layering. whatever i got some sick fleece i'll ride the wave.

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Found them @akinscollective
Does anyone know what sneakers the right one ia wearing?

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What shoes are those on the right?

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it's brown not wine

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Don't know the exact model but those are asics

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