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Which style of lacing looks better?

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correct! the left. the lace should go OVER the bottom two eyelets, not UNDER . the boot on the right is an embarrassment

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left and the lace going to the inside should be the one ontop

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So this is good?

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The right is used in the military idk why

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Because laces going over leaves a gap that supposedly has more of a tendency to get caught on shit like when getting in and out of a vehicle.

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Fuck off. You're such a retarded fucking sperg. I hate you so goddamn much

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Military here. I have never, EVER heard this made up broscience bullshit ever.
Where do you even get this shit from?

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Chair force

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>getting this buttblasted over how someone laces their boots

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Fuck. Im gonna be an Air Force JAG in just a few more years. Will i really have to do my laces like faggots?

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The navy appears to be the only one with lacing instructions altho you can google something called "army lacing" which also starts under the eyelets
Don't see why people are sperging out over this

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What boots are they?

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Red wing iron ranger in amber harness leather
Kinda regret not getting oxblood or copper tbqh

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