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Am i the only one who wears one of these just to have lowkey nazi aesthetics without being obvious?

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Yes, you faggot. At least have some balls to appear as an obvious Nazi so the rest of us know to knock your skull in on sight.

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do not feed /pol/ posters /fa/
ignore thread

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Lmao I could snap your neck and gauge your eyes out before you even know what’s happening

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I enjoy burglarizing houses but first I look through the phone book and find names and addresses and I only break into houses that are owned by Jews

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Whats with the nazi haters being way more aggressive online but dont show their face at a rally?

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>Nazi that won't identify himself = coward
>Antifa that gang-bash people 20 to 1 = brave

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>antifa don’t show face
>posts give of antifa not showing face to disprove him
geez antifa are embarrassing

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>Haha not showing your face in violent public brawls where almost everyone gets doxxed what a coward and idiot.

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>snap your neck
>"gauge" your eyes out
Nigga you've clearly never been in a fight in your life lmao. I've got plenty streetfights, a BJJ blue belt and a few years' amateur boxing experience behind me. I really hope we meet in a clash.

When the state sides with the fascists you'd be stupid to reveal your identity. I'd rather stay out of jail so I can bash a few more skulls around another day. Aside from that: look how well it's worked out for all the white supremacists that lost their job lmao.

>Advocates genocide
>Claims to be a victim
>Claims to be proud of superior identity
>Wants to hide it in public
>Claims the opposition are cowardly soi bois
>Claims that the opposition are violent thugs

Your ideology is full of contradictions.

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>When the state sides with the fascists
how's life in larpville?

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Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight. A slayer of Stormfags. Puncher of Newfags.

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>Why are these pussies so scared to do anything in person?
>Help, Mr policeman! I'm being attacked by violent criminals! They're terrorists, I tell ya!

If natsocs hold a demo and antifa clash with them, who gets arrested? The police (state body) protect the white supremacists, enforcing the status quo. You'll only see antifa getting arrested/assaulted by the cops with the natsocs surrounded by a ring of cops. There are tons of cops that side with natsocs (or at least white supremacists) individually and the police as an institution seeks to preserve their identity - not out of direct malice, per se, but based on the liberal belief in "free speech" and providing anyone a platform. Since antifa seeks to "tear down" the platform that nazis stand on, the state will always side with the nazis as long as they're not the initial aggressor. Since antifa is a tactic and not an ideology (there are cuck liberals, anarkiddies and stupid tankies all in the "movement" together) they will always be the "aggressor" in encounters. It's kinda their purpose. So you won't see nazis countering an antifa rally since the antifa rally isn't something that stands on its own in isolation. I'm not saying that the state is fascist, if that was what you were trying to insinuate so that you wouldn't have to actually engage with any criticism and can instead meme your way out in order to feel superior.

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Welcome to /fa/ gentlemen, sponsored by your friendly neighborhood /pol/.

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>n-nigga i-i've got plenty of streetfights and d-did i tell you about my blue belt?
lol as soon as i see you will be attacking me ill shoot you from a mile away

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It's not a lot but it's more than you have, anon. And, so far, it's been enough to defend myself. Talking big on the internet and threatening to "snap" someone's neck immediately outs you as a basement dweller that fantasizes about violence but has never seen a scrap outside of being bullied in fifth grade. And I'm armed too :)

But I'm not going to continue a dick-swinging contest with a delusional /pol/ack.

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post gun with timestamp or didn't happen.
lol incels

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Lmao you fucking faggot. What has that got to do with National Socialism. Go play total war you fucking nerd. Also stop wearing hoodies you absolute manchild.

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he is an incel sadly /fa/ has them due to virtue of being a chan board. I wish we were a fashion board outside of this garbage post 2012 tbqh.

The quality of the board would be much better and a moderator would be nice to insta ban racist incels and off topic shit.

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Christ, I can't even tell who's trolling anymore nowadays.

>ban... off topic shit.

This part I agree with though. /fa/ is not /pol/.

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post a pic of your body. If you aren't /fit/ you can't pull this off

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I can because I have the nazi mindset dude I am full /fa/sh

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>nazi mindset dude I am full /fa/sh

terrible bait or cringe LARPer

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I didn't know national socalists wore graphic tees. I thought that was just the untermensch trailer park dwellers who like to larp.

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>linking aristocratic Rome with a modernist g*rmanic plebeian ideology


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The Nazi mindset includes being well above average in physical fitness

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>low-key nazi

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Who here /fa/sh?

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Think that gif is broke

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Nice feminine hands, I sense you will have nice broad hips too?

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Well. The Golden Eagle was originally a Roman symbol adopted by the Nazis so technically this isn't Nazi symbolism. Faggot.

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>A slayer of Stormfags
Slayer? Weak cunt didn't even knock the old fucker down.

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>the state is fascist because I might get in legal trouble if I'm caught on camera gang-bashing people without a mask.

you're simply a sadist and a criminal. i would recommend taking up martial arts and giving up drugs.

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That's Roman symbolism. You're thinking of either Rome or Italian fascism. Both of those are disconnected from National Socialism, which is centered around the Germanic peoples of Europe. Don't confuse the two, you fucking moron. Just because culture-less German autistic morons plagiarize Greco-Roman symbolism doesn't make it "Nazi".

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this is more lowkey and cooler I'd say

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>the ones attacking innocent bystanders and destroying property get arrested
>the ones waving flags and holding signs get left alone
Wow I can't believe this fucking fascist state. But for real though, have fun dismantling the oppressive platform of freedom of speech by attacking civilians while wearing masks, you guys are definitely the good guys :)

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The nazis used it so it is now considered nazi symbolism. Cuck

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>lowkey nazi aesthetics
I physically cringed

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>all these tranny tourists ITT
atrocities aside, nazis were always /fa/