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Do I look too feminine with long hair? I grew it out because my good hair stylist moved away and the replacement fucked my shit up.

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no, but you look sooooo much better on the left

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i envy your hair genetics. we look the same age but i’m already going bald. couldn’t grow mine out without looking like a mid-life crisis boomer

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I look deathly sick on the left. Ty though.
My gramps is a literal red skinned Cherokee. Probably inherited it from him. He didn't start balding till his 60s.

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right looks like a mop, could look better that length styled differently but between the two, left looks better

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second pic looks like you just timewarped from 1969. not in a bad way, just a retro aesthetic.

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left pic is fine. the way you style your long hair pic looks awful.

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I don't style it. I just let it air dry and fall naturally. I have muttonchop sideburns that contour the entire side of my face. That's probably why it looks weird. Pic related.

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your hair is fucking good, i think right looks much better than right but you could definitely look way better if you style it correctly

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kek Caveman-core. I like the left picture better. You look like a pimp from the Jetsons Universe.

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you're looking great anon

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>right looks better than right
learn to type

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