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Old one died- post grids and rate others, like to see some winter/autumn fits

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>He hasn't taken the cartooncharacterpill

Pretty cool that you paint your nails dude
Thanks for sharing

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are you interested in techno?
interested in techno but wider and drapier

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I mean it's pretty good for and all black fit, I feel like maybe try something different than aesthetics though just to change it up 8/10 I can't really fault it
Really love this look apart from the shoe- the Margiela wallet is really nice, again 8/10

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i'm actually get shit on for the MMM in the cop or not thread lmao

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Not pictured: I have long straight dark brown hair.

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Where is hat from OP?

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everything works but the glasses. no black frames ever.

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Amazon, It's called like a hatphile 6 panel or something

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Hon hon hon
bon post mon ami

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id put some rick glitter boots or something heavy on the bottom

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Fuck it OP here keeping the thread going
This looks like a DMC side character but that isn't awful, I don't fuck with the glasses or shirt but I like the how the texture on the jacket looks. Is it cold where you are from? 6/10 not my style

Have to be honest man, I feel like a plain grey tee or simple print tee would have gone better, straight legs and carhartt jackets are always great, and although others may hate I kinda like sk8 hi's. Burn the hoodie though. 6/10 not bad

Lose the belt and the watch and it's pretty decent. Timbs are always a good choice. 6.5/10

Sorry anon not my style at all, I wouldn't be able to rate fairly

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bro its cold, i need the hoodie, should I swap it for a neon orange one?

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Too much going on with the fit but I like the coat and the frames are interesting. Red shoes just don't work in my opinion. Bonus cool points for the Dore piece though.

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Tight. Except for the hat

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What watch would you rock with it ?

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Repostan from old thread

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I'd proably say Just have a silver band rather than leather
I would say go for a more neutral colour or go for a flannel for layering, but for real neon orange wouldn't be bad if you changed up the shoes

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What brand shoes are those?

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>star wars
decent but that pulp fiction wallet screams underage

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I usually go to this thread for inspo, but the items here are either too outlandish or too well-adjusted basics

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You should look to yourself for inspiration

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Dislike the hat

Like this a lot

Great, but as some others have said it could use a chunkier shoe

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pretty cool

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Love the boots and coat, nice accessory choices too
Pretty basic but not bad at all, the only thing I have an issue with are the pre distressed jeans

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What style of meme shoes would work best?

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Zoomer core

French migrant core

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Edit: + Cap if needed

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Khombu fleet

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sick case

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euro faggot that's afraid of other races core

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w2c boots

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Well, i'm a mutt. Euronazis usually wear cargo trousers and hoodies.

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I think the docs are the safest bet, but each of those would work in its own way. I'm actually most curious to see it with the yeezys.

Guidi 788z

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Bought new shoes

but that's not a winter fit at all
i would think youre and interesting guy, but that style is a bit sloppy
really blackpilled outfit
awesome sense of style, w2c coat?
uniquely cool, but not my cup of tea
i hate the top, sorry. otherwise interesting color palette
not feeling it tbqh, dont like the jeans or the boots -- sorry
spirits of 1968/10
full-blown conservative #menswear, hit or miss I guess
too plain and homely tbqh
golden zipper on bomber ruins an otherwise interesting hooligan-esque aesthetic
cool jacket, military vibes
dont like anything tbqfh, famalam
needs more touches than just the top and all-black imo
cool in subtle ways
bit dated, but nice streetboi style
you have your style and you follow through with it, even if i dont dig it that much personally
very plain color choices, but not a single bad item
major douchebag/high school bully vibes from this -- sorry if i am wrong

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>cargo trousers and hoodies
that's just regular german poorfag core

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In the fall and winter I find myself avoiding color just because of how rapid the environment changes. Once it gets above 60 I wear a lot of color. Thank you for the feedback.
w2c your jeans?

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Diesel Thommer

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Love your sweater and backpack, w2c?

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Meizu backpack

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Yohji coat from grailed, it's like 800 USD though

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Will be going to Zimbabwe in Autumn 2019 for my wedding; this fit is for meeting the fiance's extended family and going to church with them. Will be the only white guy there surrounded by upwards of 200 black Zimbabweans (until my close family/friends arrive for the ceremony, even then it'll be about 30 to 200) so I want to look good. Bit iffy on the shoes, any advice? Clip on sunnies because can't see without my glasses.

something quirky and unique going on here, I really like it
shoes, jacket and trousers aren't great, sorry lad, consider changing them
like it but get a more standard belt and lose the crucifix
good look but my goodness lose those glasses, too much of an abe sapien vibe
george lucas core, wear if you can pull off
good if skinny, if not then won't look right
too much going on, personally don't like turtlenecks too much
generally really nice, but skeptical about the trousers
excellent jacket and jumper

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gayest fit i've seen all week

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I love it and I think the shoes work perfectly. Also I'm >>13916447 and yeah I'm a skeleton.

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I'd skip those shoes in favor of something a bit more formal

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100 bands

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based and switchpilled

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W2C that jacket? I love it.

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Unfortunately I couldn't find a better photo of the trousers, nor a photo of the exact pair I own. If you saw them in person you'd dig them. They are this excellent wool.

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>>13913473 bus boy, I presume.
>>13913524 coffee cup thing is a cool concept.
>>13914374 yellow vest day off wear
>>13914399 "str8"
>>13914417 insecure
>>13914803 kek
>>13915176 alpha
>>13915217 likes Mark Wahlberg movies
>>13915299 eastern euro hood rich
>>13915699 plebbit
>>13916174 airpods don't fit, needs skullcandy
>>13916447 this is fine
>>13916456 lern2crop
>>13917225 eurotrash
>>13917543 accessories are bad
>>13917703 zoomer
>>13918616 nice
>>13918701 zzz
>>13919161 good
>>13919470 literally me circa 2011

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Nice hips faggot

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might be the worst in this thread, your style is all over the place

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w2c wicca phase shirt

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slot some floppies m8. long live rhodesia

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Do u live in Portland?

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I live in a desert

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still pretty basic but i'm new to /fa/
don't really dig the shoes, everything else is looking good.

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Honestly I'd say the same about your fit, not really a fan of yeezy's crepe boots but to each his own

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Probably pretty interesting IRL
post body
Comfy and checked
Accessories are a bit cholo-tier but not bad
Handsome boy
Based autist
A bit /k/-core, I like it, w2c jacket?
Seems safe but okay
>thinking breath mints will save you
Fit is meh also
Not even that bad
Best ITT assuming your body even remotely resembles the shape of that turtleneck
Schoolshootercore but you knew that when you left the house
Ditch the floral and this would be gr8
Love it, I need to take the earthtonepill
Fuck this is sexy, w2c shirt?

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GOAT man

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Burberry scarfs aren't fashionable anymore my dude

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overflowing with character ha ha, you guys love this shit right? some girl on tinder said i look homeless so i think i'm doing well

this one is really cool, you're someone who would make me feel bad about myself (in a good way)
that's actually pretty epic
i have a similar fit that is more colorful, i kinda like this tho
very modern. human iphone. but in a good way.
you're like an anime character that i would sympathize with
clean, but you need to be more bold!!!

thanks guys

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v nice

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gb2 reddit

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just gonna pinch these, teehee thanks for doing my work for me

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you know you're pretty cool anon i like you

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I'll prob just wear a casio watch with this

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can't say it's that cold out yet

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Cool stuff, the rumor that white people are fashionable will spread over the continent

>> No.13921955

"Las Virgines"

>> No.13922102

not even from there lmao, but it looks good on pieces

>> No.13922111

Peanut Arbuckle

>> No.13922274

ID on shoes

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you wish you all the shit in this pic lol

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so fucing nice

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>no mister bond i expect you to die

>> No.13924363

Are you in the mossad?

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w2c shirt and jeans?

>> No.13924584

I make it a rule not to post pics of myself on 4chan. Just take my word that I’m skinny, just not the gaunt anorexic skinny that /fa/ holds ideal. I make it look good. Believe me or don’t. I don’t care.

>> No.13924744

w2c shirt

>> No.13924768

Yare Yare

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nice fit, would look even better with one of these

>> No.13925211

meermin espresso chelsea boots

>> No.13925970

Yeezy Supply
They're not that affordable, no idea where to cop something similar.

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