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Can anybody attest to the quality and fit of Gustin? I've watched a few review videos on youtube but not sure if they're just memeing. Decided to back the white low tops anyway.

Also, post your general footwear related questions.

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Looks nice. Cheap CP alternatives

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Just get CPs for cheap. I got mine for 230

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I just bought a pair of platform Vagabond Dioon's, does anyone know if Vagabond produces good quality shoes or not?

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Why is /fa/ stuck in 2008? White leather sneakers are out.

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nope never will be. gonna ride this out till i die.

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Protip don't wear Gustin or everlane

In 2 years you're going to want to wear pea coats and bomber jackets you late af bois

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do these look good to ya?

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Wtc for $230?

I'm into le menswear, white leather sneakers are a timeless classic.

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are these NPC shoes?

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literally the basic bitch standard uniform

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The whole NPC meme started with the idea of a certain amount of people lacking internal dialogue, i.e. pretty much automatons whose every course of action is predetermined. You might be one of those people, considering that you need our feedback for making a basic decision.

But seriously, they're just generic white leather sneakers that a lot of people wear. NPC core isn't defined by a single bland item, but by a wardrobe of nothing but bland items. If you're worried about looking like everyone else, you could buy more unique shoes of course... but desu plain white sneakers are versatile enough that you can rock them in fits that no NPC would ever dream of wearing. It doesn't take much either. Just a bold color or an unconventional item here and there.

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oh, but i can assure you i have lots upon lots of internal dialogue

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No bro, wth is that? Like ugly mix of AF1s and converse.

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garbage brand. they just crowdfund money to do bulk orders form aliexpress. bet you could find those same shoes on there for like $20

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ugly as fuck and NPC. Please don't wear these.

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good post

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I ordered some a month ago. I'll let you know how it is sometime in February/March.

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why havent i thought of this before?
The perfect way to show of your expensive sneakers while keeping them in pristine condition .
I give it 4 years tops before this is the new hypebeast core.

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where the FUCK are these any why can't I find listings for them anywhere?

M2k Tekno Sequoia, supposed to have released on December 1st, haven't seen a peep.

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Need to see these in an outfit

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And the discussion came to a peak after several r9k threads btw

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