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Is pewdiepie's clothing line effay?

pic related

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no its not it sucks

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jesus fuck

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Hey felix the sweatpants were nice, all others were shit.

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I don’t like wearing clothes that makes other people comment on them because then I get self conscious

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I thought the overalls, long sleeve shirt and windbreaker were cute but the overalls are sold out. The rest is kinda meh.

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there are so many options for graphic tees, why would you ever wear a pewdiepie one

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gay sadboy shit for zoomer hypebeasts who like to seem depressed

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Putting japanese characters on shirts and hoodies is not a """"design""""

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>graphic tees
not /fa/

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fool just jacked bladee everything but made it lame

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to fuck zoomer bitches

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The cyka blyat cap plays into a few terrorwave fits but other than that no.

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No it doesn't, it's kiddie meme trash

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>it's kiddie meme trash
And that's what's in. Shit sucks but it is what it is and that how it's gonna be.

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should just make his actual merch high quality instead desu

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why would he show off black overalls in a all black outfit?

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>gay sadboy... zoomer hypebeast... seem depressed

are you ok?

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This. Mostly I just wear nice colored casual button downs, chinos and mono black sneakers

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God damn her face is so lopsided. I can never get over how asymmetrical and misaligned her nose, mouth and jaw are.

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about as tacky and meme tier as it gets

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jesus fucking christ, lower your standards dude

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I like it Felix

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nobody will ever take the clothing line seriously because of the association with a low-quality youtuber

I could get high-end stuff that's actually good from literally anywhere else

also fuck off felix get off /fa/

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Best place to find blanks for creating a clothing line. Hear gildan is pretty shit and i want some opinions. I want a skater look to the shirts so fairly boxy

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Let's see your face.

>> No.13905106

give us a better example of your own standards and post your face

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She's beautiful you're just turbomad because you have a small pee pee

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What's the best place?

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not the worst youtuber clothing line
(see https://cloakbrand.com/)
pewd's is just okay though.

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Let's focus on the clothing.

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nonono, he's asking

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