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Are you supposed to take the red tag off? There were extremely conflicting views at my office today. I took the fur collar off and it looks fucking badass

>> No.13904022

no, why would you take the tag off
its supposed to be one of those "remove before takeoff" tags u see on jets, its part of the look

>> No.13904046

In that other thread none of the hard looking Slavs had a red tag on their flight jackets

>> No.13904091

that depends whether you have taken off or are still some loser on the ground

>> No.13904103

It makes you look like a tool but it's the point of the jacket I guess

>> No.13904269

if you like how it looks, wear it
if not, don't

>> No.13904277

i think it's pretty lame as an aircraft mechanic

i don't think there's a rule about taking it off or leaving it on, but i've taken mine off

>> No.13904377

I've taken it off. Love my jacket but the tag looks fucking ridiculous

>> No.13904796

what the actual fuck? alpha industries can be a few hundred dollars, no slav in their right mind would wear this lmao

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Take it off. Also could you post a pic of this jacket with the fur collar removed? It is removable right?

>> No.13906197

i have this jacket, i tuck the tag in the pocket if i don't want it to show

>> No.13906198

yeah its removable, its a regular jacket collar under it, not a bomber type collar

>> No.13906256

or like $30 at tj maxx because of market saturation

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