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I've been having achy knees at work lately (on my feet for 8+ hours) and need some new shoes. my chiropractor suggested running shoes so I'm currently looking at Nike epic react or Adidas ultra boost. Anyone have any suggestions? Any other brands i should look at?

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I walk 5-8 miles per day on hard concrete and Ultra Boost are exactly what you need. Get two pair and alternate them for best results. Pureboost work well also and are a bit cheaper. You can frequently get the latter on sale.

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Get a ub on sale, you can find them for $90 or lower nowadays

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really where? all i see are 150+ mostly 180.
are the true to size or should i go up/down a half size?

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A lot of sales also have coupons that stack, you just gotta look around.

Current ubs are tts unless you have wide feet, in which case you go half up.

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I like merrel, they make good hiking boots too which might also be a good option, maybe look into superfeet insoles as well.

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StockX it up my nigga. Also go to outlets

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thanks guys. I'm getting ub for sure. Still looking for another pair to switch out at lunch though, or maybe switch off days i dunno. I'm dropping some cash for my knees sake and am looking for more options if anyone has been where i have.

In case it matters I work on concrete and probably stand in one spot most of the time but a lot of walking is still involved.

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