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Let's make a little tough experiment: Imagine you've been born to a rich, influential family somewhere in the US. Your dad is a rich bussinessman and former athlete and your mother used to be a well-payed model. They are chad and stacy. Now you come into play. You've been born healthy, tall and beautiful. As you pass puberty you become a good looking guy with dense, wavy hair on your warrior skull of your 6'4 body. You have an athletic build and a good beard growth rate which you barely use to show off your jawline sharper than a dagger, blue hunter eyes, fair skin and miring eyebrows. You aren't fat, you arent skinny, you are normally build but you're strong for your age and you can gain mass with ease. Nevermind. Your dick is above average either. Due to the wealth of your parents you sat in different sport cars of which you can call your own. Porsches, Lambos, Benz. But well. Somehow you lack social skills that people might call you the definition of autism. You're shyer than a rape victim, more insecure than a 12 year old scene kid and edgier than all of /b/. You get mired, some hoes want to fuck you but as soon as you start talking and move like a fetus searching for safety they lose their ladyboners. You see sometimes good looking girls watching you, but you look away since eye contact is a nogo to you. You look fine and all but you give a fuck about dental hygiene and crap and when shit hit the fan and you get approached once more it's like EAs Holocaust Simulator 2015 with all those DLCs. Society stresses you. Shouldn't you have lost your virginity yet at 21? I mean if looks cant help you why not money? Is it maybe because you're to incompetent to socialize. Nevermind. Porn, Vidya, Youtube and 4chan are your hobbies since 6th grade. They never hurt you like the girls that don't wanna fuck you.

Now tell me: What's his favorite position? (Not judging by the porn hard drive he has)

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bad post

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What does this word salad mean.

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