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Which New Balances are the most /fa/?

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990v4. 574s make your feet look stubby.

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a little too "dad shoe" for my style but I agree that 574's make your feet look like stumps, think I'm gonna cop some 515v1's pic related, might cop grey or hemp tho

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Generally speaking, I prefer 998.

Collabs is where New Balance really shines though, but it's hard to get your hands on a pair for a decent price.

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990, 991, 992, 993, 998

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991, 996, 997, 998. And then the half models, ones with .5 suffix. Maybe some others.

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no love for the 770?

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>no 501’s
>no 300’s


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Never heard of 501s and what google images came up with looks pretty bad senpai. 300s are very nice though.

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Grandpa? Is that you?

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t. Wears docs and Vans

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1500s ALWAYS

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As if thats a bad thing. I dont even wear those but docs or vans are better than shoes my granpa wears

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yes let me just throw some shitty zoomer sneakers or shitty boots on my comfy fit to top it off. kill yourself.

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New Balances are a staple comfortable shoe. Grandpa wears them because they're comfortable. They pretty much go well with comfy fits and New Balance recognizes that, so they continue to sell their original designs because they look comfy, are comfy, and are recognized as a comfy and basic shoe that isn't worn for the style, but because it completes a look. Nice try though.

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ahhh new balance, the perfect 'balance' of style and comfort

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id and w2c these?

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998 you faggot

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>liking basedboy nbs ever
>not wearing nbs for utilitarian reasons
how was the last r/mfa meet up redditfags

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seriously everything designed as le classic suede casual runner aesthetic is ugly and old 2012 shit

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nobody will ever reach my wave

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for me, its the kt26

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only ones i like, and even they dont hold a candle to the better adidas, converse and nikes

NBs dont have anything going for them design-wise

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>no 990

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these are great

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Woop woop! Copped these bad boys. Can never get enough red shoes

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Im not saying they arent comfy. Im saying they look like grandpa shoes

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Quit arguing on 4chan and go take your pills grandpa

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they are sick

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New Balance is the shoe the Virgin walk meme wears. For a good reason.

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coping virgin doc martin wearer

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these 576s for sure
wish I could travel back in time and buy them

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>caring about what a woman thinks

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They are the shoes they give you in jail in australia

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Honestly this. I am nerdy and low maintenance but I would never base my identity around it. And I for sure wouldn't date a lifestyle blooger

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why would a girl want a high maintenence guy? I'm not looking for a mommy gf lmao

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>arguing with your holes

you should be embarrassed for posting this

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High maintenance guys usually look better in a conventional sense.

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Why do you have a stick up your ass about doc martins bud?

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just gonna go out on a limb and say some women want someone who can handle their own shit? coping beta

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I feel like you are understanding my words in the exact opposite sense I am meaning them. High maintenance=have your shit together and we'll groomed
Low maintenance= wears sweatshirts and jeans every where and has a patchy beard because shaving is inconvenient. Unless I have them totally backwards :/

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Sounds like something a virgin would say

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oh my bad, I think I might have them backwards. I thought high maintenance refers to having to be a lot of work for your partner and low maintenance being the opposite, but I might just be wrong. All philosophical problems are issues of linguistics.

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Hol up. Why are we talking about women? There are NBs to discuss specifically these new 574s

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Shouldn't we be worth working for though? Not to an insane degree but I feel like I work hard to be a good version of myself and my gf does the same for me
Also tfw no 996s

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of course that's an important part of a relationship, but I don't necessarily need my girlfriend to baby me or whatever (and of course I work hard to maintain a good reputation), but I enjoy being the low maintenance one in the reputation so I can focus more on helping my girlfriend whatever she needs. Probably just some kind of natural need for dominance/fatherly instinct or something like that

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Makes sense. But you're worth working for too. I want you to know that my effay brother

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NB's aren't /fa/, they're /o/

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Lions are not concerned with the opinions of sheep.

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>Kimberly Kong
Ching Chong!

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997 iirc

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Go with 998 or 997 if you want something somewhat in between.

990s are dope, but are pretty hard to pull off

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This bitch probably recommends Stan smiths and “slim but not skinny” dark wash denim

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Kids love the 995's !

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True clowns always go with baggy pants !

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Tbh, my girlfriend likes my 998s and this bitch is guaranteed to be someone who thinks she has good taste but is basic as all fuck

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Do I cop?

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How does she dare recommend something that flatters your body shape, instead of baggy clown pants and bulky clown shoes

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Really not feeling the bright orange lining.

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Does anyone actually own a Made in USA/UK pair?

Are the materials better or are you just paying extra for them not be assembled by a yellow or brown person?

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Be warned that NBs with that sole are narrow as fuck. Size 12 fits like a 10.

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>Made in USA/UK
>not be assembled by a yellow or brown person

nice bait

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You have to follow trends that are popular but not popular enough to be reddit. Are you even /fa/?

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I own a pair of made in UK 670's like pic related, the difference in quality is marginal and I'd reccomend just getting the normal ones, the materials are the same but the construction is maybe 10-15% better.

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>not looking up exact measurements for each size

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I had a pair of these and they were my favourite so far, but I can't find them again at a price I'm willing to pay.

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IME yes, at least when it comes to 998. I recently bought me a pair of those and the suede really is of excellent quality. It's noticably better than on my Asian-made NBs. They're also much more comfortable than, say, a 574 or 420.

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What kind of NB's are in that picture? Doesn't look like the 574's I can find

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Fucl nibbers

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574 Made in UK. I searched for an hour to find them, but it seems they're discontinued and I can't find this colorway anywhere. Link is for a store that has the same shoes, different colors (pic related). Gonna keep searching though, I'll link if I find it.


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^ sorry meant to say 577 Made in UK

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Really appreciate this! I have been looking for good NB's for the last couple of days and the naming is really a mess so thanks for helping me figure some stuff out. :)

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This was my first NB shoe and its made in USA. The suede is really nice and also very comfy. No faults in stitching at all.

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Finally found the shoe, New Balance M577NG (577 Navy/Grey Made in UK )
It was a limited release from 2010 produced in the UK as a remake of one of the original 577 colorways.

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Actually, might not be it (the tag looks different). Definitely a 577 Made in UK, though. I'm gonna keep looking, disregard last post.

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9 9 3

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"New Balance M577 2014 Hombres Edición Limitada Negro Cian Blanco,New Balance Outlet España,Zapatillas New Balance Running Course,Original Barata"

That's what they're called on this site, at least. New Balance M577 2014 Men's Limited Edition Black Cyan White (LxTZMxHY)


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be careful, all of the websites I have seen selling these have been scams that will steal your credit card information.

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Thanks for figuring this out! Looks like they don't sell them anywhere anymore but it's cool to know which shoes they are

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574 look good in the larger sizes imo. my feet are fucked up and wide because of a genetic mutation and i find the way they fit is pretty good compared to most other shoes

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maybe if you like looking like a retard

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Own 3 MiUSA pairs and it's not worth it honestly. If you can get them on sale, sure but I'll never pay $200+ for a pair of shoes again. Their regular asian made sneakers already use better materials than any Nike or Adidas shoe

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Hachiroku is the most /fa/ jdm car

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Okay Kimberly

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thanks doc

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