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Hey /fa/, I recently started working at carhartt and get 50% off almost all products. I was wondering what products I should buy to look good at work/in general. Any suggestions?

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I remember the chinos shorts looking pretty good but I might be dumb

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Really just the classics

>chore coat/Detroit jacket
>double knee pants
>Pocket Tees
>Watch caps

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Redpill me on Carhartt sizing, I'm a 170 6' something lanklet if it helps

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lookin good

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literally me in the winter. have those exact pants but black and that jacket but not so faded

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a walking carhartt ad

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Don't listen to all the memelords. Carhartt is pretty fucking great. You should buy all their basics like the t-shirts, longsleeves, polos and shirts.
Quite baggy. If anything sometimes you might want to size down.

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Define memelords, you piece of shit, I don’t see anything but praise for Carhartt in this thread, you self entitled cock sucker

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i'm 6 foot 155 and normally like to wear bigger hoodies (I get a large in champion hoodies) and had to get a small in a carhartt hoodie. stuff fits gigantic

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Brutal. The jacket I want is only sold in Yurop. Would be a real pain in the ass to wait weeks and have the thing be too big.

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I'm a large for all my jackets and a carharrt large hoodie fit me just fine
you get yours from the WiP line or main line? Mine is WiP

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I got the Carhartt Nimbus, it's really sturdy and decently warm at around 0 Celsius with a sweatshirt underneath

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WiP is a separate line with much slimmer fits. Mainline carhartt fits like a box.

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double fronts
lined vest
hi-viz longsleeve shirt

t. forester

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yeah, makes sense
mainline is targeted primarily at fat boomers

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it's a workwear brand FFS, doing manual labour in restricting clothes is not fun

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Their omnipresent branding ruins everything

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looking to cop one in camo, should I?

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Doing manual labor in clothes that are too loose also sucks ass.

For skinny guys on a construction site, nothing wrong with slimmer fit, it'll stop you from nailing your jacket to the project

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how warm are those? its about to get cold af where i live, around 1 Fahrenheit, would i be fine with just this and a thermal? im a jew with money so i dont want to waste it on something that wont keep me warm

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poor man's Duluth

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Going to get a pair of black Carhartt overalls hopefully soon. Probably will just wear hoodies under them for max comfy. Hoping they look fine with my black sfb. tfw I'm the living Shia meme, but I like it so whatever

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I'm assuming these are from WIP right? I've tried on the main line black overalls and I didn't like the fit but I want a pair so I might pick these up

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Yeah their WIP collection is pretty solid I think. The picture makes the overalls look thin for some reason. I'd love a good thick pair that look nice day to day, but can also take a beating camping and such

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Ok right on, yeah I love everything I have from both WIP and main line Carhartt but the overalls were really fucking strange. I think I'll cop

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apc x carhartt items

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unironically makes him look like a cool dude to talk to

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Small question, can I wear WIP XL when I wear Nike XL? I heard they fit really slim so I am worried.

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no lol. carhartt hoodies fit slim

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everyone and their mother has a red carhartt beanie

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Just saw a pair of their tan overalls in person, looks nice but the legs are very pronounced

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Quick poll for everyone on this board

If you wear carhartt have you ever actually worked a manual labor job?

Retail and food services do not count

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bottling factory for a couple months

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get some flannels

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What do you mean by pronounced? Like extra baggy?

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I work for the Forest Service as a recreation/trails ranger and before that I did a few years on a wildland fire engine. Luckily a lot of outdoorish brands have discounts for Forest/Park Service, BLM, USGS, etc

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Was a vagabond for a year (counts as workwear use), and been doing manual labor in the cannabis industry for the past 4 years.

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I'm the son of a farmer. Soon, I will inherit the family farm. I'm not even joking. Farmers in Maine since the Thirteen Colonies. Laugh at me all you want but it's humble, honest living, and I provide for all the obese fat-fucks waddling around.

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Yes more than a couple years a long time ago
>Actually giving a shit if people wear a certain brand

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Timex & Carhartt Watch, (yes its a loud quartz, but this is /fa/ not /g/ autism)
t. wears automatic junghans but the timex is a good beater and fashy

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Carhartt wip is a skater/streetwear brand aimed at teens and even their Michigan coats are made in China nowadays

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if that is real I can only say that sounds top tier comfy, farming is a true man's respectable job.

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Their tags are easily removed with a seam ripper

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Landscaping for the state parks and occasionally working a friends hay farm

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Bruh how does food services not count. You ever work in a kitchen?

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Aircraft mechanic, just copped the nike x carhartt vandals

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