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Can I get an honest 1-10 rating on my fit? Thanks

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i dont like rating out of ten but i think its aight. i mean, its not super eye-catching but its a solid fit

and i do really like that jumper

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why are your boots so scuffed? :<

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Would be a solid 7 without the shoes, it throws off everything. Nice, simple outfit, but the shoes make it seem like you borrowed them from your 40-something aunt

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i agree. also the weird posture is throwing everything off

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Clearly bait, and isnt that the guy from the wdywt threads? What do you get from pretending to be other people

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what are those

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why do you censor your face? HAHAHAHAH, we already know who you are, yoko ono.

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Not bad dude, yeah you got the scuffed boots and the loose neck, but you're clear

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Top half looks good. You've got the cute Viktor Tsoi hair and the sweater works. Bottom half doesn't work as well. The boots don't work with those slacks and both are too slim and prissy to go with the slouchy sweater.

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hello i love u wont u tell me ur name

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His name is Alex

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6 long torso shirt legs. I know its not you in the pic but compare it to the pics this guy posts in waywt threads and you can see how angles can deceive you

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you already post your face in the WAYWT threads so what's the point of making your own fucking thread to shill your awful haircut and boring-ass fits while hiding that face
fucking sage

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What does your first word diarrhea sentence mean lol

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Oops meant long torso short legs

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? They look pretty normal if not even a little long to me but idk

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Big ol 3

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Can we stop replying to obvious bait. A thread died for this

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>door is 6 feet tall
i know plenty of people above 6 feet and none of them have to duck to get through doors lol

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you can't even see the top of the door frame. nice try though. a 6 foot tall guy would not have to duck.

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Bruh why you posting my old ass pics lmao

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They look to be roughly half his body and thats with the extra length the boots give him. Theres a reason people take pics from a lower point angled upwards it makes their legs look longer

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>looks as if he is trying to ignore a baseball bat stuffed in his rectum


Your posture is the main issue. I don't dig the toe shape on those shoes either.

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>gimpy posture
>corny heathered texture on sweater
>mismatched door hinges
>tattered pleather boots
In spite of these things, good silhouette nets you 6/10

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You look gay and frail

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why do you post other peoples pics?

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>mismatched door hinges
That's cold blooded.

Seriously though OP, I feel like you went to make a face rate thread, saw there already wss one, and made this thread to get your attention whore fix.

Just take the dive and go to >>>/soc/. I know you're new, so you probably don't realize that soc exists because of people like you who always need their face in the catalog.

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boots aren't great but I still want you to be my boyfriend out of ten

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nigga you took the brown boots off imma kill your ass

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boots could work if they went up a bit higher on your ankle. get better fighting pants that are higher around the ankle. Sweater could fit you better. try a smaller one in gray and maybe add a brass ring or something and fix your fucking posture. p good tho, good twink vibe, boots just don't work with the loose sweater and loose pants.

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Fucking tallfag

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>shit legs to torso ratio
not gonna make it
also why's your head so big

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bootanon do you like girls or guys

do i have a chance

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