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Male fashion hasn't and won't change radically since 2011.

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it has and it will

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Lmao that shit is fucking outdated.
Stop watching male fashion advice shit, they are locked in 2013.

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this guy would look like a poof in 2013 too. for what reason would you wear some dadcore khakis instead of jeans?

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haha ya I like being basic too, haha

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good one, dad

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cringe, are you a fucking mineworker?

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What the fuck are you talking about? Scandinavian minimalism has been dead for years. >>13816766 is correct, almost the entirety of MFA still dress like early 2010s era Pinterest boards and they reject any trends that have occurred since. Just look at the comments of any thread discussing wide pants and you'll see hundreds of dressed by the internet manchildren REEEEEing about how "fitted clothing is timeless and will never go out of style".
The reason for this is because MFA is where Reddit techbros go when they secure their first corporate job and are expected to wear something more professional than the same Legend of Zelda graphic tee and Air Monarchs they've worn for the past decade. These types of people have no idea how to dress themselves and therefore get other people to spoonfeed it to them in easy to digest "minimalist wardrobes". These starter packs require the least amount of investment and are almost impossible to mess up.

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You mean since the 50s?

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savagely royopilled and correct

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I think the most hilarious thing is how the entire trend of streetwear just passed by them. We had 10 years of streetwear that got extremely popular and is dying down now again and /r/mfa normies completely ignored it.

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none of those items are dead individually, maybe the striped top though I doubt it, but together it looks horrendously outdated.

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streetwear will always be shit

even /fa/ rejected most of it

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You just described all the weebs that comprise this Mongolian card trading forum

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based and wellsaidpilled

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Sorry but to me, Streetwear = chavs

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Urmmm you know the purpose of subreddit is to create an echochamber and not to mention that they will constantly seek approval by getting upvote?

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Literally all the top voted MFA fits have wide pants though. EG and Visvim are more or less fetishized there. I get that it’s popular to shit on reddit here, but you don’t have to make shit up to do so.

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I still dress like these guys (second picture, one on the right), but with slightly looser trousers. It is just a style that I like, and believe works for me. I suppose there may be a good argument to make that I am mostly stuck within the early 2010s workwear, heritage, desert boots, and slim fit mentality.

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Most upvoted fit in their WAYWT right now. The maymay is real.

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I still think he should have somewhat looser trousers. Those look uncomfortably tight.

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why necessarily? maybe they are one of those super stretchy jeans

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actually that wasn't the top fit it. this is. oh but he actually looks good!

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strong agree, good post

though i'd say this attitude is responsible for a lot of the all black rick stuff on fa as well

desu its not that bad you can understand it i just wish it would be recognized as seeking a cool 'uniform' for people with lives rather than becoming le fashion killa

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haha americans are so horrible at fashion

come to europe man

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someone post the pic that analyzes this fit and rips up gosling while commending carrells fit.

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Everything about this picture says DEFAULT. It's the taste of a person who has no taste and wants their clothing and living space to look like a Target catalog.

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Hearty kek

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Now plz post 1 with swapped heads

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carrells empathies that Ryan or whatever his name is overdressed

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this looks horrendous

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Because streetwear is for 16 year olds, Chinese sheep, and black people. It shouldn't ever have been taken seriously

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good post anon

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