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terrorwave inspo

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this looks more like partisan core than terrorwave.

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contribute to my thread

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>adidas pants
>nike shoes
That really rustles my jimmies

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best terrorwave fit but it's ruined because u know this guy doesnt lift irl and is hungry skelly and nonthreatening

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no inspo on this pc. I'll post a fit when I get home.

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thats all i got for now

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As promised

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>clean adidas sneakers

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Pussy boi LARPERS spending daddy’s money to make themselves look “intimidating” and never done anything courageous in their entire life

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Y u mad tho?

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are those the new n&f jeans

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They're old as fuck edwins i bought in 2012

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they look slubby as hell thats why i was asking

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Here's a pic where you can see the camo.

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ah thats where i was getting that texture from. thanks for sharing those look cool

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Thanks, sadly they're way too big, they're a 34w but I'm a 31w.

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name of boots?

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make way for the king

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Shit taste

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the OGs

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I'm not hungry skelly at all and I'd love to lift but I work at a factory and my hours make it so I have to find a 24h gym

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>but I work at a factory and my hours make it so I have to find a 24h gym
iktf bro. 6am-5pm squad where you at

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fucking great, but you could've went with a different shirt, maybe olive green or camo or something
anyway, ID on jacket?

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It's a members only racer jacket

you can get the poly/cotton/nylon ones super cheap on ebay/etsy/whatnot

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Is that ER?

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what's that jacket?

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ID on jackets?

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>I tagged everybody because you all suck and im the best

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Been my desktop wallpaper since the Libyan uprising.

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Hey guys i'm trying to find a pic that was posted years ago

PIC: It's a soldier who has a Ak 47 (i think) hanging from his back, he is wearing brown boots and has an white blanket around him. He is backwards.

That's all if you can find the picture i will appreaciate it and post more pussy

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knoch ahead of the game

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>a fucking shovel

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>a fucking battering spade

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Id on the shoes plz

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I've had this pic since then, too.

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dont post ugly whores in my thread

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>walking tightly grouped in an enclosed space

absolute LARP

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Well i guess since that 50 percent of the people in Europe are terrorists now its only natural that people start to dress like them

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Why the hell would you wear adidas track pants with boots??

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It's a legit Russian army issue shovel, we're trained to use them as tools and as weapons.

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Those look like Lowa's of sorts

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someone hasn't played cod wwII

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dont lock your legs when you pose other than that this wouldve been better with a flecktarn woodland camo jacket but its still good

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What are you fucking 12? Terrorwave? Such a fucking faggot.

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then get off my thread nigger worshipper

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You bow down to stinky nigger dicks wearing that faggot shit. Edgy, smelly cocksucker.

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both homosexual

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Could I use high top stan smiths for terrorwave? I have a fuck ton of boots and not many trainers

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are those swimming goggles?

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yeah I haven't really needed to pose much but I can see that now. Also my other fit is a dyed flecktarn parka, I've got an undyed one somewhere. I've just been on shorter more form fitting jackets lately

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Halloween. (Bandit from S.T.A.L.K.E.R)

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Why not Sambas?

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You use what you have to fight the communist.

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Maybe get a real blunt weapon like an extendable baton so you don't look like a clown walking around with your shovel. You can train people to use a lot of things as weapons but when it comes to being effay not everything fits.

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Why would I get a blunt weapon when a shovel has an edge. You're fucking retarded.

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you replied to two mannequins and a drawing there bud, slow down

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tfw you bully anons on 4chins

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Say hi to Naruto for me.

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Isn't that the guy who shot up the church in South Carolina? Dylan something?

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This is what I imagine a Mumford and Sons album cover to look like.

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I dont think you understand terrorwave

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No, that was Elliot Rodger. The pic of the guy posted here is an fa god and was at the fa meeting.

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Trolling softly.

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yes i bow down to my hot hot hot sexy masked men which u will never experience the pleasure of doing you nigger fucker

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what should a female wear who is into terrorwave? i have never seen a terrorwave female fit and i really really like the look.

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It's a look from slavic/balkan countries and we don't really let our women do any fighting, that's what men are for. If you want to emulate it just dress the same as the dudes since you would be pretending to be a dude so that we don't send you home to make borsche and bed for after firefight meal and shpili vili. Be like Ivan who is of never taking off the mask because of facial deformity.

>> No.13818870

lol its the look that i want but dont know how to recreate it using feminine clothing im not trying to make people think im a man either and i dont care about what your country does

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You can always go Ginestacore

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that just looks god awful im more interested in the military/terrorist/criminal look or w/e

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It's straight forward as hell, retro nylon jacket, preferably adidas, jeans or trackpants and beat up white sneakers. Wear a ski masked rolled up into a beanie for a hat. Literally every item used for this aesthetic has a version for each sex or is unisex. This isn't rocket surgery.

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Never disgrace my republicana waifu again you piece of shit

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Well she's right in a sense, that's not terrorwave, it's partisancore.

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stop being an autist

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dumb roastie whore

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