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How will people dress in 500 years?

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Probably like cavemen. Or we're going to be in the Matrix.

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I hope there aren't people in 500 years

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>le humanity is a le cancer XD

are you 13 yo?

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probably border-line naked or some sort of full-body suit because augmented reality will be everywhere

only hipsters will dress like normal

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get out of here stalker

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>I hope there aren't black people in 5 years

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She looks like a felt tip pen

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Full-body spandex and crash helmets.

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Smart full body suits with all sorts of sensors and shit

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Like Africans

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wow a mud person with zero creativity, who'd a' thunk it?

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Do Jews count as white people for these purposes, I can’t keep up.

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Implying the former was
Sure let's count em

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>n-no you
Brown dogs, I tell ya.

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Rings will be cool and then uncool and then wearing them ironically at a retro future club but still hating them will be cool.

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You literally did exactly that you fucking troglodyte double nigger hypocrite

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relax, paco.

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This thread is gold already

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>le >le, are you x?

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And after you get rid of everyone of color then what? You'll still be a friendless, kissless, handholdless, socially retarded virgin on 4chan looking for someone else to blame for your own shortcomings. Nothing will change because you refuse make that change.

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Honestly I could dig capes coming back.

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>how many years into the future is your clothing?
>idk like 500
>you are like a little baby
>watch this

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the self-hatred of urbanite technophiles is simply jaw-dropping. why would you wish for the extinction of your own species?

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Worldwide goods and culture condensing in their midst via the Silk Road made Turkic clothing look so futuristic even today.
Style will form based on the ethnic dominance, the revival of similar conditions and new goods (of culture).

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I want capes to come back.

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they won't, the whole world will have heating

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There won't be people in 500 years if we don't get our act together.

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>And after you get rid of everyone of color then what?
This will never happen. Even if all those today termed people of color were exterminated, what we now broadly call "the white race" will balkanize similarly to how we treated the Irish et al. in the 1800s. The "la creatura" meme is evidence in support of this.

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I try to think of the dumbest shit imaginable. Like even dumber than SJWs running around with half their head shaved and the other half highlighter pink.
>Pants with an opening for the ballsack to swing freely
>double decker platform shoes
>sandpaper pajamas
>T-shirts made out of jelly that get slime everywhere
>shoes for your hands (like those gay shoes that have individual toes)

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That's exactly my point.

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Dressoxys: Speed Mode

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Jeans with ripped/distressed areas around the asscheeks I could see being pushed by thots soon.

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men will dress in togas and girls will be long forgotten

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Empathy. I simply want to end their suffering.

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The "la creatura" meme isn't aimed at white people, I do not understand your post. You literally can spot an american tourist because they do not look like white people. Pic related is "white" in america. That is where the meme comes from.

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We'll probably be walking around naked with post-op, gender-swapped genitals and rhinestone butt plugs inserted in our anuses with rainbow-dyed hair on our heads and braided, colorful armpit hair.

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Is that sieg?

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Capitalism WILL come to an end and with it also the degeneration of fashion. Clothing styles that have been common to traditional societies for thousands of years will return, people will wear detailed robes and dresses again, where much care and love went into their design and production. Depending on how capitalism will come to an end these will be either quite modern mixes of synthetic and organic materials or will be plain organic.

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Full Rick

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i think its inevitable other systems will take the place of capitalism as world history goes on but i cant help but see marxist predictions about the collapse of capitalism as the communist's version of the rapture or the day of the rope

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they wont. the commies will win and throw us into a glorious new age of total equality. just dont call it a dark age you fucking bigot

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We'll be genetically modified to have chameleon skin so we can change our "apparel" on a whim. Most popular garb will be a pulsating rainbow pattern.

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I swear to god..
The girl in the back has the kind of nipples that I fucking love.

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Looks like mid-70s Germans. Probably all underage.

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they're in their 20s. the one on the left is Merkel.

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>shoes for your hands (like those gay shoes that have individual toes)
We have these; they're called gloves.

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ah, yes, the prime german women

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No, he isn't. You clearly aren't an American so I don't understand where this is coming from. He'd be considered Hispanic as all other Hispanic people are, and no, Hispanic's aren't considered of European descent and they themselves wouldn't dare say "I'm white." A census isn't aligned with reality, not everything is about the census, or self reported statistics. Arabs aren't considered white in the United States, same goes for Half-Africans, or anyone outside of Europe. This is coming from the same country which adopted the one drop rule and is still believed in to this day. Your shitty /int/ & /pol/ meme is rooted in the belief that Germanic's are the creme de la creme of being "white" and are ignorant of the rest of Europe.

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This image doesn't correlate with anything you have just told me. I also laugh at the fact you aren't Germanic and therefore reinforce the meme even further. Enjoy not being white you literal subhuman dredge.

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Gloves aren't hand shoes, they're hand socks.

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We're already in the matrix...

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So essentially the same but with all collars flipped up?

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You know what's funny is two decades ago I thought the vision of the future a lot of movies had where everyone is half naked with wildly styled and colored hair was absolutely ridiculous but then here we are lmao

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>he thinks there will still be humans in 500 years
We'll have killed ourselves off by then for sure.

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pic in OP was literally worn by some dude at least 100 years ago

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is that angela merkel?

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In 500 years Communism will have taken over the earth. Mankind will have failed to stop global warming and will be living in the consequent ice-age. Communism will still be ineffective and will fail to provide clothing for the global populace, meaning no person will have the luxury of being dressed at all in 500 years.

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Oh shit we went in very different directions with the same theme.

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Art imitates life imitates art.

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You made me laugh and smile.

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Go back to /m/

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the rich will wear light clothing that emphasizes the body or no clothes at all, because they'll be running around with bioprinted skin, bones and muscle that would make greek statues look stunted and malformed

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