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what core is this?

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Dean core

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trust fund baby core

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npc core

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richboy american core

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/fa/ summer prep meetup

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It's /youknowihadtodoitto'em/ core

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Lmao I visited this HS for a competition. It was one of those rich White and Asian highschools around Houston. There were so many anti-suicide, anti-drug, and anti- drunk driving signs all over the school. Many hanging like that HOSA banner, but going all the way down to both sides of the school. Some signs had lists of kids that died “RIP John Doe 19XX-20XX” on the banners. It wasn’t even a X Prevention or X Awareness Month. The highschoolers that chaperoned us were definitely tweekers on some pills for sure. Our directors warned us that these Houston schools have a pillpopping problem, but man was this just sad.

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chad gangrape core

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"if you touch me I'll sue you" core

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>when americans pretend to be upper class

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southern prep

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Kids are so fucking big nowadays, 16 year Olds look 26

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no you are just an old boomer manlet.

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Do you know who my parents are core

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Frat/boomer/prep but not taste and broke core

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igetmyoutfitsfromamazon'sfrontpage core

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Funny thing is I think i know where you went. Usually when people mention rich white kids and drug issues the first things that comes to mind is Katy, Texas

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>my dad will sue you core

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Air passenger core

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Also in east Texas and this was a good portion of my high school.

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Basic bitch with a penis core.

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>I-might-dress-bad-but-I-still-cuddle-with-that-cute-8/10-girl-you-dream-of core

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jesus christ imagine ever having to interact with any of these kids

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don't worry anon, just be yourself and you might a fat gf too :)

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frat prep

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Not insecure and having fun with my friends core

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My dad earns more than your dad-core

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Every single one of those guys dress better than anyone I've seen on here. Are you guys joking? The people on here look like fucking weirdos.

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Sounds pretty effay desu

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What's it like being a normie? What do they think when they buy clothes?

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Starting mmo zone core

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diet mayonnaise core

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the rich libertarian white kid core

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most of the people here have pretty rich fathers

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fool I actually want the chubby girl

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they won't ever admit to that

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yes, but rich_medieum_poor is not a class system.
If a plumber wins the lottery it doesn't immedeatly make him upper class

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had to do it to em duplication glitch

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At least no one is wearing a vineyard vines longsleeve

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Those dweebs look as ubiquitous as a 2009 Chevrolet Suburban at the welfare office!

I bet they haven't even heard of the 1992 Geo Tracker, the official car of /fa/!

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They all have the exact same backpack

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young republicans club -core

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This all looks all so foreign to me.
Went to high school in a totally different environment. I wonder what a day in the life here is like.

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Is it just boredom that leads them to it?
I mean, how many real problems would these kids fucking have compared to your garden variety slum scum?

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Its more just the fact that their fathers are either big executives at oil companies or lawyers/doctors.
Therefore making them spoiled shits who waste daddies credit card on drugs and expensive cars

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Phi Gamma Delta Core

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they are prone to die of heroin addiction

want to know something else? people don't like being given what they don't deserve. that is why guilty white cucks exist. their white guilt makes them into bitches.

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you know I had to do it to em core

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>people don't like being given what they don't deserve. that is why guilty white cucks exist.
This was true in my high school in east texas, they were actually very insecure about having never worked for anything and would lie and insist that they paid for their shit.

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my friend insisted he was middle class. everyone in hs got a car their parents leased. he went on frequent vacations. i asked him how rich people were different from the middle class aka him.
he was stumped for a full minute before he realized that his family was actually rich. his friend has a basketball court in his home. died of heroin overdose.
when people don't earn what they get, they feel bad. everyone has struggles but they all manifest in different ways. i know a rich guy that won't stop going to rehab, because of his family's wealth.

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>What's it like being a normie?
you already are one normalfag

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Failure to develop self control is the least /fa/ thing in existence.

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Kek I think about this all the time. Women, at least, call everything "cute" and say "oh, I like that" when they don't really. That post is the most accurate thing I have ever seen what the fugg

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Connecticut WASP

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Daddy's boy.

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Autism aside, I see what that anon means. Fashion is expensive as fuck and it's stressful trying to choose what you think looks good. I'd be much richer and less anxious if I stopped giving a shit and just picked up normal clothes.

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I use to idealize this lifestyle.
It's the /Iwanttodiebefore30/ core.

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What shorts are those?

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>It's the /Iwanttodiebefore30/ core.
What? It is generic frat boy core aka /Ihopetomarrystaceyandgetdivorced/ core

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Cy ranch has more Mexicans than Asians and the Asians don’t even flex hypebeast shit

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Is it really? A lot of them do molly and theres a dipping problem. But the prep ones mostly drank or vaped

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Every single one was kind to me when I went there. It was bizarre compared to the ghetto schools I had been to

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They wore those, Colombia, southern marsh long sleeved etc

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Vineyard vines, American eagle, brooks brothers etc

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Holy Shit that’s Barbers Hill High School
I went there

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Yeah its kinda shitty how there's a stigma around money like that.

I feel really weird talking about how my parents paid for my Uni. I feel like I didn't earn it. My family isn't even wealthy or anything, just solidly middle class. It feels awkward to have something when other kids are have-nots.

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cringe, you fucking retard

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I wonder the same. The schools in the RGV are pretty basic. Just the bare necessities to run a school, people actually did shit for fun though and our community was pretty healthy.

Sometimes it's awesome not being priviledged

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You gotta find the balance between that and feeling grateful for what you have.

My family is starting to become a middle class family, I always wondered why my family was poor. But money is just another way for your problems to manifest themselves in. I'd rather have financial struggles than have myself or my family turn to slowly killing themselves because their life has no purpose since everything is given to them.

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No it’s not it’s cypress ranch
I walked this hallway on my way to class. Check the banner in the back

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On top of what others have said, the expectations are high when either one parent is a major executive or both parents are highly paid professionals. If you don't achieve that level of top 0.1% success, especially being given all the resources and privileges growing up, you're a failure and a disgrace. And not just a failure to your parents expectations, the stigma against privilege in society at large means EVERYONE sees you as an absolute loser retard.

Which maybe they are, in which case they unironically kill themselves like we always tell them to.

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Man, this is a super interesting thread as a non-yank.
So this is what rich kids dress like in America? That wouldn't be seen as classy around here, just like an awkward teenager or nerd.
Less Chad, more autist.

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That's common in individualist cultures like America. Whereas in China, collectivist culture means people are unapologetic about their wealth since they see themselves as extensions of their parents.

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This is what they dress like in high school. In college they major in business, and in Texas that means May's at A&M or McCombs in Austin. Both are filled with rich kids taking marketing classes and paying $700 for textbooks that don't actually have any knowledge. At these highschool 2.0s they wear comfort colored, oversized t-shirts and khaki shorts topped with a pair of New Balance sneakers. On days they give presentations they wear navy or gray suits with badly tied ties. There's an unspoken uniform of what to wear, how to speak, and what your opinions should be (/pol/ but less schizophrenic and more your grandpa).
Under normal circumstances you could laugh at these people, however in America these chucklefucks end up being the ones who market your idea, give the green stamp for even investing in it. They are the ones who decide what research should get the most funding, and what the problems that need to be addressed are. They are essentially the ultimate normalfag consumer cucks -- entirely motivated by "success", living in the eternal shadow of their fathers.

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FUCK WHIY PPL the thread

>> No.13756936

what a pathetic attitude
i love being rich and white, and feel absolutely no guilt or remorse

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youre not rich though

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i gain nothing from larping on an anonymous online imageboard but whatever helps you sleeps at night

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You're not white

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>At these highschool 2.0s they wear comfort colored, oversized t-shirts and khaki shorts topped with a pair of New Balance sneakers.
Dear fucking god are you kidding me?
You're telling me people at your business schools dress like that? Fucking khaki shorts?
That's actually horrifying.

>Under normal circumstances you could laugh at these people, however in America these chucklefucks end up being the ones who market your idea, give the green stamp for even investing in it.
Ahh that explains the marketing guys in Dilbert! I always wondered why they were such dudebros, because here Marketing is for social science number crunchers and other such dusty individuals. It would never be associated with coolness of any kind.

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You know they all had to do it to em

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>reddit spacing

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