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Is Goth still a thing?

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Finally a goth thread, I've had a question I've been wanting to ask for a while. How does one pull off a subtle casual goth aesthetic? I like aspects of goth fashion but I find most of it to be a bit over the top (for me at least). I'm thinking black boots, dark jeans or pants, and I'm not sure on the top, but perhaps a mix of black and white shirts, and sometimes a leather jacket (maybe /comfy/ sweaters?) My hair is semi long atm so I'm good on that front. Anybody know where to get good band shirts? Bonus points for white ones to add contrast, I don't want to fall victim to the all black meme. Is this the all black meme? Thanks

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yeah, most of "cool tumblr" is goth now.

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etsy and depop for old band shirts.

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get some platform boots, old jeans either skinny straight or straight. dye them black and distress them a tad bit. there are some cool red and white joy devision shirts around, but tie dye also works well. subtle guyliner and sorta messy sex hair pulls it off quite well. go to some goth clubs for some inspo.

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Wear whatever you want, half of this board can't dress themselves for shit, your own opinon should be the only one that counts in your life ultimately
check @saracummings on instagram and go from there for inspo

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god i wish it was

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>tfw no wholesome peachy keen goth gf who can cure your depression with her sheer joie de vivre

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I think subtle 80s style could be pulled off in this age

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Unfortunately dead af

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i swear she has a mustache anon

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any casual goth look kinda crosses into the /emo/ category tbqh. i go for a more casual techwear-esque style in everyday life (not very effay).

i have basic fringe undercut

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Shit so what you're saying is that I need to dress like pic related???

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Black dress shirt tucked in black pants. One piece of jewelry besides your watch. Wear sneakers for comfort, boots if you're attending a show.

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Still a thannnggg girl

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Band shirts? Hot Topic

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Just missed the #666 of the beast. Be proud you are that close to your master

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Only normies who think that black = emo think this.

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I am not sure if this is b8 or not but hot topic doesn't have shirts for any bands deeper than the cure and maybe bauhaus (and they don't have pornography shirts baka)

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bootleg your band shirts. oftentimes cheaper and you can get exactly the design and style you want. find a local tee printing shop and get it done there.

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Slayer, devil wears Prada etc.

Old age goth = new age metal head kid. DONTCHA NO?!

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Advice for jewelry? Also I feel like sneakers would look pretty autistic with that, any specific ones that you think could somehow work?

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Ahahah yeah so close.

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It's all what I call instagoth now. People just going to instagram and ripping off a look they like.

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Go for emo with some dress wear mixed in. Think sisters of mercy not cradle of filth sort of asthetic

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Heather is god tier

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>tfw no big tiddie goth gf

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>le tumblr indie band that made one good song and fucked off

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>feminist bangs
>tunnel earrings

This shit aint goth. It's more like dirty unwashed dyke.

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It gets unbearable lads

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Not that guy but I would go for black monkstrap shoes, you don't see them that often but I feel like they would work very well with the outfit he suggested. For sneakers maybe just all black AF1 or some of the Han Kjobenhavn x Puma shoes from last year, I use pic related in goth like outfits a lot if I really want to wear sneakers

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Gothics are pathetic tho. Everyone is dealing with existentialism and and crysis. Acting like you are some special snowflake outwards only makes you that uch more of a teenage larper. This is exclusively sexual and should be kept to their kin. Only wearing a style is like wearing a faux skin, nobody will buy your shit but the most vapid losers (the same people like you). Either way, its nice to look at but reserved to children and fetishists and both can go fuck themselves. Have some gothic accessoires, mentality or other elements but going full goth is idiotic have some standards.

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Thank you m8

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or they could just like the music...

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You are not making any sense bro

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that makes you a larper. listening to punk and styling like punk without having a proper dedication to the lifestyle and ideologies of one makes you pathetic. Thats why i said, use accessoires if necessairy but dont go full in without having the metality.
im not your bro you stupid vapid fucking new aged fucked zoomer cunt fuck your whore mother in he rancid swine mouth you dirty piece of human blob shit

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i like a lot of goth artists and their cover-art aesthetics, where do you recommend to buy some goth shirts

>inb4 thrift
i never find anything

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What bands. Etsy and ebay are okay if don't mind gildan

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there are many sites that will print anything you send them

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>Is Goth still a thing?
Culturally, it flamed out in the 00's with grunge, alt, girls w/ guitars, numetal, and just about anything that wasn't mainstream rap, hiphop, and nuR'n'B

Found the Gen X that peaked in high school

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you stink of jealousy and loneliness

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It's not dead if you know where to look

Concert venues for goth bands, certain clubs, etc.

Mind you Goth is first and foremost about the music. It'll always be undead as long as people listen to the bands

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Those are mostly dead or dying as well tho.

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Ebay too, way cheaper usually, etsy has the grails though

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They might be small, but damn if the Clan of Xymox show I went to wasn't a fun fucking time and full of energy

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Go to gigs for band shirts.

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Naw, there's a bunch of bands in the scene right now. Cold Cave, All Your Sisters, Pleasure Symbols, Soft Kill

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Late to the party, but any nice black boots will fit the bill. Something like pic related (link below)

Occult themed jewelry is always a nice touch. Amazon links also below, two examples in pic. I personally have a St. Peter's cross necklace and cuff links, with pentacle/baphomet sigil rings.

The look I think you are going for is what's known as "corp goth." Black slacks, black boots/dress shoes, black vest, black tie/pocket square.

You can mix and match items from an outfit like that for casual as well. The nice thing about the goth look is that as long as you're wearing black, you'll mostly fit in at any goth club, even if it doesn't scream goth while on the street. I recommend eye-liner and eye shadow on top of a very light foundation, with black lipstick. If you have a beard, blend the foundation out before your beard line and do not use lipstick. Neatly trim all facial hair.

Mix and match textures, since you're primarily working with only one color. Other good options for outfits are anything you would traditionally think of as punk, but maxed out with black. Black jeans or slacks with a black denim or leather jacket, fishnets are usually good. Metallic studs, chains, pins, patches, all of it will work. Long sleeve tees, sweaters, anything works.

Find a style you like, go to thrift stores, search for deals on etsy, ebay and amazon. Personally I love amazon for more generic things, you don't need to go to alt or "goth stores" what you'll get there are overpriced and kitschy. Find some cheap black clothing, and DIY it into something you like.


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The scene is far from dead, but also far to what it was in the 80's-90's. Lots of clubs still exist that do dedicated goth/industrial nights.
I would recommend checking the music out as well. Check out the post-punk movement and goth rock. Some good bands to start with (old and new) are:

Souixsie and the Banshees
The Smiths
Clan of Xymox
Soviet Soviet
New Order
Depeche Mode
The Cure
She Wants Revenge
The Sisters of Mercy
Switchblade Symphony

See if you can find local goth nights, check them out. From my experience people in the goth culture tend to be welcoming, nice, and charming people (though it does have it's share of elitists.)

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Forgot to add-another great accessory is a black watch.

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lol. where do you see goths wearing watches like some granpa

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My local club. Considering the number of people who are there, you see tons of different outfits. Also, how is a waistcoat vest and dress shirt "grandpa" clothes? I mean if you want to go 120% effort you could go full victorian, but dress clothes are always a good choice. The second poster was looking for casual wear and I was just listing items that you can mix and match out.

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Thanks bb

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Thank you bb

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Meant for
Also misread. You're right, I don't see many goths wearing watches, but they're out there. My watch is all black except the numbers and hands and it goes well with a few of my outfits.

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hell yeah proper goth is quality

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I hate that the "big tiddy goth gf" meme from 4chan has been pushed into the mainstream and now every single girl i flirt with is memeing about being my big tiddy goth gf because she wore black lipstick once , someone make it STOP

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Yes please. This.
Though, it might just be me, but it seems like goff is becoming more of a thing again lately.

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You mean like fake glasses tumblr goth below?

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Fuck you i still got the moves

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i'll just leave this here


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This gave me a memory flashback of going to a goth club in like 2011 or 2012 and I was wearing a leather jacket with no shirt, black skinny jeans, and doc marten boots. I had long hair and I think I wore sunglasses to the club too.

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>The Smiths
>New Order
>Depeche Mode
>The Cure

I love these bands and honestly had no idea they were goth.

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>no idea bauhaus is goth
are you okay

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I listen to a lot of music and hop genres all day. Sometimes I lose track.

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Yeah but how do you not, even passively, learn a little bit about a band or style when it sounds different from everything else

or not familiar enough with goth culture in general by sheer osmosis and exposure living in a western country to just recognize it when you see it

or are you from zimbabwe or something?

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I just put albums on and listen to them all the way through. I grew up aware of the goth fashion but no so much the musical style so when I first heard Bauhaus I just threw them in with similar sounding bands as "80s rock". Since I really had no framework set up for goth music. I'm glad I can delve deeper into the genre now though.

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Here take this

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Thanks anon I'm going to listen to all of this over the next few weeks.

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yeah that's what I did when I was getting started with the genre

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Goth is as fucking dead as Bela Lugosi
There are some revival artists like Lebanon Hanover, Have A Nice Life and Drab Majesty but they don't get enough recognition

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How can I find a goth bf? I'm a goth and every guy I talk to online says he's a goth at first but then it turns out they aren't actually into it and are basically just looking for a big tiddy goth gf. Where do goths congregate online?

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Punk boy, I was in the Nintendo store in NYC wearing a more out there outfit and got stared down by a group of goth girls.
Record stores, shops that carry the essence of rock, and maybe coffee shops? Goth in its core is kind of dead, but you might be able to find a crusty depressed bf that sorta looks goth. Idk how often those guys leave the house though.

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That's not a bad idea, thank you. I'm very shy and don't go out much at all so it's nerve-wracking. I'm going to try to go to a goth club maybe in a month and I have no idea what to even do.

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Pic related is /fa/ goals for me. What would one call this? ChadGoth?

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How do I make my hair big and frizzy like this?

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I used to be a goth, but i stoppen dying my hair Black because it made me look like a corpse and I'm to lazy to do the flawless foundation everyday. I've grown out my own hair Brown hair color and now I've got more of a metal head aestetic, still in all Black with big boots but more toned down.

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backcombing or teasing, and good ass hairspray

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timestamp pic or im just going to assume your another insta thottie with a black choker

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Well, the truth is there are less goths today because the scene is more or less obsolete

i've been the biggest fan of goth and darkwave since a teenager, but don't dress outlandishly goth. there are so few trad-goth clubs or groups or bands here, and i might wear some dark clothes but that's in. In my experience the only ones making it visibly obvious theyre into goth are the old-school goths who did it in the 80s and 90s, or the poseurs who think """goth""" fashion is just another trend from tumblr/insta to hop on.

TLDR you need to go to goth shows to meet other genuine people and not always expect them to dress like Siouxsie Sioux or Robert Smith

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gib big tiddy goth gf plz . I like the music , the melancholy feels , and the ladies fashion

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See Peter Steele for trve Chad gothness

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Ha nice try, I don't post pictures of myself online. But I'm not an instathot, I really enjoy goth music. I don't like chokers and I tend to wear toned-down tradgoth stuff, mainly band shirts, skinny black jeans, pikes, dark makeup, and I tease my hair sometimes. Pic related is my ideal but I'm not that pretty.

That's understandably, but the look is attractive and it's what I like. I don't mind a very toned-down version of it, like just wearing normal stuff in black basically. I think the music and the general aesthetic and approach to life is what's important, but I'm also not attracted to normie fashion much.

I wish there was a better way to meet goth people here, /soc/ is very degenerate and there's pretty much no goths there anyway.

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I dont dress the part though :(


>> No.13687264

>don't like chokers
fookin dropped

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I don't think you really "get" the whole goth thing anon.

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You're goth or you're not; Fuck off poseur.

>> No.13687306

I'll never understand why women ruin their chests with tattoos.

>> No.13687314

always have a rites of spring t available

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My gf unironically looks like this. Feels good man.

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>flat hair

yeah you can keep her, frogshitter

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headpats for you

pof pof

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I'm constantly mistaken for a goth because I dress in all black, got long hair, long nails, wear boots and got skinny arms. Pic related

And I mean I like goth rock and darkwave but I fancy myself to be more of a rivethead.

Am I unwittingly goth?

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Toned down goth is basically my wardrobe, i just can't be bothered with the hair and makeup especially as a male. i guess it's what /fa/ tends to call "post-punk fashion" as little sense as that makes. Oddly enough despite the modern image of goth guys being 1987-era robert smith most of the early darkwave bands dressed quite subtlely which is my main inspiration. black jeans, black boots or dress shoes, dark patterned button-downs, t-shirts, leather jacket or black harrington etc

also meeting people on 4chan is going to be garbage 99% of the time lmao. Maybe check out goth music forums if you're too afraid of going out to shows or clubs

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worth mentioning also that skinny frame and pale skin works to your advantage here

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whats your height my goth bro

>> No.13687448

6ft, why

>> No.13687453

w2c pocket-sized goth gal with big hair?

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Nope sorry, I'm closer to NYC.

Thank you, I like headpats very much.

That sounds very nice, I think the post-punk look is the best for guys, especially the hair. You're probably right, I know 4chan isn't a great place for it but I actually found my one and only past relationship here so I guess I'm hopeful.

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Did you even try?
Why would you think this is goth?

>> No.13687860

It's clear now that "true goth" lost its actual meaning because all you have to do to be considered a goth is just be pale and wear black lipstick (also have a piercing or one tattoo as a bonus) to be considered a goth!

>> No.13687868 [DELETED] 

goth is out
Iron Heart
is in

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I wish I had balls to go full goth. This is about as far as I can go.

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right back at 'cha, buddy :)


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someone who makes music as boring as hers has no right looking this hot

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Why did goth die but rap live?

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Anyone in the vegas area? Is there a goth scene here or anywhere close? There's got to be one.

>> No.13688105

Gothclubs.org may have something. Check facebook. A lot of places will have rotating events, special events, and rarely some gems will have weekly events. May also be lumped in with Industrial

>> No.13688155

pof pof

>> No.13688174

Can a person be both /fit/ and goth?

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The Crow originally was a big buff guy in the comics. In the 90s, pic related was really impressive for an on screen superhero. If The Crow were to come out today, he'd probably look like Chris Evans or Christian Bale.

>> No.13688184

Check peter steele dude was a 6'8 monster

>> No.13688296

Dazig says yes

>> No.13688369

Date a metalhead or a rivethead.
It's a time honored goth tradition!

>> No.13688492


>> No.13688493

you should do it
trust me

>> No.13688545

Clearly it hasn’t lost its meaning enough for this sjw looking thing to be considered goth

>> No.13688873

I grew up loving goth chicks because of some TV show or other but they didn't exist in my small town. This ironic tumblr goth movement feels so disingenuous.

I just want to play oWoD with a couple darkling cuties.

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>> No.13688980

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FzFu-ze8pA Is the frontman's outfit in this good minimalist goth?

>> No.13689074


>> No.13689108

It's post-punk, but ok.

>> No.13689109

Goth is post punk

>> No.13689115

Nobody remembers was rivethead is. It's all just "goth" or "alt" to normies. Even /fa/ thinks rivethead fashion is called school shooter core or some retard shit.

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real goth is very rare these days, everybody wants to be 'goth' but have no idea what goth actually is

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post punk is basically low key goth

>> No.13689832

no they aren't

>> No.13689836

too bad she's such a poseur and her band sucks cuz she does pull off the true goth look very well

>> No.13689880

The talking heads we're post punk as well. What is your point?

>> No.13690695

they look like fags

>> No.13690707

what behooves someone to dress like this only to make some of the most toothless boring music on the planet

>> No.13690720

is chrome hearts goth? or just chinese international-student tier

>> No.13690741

Please read over the lecture notes.

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Anyone able to ID or give a similar suggestion to these boots and this top/shirt/ whatever it's called? I love the mix of kind of goth and minimalist.

>> No.13690747

Throw The Swans, Dead Can Dance and Cranes in that and you're good.

>> No.13690758

Jersey Metal crosses Adam Ant.

>> No.13691034

chink chink

>> No.13691997

Rec me darkwave artists pls. I've gone through the goth essentials, but I'm feeling the more synthy stuff (Eleven Pond, Boy Harsher, Trust, etc).

>> No.13692274

Drab Majesty
She Past Away
The Frozen Autumn
Sixth June

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TRAITRS might be something you would enjoy.

>> No.13692445

Yeah not the music, but I think the outfit he has is pretty goth.

>> No.13692529

Goth has evolved to goof ninja

>> No.13692759

wow you must be so deep and cool

>> No.13692816

Múm isn't bad. Kinda dream-pop darkwave hybrid.

>> No.13692828

Thanks m8. Already a fan of DM, and so-so on FA and SPA. I'll check-out Sixth June though!

Thanks! I'll check them out.

>> No.13692837
File: 25 KB, 350x350, a3401970297_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13692844

really? you didnt know the cure was goth?

>> No.13692961

dope boots

>> No.13692972

The Smiths, new order and depeche mode aren't goth, and bauhaus thought goth was a pejorative.

>> No.13693008

Agreed. That being said, those bands are bands that are popular within the goth subculture, and not without recommendation I think.

>> No.13693013


guess that's because the two most famous school shooters were rivetheads

>> No.13693027

It's just because they are basically part of tve same post punk era as the original goth bands (ie bauhaus, cure, siouxsie etc) and because of that share many stylistic elements that were part of the new wave after the initial punk explosion

>> No.13693136

early new order was pretty gothy, as was mid-to-late 80's depeche mode.


>> No.13693280

Emo- goth whatvr here in Dirtona too!


>> No.13693298
File: 31 KB, 416x300, NewOrder1983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Early new order was post punk like joy division. They weren't goth like bauhaus

>> No.13693302

genres aren't cut and dry like that, it overlaps

many consider JD to be goth band, and they influenced a huge number of goth bands in the 80s

>> No.13693310

While I tend to agree that Joy Division is enjoyed by the goth subculture, and I lump it in with goth music recommendations, they are firmly in the genre of post-punk.

>> No.13693324
File: 57 KB, 600x416, 20081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, but they lack the aesthetic, and that's the whole point of goth rock as it doesn't really exist separately from post-punk/new wave

>> No.13693375

this is autism.
joy division is both goth and post-punk, end of story

>> No.13693389

you pretentious idiot thats an older version of goth, thats like saying you arent a real hypebeast unless you wear streetwear from the 90's holy shit

>> No.13693404

>tumblr shit

>> No.13693505
File: 234 KB, 750x1334, B34C6B65-E3B7-41D1-B6FB-31A716984556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love the goth aesthetic and the culture and what not but can I pull it off? Where should I shop?

>> No.13693518

Any body type can make goth work, but the ideal body type is thin. For shopping, check thrifts stores, goodwill. Amazon has some good deals on basic black clothes sometimes. Clearance sections at local stores as well. Just shop for black clothing you like the look of. As a man, if you go for bondage pants and the overpriced shirt from specialty "goth" stores you will look like a try hard moron. Accessorize. Boots.

>> No.13693657

This, they were literally one of the first bands to be described as goth.

>> No.13693964
File: 36 KB, 500x330, 0494fac98581229a0d11f4014e3dc5ee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone should apply to be my east coast goth bf soon

>> No.13694528

are you a trap?

>> No.13695563
File: 24 KB, 400x270, 194ea5b3ff456433607e0b4360f65be1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope, I'm the gril from earlier in the thread.

>> No.13695572
File: 82 KB, 500x695, tumblr_ojsc2ni2Br1si0kwmo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13695635
File: 42 KB, 391x575, 0fb769bfd5cd44aa559f927e85030d2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's pretty goth, ok I will thanks.

>> No.13695667

from what im seeing its very 50/50

>> No.13695689
File: 117 KB, 500x686, MartinGore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this goth?

>> No.13695719

wear all black, dye your hair and don't go outside

>> No.13695721

post punk is goth

>> No.13695846

Where on east coast? I live in ct

>> No.13695871


Good luck with subtle anything youngfag

>> No.13696004

I'm in northern NJ, so I'm pretty much looking for someone in a surrounding state. How's CT? I've never been.

>> No.13696142

Based, this gave me a good wholesome sensible chuckle, thank you anon

>> No.13696151

Kind of, but any attempt and you still get called emo by niggers and brainlets.

>> No.13696165
File: 42 KB, 500x353, malls across america, late 80s goths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post more male goth inspo

>> No.13696173

They're often get mixed with cybergoths/ravegoths. Blame early 2000's industrial and djent bands for mixing up the aesthetics, and Riddick movies for nailing the coffin on the look.

>> No.13696190 [DELETED] 

>The Frozen Autumn
What's your diet/lifting routine btw? mirin'

>> No.13696193

What's your diet/lifting routine btw? mirin'

>> No.13696206

to be fair the industrial scene and the goth scene have always been connected.

>> No.13696238

Are goths so hung up about columbine stereotyping goths and the scene becoming mainstream that they’ll call anyone a poser because they fear the subculture will be associated with people they don’t like?

What I find weird about that is that I’ve seen goths online and online goth clothing stores be hybristophiliacs and goths seem to love the obscure.

>> No.13696263

Really depends on what style of goth you are into. Most of the pics here are trad goth, that 80's look but to be honest, most of the pics here are from the 80's. Trads are rare in normal everyday life and you would really stand out.

Subtle is best. Black pants with boots, docs, even palladiums, black shirt, long sleeves black t shirt, heavy knit sweater.

You could go for black trousers/white shirt and mix it with boots instead of dress shoes. To most people you'll look pretty regular, even smart but if you were at some goth place you'd still be part of it.

This. Industrial/trad is really part of the goth scene. It's like saying "I am cyber, I am not goth" when in reality cyber is also part of the goth scene. The only exception would be ravers.

They were at the time, Columbine isn't on the mind of most people now, young people don;t even know about it most times.

>hybristophiliacs and goths seem to love the obscure

The goth scene has always attracted some really weird people, not necessarily because they were into goth or even liked it but because of the goth subculture being so welcoming it was/is the only scene to accept them.

Lots of goths can be elitist and snobbish though the same exists for a lot of scenes in music desu. As long as newbies (babybats) are honest they are new then it's fine.

Just don't be 18 thinking you are "LoRd_Of_Pain666" that's a big no.

>> No.13696467
File: 38 KB, 600x631, KMFDM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we just take a moment here to admire how fucking sick rivethead fashion was

>> No.13696738

I need a new studded belt and I refuse to go back to Hot Topic. Please help.

>> No.13696796

Online, there are a bunch of websites that sell goth clothing, accessories, etc. Unfortunately I can't really comment on which ones are better but just do a bit of research into it and go with the most credible one. Hopefully that helped but idk :))))))

>> No.13696797

>tfw no rivethead waifu
Aside from the ones with the cringy Angelspit influenced fake dreads, why are they so rare?

>> No.13696809

I don't think there are a lot of active rivetheads in general, let alone ones willing to go all the way and dress like Sascha. And then out of the small minority of a minority, and even smaller number would be females, as they're less common in scenes like that. The only way to obtain one is to go to a lot of shows, it's not that hard to find female rivetheads in general, but finding ones that dress fullrivet is quite the challenge lol.

>> No.13696812

Lucia boobs

>> No.13696817

Is that a Bass VI or baritone guitar or is hooky a turbo manlet?

>> No.13696819
File: 46 KB, 400x534, 1525171784570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to unironically be a goth weeb (pic isn't me)

>> No.13696968

It's Vlad.

>> No.13696974

All goth is post-punk but not all post-punk is goth. With that said, The Bolshoi were definitely goth.

>> No.13697017

the subculture is generally shit and anything that's not associated with darkwave and post-punk (trad) tends to be cancerous shite

>> No.13697025

Expanding on that, the columbine shooters weren't goth and would only ever even be vaguely identified as such by the msm and know-nothing soccer moms.

From what I've seen, the goth online community is essentially vampire cosplayers and not much else; basically people who have made hot topic a lot of money. Actually fashionable people, goth or otherwise, are not involved with that shit.

>> No.13697702


>> No.13697705


>> No.13697719

whats that thing round his neck

>> No.13697817

looks like a dummy (front view anyway), but i'm really not sure.

>> No.13697868

What we need is trad goth girls who wear diapers

>> No.13697883
File: 50 KB, 350x300, ab2a6f932dc7e9491a6eb3842d69861d7de53cce726752918f7bd1224c417429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trans or not trans?
Not a deal-breaker either way, I just want clarification on the general consensus.

>> No.13697961

I just do martial arts and just kinda eat whatever I want but thank you!

>> No.13697996

Yeah, you are the pathetic one dude

>> No.13698037
File: 133 KB, 675x1200, 308d82d6da6044f7a0b812d07a71664e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13698169

kek. rip. what a legend

>> No.13698244

i don't know a single goth band with somewhat wearable effay merch

>> No.13698338

That song was criticising racism, just in an edgy manner.

>> No.13698608

It is debatable whether he was talking about racism or not, but it he was then you are right that it is a criticism of such.

>> No.13698772

are you stupid or just not american and never heard of the KKK

>> No.13699015
File: 221 KB, 465x702, IMG_2296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13699019
File: 218 KB, 465x679, IMG_2297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13699027


I said "girls", not "trannies"

>> No.13699167

Hardly debatable when there's explicit references to the KKK in it.

>> No.13699225

already have a goth gf

>> No.13699254

The only references are the burning crosses and white sheet, but I don't think that is enough to say that's the purpose of the song given all of the other weird shit in it. He makes references to sheets in other contexts as well, but I honestly don't know. I'm kinda bad at interpreting stuff like that and Rozz is all over the place in that song, so I'll talk y'alls words for it.

>> No.13699329

>>13682677 #
Hot Topic is no good for finding shirts for goth bands. They mainly sell shirts for emo or rap.

>> No.13699351

Think about who he was and the context of the song. Read up on what his early life was like. It sounds like rejection of his Southern Baptist upbringing with which he felt racism, among other things, was inseperably tied, at least when it came to his family.

Burning crosses on a nigger's lawn
Burning dollars
What's a house without a home?
Dance in your white sheet glory
Dance in your passion

And then the chorus evokes a seamy creeping sense of corruption which he can't help but feel is a part of him.

>> No.13699438


>> No.13699960

Okay that actually makes sense anon, I'm shit at interpreting stuff, thanks.

>> No.13699988

I need a poofy hair leather jacket gf

>> No.13700132


Medicine pouch necklace?

>> No.13700178

very floofy, yes

>> No.13700580
File: 10 KB, 300x225, Golicalien3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13700777

fuck these are sick, can't believe I missed these

>> No.13701638

I also despise how girls wear fake leather jackets like how zara puts out, very unattractive

>> No.13701892
File: 46 KB, 580x435, IMG_2304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ville still looks good.

>> No.13702142
File: 37 KB, 640x368, 395068EA-2A92-4167-8F09-906681C6928F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13702245

this bitch is so fucking fine but her music is fucking atrocious.

>> No.13702519

Same as with girls senpai . All that really matters is the routine desu

>> No.13702543

Sorry broseph but unfortunately you'll never be goth just from you not understanding what goth is, you'll always be a cheap offbrand

>> No.13702654

Yeah bro same

>> No.13702666

god, he looks like John Travolta

>> No.13702981

Based lol

>> No.13703104

>hehe guys looks at me im goth!

>> No.13703107

sjw tumblr "i watched nightmare before christmas once" core

>> No.13703114

I want to be a pastel goth femboy

>> No.13703703

>short hair
he's horrible now

>> No.13703748

I want to drive needles under your fingernails and rub your face against crushed glass

>> No.13703806


>> No.13704124


>> No.13704144

How do I become Cholo Goth?

>> No.13704173

you could've had this rant about literally any fashion style ever

>> No.13705159

Shit is the thread dead?

>> No.13705216

is it?

>> No.13705578
File: 102 KB, 564x528, f9b072aadb418b32fa60d4f2a5df8d48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Still no offers from anyone wanting to be my qt goth bf
Doesn't anyone want to tease each other's hair and drive around late at night listening to Paralyzed Age and The Cure?

>> No.13705881


>> No.13705899

I want to do that but I'm in yurope and I think having a girlfriend is gay

also my hair is a fucking nightmare to untangle

>> No.13705998

sorry im more of a metal punk

>> No.13706899

I prefer driving late at night while listening to type o negative and chemlab.

>> No.13706909

hey this one's a keeper

>type O negative

actual cuckazoid