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I don’t know anything about style, frankly I come on here once in awhile to ask stuff like “What’s a nice general jacket” for example because I think if any board knows about clothes it’s gonna be /fa/. Plus I don’t have a sense of fashion, I just sometimes cringe a little at the clothes I sometimes wear.

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haha same

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I wore shit skater core in middle school/highschool even tho i have never been able to do more than simple basics on a skaterboard
I cuff my jeans
I wear mostly scumwave even to the office but more "civilised"
I often mix different pieces from different styles
I don't throw mad money in fancy clothes, i just buy thrift

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Lose weight, fatty

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by the way, what's the hip jacket this fall? i'm still wearing my bomber jacket but that's probably not going to cut it in 2018

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I have worn a white t-shirt and basketball shorts consistently since childhood. Got into Milspo/Warcore a few years ago, but don't make enough money to spend on milsurp so I just wear Austrian M75 trousers, an M65, and Cocoran jump boots.

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im fat but i still shitpost here as if i still weighted 30lbs less

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My "style" is stagnant, it has barely evolved in the last two years. I am just waiting till im old enough to wear Raf outfit and nothing else
>t. 21 yo student boomer

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I always dress up in sweat pants, some old sleepers and t shirts, because I'm a poorfag and I live a 3rd worldshithole but all I do is lurk and gain knowledge about fashion related stuff

>tfw im thinspo and have thrifted outfits but there's nowhere to go in this shithole

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>I always dress up in sweat pants,
Sort out your life jesus christ.

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i was 16 when i came to /fa/
i namefagged and avatarfagged for a summer and then got bored

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my entire wardrobe is from ebay

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Iron Heart

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i wear black tshirt, black chino, and blacknwhite classic vans

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same here brother... same here...

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>5'8" fat manlet and wear slp

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i buy chinese garbage from aliexpress
i buy cheap normie brands
i dont conform to a specific style
i judge other people while i look like shit myself
i only own one pair of trousers and they are black ripped super tight skinny jeggings

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I could stand to lose 15 pounds

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I don't know how to dress
I want to dress nicer just to get qt art hoes even though I know they're toxic and ruin lives
I don't want to feel alone

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I dress either like a poor person or an 80 year old man

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I'm a thin 5'7 manlet. I get a lot of my inspo from rockbands and Chinese cartoons.

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Im better at dressing my gf than myself
My wardrobe is so inconsistent because I have so many styles I dress as
I sometimes think about starting over with full qlo and dressing like an NPC
I dont even know why I keep up with brands when I mostly wear Athleisure (Adidas and Y-3)

Worst one
I've been lurking the techwear reddit for ages, complimented on fits, and such, but I fucking hate all the staple brands (ACG, Acronym, Enfin Leve).
Its like self inflicted torture because I want to dress like them but I just dont like the brands that everyone shills so hard

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b a s e d

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I'm a tranny

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I like looking at women's feet

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I’m wearing cdg converse right now

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With all the flannel and hoodies and jeggins i probably dont even belong on this board. However, it still is the only bookmark to 4chan and i always browse it until page 10. No idea what to make out of this

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i'm a 5'8" manlet

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I stopped caring about fashion years ago (decided to embrace what you people call /boomercore/), but still regularly browse this board because I like to laugh at tryhards

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I'm disappointed.

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bumbags are very comfy and I don't think i'll ever go back

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i have a pair of olive drab cargo shorts that i wear regularly.

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Sometimes I make fits in dollmaker games.

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I don't find men aesthetically appealing, like in the slightest, and don't care about men fashion at all. I'm seriously thinking about going trap mode just to wear clothes I actually like.

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> I like Supreme and Off-White.
> I attend 6ix9ine concerts.
> I hate getting compliments on my clothing and style because I think paying attention to appearance should be absolutely normal and other people are just lacking.
> Even though I look better than most people and am way too confident in that field, I actually hate some of my features and get absolutely disgusted by them occasionally.
> Kanye West is a genius
> Even though I am a woman myself, I do not like females and I am convinced men are better than females in almost every way. I even think that I couldn't ever achieve something a successful man could because of my gender. Challenge me on this: Literally name ONE thing that women are better at.
> I shame people for using drugs but I abuse alcohol myself and use drugs occasionally myself. I'm still better at using drugs than most users.

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Oh I forgot one:

> I watch the video clips of "Noisestorm - Crab Rave" and "Kanye/Pump - I love it" at least once a day because I just like looking at them.

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>I subtely wore eyeliner and foundation+powder back in highschool

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I'm not fa

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I dress like a thug to avoid getting robbed on the street.

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I have sex with random ugly girls off tinder just because its easier than wasting my time with the prettier ones

I dress mfa tier

One time I rubbed my own urine on my face because I read it would help get rid of my acne

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No bro you need to rub your cum on your face, thats what helps with acne :^)

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kys lmao

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my nigga

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Saint Laurent Paris

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This tbqh

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I don't really give a fuck about style anymore, honestly fashion seems like a futile charade of the capitalist. E.g. "Trends" are only incentives for buying new garments.

Still I care about fit and feel good when I look good.

>Literally name ONE thing that women are better at.
Ultra long distance running

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I can't find my own style. I can see myself wearing basically anything from sleazecore to techwear to prep. I could do it all but I don't like any of it. Recently I've started to look more at Alyx and will emulate the style there because I'm a poorfag

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long distance swimming, cause they have more natural body fat and can float easier
recognizing a broader spectrum of colors

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>cause they have more natural body fat and can float easier
This but another very important factor is that they have more slow twitch muscle fibers

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I really like Zara

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>supreme and stüssy are my two favorite brands
>i have 5 pairs of shoes, 4 of which are vans old skool in different colorways


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I haven't trimmed or combed my hair in months and it's starting to become matted. I want to start over but I'm afraid of looking stupid with short hair

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There's a separate world record for men and women because it's universally acknowledged that men just perform better.

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Yeah you would think that. But in the end it's always a man breaking the records

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I want pants that give me a different silhouette but I have no idea how to wear anything besides slim fit

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I bought 5 pieces of supreme this collection

>> No.13679925

I dress in a plain colored t shirt and some pair of pants cuffed every day

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sucked off an asian international student a few times so he would buy me a macbook pro and a LV clutch bag

he never wanted sex, just blowjobs. I'm a femanon btw

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you are a disgrace

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Half the stuff in my wardrobe I've worn once or twice and then never touched again wondering why the fuck I bought it. The other half I've had for like 4 years + and is mostly boring/safe but what I wear most of the time.

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I destroyed a $200 dollar pair of bally shoes by using a random chemical house cleaner to clean the dirt off of them.

it's been 6 months and I have not bought another pair of shoes.

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I have to roll my jeans bc I am 5'6 manlet
I don't know what I'm doing so usually I just resort to mfa tier garbage
I have a huge folder of inspo but I have no money

>> No.13680116

buy shorter jeans?

>> No.13680126

I leaked from /r9k/ and I'm trying to dress decently.

I used to never walk into stores
I'd be so anxious that people were looking at me
Now I'm so used to it

>> No.13680131

Yep chad here

>> No.13680153

>I like some of the stuff supreme releases some is guady or tacky shit though
> I’ll overdress for church or nice restaurants becuase I abhor business casual and how much dress codes have lost formality

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In the era of vote for pedro shirts, I made my own that said deport pedro. Would probably be lynched if i tried to wear it these days. '06 was a simpler time.

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>owned a assc hoodie in 2016

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I usually just wear Jeans/Chinos, T-shirts and Hoodies with converse

>> No.13680652

I mostly wear uniqlo and stuff from the asos outlet

>> No.13680689

I'm fat and balding, and I wear only SLP

>> No.13680693

The bomber always comes back in style, so there is no issue in wearing it now. Same with the Trucker, Harrington and Peacoat. They're staples if the fall/winter style, they'll always be relevant unless some other style takes their place, but that won't happen any time soon.

>> No.13680696

I'm the eternal 5'11" tqbqhwyl

>> No.13680826

all these fucking humble brags

>> No.13680980

international student here. where to find girl like you

>> No.13681184

i pretty much exclusively wear adidas track pants with metal shirts or basic tees

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I run my own business where I only ever see socially awkward odd people 1 on 1. I live in the suburbs and my friends are all geographically distant so we just play vidya online.
So I hardly ever have to look nice or go out. I want to have style, but I just look at clothes and realize I'll never have a chance to wear them. So it's just ill fitting dress shirts to work and hoodies at home.
Also I can't function without socks.

>> No.13681429

This țbh, have a lot of good clothes but never have a chance to wear the vast majority

>> No.13681438

dont buy a peacoat, the rest is true though

>> No.13681443

Your name fits.

>> No.13681470

You can save your hair without cutting it. Just get a large bottle of cheap conditioner, a brush, and a few hours out of your day.

>> No.13681471

>Even though I look better than most people
every deluded person thinks that

>> No.13681515

I dress like a gay.

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I spent $220 on black suave timberlands and its the best item i've ever purchase.

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>"Kanye West is a genius"

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I don’t want to grow up ;_;
I still dress like a 16yo even tho I’m 24

>> No.13682052

He's just a severe bipolar that normalfags like.

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I ditched /fa/ for Reddit ages ago because the boards stopped being about fashion and more about spamming the /pol/ memeword of the month ad nauseum (See: >>13678292). Reddit may be a hugbox, but at least they can stay on fucking topic.

>> No.13682164

yeah.. people really seem to like me irl but they don't know what I really think and that I'm actually quite a cunt

sure whatever

one talented fucking bipolar then

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Post pic if you're so good looking.

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i fucking love urban outfitters and the girls who shop there my dick hard also i kind of like supreme when they collab

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I only wear thrift store sweaters, t shirts and jackets combined with the same 4 pants I bought ages ago.

I have 2 pair of shoes, summer and winter.

My jacket pockets are torn. (The inside insulation of my jacket is now storage space lol ) there are small holes in some of my shirts at the bottom.

I have some clothes I have worn since 14. (21 now)

Somehow still get regular compliments on my style and clothes

I only come here for room threads, tattoo threads and hair generals.

I would never pay any decent money for clothing

>> No.13682324

Don't feel bad about liking supreme. If it weren't for the hypebeasts it wouldn't be that bad of a brand

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I put 8.5x6 inches in my tinder profile, reap the validation, and barely ever reply. 800 matches later and I still haven’t had sex with someone from tinder

>> No.13682379

That's not a /pol/ meme retard. It sounds like you want to, so just stop posting.

>> No.13682413

he cute but he also loud

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I buy a lot of my work wear from JCP. Their Stafford slacks are great for the money. Been wearing polos to the office even though I should switch back to button downs.

>> No.13682462

Even though /fa/ trashes my sense of style (and did for the waywts I posted) I just don't give a damn anymore about other people's opinions and just lurk most of the time.

I also need to lose weight.

>> No.13682480

>Half the threads posted in the past week featured the soiboi wojack
>not a /pol/ meme

/fa/ with a hint of /pol/ is still /pol/

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I just impulse-purchased a $32 4oz hairclay and even payed for shipping

>> No.13682502

Not everything racist or disparaging is from /pol/ you retard.

>> No.13682559

>Iiiiiiit's not /pol/ even though it has /pol/'s mountaindewritos shake stains all over it.

>> No.13682563

thinspo gave me an ED
i shop uniqlo way to much
and i hate the way my pants fit

im going to purge my closet of skinny jeans soon. just need to stock up on slim fit first....from uniqlo probably :(

>> No.13682565

>I have room temperature IQ

>> No.13682637

>I think that if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a potato.

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im a tradesman so i have no use for any of the business/formal/casual shit on here and i dont go outside enough to put money in looking effay so i just wear a tshirt with sweatpants or jeans everywhere

>t. 20 year old boomer

>> No.13682856

you are sensitive over mean words and basedmen

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I'm almost on my 30's and still dress like a teenager (male)

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I have a pretty good working knowledge of how to dress well now after having lurked here for so long but none of it matters because my gyno shows through every shirt I wear

>> No.13683791

i bought a $13 plaid skirt from amazon called "japanese girls school uniform cosplay" and wear it as a part of my preppy fits
people always ask me where i got it but i pretend i don't remember

>> No.13683796

Just say it's trifted

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killed an ant today

>> No.13683894

Does it look convincing or do people look at you weirdly?

>> No.13683926

Provide proof that Kanye is talented and not just hard working due to bouts of mania

>> No.13684031

That's worse than admitting it's from a cosplay outfit

>> No.13684216

Is there a difference if the end result is still him producing majorly influential art?

Many extremely "talented" people in history have been manic, crazy, on drugs, etc

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im a full on mallfag

>> No.13684360

fap to pics of girls I know. I've never had a gf. get all my clothing from TK Maxx

>> No.13684376

actually good idea, i'll say it's thrifted. it's not the best quality so it looks a bit worn out anyway

>> No.13684393

That's so specific but I do exactly the same thing

>> No.13684442

I concede on talent as I don't care about that point. However, influential and genius are different, yes.

>> No.13684884

I used to dry hump my sisters stuffed animals when she wasn't home when I was a kid.

I hooked up with a good friend of mines younger sister when I knew she was considered off limits

I gave my ex gf an eating disorder she's still suffering from

Threw a friend of mines bike into a river so he would never find it just because he didn't want to give me $20 to buy some food one late drunk night

Set an ex best friend up so he would go to jail for drug possession just so I could get closer to his gf. Convinced her to break up with him. Hooked up a few times.

Dine and dashed a few times when I was too broke to pay the bill. I rarely ever tip when I do got money

I'm am currently 24 years old and I don't know what I'm doing with my life

>> No.13684936

I mainly wear all adidas everyday, full track suits or matched outfits. Sometimes I wear nike or Reebok stuff if I'm wearing their shoes
I mainly dress in athleisure/streetwear and will be 26 soon, I have a baby face though so most people think I'm still 18

>> No.13685116

hello friends. I too suffer.

my nigga you're a bad person.

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I'm a skinny manlet, so I think that it look convincing.

>> No.13685127

You sound like worthless piece of shit

>> No.13685130

you guys do know these confessions are supposed to be fashion related, right

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> I like Supreme and Off-White

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>> No.13685191

I post the ___core/10 as the first post on all new threads. I've seen some people copy me.

>> No.13685215

What the fuck I'm not alone I've been watching Rave Crab like twice a day idk what it is

>> No.13685273

I actually like 1970s Disco fashion
i want to get an afro and handle bars

>> No.13685276

4chan is a diary to people. 4chan, like a diary, will not shit on you for your raw, untested ideas. It is also the place where great ideas are born. Most people here should start writing in a diary or journal instead of post on 4chan

>> No.13685278

>4chan, like a diary, will not shit on you for your raw, untested ideas
How fucking new are you?

>> No.13685338

You're not alone bro, instead of that I put 6'3 tho.

>> No.13685408

i just lose my motivation to being effay i just prefere to buy vidya also i gained weight (69kg to 78kg)

>> No.13685411

you can't shit on my identity, only the idea. also kys

>> No.13685574

>4chan can't shit on my identity
Post enough personal information and we will, retard.

>> No.13685635

>Literally name ONE thing that women are better at
Women are better at socialising, if you've ever seen the multi choice tests they give to autistic people to see where they are on the spectrum the baseline for a normal male is closer to autistic than the normal female baseline.

>> No.13685643

I hope this is bait and you really aren't this much of a scumbag

>> No.13685646

well I hope you at least know how fucked these things are and have become a better person

>> No.13685663

you scumbag this has nothing to do with fashion

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My entire wardrobe is from walmart.

>> No.13685669

at least you know these things and are working on not being a bad person.

>> No.13685673

Honestly I would watch a reality TV show or scripted/unscripted movie about your life. It seems /fa/ af and somewhat interesting compared to my life

>> No.13685679

they constantly have new shit and i can just cycle through their catalog every so often and pick what i like

>> No.13685822

thats because you are asian, and you secretly try be white, so this bothers you

>> No.13685937

i need to buy clothes but i'm too anxious about spending money and regretting it

but then I somehow end up buying shit I don't really want & not dressing how I'd like.

>> No.13686840

i don't think brands are important

>> No.13686933

I actually wear quite a bit of H&M. I have no problem with most of their clothes, anything I do have a problem with I just wont buy instead if bitching about it on a Vietnamese rice paper drawings board

>> No.13686947

I only wear zara and H&M, the most expensive item in my wardrobe is a jacket that costs 35$

>> No.13686951

holy shit pls stop this is the biggest offense itt

>> No.13686969

i wear loud shit but don't have the personality to match

>> No.13686982

I hate Nike.

>> No.13687011

A have only one pair of sneakers that I have been wearing for over two years.

>> No.13687015

Why? I've never had a problem with quality and they have a pretty wide range of styles for sneakers

>> No.13687033


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I dress like a skater but don't skate because I'm a hypochondriac nerd

>> No.13687144

It would be far more weird if you were a skater dressing up like a skater

>> No.13687174

Every single time I've bought something online that I didn't like, I've failed to return it. It's cost me £100's. I rarely remember to sell them on either.

>> No.13687179

I feel your pain anon. I usually buy from ASOS and their returns policy is easy and fast but I just never get around to it.

>> No.13687350

>fap to pics of girls I know

Kek I thought everyone did this.

>> No.13687886

I dress the way I do to spite /fa/ after some dude in Denver said he'd fight me in the waywt if he knew where I lived.
I also wear a locket around my neck every day with a picture of Bart Simpson in it just so I can weird people out when they ask what's in my locket.

>> No.13687891 [DELETED] 

Iron Heart

>> No.13688219

I never have. Thats just weird. I would feel guilty/ like a cuck talking to a girl knowing I fapped to her and I'm not dating/fucking her. Only girls I know that I fap too are girls I know and sent pics to me personally.

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i've never bought my own clothes because im too nervous going into clothing stores
mostly cuz im a fatty

ive lost over 40 pounds over the last couple months tho so soon the shame will be gone
gonna avoid getting new clothes until im at my goal weight no matter what, im still wearing stuff from highschool besides a couple tops i got for Christmas

>> No.13688929


That's interesting, anon. I wonder if this counts for all the aspects of socialising. I suppose women are in general more emotional. And that's very important with face to face communication. But I also feel like women get pampered by their environment which causes them to be more outspoken. With that I mean that women like attention, and they usually do get it from males especially, IF they actually do speak up and stand out. I notice females, especially blonde, or pretty girls being easily included, regardless if they are actually just plain and stupid. A man is way more criticized, and a man really gets included or liked because he is either funny, smart, passionate, or has a dominant charisma. I would believe that these expectations would cause men to generally possess more traits that are similar to people on the spectrum. I also feel like women can be way more fake. Women can HATE you, but they can still act nice, and smile fake when they see you. But they would be nasty behind your back. Men usually don't bother someone they don't like. Or they would just not interact, get involved with you. I could understand this giving the impression that women are more social. To me being good at "socialising" doesn't necessarily equal being "better".

>> No.13688935

hahahah wtf

Tell me one single thing about your identity and watch me shit on it

>> No.13689001


>> No.13689199
File: 8 KB, 320x240, 1533034258011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like luxury Americana workwear.

>> No.13689226

i exclusively buy designer and then trash my clothes.
i haven't done laundry in a year
i walked through a river in triple s sneakers
i puked on the same sneakers
currently wearing a shirt with both cum and girlcum on it

>> No.13689302

Nice one man

>> No.13689323

I bought nice clothes, I got a nice haircut and I am still depressed and find myself caring less and less how I look.
I'll probably get a buzzcut again soon. What difference does it make, I'm an uggo anyway.

>> No.13689491

I unironically would hang with you, you might find me too silent tho.
Stay cool edgy cunt

>> No.13689497

>Literally name ONE thing that women are better at.
giving me prostate orgasms

>> No.13689657

it's called my name is earl, check it out

>> No.13689739

I look very fashionable and even have an influencer instagram, but the dark truth is I have no sense of aesthetics or style at all. Everything I wear and everything I’ve ever done fashion-wise I’ve stolen from somebody else. I’ve literally never come up with an outfit by myself.

>> No.13689764
File: 13 KB, 567x417, IMG_20180910_022710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like fat people a lot. and I don't mean
>le thicc
I mean actual fat/chubby people, especially guys. Everytime I see one naked, I get really fucking turned on. Part of me actually wants to start to gain weight, I feel so disgusted by myself.
>tfw no chubby/fat bf

>> No.13689950

>causes them to be more outspoken
Research says no, women are less outspoken in most scenarios.
They may be more demanding in a relationship though.

>> No.13690031

I once wrote "#LAFLAME" and on another occasion #STYLETHOTSHOE on the foxing of my Sk8-His back in high school *megacringe*

I was really into cowboy boots this past summer and at one point owned 5 pairs but I started to feel ridiculous wearing them considering I live on the east coast so I sold them all on eBay.

>> No.13690721

I'm so sorry for you. But it's ok, the light will find you one day

>> No.13690726

I do the same but in random video games. GTA for example.

>> No.13690730

It'll grow back my friend :)

>> No.13690856

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still posting on this site then I remember my childhood. Come to think of it, everything falls into place.

>> No.13691302

I wear crocs

>> No.13691385

i wear white fila shoes on occasion, some normal ones not the autistic bulky ones. idk if it helps that i like to keep them a lil dirty

>> No.13691550

i spent like $50 on carharrt shirts, bought medium but realized the shitty non WIP brand comes in sizes made for giant fat-asses and boomers who need to wear xl everything, not even talking about the big and tall sizes either

>> No.13692383

any american girl will do this if you talk to them long enough. just dont fall for the fake affection.

>> No.13692472

As you should.

FWIW it looks ridiculous when I see them here in the northern midwest because cowboys weren't a thing this far north.

>> No.13692688

Ah makes sense I guess. Women are still more stupid though. Except a few.

>> No.13692698

Ah that's really sweet. I have many silent friends, nothing wrong with that.

Haha ikr. Pleasing men is the only thing they're better at xD

>> No.13692811

>Considers walking around in public a step up
Man how bad is the situation at r9k?

>> No.13692830

being a girl must be so fucking easy

>> No.13692834

i enjoy supreme but mainly because of its history

>> No.13692838

being a cunt is /fa/? What

>> No.13692849

Hey you. Did you start reading non-fiction books yet?

Also, it doesn't matter what <group> is better at. It matters what YOU are better at. You aren't <group>, whether that be your sex, race or whatever. You're YOU.

>> No.13692860

actual prostitution


>> No.13693213

I’m a 21 year old virgin and I still wear sperrys

>> No.13693365

kind of hot to think about

>> No.13693729
File: 2.03 MB, 304x226, 1537132938247.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She easily made his day, or life for that matter. He'll never forget the time some sleazy whore sucked his cock routinely. And for what? Some Louis Vuitton bag and a laptop? That's change for an Asian international student who's most likely Chinese. She's viewing it as an achievement but Chang clearly won in this predicament. He'll go onto acquiring success in various Chinese establishments via nepotism, acquiring even more wealth and status among his peers while the highlight of her life is sucking some Chinese cock for two items.

>> No.13693748
File: 221 KB, 512x512, IMG_1481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not /fa/-related, but I realized I rather spend my day on here shitposting than actually getting in a relationship, having sex, or having friends. Love you, anons.

/fa/-related, I buy a lot of shit but have nowhere to wear it to because I only go to work (wagecuck job where we have uniforms).

>t. 24 year old khv female

>> No.13693763

fucking kek

>> No.13693770

at least suck dick for some rick owens dumbass

>> No.13694346

well, 4chan is pressure-free social interaction. Whereas real life takes effort and is scary. Take care of yourself.

>> No.13694614

>She easily made his day, or life for that matter. He'll never forget the time some sleazy whore sucked his cock routinely. And for what? Some Louis Vuitton bag and a laptop? That's change for an Asian international student


>> No.13694754


>> No.13695149

still wear same cloths I wore in high school. and we're not talking "bought at the tail end of my last year", we're talking jeans and tee shirts I was wearing in second year.

>> No.13695167
File: 14 KB, 390x390, choker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a 400lb man and for 4 years, I wore a choker everyday along with a tophat. I was a complete autist at this time when I was in University and considered myself to have 'my own style'. I used to consider myself a 'gentleman with a hard girls soul' and would try to pick up women by telling them 'and now thine choker est on thou other neck'. obivously I am a virgin.

>> No.13695172

I still wear clothing from middle school and I'm now a senior in college

>> No.13695180

hahaha what the fuck mate

>> No.13695185

I hope this is a shitpost

>> No.13695202

what do you guys DO on /fa/?

>> No.13695206

shitpost and look up new outfits then convince myself not to go through with the change.

>> No.13695210

Just do it. You'll feel so much better. Just save up 200 bucks and buy a few outfits. Go to the store to fit them. Either bring a friend or have people online look at them as you fit them.

You can do this.

>> No.13695223

I know, I really should just bring someone with me. Partly to help me choose stuff but mostly to stop be being a raging autist and buying a bunch of fedora tier shit.

>> No.13695225

just decide the outfits before hand and show them to someone. Use the websites of the stores you'll visit.

>> No.13695227

If I don't have someone there I won't buy it.

>> No.13695245

I’m only superficially interested in fashion, I dress in my best fits only when I have to go to a public outing but if Im just staying home for the day and I’m going to the supermarket I’ll be dressed in shorts and a shirt and whatever pair of shoes I find that are closest to me

>> No.13695274

I used to straighten my hair when i was a teenager...DON'T LOOK AT ME!

>> No.13695283


I buy high-end stuff to outshine the normie world while deep down all I want to do is wear Fallout core stuff from Demobaza.

>> No.13695530

what was this one?

>> No.13696352

Well, I mean its just a few select items from middle school that I still wear. All my jeans/pants don't fit me anymore. But I have a few sweaters and hoodies that were kind of oversized on me in middle school that now fit me because I grew into them. I was that tall lanky kid in middle school. Now I just have more meat on my bones and a little bit taller as well. Honestly wish I was still middle school skinny. Id be walking slp runways if I was

>> No.13696744

awww you're just Asian....don't be ashamed anon.

>> No.13697072

i fuck traps

>> No.13697496

Cardiac Ferrum

>> No.13698095


>> No.13698847

I think Bob cuts are cute and sexy

>> No.13699016
File: 1.42 MB, 804x2023, IMG_4108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Take care of yourself.
Honestly debated replying, but I wanted to thank you, anon. Appreciate the concern. I hope you're doing ok too, and any other anon reading this. You're all like a bizarre family to me.


Memeing aside, I'm a literal loser lol. I'm ok with it, tho.

>> No.13699248
File: 47 KB, 522x522, 1536490777665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so fucking bored. When there's nothing left to do, I spend all my time on this shitty ass board, between browsing and refreshing hoping something new pops up.

>> No.13699470


>> No.13699501

Same. I only check /fa/ out of boredom now.

>> No.13699524

I feel like I'm more attractive and more fashionable than 95% people on this board even though no one likes my outfits in waywt

>> No.13699534

Post fit

>> No.13699575

I once considered making a thread to talk to this girl in one of those age 13 - present style changes threads or whatever theyre called. I asked if she was from where I was living as a joke and it turned out she was. Thread got archived and I debated trying to find her again, but I felt like that would be the point of no return for beta autism.

I lost 15 lbs. and then gained it back in the span of a year and now half of my shirts dont even fit me. I can only wear my floral print short sleeved shirts for so long until it starts cooling down.

>> No.13699703

I can no longer ignore the fact that I am loosing my hair. At 20 it's a fucking rough pill to swallow that I have to decide whether or not I'm going to spend thousands of dollars to try and keep it, or just look like a fucking old man by the time I'm 30.

Especially rough because I've only started caring about my appearance in the last couple years.

>> No.13699723
File: 694 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-20-20-37-40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to wear this outfit but boy version

>> No.13699725


>> No.13699825
File: 2.52 MB, 1242x2208, A08D8C93-4FC9-4418-978B-3EB3AD621FB3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of the guys at work don’t like the new uniform that’s coming. I’m really into it since I’m tall/fit. Might be daggy but I love it.

>> No.13699845

Do it. I'll wear the grill version if you be my bf, deal?

>> No.13699873

Don't blame you, I do too

>> No.13699925

feels bad
i always catch flies in glasses and put them outside and stuff i feel really bad when i actively kill a thing
still eat meat though

>> No.13700724
File: 465 KB, 1029x1028, i-img1029x1028-1533985542stdw0v405386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i exclusively buy vintage patterns because im outdated and im never with the times anyways

>> No.13700896

Did it work?

>> No.13700942

>not already using all your cum for hair product
lol retard

>> No.13700951

You look like a school shooter.

>> No.13701122

In poland we suffer from being post communistic country and poorfag mentality at its finest. Spending good money on clothes is something snobbish. Untill high school I had almost all my clothes bought on bazaar (and trifting is considered a thing only old people and hobos do). Online shopping is something my boomer parents wouldn't want to hear about and clothing shops go in one of these directions
>disgusting post-comm 90s boomer core
>cheap meme tier brands like h&m zara
>foreign brands that are considered premium (>levi's >premium) and are something most cannot afford

There is literally no way to be /fa/ in poorfag country with poorfag mind. I am tired of not being able to buy anything. I hate my country.

>> No.13701127

Shit sorry looks like thread derail, didn't mean to, just needed to vent.

>> No.13701720

You're welcome. Also, I love NYC. Spent about 2 months there around age 17

>> No.13701750

I have no idea what pants to wear anymore and just wear my skinny Lin Nudie jeans every day.

>> No.13701759

I don't wear my CPs because I am 5'9 127 lbs and just wear stan smith since they give like an inch of height.

>> No.13701762

you good this is the right thread for that kind of post. that sounds rough bruh

>> No.13701763
File: 45 KB, 383x500, 1537572972846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to smoke 'cause its effay but I want to also take care of my body and vaping is for fags

>> No.13702085
File: 20 KB, 236x200, 1537446708643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always borrow clothes from my friends and never return them,been doing for so long that a large part of my wardrobe belonged to someone else,most of my acessories like watches and rings i got like that.
Not my fault that it looks better on me

>> No.13702535

Polish /fa/g here. Probably the most expensive piece of clothing I own are maybe some CCC leather shoes (230-250pln) or chuck taylors I bought in 2013 (~240pln). When I bought my chucks every friend of mine used to say "they're so overpriced, I've seen similar in H&M and they were 50pln"
Most of my clothes are thrifted, from outlets, from TK Maxx or from H&M.

>> No.13702933
File: 474 KB, 978x1433, Screenshot_20180820-144630~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought this bag and love it
It's my only loud piece and it's fairly functional as well
I never post it in backpack threads because of that one cunt who uses it to bait and the people who always stir up shitstorms over it

>> No.13702948

Croatia/fa/g here
It's just as bad when the country gets to the state where being effay is reserved for the upper classes and you're born into the lower middle class
I'm forced to buy my basics from H&M and simmilar trash with the little budget I gather from working in the degenerate mass tourism industry
The most expensive piece I have are my Stan Smiths which I ordered off of ASOS
Can't wait to get my degree and run the fuck away from this shitstain of a peninsula

>> No.13702964

i got a b+ on my macro econ exam from a week ago and cried over it, I know one of my group mates probably failed and he just doesn't care at all tho.....

Also I unironically like new raf

>> No.13702990

i got a B on an exam i needed to pass to start my master's (applied physics/electrical engineering) and I just started screaming YES YES YES YES. Loudly enough for my neighbors to hear it

do not be ashamed of your emotions, friend

>> No.13703140


>> No.13703201

The only thing that would PROBABLY change since you move to "normal" country is that you could afford some nice brand new premium car.
I've seen a lot of eastern european immigrants in my city and huge amount of them are from croatian diaspora but NO ONE dress nearly nicely. Usually hoodie, sweatpants and some hype or basketball sneakers and "dressier" faggotry outfits for night out. They have expensive cars, they earn decent money to spend on clothes but they just don't know how to look effay.

For now enjoy your 5€ haircuts and 10€ fresh seafood meals, you will probably miss it in future.

>> No.13704220

>they earn decent money
This is what I'm going for. There's pretty much no future in honest business here for anyone with any sort of goal
Honestly I'm not much better myself when it comes to fashion, the only difference I can think of between the average slavcore cunt and me is that i won't allow myself to be seen wearing sweatpants and hype sneakers in public
Also, fuck how the "dressing up for clubs" culture here boils down to "hurr white buttonup with the two top buttons undone and black trousers, gold chain if i deal/do drugs durr"
Sorry for the blogpost, i tend to rant about this topic

>> No.13704281

What if you're English and have been shamed from expressing emotions beyond a description from an early age?

>> No.13704319

Stop being an inbred crooked-teethed mouthbreather for a second and realize that emotions are a completely natural thing?

>> No.13704336

thanks anon I appreciate it

>> No.13704696
File: 2 KB, 125x100, 1516487545925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm still better at using drugs than most users.

>> No.13704713


Satan, what the fuck?

>> No.13704815

Hediboi here, I feel this so hard

>> No.13704818

Flecktarn parka like always lad

>> No.13704914

I have no sense for fashion.
My mom buys most of my clothes.
I can't realy wear adult siezed jeans, 158 fits me better.
Jeans in general don't fit me, even loose cuts are tight at my legs and loose on my hips, so I wear skinny jeans only.
>inb4 underageb&
I am not underage anymore.

My usual style during summer is:
>blue/black addidas T-shirt
>jeans shorts
>jogging shoes

My usualy style during winter is:
>unprinted sweater
>skinny jeans
>same shoes
>parka when realy cold/wet outside

>> No.13704990

I guess. The Victorian attitudes really hung on with a lot of families.

>> No.13705078
File: 78 KB, 783x734, 1530129109522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if any board knows about clothes it’s gonna be /fa/

>> No.13705090
File: 15 KB, 400x400, 09d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of my closet is uniqlo, h&m, thrift, or military surplus. I have 5 pieces that can actually be considered designer.

>> No.13705092
File: 310 KB, 712x664, evil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit I might actually try this

>> No.13705509

Literally me, friends been bugging me to get laid

>> No.13705528 [DELETED] 

sounds like you wasted a lot of money on shit clothes

>> No.13705551
File: 287 KB, 461x463, butter_head_shibe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i fell for the online shop $70 greenscreen hoodie bait

wore it once and got bullied

haven't touched it since

>> No.13705802

I dress like a retard but have a nice watch so I just spend time on /wt/. I really wish I had a better wardrobe.

>> No.13706153

share album, am fellow manlet

>> No.13706157

I thought that meant length and circumference of your penis


>> No.13706190


Mein negro.

>> No.13706245

Half my clothes are army surplus

>> No.13707325

i actually used to listen to you fucking retards

>> No.13707919

Nice job you ugly overweight larping cunt you totally fooled me

>> No.13708721

That’s exactly what it meant.

>> No.13708727

I do everything for girls. /fit/, /fa/, anything else. Fuck me I'm retarded.
Everybody else on /fa/ has probably fucked an artho already. I'm still khhv

>> No.13708729

I'm more concerned with whether you're actually "pretty" or not

>> No.13709016

Nope, I fell in love with an arthoe and orbited her for two years, ended up telling her to fuck off when I realized I was being an orbiter (which would be commendable if not for the fact it took me two years to realize it)
Arthoes are a fucking plague. I hate how they make my peepee stiff
Also I'm a virgin still

>> No.13710008

>I wear raf to sleep sometimes
>I dress in thousand dollar meme outfits and shitpost at home
>I think I like trends, not quite sure but it feels like it
>I am both pleased and disgusted by Fear of God (I was always into post punk and emo/alternative stuff since the early 00s, so seeing that the clothes/aesthetic I was into were being validated was great but also disgusting because of all the people who weren't into it wearing it and J(erry)Lo is subhuman)
>I am a reseller who is out to ruin the prices on Japanese brands (I recommend you all buy Kapital now before it's too late, UC is pretty dead tho so have fun with it)

>> No.13710015
File: 27 KB, 691x653, 1512251331117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I advise people to buzz in every hair thread because I lost all my hair by the time I was 22 and I've never been the same since

I want more people to look like me so I don't hate myself everyday

>> No.13710046

>manage to manipulate my hair into something that isn't a jewfro finally
>it's a mess but it's improving
>over the years improve until it's finally an impressive, long curly mane
>get compliments and people asking to touch it all the damn time, finally starting to feel confident in how I look
>recently noticed that it's undeniably thinning in the front
Fucking shit, it's not fair. I can feel your pain, anon.

>> No.13710053

go to local board game/familiy sport meeting, you autist

>> No.13710573
File: 60 KB, 702x873, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I larp as a BDM, have a nazi fetish and am addicted to opiates

>> No.13710771

I have the hebrew issue.
How did you solve it?

>> No.13710791
File: 1.25 MB, 2048x1310, BR2049 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>addicted to opiates
Sorry dude i went thru that. my brother went to rehab and my parents took it so hard finding out that I knew if I also told them i had a problem and needed help it would break them.

Ended up using my friends as a support team and started becoming super obsessed with my health so my gym addiction & "feeling good normally" overtook my opiate addiction. In retrospect this was probably only possible bc I don't really have too addictive of a personality.

>> No.13710828

I'm a 5'5 manlet and I can still roll 30 length jeans depending on the brand. What's your excuse?

>> No.13710840

this seems too absurd and specific to be fake

>> No.13711055

Thanks fren. Ugh god I was terrified of my parents discovering my secret. Terrified. Then one day SHTF for me and find out they did, lol. They weren't even angry and were super nice about it. I think that hurt me more.

>> No.13711057
File: 44 KB, 500x505, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCK please be real

>> No.13711062

Holy shit that's good. What's your job?

>> No.13711067

Shiiieeet wrong post sorry

>> No.13711070

Me too :(

>> No.13711116

my face is ugly and i dont know what to do. its very asymmetrical, my lips are huge but shapeless and my top lip is bigger than the bottom, my nose sucks and has big sebaceous filaments all over that i dont know what to do about, and i have acne. im using cleanser twice a day and stridex once a day, but its been a month and it isnt better

I don't know how to cope. It sucks wearing a dope fit but having it ruined by my face.

bro same
this is why i wear af1s every day and timbs in the winter
what did you do for those two months? i have the opportunity to do this but i feel like i would end up just sitting at the apartment all day

>> No.13711933

I like pink dolphin stuff but no one talks about it on /fa/ and this years line up was pretty trash despite it being their 10th anniversary

>> No.13711946

im gay

i really like sucking dick

>> No.13711990

I'm black and on /fa/

>> No.13712009
File: 80 KB, 890x719, 53650A1A-B503-4918-8F6D-15692CC19EDA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope to god you repent

>> No.13712216

secure that bag, sis

>> No.13712255

I did once in high school

>> No.13712263

I post traps that look like real women and real woman with man faces and pretend its the perfect specimen.

>> No.13712272

me too. I only come here to lurk when I'm really bored though

>> No.13712355

I hung out with a friend and made video games together. Met a girl. Got laid for the first time.

Not sure what kinda opportunity you have for this that doesn't also include a purpose, though.

>> No.13712362

Talking to women is very soothing
its completely different as to talking to you anons
some baww threads come close but they are negatively conotated
I wish you good luck anons

>> No.13712364

secure the bag queen

>> No.13713264

you realise this board is half chicks, right?

>> No.13713266

not him but that's probably like 30-40% tops

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