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What are the most patrician brands?

We all know that shit like Gucci, Armani, Versace, LV, etc is worn by the plebs and nouveau riche cunts, what are some not so mainstream patrician brands?

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Iron Heart

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Iron Heart

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Iron Heart

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Iron Heart

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There are a handful, but 3sixteen and Iron Heart are easily the first that come to mind.

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i hear 3sixteen and Iron Heart are doing some of the most cutting edge design in luxurious fabrications

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if I had to choose between 3sixteen and Iron Heart, I'd pick 3sixteen Iron Heart

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Depends anon.
Even some of the brands that you mentioned depends on the era (who's the designer at the time) and the type of clothes that you buy.
For example lv is a new money core brand, but kim jones while he was at the house he did some pretty cool stuff that those types of people wont simply buy. Dior is another one, you had Hedi era and stuff like that.

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hmm yeah good point but honestly theres better brands such as 3sixteen and Iron Heart who are better

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mass production is the opposite of patrician. make your own clothes or get someone you know to do it for you

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Loro Piana

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>kim jones did some pretty cool stuff
hearty kek. care to extrapolate?

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Michael Kors

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>Michael Kors
>The guy who built a fortune upon producing fake luxury that the middle class could afford

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Comme des Garçons
Stone Island
Saint Laurent

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debadged stone island is ultimate patrican

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descente allterrain
meme island

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I was going to say Sai t Laurent, Loro Piana and Dior but then 3sixteen and Iron Heart came to my mind.

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go back to rmfa or whatever the fuck its called

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you pay hookers with Michael Kors shit
nowhere near patrician

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stone island garment dyed without the badge

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I thought that was the meaning of patrician
Shit that people think is luxury but it’s not

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>trying to act like you don't know what mfa is

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Fucking Christ these faggot samefags don't even try to hide it anymore at this point get out you stupid 3rd world paid to shill niggers

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mom-core shit

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based retard poster

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yep, this one's going in cringe compilation

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> patrician brands?
People from truly patrician breeding and background only wear bespoke garments, crafted by the best tailors. They would never be seen wearing anything mass produced, from a so-called "fashion house". That sort of thing is for those lesser classes that are easily impressed and manipulated by marketing and media.
Money cannot buy class, nor taste.
Just look at the shit on this board.

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>Money cannot buy taste nor class
>Patricians spend thousands on bespoke garments

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Lol you've got no clue what you're talking about

>Money cannot buy class, nor taste
>What is a personal stylist

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Most of my nice pieces are from either 3 sixteen or iron heart

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>We all know that shit like Gucci, Armani, Versace, LV, etc is worn by the plebs and nouveau riche cunts
Said the hobo that can't afford them HAHAHAHAHAHA

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The classic "muh taste is patrician, others are just plebs" poster.
This is 18 plus site.

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Try reddit next time

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/fa/ just hates them because they can't afford them.

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Haute couture of every brand you mentionned are patrican taste.
Forget the shopping mall.

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it even says haute couture

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How delusional are you, Anon ?

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I wear shit that's way more expensive than 75% of this list and I can tell you that, in all objectivity, save Chanel, Atelier Versace and runway Gucci, those are pleb and garbage tier.

Also you are a faggot for trying to use such a pointless argument.

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And how many of those actually do have haute couture lines ? :^)

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Anne D

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I think that he meant runaway pieces. They new money buyers just buy things with logos.

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>tfw living in shithole and can barely afford even MK, while still being in top 5% earning people here

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t. NEET whose parents make ~$80k annually

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Well D&G, Emporio and BOSS are sub-labels, they do not have runways

As to CD or Versace, only their high fashion runways (which are distinct from the regular runways) are any interesting

Gucci I agree

CK, Prada and VS are pleb, runway or not

Won't even talk about WTF

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Where do you live?

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eastern europe

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Prada's shirts and knitwear from the past few seasons are incredible.

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Depends on the style of clothing you wear, pleb.
>Thinks brands that make stuff for everyone are good

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Just to name a few.

Jean paul gaultier
Neil barrett
Sandro is okay..
Loro Piana
Georgio Armani NOT ARMANi!
Brunello Cucinelli
Drakes london
Jacob Cohen
vivienne westwood

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Arc'teryx Veilance is good tier stuff

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Ilove me some Demna. Even though his politics are mega gay

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fuck you've got taste

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helmut lang
issey miyake
vintage dior and versace

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Ely Cattleman

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Rick Owens :^)

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Brunello cucinelli
Sartoria formosa
G. Inglese

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Alexander McQueen (god rest his soul)
Marcelo Burlon County of Milan
Helmut Lang

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not even. its fine if people have different taste. whats considered pleb one decade becomes the raw material for art in the next. anyone passingly familiar with design understands that. now please, enlighten me about kim jones groundbreaking work for LV

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Jack london
Rotton gun
Alexander wang
Karl largafield

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Only buy things from brands that specialize. Buy jeans from a jean company, shoes from a shoe company, jackets from an outerwear company. The only thing that general clothing brands are good for most of the time are shirts.

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Rack Sowens

Juji Yamalulius

Ann Demior

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Imo right now:
>Raf's Calvin Klein
>Ann Demeulemeester
>Dries Van Noten
>Acne Studios
>Our Legacy
>Issey Miyake

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Helmut Lang is fucking dead. Or do you mean vintage?

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This thread is literally epic

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Versace actually has some good stuff the pleb never will understand

Loro Piana
Brunello Cucinelli
sneakers by Ann de Meulemeester

Just stay italian, Loro and Brunello are
absolute grails

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Lordo piano

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Lordi piani

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mfw MK bags are nowadays better quality than the LV bags.

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Rich Piana

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this is such a "i'm trying to fit in" comment. the house's new stuff is pretty good again. it's not 2013 anymore, the house isn't just making boring button ups and slim pants.

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You're retarded

>> No.13580517

Based brainlet

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can someone sort out the non-nordic/anglo/germanic ones >>13579010

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most of the ones with an i are italian. not going to say beyond that, do your own google work

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the ones with an i at the end are italian. beyond that do your own googling

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Hugo Boss

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maison kitsune anyone?

>> No.13580869

Shayne Oliver has made Helmut a lot more exciting recently

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Vetements is serious garbage

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>All this pleb

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so can someone filter which of these are affordable for someone who doesn't make 100k?

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All of them are affordable if you have the ability to actually save some money instead of blowing every cent as soon as you get it. Nothing there is outlandishly lavish that is out of the reach of someone making a decent living (or living below their means).

t. someone who can't actually save some money instead of blowing every cent as soon as I get it.

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i'm 18 and make less than 6 euros an hour.
it takes a long time of saving, and i'd rather not spend 3 months of wage on a single garnement

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fred perry

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literally crusty unwashed brooklyn fuccbois with lice

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i have no idea what 3sixteen or Iron Heart actually is

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they're pretty shit nowadays. they use the same material suppliers as a lot of lower tier brands now and only survive off of heritage

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>being a walking billboard
i will not wear any item of clothing that has large or obvious logos with the exception of adidas

>> No.13582645

god yes.

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Asides YSL, tell me your joking.

>> No.13583262

CDG is miles ahead of SLP you clueless pleb

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Where can I find something that isn’t wildly overpriced but is pristine quality ?

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trackpants or t-shirt because if t-shirts are included then fuck you

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what the fuck lol youre delusional

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I see you know a lot about Italian brands

Heard of MSGM? Whatcha think of them?

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>the absolute state of /fa/

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Woah, a good post, on /fa/

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Abercrombie and Cringe

>> No.13585632

Christian Louboutin
Hermes (beyond the logo belts)
Patek Phillipe

These are the "patrician brands" I see on the (((actually))) wealthy around New York City and Chicago.

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do you guys only know cdg play or have you actually looked at anything else from the house?

>> No.13585654


What, they make something else than the meme arthoe shoes? I didn't know.

>> No.13585667

My parents are not of old money and buy all that shit.

>> No.13585791

theyre not *that* expensive

>> No.13585798

most of those tailors are working class and dress equally well. That's like half of the "sprezzatura" modelling you see anyway. Those dudes make the clothes.

>> No.13585799

Burberrys seems quite okay, boss is interesting but actually meh

Burberrys cuts are really on point

>> No.13585838

I like leaf and their normal offers much more so than their urban wear lines myself, also if you can swing it their SOF offerings are top tier too, but I dont think normal people can get them, best hardshells I have ever used.

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>boss is interesting
do they really have anything interesting? only seen the very most basic design from them

>> No.13585887

german here

dont buy BOSS. the people i see buying it are the definition of middlebrow

>> No.13585910

>Alexander wang

>> No.13585934

Emma Willis
N Peal
Thom Browne
Tom Ford
Dries Van Noten

>> No.13586290

Poor man's Vacheron Constantine

>> No.13586325


Cool brand new and technical, quality stuff. Just not my style.

>> No.13586346

As am I. I just posted brands I like and wear. Nothing to do with old money or new money.

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Hugo Boss is trash my friend.

>> No.13586349

any recommendations if i love italian designs, but cannot afford isaia and the like?

>> No.13586646

You listed broini twice
Everything except Neil Barnet leathers is pleb tier other wise I agree with your list
More of a brand for people who like contemporary fashion

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stone island
vivienne westwood
proenza schouler

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Moncler do some real nice stuff

>> No.13587349

Any of these that ain’t absolutely fucking overpriced?

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That is the fucking point u brokeboi

>> No.13587384

sometimes this stuff goes 50% off during sale, check back next winter.
still of course expensive

>> No.13587386

Even on sale, there are great differences in price

I found out that Sandro and Aspesi stuff drops to acceptable price levels, what else?

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Stone Island is dadcore

>> No.13587556

Corneliani, knitwear for 1xx and polo shirts for <100, all made in Italy

>> No.13587569

Corneliani costs more than that, even on sale

>> No.13587611

could've atleast googled

>> No.13587694

Sandro is cheap during sales because they overprice their collections on purpose, so that they can significantly drop the prices later while still making a normal margin.

>> No.13587703

did you go out of your way to name the most boring, bland and uninspired brands ever? just buy uniqlo at this point.

>> No.13587713

>it has to have 8 patches of bands i never listened to, be 3 sizes oversized standard and in the ugliest colour imaginable so that i stand out otherwise it isn't fashion

>> No.13587719

>f that those types of people wont simply buy.
the fuck are you on about the entire point of kim jones at LV was to cater to pleb and nu rich crowd to make the brand relevant again and print dosh

>> No.13587721

>tips bespoke vicuna fedora

>> No.13587723

>neil barret
> westwood
you really gonna drop these names here just to seem like you know what the fuck you are talking about

>> No.13587770

Are there brands that don’t do this?

>> No.13587772

What are some inspired brands then

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you know the answer

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Get the fuck out of here. You didn't like my list, yet you choose rick fucking owens as "patrician", BAHAHA how can anyone take you fucking seriously when you dress like that fucking clown. Good joke.

>> No.13587994

are you the guy who recommended sandro?
wanted to thank you, neat stuff

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said the literal rickfag

>> No.13588048

Im not but I have before. great brand.

>> No.13588050

any similar brands you know of?

>> No.13588058

Bud Id rather walk around in my guanashina suit for the rest of my life, then be caught dead in rick.

>> No.13588065

check out the kooples

>> No.13588085

very cool, thx

french brands are the best

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nice try buddy

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File: 247 KB, 1440x1033, C R I N G E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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