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Tell me about the Jeremy. Why does he spin?

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Spinning, that's a good trick

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For a second fragrance purchase, should I go for the Bleu de Chanel or Dior Homme? I'm a male.

I have a bottle of Terre d'Hermes--absolutely beautiful IMO--already, so I'm hoping if I have the TDH and one of those two then I'll have a decent enough collection. So, between Bleu de Chanel and Dior Homme, which one is more versatile? And, what vibes do they give off? Anything else I should know about either of them? Cheers.

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Instead of DH get DHI and instead of that get valentino uomo intense so you have something sweeter for winter and terre for summer. It gives a feminine vibe while still being masculine and loved by women

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Every fragrance collection should have a Bleu. I would suggest the Eau de Parfum or the Parfum as contrast to the Hermes.

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warming up for pushups

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I think it may be a tiny bit expensive for what it is, but I love it so much I’ll make an exception.

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Just got a load of 5ml samples. What should I try first out of;
>Al Haramin L'aventure
>Bvlgari Aqva Amara
>Hermes Terre d'Hermes
>Lalique Encre Noir
>Bvlgari Man In Black
>Histoire De Parfums 1725

Bear in mind it's also 28C/82F here today.

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Given the autumn is almost around the corner - DH or rather DHI

On my side: I am getting YSL L'homme Ultime but not sure what Versace frag to get: Dylan Blue or Pour Homme

Need opinions.

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Shower yourself in Encre Noire

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dont listen to >>13547188
DH is more versatile complex and nowdays longer lasting.

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>Encre Noire

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What's the most 60's smelling frag, or rather a mature smelling frag to go with a peacoat, 1461's and some checked suit trousers?
I was thinking of Guerlain Vetiver or perhaps Eau Sauvage Extreme

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Jazz club

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Well I hopped out of the shower and went for the Aqva Amara, glad I did actually. In this heat it's really pleasant, slightly sweet but not cloying, there's a depth there too. Really interested to see how it develops.

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Thoughts on YSL Libre? Worth paying ~75 bucks for on ebay?

Really like the green violet leaf and how long it lasts, really frseh.

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>reformulation autist
Disregard this faggot's opinion entirely.

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I looking for that freshly laundered/fresh out the shower smell. Hit me.

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Amouage Reflection.

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Reflection is neither of those but it's a god-tier warm weather/clean scent with the best drydown of any frag I've ever smelled.

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Jackal has the dumbest fucking gadget and I hate dying to it so fucking much

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>tfw just bought another bottle of eros last night
why is it the perfect scent for all occasions

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Mugler Cologne is a liquid bar of citrusy soap.

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Reflection is definitely a fresh laundry scent. A very good, sophisticated one, but still fresh laundry.

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I would suck a hundred dicks for a laundry soap or fabric softener that smelled like Reflection.

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*unzips penis*

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Ok whip em out, still 98 dicks to go!

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Seconding anon with the Jazz Club. If you want something closer to the two you listed, Encre Noire Extreme goes great with the kind of outfit you've described

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You should wear Dylan blue cause you're gonna look like a complete faggot.

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I applied a sample bottle of Fahrenheit EDT post-shower that I got from FragX when I noticed that it wasn't all that potent and smelled weak. Is this normal, or did I get a bad bottle?

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I wouldn't really buy fragrances from Ebay or Amazon, they have serious unresolved counterfeiting issues.

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Well I'm usually pretty good at spotting the signs and counterfeits, bought a ton off ebay before and no problems.

this is more about the scent.

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Same here. I have a bottle from 2011 and it used to be strong as fuck when I first bought it, but I used it the other day and it only lasted 2 hours. Sadly it sounds like it's been reformulated.

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did you post this thinking it was funny

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ty anon <3

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To be fair you have to have a very high iq to understand Dior Fahrenheit. The composition is extremely avant-garde and without a solid grasp on theoretical perfumery the notes would go over a typical wearers head.

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It got me a couple (You)s so suck my dick

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Funny that you used that as the op pic, I just tried it out, It smells nice but it definitely smells like soap. Like hand soap from a public restroom.

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Hey! I created that pasta!

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Sure you did.

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>la nuit de l'homme

honestly tho why did jermey say it was feminine? it just smelled like pure sex to me

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Imagine being so pleb that the best thing you've ever smelled is le nuit

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No I did

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Scentbird is taking fucking forever to send my Amouge reflection, If it lives up to the hype probably gonna buy a whole bottle

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>the virgin samplesperg vs the blind buy chad

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no fuck off

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>t. smells like oud, deer piss, and beaver taint

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M8, almost no one uses real oud and deer piss and beaver taint are illegal to use nowadays. They smell like ARTIFICIAL oud, deer piss, and beaver taint.

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QUICK, What's your favourite fragrance of all time?

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For me, it's Bleu de Chanel.

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to be fair beaver taint is quite dense and requires an attentive nose for analysis, if youve ever smelled the taint of a real, live beaver you'd understand it has richly layered aromas that remind one of fruits, leather, magnolia, juniper, and vetiver. now some fragtubers avoid actual deer piss, and even many hunters prefer synthetic formulations, but i like to apply actual fresh doe urine to my neck and pulse points to sharply contrast the rich beaver taint essence and barnyard-bandage smell of oud

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Creed Aventus

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Haul from Toronto.

Shout out to the guy that recommended Double Vanille. Comes off as an extremely moist vanilla scent, one hell of a 180 from the other vanilla-dominated fragrance I've got in Cristobal from Balenciaga.

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oh yeah, well i created >>13546998 and helped shape the current OP template

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Serge Lutens Borneo 1834

runners-up: Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur and Amouage Memoir Man

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carnal flower and portrait of a lady are excellent choices

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Guerlain LIDGE

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>Every fragrance collection should have a Bleu.

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Why are all YouTube reviewers manlets?

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Jeremy is bik.

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This, but unironically

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>I like invictus but it feels too immature and douchebag for me

What should I get instead?

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a noose

>> No.13549940

Rasasi Hawas

it's still loud and playful, but not as douchey

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I'd like a office and work friendly scent that's good year round and wouldn't look out of place during meals out or the like.
I've tried BdC EDP and like it, though it did give me a headache the first few times I tried it, love it now its mellowed a bit.
But, I'm interested in TDH.
Is that a good alternative? Or should I get AHS if I want an orange scent?

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Low effort take your own advice and end yourself you useless piece of chaff.

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Dylan Blue

>> No.13550026

TDH is pretty good and inoffensive. I mostly notice it on doctors, professionals and homos.

AHS is kinda dated desu it's heyday was the citrusy scents of the last decade

If you like the "elemental" signature also try out Issey Majeure

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Roja Enigma. Inb4 autism.

>> No.13550074

Yeah, but he’s a mental manlet.

>seriously contemplating suicide because some instagram thot posted pics of you being a thirsty sperg


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miserable start to the day
my two sprays missed completely, cant tell where this stupid head is aiming
my new toothpaste is too strong so now all i can smell is my fragrance + toothpaste mixed

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Where in Toronto did you get that stuff? I’m guessing Holt Renfrew for at least some of it?

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This is comical.

>> No.13550169

>”””alpha””” “””male”””

>> No.13550215

>”””alpha””” “””manlet”””

>> No.13550223

Guerlain Boutique on Bloor St. and Holt Renfrew inside Yorkdale Mall.

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I’ll have to go take a look at the Guerlain boutique sometime. I live like 15 minute walk from there.

The Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale I find to be lacking in men’s scents these days. I was there in June and they only had one little counter for men’s fragrances, and it was mostly Creed and Tom Ford. The Bloor location is much better in my opinion.

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AHS is nice (original 2004 release is, anyway), could also check out VPH if you don't want to pay the Chanel price. I might also recommend Prada carbon, which I have been enjoying immensely lately

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Alpha males don't have earrings.

>> No.13550601

oh mein gott...

>> No.13550799

Wtf that guy with the earring is a goblin. Jeremy is like 190cm but here he looks like my uncle who's 204cm. Fucking amerimutt manlets are on a whole another level.

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Essential winter frags? Boozy, tobacco, amber, incense, leather and woody scents all welcome!
Right now I have samples of PH, Guilty Intense, Pure Tonka, Individuel. LNDH and I have bottles of BBRI and BK.
Any recommendations?

>> No.13550892

id rec avignon, my favorite incense. you can also compare with heeley cardinal and montale full incense

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anon, I'm shitting you not: Azzaro Decibel

>> No.13551013

no u

>> No.13551016

Winter is for Layton.

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Never used perfumes before, at least in any serious sense. Going to order some samples off luckyscent. Any recommendations?

Only thing in my cart right now is Konig because I remember smelling in a store years ago and being very fond of it.

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My favorites...
Terre d Hermes
Burberry London
Uncle Noire extreme
Ck one shock.
Rocky mountain wood
Cdg man 2
Pure malt
Hangae mori hm and him
Dg pour homme.

Actually, that's pretty much all of my winter rotation. Not sure what notes im really missing

>> No.13551120

parfums mdci - invasion barbare
tauer - lddm
slumberhouse - norne
diptyque - philosykos
by kilian - straight to heaven

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Do you own any frags over $15?

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haven't been on /frag/ or /fa/ for awhile; gonna sample all your meme frags and tell y'all how shit your taste is, so give me a list of what the big current memes are

>> No.13551326

those are all over $15

>> No.13551341

current big memes, from freshest to oldest meme:

beach hut
1 million lucky
dylan blue
eau fraiche
la nuit de l'homme

encre noir has been a basenotes and styleforum meme for years but it is quickly gaining ground on /frag/

>> No.13551343

Byredo Pulp
Mancera Red Tobacco
Histoires de Parfums This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.0
Creed Aventus
Diptyque Tempo

>> No.13551364

Eau Fraiche was never a meme you faggot.

>> No.13551415

thnx faggot

>> No.13551485

Good masculine fragrances featuring jasmine?
Preferably niche.

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Literally the best summer fragrance ever made

>> No.13551491


Le Labo Jasmin 17

>> No.13551600

fuck off shit ain't that good faggot

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John Varvatos - Artisan

Comes in a nice bottle too

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Did you post this thinking you were funny?

All my expensive frags are summer frags. I haven't tried any niche winter frag I like.

>> No.13551670

ELdO Jasmin et Cigarette
smells like jasmine, mud, and ashtrays

good luck getting a list tho. white florals, jasmine in particular, is difficult to work into a conventionally masculine fragrance.

so that said, any good masculine tuberose scens?

>> No.13551692

givenchy pi

>> No.13551712

someone redpill me on Ambroxan, and why do so many memes and normie favorites use it as an ingredient?

>> No.13551727


varvatos smells nice

for a whopping ten minutes

then it disappears

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Just picked this up at TJ Maxx for $30, smells pretty effay guys.

>> No.13551793

it's good best ever I don't know about that

>> No.13551822

I know this is what frustrates the hell out me, I wish it lasted longer.

>> No.13551827

>buying niche summer frags
Looks like YOURE the one trying to be funny XD

>> No.13551900


>> No.13551910

*Cringes* I hate yikesposters

>> No.13551926

Jeez, cringeposters are the worst

>> No.13551936

Jeezposters plz go

>> No.13551967

Oh wow.

>> No.13551979

This time you've truly gone too far.

>> No.13552005

...and that's a good thing!

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>> No.13552172

Ladies like it.

How does it compare to other NRFH fragrances?

>> No.13552233

Why doesn’t some company make clones of YSL L’homme, D&G The One, Millesime Imperial etc that actually have good longevity and sillage?

>> No.13552254

All of those last a full work day on me, stop parroting what you hear.

>> No.13552345

Fucking hell I wouldn’t imagine that /fa/‘s fragrance talks would be full of shitposting for something as simple as the subject matter of a fucking perfume.

And you fags are suggesting perfumes that are way too expensive too. Spending a fucking fortune on Creed Aventus and Terre d’Hermes? My fucking ass. Just settle for Versace Eros.

>> No.13552406

Terre d'Hermes isn't even that expensive. I can pick up 100ml for around £62/$80

>> No.13552468

that manlet looks like a manchild next to him lmao

>> No.13552506

Give best affordable frag with mint in it now, chopp chopp

also is mint a summer scent?

>> No.13552518

Tobacco Vanille

>> No.13552527

CH Men Prive.

It seems really hard to get in the UK, but it’s one of my favourites.

>> No.13552637

Wtf I love Eros now.

>> No.13552657

depends on what you consider affordable
I like colonia club, beach hut mans nice but not affordable. eros is trash

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Can posters like you just fuck off already? We aren't talking about some weird niche perfume. We are talking about the most basic bitches of perfume out there. Most people have tried them. The consensus is correct. You are going out of your way to be an edgy contrarian because
>werks on my skin

If you're mad at people screaming reformulation then that's fine. But you clearly don't have ANY real idea what the fuck you are talking about if you're going to pretend that most people haven't tried those fragrances.

>> No.13552689

Certainly very musky still, doesn't quite have the wow factor like the original though. Smells like younger man's Declaration without and off-putting notes. Can be worn every season no problem.

>> No.13552691

Also, parfums vintage has a good clone of la nuit that actually lasts a fair amount of time compared to the fart that the original lasts like. It comes off a pinch less sweet and heavier on other notes than the current run of la nuit, but maybe that's how the original smells. (I only tried the original once or twice, so I can't really remember that far back)

Wouldn't mind a lhomme clone that didn't suck.

>> No.13552694

Then just make a decant or take the bottle to work you fuckwit. It's not rocket science.

>> No.13552784

Hermes smells like shit anyway, just buy Eros

>> No.13552817

>moving the goalposts
No shit anon, bringing a decant can extend longevity?

>> No.13552833

It's not an argument, quit being so fucking dense.

>> No.13552834

>Can people who disagree with me just fuck off already?
Imagine being this much of a brainlet.

>> No.13552839

>missing the point
yikes, anon

Then stop posting "werks on my skin ;)" like your opinion actually matters.

>> No.13552842

Why does some sperg have to ruin every single /frag/ general?

>> No.13552846

The ONLY way to save the general would be to kick out all posters here who have ever watched a Jeremy video.

>> No.13552862

Ok, the majority of people seem to think those frags are short-lived even though there are so many variables it's laughable. Olfactory fatigue, spraying too little, activity level & sweating, or just being a retard in general can affect performance. If I can still smell The One EDT after an 8hr work day without reapplying, then there's obviously something wrong with the way others are wearing it to get such poor performance. Instead of getting assblasted that somebody is going against the hivemind like a bitch ass redditbabby why don't you think about what you can do to improve performance and get the longevity I do?

>> No.13552924

See, why didn't you just lead with this? I wouldn't be pissing at you if you had posted something of substance. Throw reddit and hivemind all you want, if you're going to make an uncommon claim like that, then actually back it up.

>> No.13552938

I'm so tempted to buy a decant of Eros since the more I think about how good it projects in the cold and the minty freshness of it, the more I want to see if I can get it to work with the outfits I usually wear.
Should I cop a 5ml sample even though I was undecided in January when the tester bottle was available for me to try? Lasted 10+ hours on my skin easily.

>> No.13552940

unironically this
fuck everyone who wears fragrance as bait for compliments or as "panty droppers"

>> No.13552941

You're right, I shouldn't have flown off the handle right away. I apologise.

>> No.13552961

That's okay anon. I'm sorry I went full sperg and shit on you so hard.

I really like L'Homme and The One, but only the EdP really stays on my skin. The EdP projects pretty well on me if I spray it on my neck and make sure it gets in my chest hair, but really only when it's chilly rather than super cold, Kind of a shame really.

>> No.13552966

Those scents you named still have garbage longevity though. Telling others that they can expect a full workday of performance out of D&G The One is just bad advice given that the vast majority of reviews specifically cite poor performance as its major flaw. This general is meant to help others choose their fragrance purchases wisely, not to make excuses or apologise for certain products' inadequacies.

>> No.13552982

his point is that proper application and environment, among other things, are more important factors to consider when judging performance than the juice itself

>> No.13552996

That's absolutely untrue though. If you have to jump through hoops and select the right day to get passable performance out of a scent, it's not a good fragrance. If an EDT or EDP is worth your time it should offer eight hours of solid, low effort projection across a wide range of conditions. Don't buy weak juice and don't encourage others to. There's always a better performing alternative out there.

>> No.13553016

So you're saying that if somebody has a different experience with a frag than the rest of the 12 dudes here they should keep it to themselves? Nice logic. People like you are truly making the community better.

>> No.13553032

>works on my machine
You can find hundreds of accounts online complaining that The One has trash performance. They're not all hiveminding, and there has to be merit to that overwhelming volume of opinion. Stop licking D&G's taint and try a truly strong tobacco scent like Red Tobacco so that you have an actual relevant frame of reference on which to discuss fragrance performance.

>> No.13553033

L’Homme, L’Homme Ultime, or Mancera Sicily.

No matter what niche or designer frags I get these just give me an instant boner.

>> No.13553045

I don't even like The One. I know it lasts so long because I'm always tired of it after 6 hours and it's still cloying up a storm. How does Red Tobacco compare to Herod?

>> No.13553048

Just bought a brand new bottle of La Nuit 3 days ago. It lasts the whole day and outperforms my vintage 4 digit L’Homme.

Looks like it’s over for reformulación fags

>> No.13553050


>> No.13553116

I can believe it, the other flankers are monsters. I own ultime and have libre on the way. Maybe they got their shit together

>> No.13553162

I'm sure you're a paid shill.

>> No.13553165

Well fuck you.
Jeremy is the king as King Aventus.

>> No.13553251


>> No.13553273

Jeremy got sad and almost killed himself because some thot got people to be mean to him on the internet. Jeremy is no king of mine.

>> No.13553318

how many sprays? I bet it's in double digits

>> No.13553327

Acqua Di Gio Profumo

>> No.13553337

Is Molecule 01 any good?

>> No.13553432
File: 99 KB, 900x900, 115948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, lets take a fucking step back here. This shit is 1/10th the price the price of GIT, was made by the same nose, the scent remains aqueous and lively for the entire time (as opposed to Tres Nuit which turns dry and powdery after the opening), and it's pretty much the first violet leaf/ambroxan bomb in history. I got a bottle for like 25 bucks. Take a break from the memes for a second to appreciate a true classic.

t. 26 year old boomer

>> No.13553439

based boomer. there's nothing quite like impulse buying classics and cheapies at the convenience store

>> No.13553577

A bunch of old lads at work were reminiscing about Hai Karate and they all had such a strong sense of nostalgia about it. I wonder what fragrances I’ll be looking back on.

>> No.13553720

Just got eau de grey flannel, any opinions on it? I love it.

>> No.13553768

I’ll post pics when I get home.

I’ll compare the two just for you.

Pick it up my guy. I’ll be picking up a new L’Homme bottle to see if it’s better.

>> No.13553791
File: 1.63 MB, 4032x3024, B96AB010-7946-44CF-86E9-D1C6B39D9D82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13553792

why not just buy a bottle on amazon? it's relatively cheap and it sounds like you genuinely like it

>> No.13553799
File: 109 KB, 750x715, D23E1570-13C8-4002-BBEB-72F097B47096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look for it boys, you heard it here first.

>> No.13553803


Batch code 38p201
Production date 2017-02
Age 1 year 5 months 27 days

JC Penny slangin that year and a half old YSL dawg

>> No.13553808
File: 1.46 MB, 4032x3024, 94778D88-EAF0-45F9-BCF5-62A854131444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And proof of vintage L’Homme.

I’ll be testing this La Nuit vs Ultime for a close idea.

Don’t be a batch code autist, just get a bottle that is recent.

>> No.13553886

Cool Water died in the nineties. If you want a great GIT clone, buy Rasasi Egra. It lasts just as long as GIT and is cheaper than Cool Water even.

>> No.13553937

what are you talking about anon? it's 2018 and i'm wearing the Cool Water. it's clearly not dead

>> No.13553941

Yeah nice try, Mr. Bones. Go drink some milk

>> No.13554165

What size do you buy your decants on?

>> No.13554188

depends on how much i like the scent. i have 5, 10, and 15ml decants. if i like something enough to consider 30ml and bottles start at 100ml, thats where i just go and buy the bottle.

>> No.13554202

I really thought about getting decants to try the scent out, but thanks for the input.

>> No.13554217

if you just want to try things, sample. malls will carry most of the designer fragrances frequently discussed here and elsewhere. if you are in a major metropolitan area, luxury department stores and specialty shops carry niche. or buy samples from the businesses listed in the OP

>> No.13554235

This was somehow discussed some threads ago, but I feel kinda embarrassed going in more than once or twice in a store to test fragrances I'll not even buy anyway (shit's expensive as fuck on the malls here in my country), especially given once a woman in a store recognized me when I went to other fragrance store where she apparently also works.

>> No.13554244
File: 78 KB, 431x766, armed_gecko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I buy a huge order of samples, 1 ml, 2ml if I'm really adamanemt but I can usually tell if I want something after 1ml

I buy a lot of 5ml for individuals I think I'll buy later, or the largest up to 30ml (which is a split) if I want it but don't think I'll wear it enough. Limits me from expanding my collection faster than my wallet can support. If I finish a 5ml quickly, then it means I should buy a fill bottle.

>> No.13554330

Why is that mouse wearing a chain?

>> No.13554527

yeah it's smells dated as hell. hope you are 80

>> No.13554595 [DELETED] 

It's a jew

>> No.13554834

Hit the magic number 5 in my collection, guess I'll stop for now:

YSL l'homme Ultime - safe year 'round for the day
Acqua Di Gio Profumo - safe year 'round for the evening
Burberry London - fall and winter day frag
Dior Homme Intense - winter / evening frag
Lalique Encre Noire - when I stop giving a shit about what people think of me

>> No.13554877

Am I alone in throwing the boxes away immediately? I get that it’s all part of the presentation, but I can’t help but think some companies go overboard with it. The Tom Ford Private Blend boxes seem like they are the most minimalist. Not much wasted space, but still a little more elaborate than they need to be. But it still goes in the bin immediately.

>> No.13554893
File: 1.30 MB, 3498x1396, FB6A9726-250F-479A-8D11-6178B85002C7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might be lacking in fragrances for the cooler months...

>> No.13554901

Oud Wood can cover this base completely. It isn't gross, right? Signature scent worthy

>> No.13554908

It’s by far the best on there, but I’d like to have maybe another one. CH Men Prive is for that time of year too, but I just feel that I could do with one more for variety. But you’re right, it could definitely be a signature scent.

>> No.13554953

Having a clear out and I stumbled on a bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled Night I bought when it first came out. I forgot I had it. It’s actually quite nice, although I’m guessing performance will be shockingly bad.

>> No.13554955

Speaking of GIT clones, anybody tried L'aventure Knight? Given the regular L'aventure was a very good Aventus clone I'm interested in this one.

>> No.13554969

Prada, Amouage Reflection, and Mugler Cologne. Tell me about them.

>> No.13554979

Prada - Extremely clean and fresh. Lots of iris. Modest projection, reasonably long lasting for a clean fragrance. Very linear though.

That’s not Amouage, it’s Versace Pour Homme. A really nice Citrus fragrance, good for summer days and nights. Not great performance though. Four hours for me.

Mugler Cologne - I tend to use it when I jump out of the shower and don’t plan to go anywhere. It just continues that clean smell and puts a smile on my face. Sometimes if I need to pop to the shops or run a quick errand I’ll spray it on to smell clean. That said, Prada L’Homme is good for that too. Mugler Cologne isn’t one you put on for performance exactly. You can often pick it up reasonably cheap and for 100ml it will last a while. I think it’s one everybody should own because there’s a beauty in its simplicity.

>> No.13555002

Thank you. I have a few on my to-buy list, alongside Mugler Cologne are; Bvlgari Aqua Amara, Montblac Individuel, and Sean John Unforgivable.

>> No.13555006

If you're planning on getting Aqva Amara do it quick, it's been discontinued.

>> No.13555009

I only got my Mugler Cologne a week ago, but I got it half price on the Mugler website. £20 for 100ml. Bargain.

I’m interested in Individuel too. Seems like quite a diverse fragrance.

>> No.13555084

Individuel is good.

>> No.13555206

Why not the regular Aqva?

>> No.13555221

because jeffreycologne said Amara is better

>> No.13555239

Is it “good for the price” or “good despite the price”. It’s so cheap it almost seems silly not to buy it.

>> No.13555254


I would try Herod or maybe spicebomb/extreme.

>> No.13555263

Thanks, I’ll look in to them. I’ve heard good things about Parfums de Marly fragrances.

>> No.13555267

Bit of both, really. It's a very soft fabric softener-y type smell. It's my go to in the winter when I don't know what i wanna wear so I just grab something cheap but pleasant.

>> No.13555283

Is the original Aqua strong enough to be a year round frag?

>> No.13555287

Well, where I live it's summer pretty much all year, so for me it's a year round frag. Very fresh, clean smell.

>> No.13555488

It's a Pierre Bourdon scent. He made Kouros, GIT, Cool Water, and many others as well. Individuel is so good that Creed cloned it themselves and made Original Santal.

Get Individuel.

>> No.13555493

Jeremy couldn't even seduce 6/10 Danish girl with funny teeth

>> No.13555501

Thanks, that sounds pretty great to me. Will try it next time I’m in town.

>> No.13555510

The best part about it is that only fragrance nerds know about it because it's not actually sold in any retail stores anymore. And also it will make rich people like you because they'll think you're actually wearing the Creed.

>> No.13555632

Why is Spicebomb Extreme so fucking expensive? Niche price for designer frag?

>> No.13555706

supply and demand

>> No.13555944

I just sampled Le Male and I absolutely love it, but I heard that reformulation ruined it in some way. I don't see how it's ruined, but I just wanted to check before I bought a bottle.

>> No.13555974
File: 17 KB, 362x366, 1528759776249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have tried it, not a fan. It kinda smells like a daycare center. Pretty fucked up, I know

>> No.13555979

it aint that good, its synthetic and borderline unisex IMO, no significant change over the course of dry-down. Boring, flat frag that gets shilled more than it should. I Just sold my bottle because i never really reached for it

>> No.13555990

It completely destroyed projection and longevity. To a lot of people Le Male is now dead.

>> No.13556001

Interesting. I guess I must have received a good sampler because I got compliments on it throughout the day and I'm still smelling it after applying it at 7 AM.
Is there a fragrance similar to Le Male in scent with better projection and longevity?

>> No.13556012
File: 132 KB, 240x534, lelf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek i remember this, genuinely feld bad for antonio and aaron after jeremy mogged them.

>> No.13556024

>the virgin fashion youtuber vs the chad jeremy fragrance

>> No.13556051
File: 24 KB, 466x100, 20180729_151552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate my fragrance cabinet, /fa/
-La Nuit De L'homme
-1 Million Lucky
-Silver Mountain Water
-Vera Wang
-L'eau D'Issey
-Nuit D'Issey

>> No.13556165
File: 112 KB, 1080x1835, 19-69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm new to this, is pic related a good start?

>> No.13556179

>I really like this frag I tried but I hear it isn't good, can you guys please tell me what I think?

>> No.13556195

Jesus Christ. You're obviously new to this so let me give you some advice. Never EVER listen to reformulation autists. They are the dregs of the frag community. You tried it, liked it, and got compliments, but you're hesitant because somebody is telling you it isn't good? Where are your fucking balls dude? Call that dude a retard and buy the fucking frag.

>> No.13556197

You mean, should you go on END, click on fragrances and blind buy the first thing you see, that you haven't tested, for a lot of money? No probably not. Go to a local store and try things, or look at getting samples of popular things online. Check the sticky and the image at the top of the thread.

>> No.13556204

You had me until you questioned if I had balls.
I don't take advice from teenagers, physical or mental.

>> No.13556207

What are Guerlain’s best men’s fragrances? Any price range. I don’t have a Guerlain frag in my collection yet. Gonna go down to the Guerlain boutique, want to grab some samples.

>> No.13556220

They have some good expensive frags, but in the lower range I fancy l'eau and l'esu boisee, and l'instant and the extreme.

>> No.13556225
File: 203 KB, 1023x682, 1491229412153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rive gauche vs mugler cologne, /fa/? Think both are really good, soapy scents.

>> No.13556243
File: 137 KB, 305x443, TF_LBL_11640_Bottleliquid__14007.1359240636.305.455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Asked last thread and got no reply. Please rec something that smells like this drug store hair oil.

>> No.13556264

Well, could you tell us what it smells like? Never even heard of it.

>> No.13556265

What would you recommend I start out with? There aren't any local stores worth checking here, as for the sample I will try to get some soon?

>> No.13556280

Guerlain prices are pretty low across the board, which is weird considering their prestige desu

>> No.13556281

Thats a big question. Personally I'd say start with the popular designer stuff, it's cheaper and will give you a better Idea of what you like and dislike. Are you sure there's nowhere nearby you could go? House of Fraser, Debenhams? If not, look at the links in the OP, and look at the image posted below it. Go on somewhere like Notino or Perfumista, and pick a bunch of samples you like the sound of. You'll probably love some and hate some, but it'll give you a better idea of what you like and dislike.

>> No.13556321

Oy very, I'm no good at describing scents, I was hoping someone who has smelled it could rec something.

>> No.13556340

>I really like x but I hear it has defects that aren't immediately obvious, could someone who has used it please give me friendly advice?

>> No.13556366
File: 44 KB, 500x500, BIGbUrq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13556382

confirmed cuck.

>> No.13556386


>> No.13556455

>go to HoF
>little tart keeps trying to sell me things

>> No.13556467

It's on my list of "yeah, cool, but doesn't really worth a bottle" brands.
There are too many alternatives on the market.

You can order their discovery set for like 20 euros with no shipping cost and check for yourself, at least they have nice variety inside collection.

>> No.13556483

i like (hate) how every fragrance under the sun is now being commented on for being reformulated, and that the reformulation is always worse than before. im certain there are houses out there that have not tampered with their suppliers or recipe, and are mystified at these comments. my irritation about this might actually be enough to motivate me to compile an analysis of fragrantica and chart the use of "reforumulated" and "reformulation" on popular frags to pinpoint when the meme started to spread.

>> No.13556531

Noted, thanks. Anyone tried any of their higher-end scents?

>> No.13556537

Do it! Reformulation autism must end.

>> No.13556607

>defects that aren't immediately obvious
>"I wore it for an entire day and lots of others commented on it, but that's not enough for me to see if it lasts a day or not, or to see if it projecs."
Yup, sounds like you found the perfect hobby if you wanted to be an autistic douchebag.

>> No.13556624

Making fragrance is a hobby, buying and collecting them is just that.

>> No.13556708

I'd Echo Herod, or spice bomb extreme like the other anon.

also TF noir extreme, Dior Fahrenheit, Tuscan leather/ombre leather, dior homme intense

>> No.13556726

Having a collection of something is a hobby, m8.

>> No.13556788

Well they have some expensive ones too. Santal royal comes to mind.

>> No.13556831

Thanks, I'll do that.

>> No.13556837

Thanks, I'll definitely check this out.

>> No.13556907

Stop shilling Red Tobacco, you're the only one in the world who doesn't think it smells like cherry cat shit.

>> No.13556942
File: 126 KB, 950x739, Screenshot_20180729-171813~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean it's not like Red Tobacco is one of the best received Mancera/Montale perfumes of the past five years or anything.

>> No.13556996

MSRP $200 for 125mL is still decent compared to other famous fragrance brands are in the $150-$250 range for 100mL at least

>> No.13557057

>trusting fragrantica ratings

>> No.13557070

Rive gauche isn't that soapy imo. They are quite different. Buy both.

>> No.13557074

>you're the only person in the world who likes Red Tobacco
>posts evidence of other people reporting that they like it
>that doesn't count because fragrantica, those people don't actually enjoy it they really think it smells like cherry cat shit and are just voting ironically

not the guy you are replying to but, wat

>> No.13557168

>BTW I'm not really the guy you're arguing with XD

>> No.13557307

Any recommendations for something that smells like MMM at the barbers but lasts longer than 3hrs? Also any good Oud Wood clones?

>> No.13557319

Rive Gauche Pour Homme

>> No.13557362
File: 2.14 MB, 972x836, 20180729-222200.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im not. here's your proof

>> No.13557406

probably something from clubman desu

>> No.13557483

It took you a whole hour to Photoshop that video?

>> No.13557502

Encre Noire A L'extreme is literally 11/10 god tier buy now

>> No.13557535

Smells like lentil soup, I can't stand it. Original and sport are nice, though.

>> No.13557556

The fact that you made that video just proves that you are.

>> No.13557562


>> No.13557619

wow, just when i think this thread had reached peak autism...

>> No.13557698

Is this nigga for real?

>> No.13557767

Fucking do that.

>> No.13557775

the denial must continue to the very core of your being

anytime someone sends a screenshot to disprove samefagging, its always met with >nice shop. willing to take any sort of screenshot or video to prove im not samefagging

>> No.13557780

thoughts on prada l'homme? it's literally the only cologne i've liked because it smells clean.

>> No.13558102

What are some good high test fragrances? Aventus doesn't count because it's a goddamn meme and a shadow of it's former self anyway.
High test frags:
Polo Green Cosmair version
Kouros/Kouros Cologne Sport
Profumum Roma Aqua Viva
ELDO Je Suis un Homme
GFT Eucris
Memo African Leather

>> No.13558118


>high test fragrances

Sauvage and nothing else.

>> No.13558123

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb.

>> No.13558131

>high test

Literally kill yourself.

>> No.13558146


>> No.13558192

Doesn't count because it's hyper popular and lots of men wear it just because they are told to by YouTube rapists.

>> No.13558195


>> No.13558196

Terre D'Hermes
Tuscan Leather
Tom Ford Noir de Noir

>> No.13558223
File: 65 KB, 1000x1000, 612ccdDZn3L._SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Prada La Femme Intense.

Gift for a girl in her 20s. Thoughts?

>> No.13558244

Good gift

>> No.13558248

Thanks for turning this into a cringe thread

>> No.13558324

Gifting people fragrances is a bad idea unless you know them very, very well. Scent’s a very personal thing, and is difficult to get right for other people.

>> No.13558336

Arguably, you could say that about any gift.

>> No.13558413

listen buddy, there's not a person alive that wouldn't appreciate the gift of a fine silicone Cowboy by Tantus.

>> No.13558419

You made me google that.

>> No.13558427

years ago people would post Cowboy by Tantus in shitty "what cologne should I buy" threads. I haven't thought about that for years.
oldfag credit checked.

>> No.13558469

I mean, yes and no. You buy someone a box of chocolates or something, most people’ll probably like them unless they’re allergic or one of those insufferable faggots who can’t allow themselves to eat something unhealthy once in a while.

Frangrances, it’s a complete crapshoot. I’ve bought my mother 3 fragrances in my life, 2 she liked, one she hated. That’s the person I know best in the world and I still went 2-1. Buying frags for someone you don’t know that well? Good luck.

>> No.13558699
File: 181 KB, 2518x1024, 044af3a8eee54063f284eb3ae4a544c10a3d9f0df32bebbd8f618025e5005afd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow they have everything and that in my country too
and loads of samples too (though many seem to be a bit pricey)

I'm having a field day. Surely they're trustworthy, r-right?

>> No.13558822

People pleaser, metrosexual clean scent, some people don't like how powdery it is but if you like it go for it.

>> No.13558845

Seconding this.

>> No.13558860
File: 776 KB, 2246x2996, l_artisan-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

give me negative opinions of Fou d'Absinthe before i cop a bottle

>> No.13558886

Although I think one should only wear what one loves, not just likes, I'd say most designers are considerably safe if you have talked about fragrances with the person before. I know my mom doesn't like overly sweet fragrances, and have an idea of what she likes because I had smelled her fragrances for years, so I'd probably not give her a fragrance she'd love, but I'd unlikely buy something she'd hate either.

>> No.13559013

Guys, please redpill me about the nocive components of some of the fragrances you use. Not memeing, just curious.

>> No.13559014

>nocive components
there aren't any

>> No.13559032

so, for example, is butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane safe?

>> No.13559040


>> No.13559070

Yeah they're trustworthy, used them before. No complaints.

>> No.13559079

Ay yo YSL la nuit de l'homme or Dior Homme?

>> No.13559141


>> No.13559212


>> No.13559218


>> No.13559223
File: 168 KB, 604x438, Dhl9TbCVAAEs0c9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New thread: