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So, it's on its way. I need some ideas of real-world fashion to go with this. Obviously, the Dante 'costume' works, so I don't care about that. I want to know what you would put with this.

My ideas so far: anything on top from undershirt to shirt-and-tie, with colour schemes in the white/grey/black or dark purple or dark blue or dark red. I can't imagine anything yellow or bright green looking good, but maybe dark green is also a possibility.

In terms of trousers, same colour scheme as above, but I don't think there's a need to restrict it to skinny jeans. Trousers to jeans would be fine I think, though blue jeans might look odd.

Shoes I think can go from anything like a formal boot to a Timberland, but I think a boot is vital...this would look odd with sneakers or oxfords.

So, give me some ideas...what would you wear with this?

I'm average height, in good shape (i.e. proper shoulder to waist ratio), not obese. The 'sculpture' of the jacket will be fine...my concerns are about what's underneath.

Let me know, and thanks in advance!

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a fucking noose

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Can't think of this coat going with anything other than dark denim, a fitted t-shirt and a pair of boots, OP. It looks too casual to be worn with shirt and slacks, it reminds me of the coat from the protagonist of World's End.

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Really? That's all you've got?

Maybe I should clarify something: I live in a rather rainy place, so people wear hooded jackets all the time. Occasionally you'll see someone with a leather hooded jacket, but it's rare because they're rather expensive. Furthermore, people here don't know videogames that well, and I'd probably be able to count on my fingers the people that would even guess at the origin of this. So, you can throw any issue of 'IT'S THE JACKET FROM THE SHITTY DMC REMAKE!!!' out the window...that's not going to be the perception at all.

I'm asking based solely on the colour scheme. This is essentially a dark grey hooded leather jacket, knee length, with red accents and interior. What do I wear with it in terms of colours?

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With denim, I would absolutely agree; dark colours, definitely not blue. Fitted t-shirt is a given if a t-shirt is being worn for me...I never wear them loose (why not show off the stomach if you work hard for it). The boots, once again, I agree.

The casual element of the jacket is the one that I'm wondering about. As a 'protective' garment, I'm excited to try experimenting with suits to see what happens if I wear formal clothing underneath it...but I have no idea if it'll work until I get it and try on the combos.

Incidentally, it's the coat from Devil May Cry (5), the remake that people hate for the redesign of Dante. I've never played the game myself...I came across the jacket by pure accident and loved the design. Simple really...

Thanks for your ideas...what else?

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As an example, something that came to mind was a possible steamcore kinda vibe: waistcoat, collared shirt, tie, but no blazer or suit coat. Proper trousers but trousers that are not made from a refined material. I think that could work well with this jacket...but it's just an idea if I'm going on the semi-formal route.

Ideas...let's hear some ideas.

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people might not know the actual game but it's very apparent it's a costume piece. i dont think you could wear it casually. red and black is just such and edgy combo

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Well, I googled leather overcoat, and there are some pics where it's worn over suit and tie, so it can be done. Maybe what gives me the casual vibes is more the colour combination, I don't know. But the first result in Google image search was a white turtle neck and dark slacks, and I must confess that I really liked it. Also, I can see the waistcoat combo working.
Sorry if I can't help that much, it's a bit out of my area of expertise, living in a sub tropical country and all.

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no one is going to give you a serious answer, don't wear a costume coat you retard

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I do plan to wear it casually, quite a lot. The funny thing about clothing is that if it's worn often enough, and without must cause celebre, then eventually it's not noticed. Obviously if I wore this in a city where no one wears coats, or in a desert where it never rains, then it would stick out like a sore thumb.

But long coats are practical, and recently hoods have become 'the in thing' as opposed to umbrellas which just get in the way all the time, especially on the subway.

The difference with this is that it has visual layers, and the grey is broken by the red on the inside and on the end of the sleeves. So, it has a splash of odd/different that coats don't generally have. Obviously the majority of long coats are uniform entirely; all black or all beige, no texture to speak of unless you do the trench coat Bogart look, and no hood (which is probably the most practical element since people don't wear hats anymore).

I was initially worried about the 'costume piece' look to it, but after talking with others who own one, they all say that the colours and 'antique' leather used for this one really make it less garish than it can look in a picture. So, that doesn't really concern me, but I understand your point of view.

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What the absolute happened to /fa/

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honestly it's kinda shit. i mean, it's red & black, which looks gross,
it only has 2 pockets, no waist adjustment, it's too long,
it has no drawstrings on a hood that's way too big,
those cuffs look retarded as hell and also can't be adjusted,
and only two of the fasteners are actually placed well enough to be used.
if you wanted a video game trench coat you should've bought an aiden pearce one with a zipper.
aside from the weird little tab, they look like something a person would actually wear.
or better yet, get a proper waxed cotton or leather jacket from barbour or some other brand on ebay,
you can get a decent barbour border for like $50.
it has more pockets, better fasteners, a better & removable hood,
and it isn't too long but it still goes down almost to the knees.

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*absolute fuck
Excuse me

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oop almost forgot
Your gift is too great for me.

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your gift is too great for me

also anyone else think that natives are the only ones who can rock long receeding hair?

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Your gift is too great for me.

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Yup, the suit and tie is a common thing for the Nazi greatcoat, and it always looks good. Any knee length leather jacket invokes that mental image, so you might as well follow it to the fascist logical end.

But you're absolutely right about the casual element being pushed by the colour combination...red is not normal for a jacket like this, and if it was just on the inside then it would be fine but because it's on the sleeves as well, it makes this jacket 'say' something other than 'grey covering'.

Funny about turtlenecks...I was thinking that too, but I can't decide if a thick turtleneck (for winter) would be good or if I should try to go thinner or mock-crew-neck. The waistcoat I think will work REALLY well, but again, I have no idea and have to test it when I get it.

It's okay, I appreciate a lot your ideas...they're helping me to think more about my own.

The poster above you just did. No matter what, I'm taking this jacket seriously, and I plan to enjoy it and wear it to hell and back, so in all honesty it's utterly useless for you to tell me 'don't wear it'. I will wear it. I'm asking for some ideas....do you have any?

Thank goodness my genetics don't make us go bald....

It just got better.

I'll answer this in a moment...it needs a longer response, and word limit...

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Your gift is too great for me.

Never thought about that, but you might be right.

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This whole thread feels like a fucking fever dream

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Your gift is too great for me, etc.


I actually like the coat and I even liked the outfit Dante had in the game, as forgettable as the game itself was. I think it's possible to pull it off, but I'd need to actually see the coat being worn first. Is it actual leather?

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Please post a picture of your fit and we can help you better from there :) you can pull it off, if you try hard enough.

Ignore the haters, op

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Okay, so it's dark antiqued red and antiqued dark grey. Soul Revolver's leather is considered very good in the leather community, in terms of where they source it and how they finish it. I'm not worried about that at all. That being said, I understand the feeling of 'it looks gross'. From what I've seen of pics of real owners, the pics on the website don't really do it justice, especially in terms of leather quality.

Why would a leather jacket have a waist adjustment? This will be the third long leather coat I own, and the other two do not have waist adjustments....when you have a leather long coat, you have to get it tailored if the waist is too large to begin with...that's normal. So...I'm not sure what you mean by that being a critique of the jacket design.

No drawstrings on the hood, well, I agree that that's doesn't increase the functionality of the hood, but again, leather hoods must be different....you won't find leather hoods with adjustments because it crimps the leather, and if the leather stays like that when it's drying then it'll get horrible ripples in it. So...it wouldn't work if it had adjustments.
Cuffs....again.....all these adjustments. Why do you need them? Just get the thing tailored...which is what you have to do with leather anyway. Have you never owned a leather jacket?
All five are placed as they would be for button fasteners on a long coat...that's normal.
I haven't seen the 'aiden pearce'....so I don't know, but maybe it's a good design. I do have lots of leather jackets (the count is now at 7), of different designs, so the only 'first' that this counts as is a first for a hooded leather long coat.

There are always jackets for different functions, that is not in dispute, however I've taken care of all of those things already with other jackets...this one is for fun, for spring/fall/winter weather, and if I can figure out the colour scheme, then I could wear it daily as well.

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I think the mock crew will look a bit indecisive, not really the coat + t-shirt look, not quite the proper turtleneck one.

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I couldn't finish (word limit); I wanted to say thanks for your thoughts anyway. The jacket will be fine in terms of my lifestyle, which is what most of your critiques would apply to. What I'm wondering about is simply the colours that go well with it.

No, it's a serious question, though I am quite excited about the jacket. It's something that is very much 'out there' compared with my normal fashion, and since I'm young I can still do this (it might look silly on a 60 year old....or maybe not, depending on the 60 year old).

Yes, it's lambskin, which is considered 'fashion' leather due to its thickness (it's thin). Soul Revolver uses Italian lambskin, and I haven't heard a single criticism about their leather from anyone within the industry that I know. It's my first jacket from them though...I've always gone custom before, so this is the first time I'm going with 'a company' who is not tailoring it to my specs. But when you order from them, you have an e-mail exchange with their people who confirm that your size is what works for the size of the jacket, and as far as I'm aware, things should be fine. But as I said, I won't know until it gets here.

Thanks, I don't have a pic of me right now. As I said in the OP, I'm not concerned about fit or anything like that...it's purely about getting ideas on colours and fabrics to go with it, because I simply don't have any jackets in this colour scheme at all...so I have to figure it out.

Also, I'm not concerned about 'pulling it off' if I try hard enough. People know that I wear leather jackets, and given that they are always custom, the fit is what they always notice first, and then they notice that they're not jackets that you can get off-the-rack. And quite frankly, I've gotten to the stage with fashion that I honestly don't care about 'trying' to convince anyone that I'm wearing the jacket and the jacket isn't wearing me. I'm too old for that shit...

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no, i mean the color combo looks gross. the material quality looks fine. i should've specified.

i've seen a number of leather jackets with adjustments, it's not unheard of by any means.
haven't you seen leather riding jackets like pic related?
why pay to get it tailored when you can do it yourself?
and besides, it's sturdier since it goes right up to the skin.
with a tailored cuff, it still has to be big enough for your hand to go through.
and what if your body changes? what if you get fat, or hit the gym? now you have to tailor it again.
also belts and adjustable cuffs look good. there's something going on,
it's not just a solid texture all over your torso or arm.

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One more thing: I haven't had to work hard to 'pull off' a jacket for many years...people who know me or encounter me frequently know that I wear leather jackets....the only thing that will be different about this one is the colour scheme.

Interesting...I'll keep that in mind. I was thinking because it would be a lower profile on the neck, but still a little more formal than a t-shirt. I'll think about it.

Okay, hold on. There are a few things here. Leather jackets absolutely have adjustments, but the ones I had issue with were specific. You won't find a real leather hood, for instance, with drawstrings. It really doesn't happen. The riding jackets (like the one you posted) are very common, and useful. It goes into the leather trench coat territory that has belts, zippers, and lots of stuff. But that is not the aesthetic of the jacket I'm buying, which is essentially a leather long coat, with a hood added to it, modified with red accents. That's in the line of 'formal long coats' moreso than 'motorcycle thigh-length' riders. So, I agree with you, but I think you're attributing characteristics to the core aesthetic of the coat I'm buying to the wrong core.

Why pay to get it tailored? Because it looks far better, and leather is a funny material that way...it only looks good when it's tailored hard. Even in the pic you posted, there's a lot of wasted material, a lot of bunched up material, and that's not at all the look that a long coat tends to go for (and as I pointed out, the jacket in your pic is not the same aesthetic).

What if my body changes? My body will change, but only if I let it get out of shape or encounter serious illness that makes me bedridden. I stay the same shape because I keep my fitness at a certain point (not too much, not too little), and my diet is essentially the same year to year. So, I'm not worried about that. If you wear a suit as often as I do, you have to take that into account.

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With long leather coats, generally the cuff is tailored for length, and it'll have to be large enough for the hand to go through, but you're also usually wearing it over a suit jacket or cuffs. You're not wearing it like the guy in your pic...it's not a motorcycle jacket. The purpose of each is different.

I agree, belts and cuffs look good. On certain jackets. On double rider jackets, for instance, the cuffs are zippered, not buttoned. They tend to look very clean, and very sleek, and very good. But they suit that style, not a belted or half-belted style.

So, I agree with you if we're talking about a thigh-length motorcycle riding jacket as made famous by Belstaff. But the jacket I'm buying has nothing to do with that aesthetic. It's like saying that my jacket doesn't have enough shearling to keep me warm. Yes, there are long coats with shearling, and they seem to be used quite a bit lately in movies (Bane's coat, and Goslings coat from Blade Runner) but it has nothing to do with the jacket I'm buying, though I can appreciate the usefulness and warmth of a shearling B2 coat...which I still want but don't have the need for or the opportunity to wear.

Does all that make sense? Thanks for your thoughts though!

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your gift is too great for me

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i realize that it's just an example but i actually don't like insulated jackets because it limits when i can wear them. better to just layer.
i'm much more practicality oriented i suppose, never been a fan of suits and the like.

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Could an arch mage defeat caine.

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Your gift is too great for me

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Sadly, sometimes suits are a necessity in work. It's a uniform, like any other. Obviously if I didn't have to wear one, I wouldn't...but that's life. As for insulated jackets, for me it depends on the jacket. My motorcycle jacket is insulated, so I can wear it in deep winter, but all my other leather jackets are not insulated at all. Sometimes it affects the look of the jacket, and with leather you have to be careful because with too much filling it can look like a balloon or a garbage bag. That's why tailoring is so important, and also why keeping yourself in the same shape is an important thing.

So, anyone else have ideas for colours/textures to go with this coat?

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What the fuck

Good bait?

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your gift is too great for me

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Don't waste money on that. Cmon OP do you have no common sense?

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Once again, the money is already spent, it's in the mail. So, can you think of colours and textures that go well with it?

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I guess I'd say a charcoal suit, burgundy tie.

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Also black leather shoes/belt/watch

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bright red on anything looks shit, especially a trenchcoat you cum guzzling edgelord neckbeard faggot

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what the fuck happened to this board LMAAOOOOOO

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Ok what would you suggest for THAT coat? It's pretty clear he's going to wear it no matter what.

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i'd suggest telling him to fuck off because this is either a) bait or b) a legitimate autistic retard who isn't worth giving advice to because he chose to buy and wear a video game costume as actual clothes

use your head

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So why did you bother to reply to this thread?

>> No.13455229

a katana, obviously.

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Your gift is too great for me

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Interesting: I was thinking that too, because grey always goes well with more grey, and if it's darker (i.e. charcoal) than it'll be fine too. Burgundy or wine I was thinking for the tie, but only as a test. The problem is that the tie might blend in with the lapels of the jacket...so I'm thinking I might have to go with something entirely different (black maybe).....thanks for the ideas!

The shoes will be a problem, I fear....Boots work well with this jacket, no doubt...but low-top shoes...I have no idea. I have to test that out when it gets here.

It isn't 'bright' red....it's dark and 'antiqued'. Wow..that's the first time anyone has ever referred to me as an edgelord. Pic is for you then!

Thanks Anon...it's okay though, I expected responses like that.

Well, it's not bait. If you missed it, I came across this design purely by accident. I have always wanted a hooded leather long coat, but they just don't make them, and to do custom would be pricey just for the skins alone. Then I found this one, and I really liked the design and colour scheme. Given that it's Soul Revolver, they have a reputation for really excellent fitted jackets, so I thought, 'why not'. As far as I know, I'm not autistic, nor mentally challenged. Also, given that fashion today can literally be anything (just look at the rap music industry), this is far more conservative than what you might see on the streets of Tokyo, as an example. I'm serious here, asking for serious advice because colour coordinating has always been a weak spot of mine, and some people here might have more experience on that than I do. So, do you have any ideas?

No, too edgy for me. (did you see what I did there?)

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Your gift is too great for me

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Please leave my board.
>>>r/mfa can help you

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Devil May Cry-core

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is to great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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>Sadly, sometimes suits are a necessity in work.
Aw, c'mon, OP, that's not a sad thing. Get into bespoke suits like I did and you'll have the time of your life. On the footwear note though...

>The shoes will be a problem, I fear....Boots work well with this jacket, no doubt...but low-top shoes...I have no idea. I have to test that out when it gets here.
How about dress boots? Don't know how accessible they are where you live, but you could theoretically wear something like a jodhpur or like the one in the pic in different colors.

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Klebold core?

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Your gift is too great for me

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oof edgy boi

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You know, after maturing....
/v/irgins were just autistically retarded at the redesign.
Original Dante looked emo as fuck... but that was what was in.
Donte is just a re-imagining of how Dante would look currently(well, then). They could've kept the white hair.
Dante looked like a Hot Topic Man Child, Donte looked like an average person with a weird coat.

/v/irgins are retarded

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your gift is too great for me.

Also, derailed.

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Well, it's sad for me because from my point of view, suits are a leftover of a different time with different people and priorities. While I love a wonderfully tailored suit, there are now so few people who can actually appreciate it that it is almost meaningless. Certainly the people I work with have no idea what they're doing suitwise, and to make matters worse, most of them are not in decent physical shape so their suits look like shit anyway. The obesity challenge is real where I am.

Interesting ideas about footware! I tend to wear dress boots anyway most of the time, so it won't be a problem. I have a black and a brown which I simply replace when they wear out, not jodhpurs but essentially modified/extended oxfords. Simple, elegant, but boot. So I'll probably start with those and work my way out into other colours and textures. Thanks!

Indeed...I decided to get the coat long before knowing anything about the game...and then when I looked into it (expecting 'this is a great game!'), the only things that would come up on a search was the 'controversy' about the redesign of the character. So far, the main problem seems to be that CapCom wanted a Dante that looked different and less Japanese, more American in terms of design, appropriate for an origin story. That's what they got...but clearly fans of the original series saw this as an attempt to simply 'emo-ify' Dante, emos being the polar antithesis of the self-perception and self-attribution of the characteristics of a typical fan of the original series.

It's a tough one.

I can get it back on track, though I'm genuinely surprised the topic is even still up. Thanks guys....I appreciate it a lot.

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Okay, a slightly different question, but perhaps more focused.

I think I know what I'm going to do in terms of suit/formal material and design to go with this. But I still don't have any idea what to put with it in terms of casual. Obviously Dante-core works, but beyond this...that's what I'm wondering about.

As an example, do you think jeans that are not skinny/torn up will work? Do you think running shoes or sneakers or even Chuck Taylors could work? T-shirts could definitely work I think, though I'd be tempted to stick to something slim-fit. But then even that makes me think of another problem.

Right now everything in fashion is slim fit, and to not be slim fit is to be either out of the loop (90s open) or purposefully going against the current trend. But this jacket isn't really tied to a time period. It's fitted, so it's not billowy like you'd see a greatcoat from the 1920s. It's not complex like a Bogart trench coat, with lots of buttons and belts and stuff. It's a clean look that has been modified with accents in places, and the hood which is definitely unusual.

Given this, do you think it's possible for this to work with other aesthetic directions away from emo-core or new punk? In other words, I can see the two extremes working fine: Dante or Suit. But in between, I'm having trouble thinking of what goes with it and what doesn't.

Thanks...I know it's a tough one, and the question isn't as precise as I'd like it to be...but at this point I'm searching for options that I may not have thought of yet, and that's why I can't pin it down and say, 'could 'this' work'.

As a short example, if one were to wear the red jacket from Fight Club, then it's like it's all mapped out for you. The jacket is 70's in inspiration and design and its red. So, any 70's style will work if you stick to the colour palette. What is always jarring is when you see him wearing stuff that isn't 70's but still wearing the jacket....it works on film, but not in life.

>> No.13456060

Since anything will work on film because the societal acceptance of the style is already in place and amplified, it doesn't really count....but real world examples of people who own the JAL coat have proven that unless you dress with a 70's vibe, the coat essentially looks out of place in today's world.

But the Dante long coat here is not dated, at least in terms of design. If you just take it on the lines and remove the colour scheme, it has a normal, if slim silhouette, and the only feature that separates it from a normal leather long coat is the hood. But this combination is a very rare one because the coats of this kind normally would cover a suit, and with a suit you'd have a hat or now-a-days an umbrella. So, what I'm trying to say is that (aside from the colour scheme) the coat is really not tied to a specific timeframe or aesthetic, which means that I think I have the freedom to craft what 'works' with this jacket and what doesn't. I don't have to dress with a certain characteristic for the jacket like I would with other established and hard styles.

If you have a double-rider biker jacket (think Schott Perfecto), there are certain things that look good with that jacket and certain things that look awful, not only because of the design of the jacket but the social and cultural baggage that the jacket carries with it. I think we can all agree that wearing lime-green shorts with a black polished Perfecto looks like shit, on everyone.

But the DMC5 jacket....it has no baggage, aside from the Dante costume which is known only to people who know the videogame. It's a much smaller segment of the population, and non-existent in the people I encounter most frequently.

So, maybe that's the question I should be asking. What style of casual do you think goes with this jacket? I don't think preppy would work (golf shirts and chinos, and pastel colours would probably look like shit anyway)....I don't know...give me some ideas! Thanks!

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>Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13456076

>Your gift is too great for me.

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I have this coat anon and pair it with band tees and dark tanktops, grey or black jeans/chinos, hi top trainers and chesea boots.
Even wore it with a replica DHL Vetements shirt and a black and red neckwarmer since the bright shirt was the statement piece, given like you say how the colours and shape of the Dante coat is muted and modern

>> No.13456083

Now that I really think about it, the ONLY thing that ties this jacket to a period or time-frame is the style of attachment of the hood to the jacket (the hood is not removable, incidentally). The lines are 'gothic', but new-gothic as opposed to actual medieval. This obviously connects it to steampunk and punk in general. But that's the ONLY thing I can think of regarding the design that forces this jacket into a perception of an aesthetic. That's why I'm convinced it would look fine with a suit, definitely with a waistcoat and pin-striped trousers....Sleepy Hollow/Jack the Ripper kind of thing.

But I'm not sure if the gothic connection is strong enough to force the association all the time. The colour scheme doesn't force it, because red really wouldn't happen in that aesthetic for men unless it's a specific item (like a scarf or charm or something)...the hood attachment is the only thing that puts it into that realm.

So, what do you guys think? And, do you disagree, and if so, why? I'm open to all ideas, and thanks in advance.

>> No.13456090

Interesting; did you get the one from Soul Revolver, or did you get one from another maker?

The style you suggest makes sense completely...have you tried going outside of it at all? If so, what worked and what didn't?

To be honest, the colour is what is the most difficult for me, as I mentioned many posts above...colour schemes are what I always get wrong. I can do textures, silhouettes, fit, etc...but colours I always get wrong. If it were just grey, then anything could go...but the beautiful blood-red is one of the reasons I love the jacket....and that being said, I have no fucking idea what goes well with blood red. You can always go darker, but going lighter would be a problem I would think. I don't know...hence my post.

>> No.13456114


Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13456120
File: 137 KB, 251x251, snap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13456267

Are you still there Anon?

>> No.13456892

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13456903

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13456909


>> No.13456911
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>> No.13456983

Why? Please explain. Elaborate please...

>> No.13457000

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457004

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457093

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457104

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457160

Walls of explications/justificatory text. Sounds like you want to be convinced. If you don’t have the style nous to pair some shit with this...don’t buy it. White crew neck. Black jeans. Red converse. How about that?

>> No.13457169

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457181

Thanks for your thoughts. First, I don't really want to be convinced...I already know a few things that I'd definitely wear with it. If you'd read the walls of text, you'd know this by now. Secondly, if I wasn't convinced, I wouldn't have spent the money to buy it (it was definitely an expensive purchase for a single item of clothing). Third, yes, I have a style to pair with this, but it's one specific style. What I've been asking about is what I can do that is different to that style.

White crew neck, black jeans, red converse sounds awesome, but also falls into the category of DMC core from the game. As I stated a earlier, I know that this aesthetic works with the jacket, same as a suit or waistcoat with collar and tie will work fine.

My concerns were about the colour palette, and if there was any other aesthetic that was possible that I'm simply not thinking of.

Thanks for your ideas though...anything helps.

>> No.13457195

your gift is too great for me
fucking bait
why rick

>> No.13457216

This wasn't me...it was another poster. And for what purpose it was posted, I have no idea...

So, any ideas about what else can go with this jacket?

>> No.13457328

So...no one has any other ideas I guess...Thanks to all who replied. Would any of you be interested if I come back when the jacket has been delivered to give you an update, or...not bother?

>> No.13457331

Your gift is too great for me lord

>> No.13457419


OP you're a faggot.

>> No.13457423
File: 1002 KB, 655x745, 1440851535119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please do show, I wanna keep this in my autistic collection.

>> No.13457438


>> No.13457440

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457548

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13457708

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13457837

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458224

Does anyone else have long coats that they wear regularly? If so, what do you wear it over (i.e. suit, t-shirt + jeans, sweater/turtleneck and trousers...etc)?

Also, what for you pushes this jacket outside of the norm and into halloween territory? If you didn't know the origin of the design, what would you think about it?

>> No.13458231


>> No.13458242

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458380

Dude I subscribed to this fucking thread to see you in that coat. Where are the photos fatowski??

>> No.13458388

It hasn't arrived yet...believe me, I can't wait either....

In the mean time, have you got any ideas about what else goes with blood red in terms of colour?

Who's 'Fatowski'?

>> No.13458622

>wearing a suit under a video game trenchcoat

>> No.13458719

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458724

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458726
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Nice inspo anon

>> No.13458731

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458743

Your gift is to great for me

>> No.13458768

Would look good with some New Rocks and a Slipknot tee

>> No.13458783

but Dante is supposed to look liek hot topic manchild, the whole point of DMC is being cheesy and fun and the reboot was disliked because it tried to turn the series into an edgy 'cool' story and treat it's cheesy anime elements seriously

>> No.13458788

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13458858

I've got a comfy long wool overcoat. I wear it with turtleneck+slim pants+combat boots during winter.

It is mostly the material and the color red that make your coat unwearable

>> No.13458977

Interesting. The wool overcoat is certainly something that is a staple of many wardrobes, and the turtleneck-slim pants-boots combo is likewise traditional. It won't rock the boat.

What is it specifically about the material and colour that turn you off? Is it because leather long coats always have sinister connections in the West (Nazis, shooters, etc.)? Is it because red is primarily a very masculine colour, but in the form of blood red, it takes on, again, a more sinister quality (i.e. vampires)?

Tell me more, I'm interested! And at least you have something more to contribute than the others saying 'your gift is too great for me'....

>> No.13458982

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13459132


>> No.13459154

"Your gift is too great for me"

>> No.13459273

What other jackets do you have? You intrigue me.

>> No.13459276

A gray roll neck would be nice.

>> No.13459312

Quite a lot, at least in leather. I hadn't intended on the stable being this large though...but as the years went on, I just kept on going because of odd things. My motorcycle jacket is a standard raglan sleeve cafe-racer style, but made of buffalo hide, quilted for warmth...it's probably my favorite. The rarest one I have is a one-of-a-kind reversible jacket made by Jonathan Logan...the designer who works out of Hollywood and makes jackets for everyone and everything (from Fight Club to 24 to random jackets for Justin Bieber).

I have two long coats (though one is in the shop being altered), both normally used for formal occasions (recently quite a lot of funerals), and the other leather jackets are for differing climes and social situations. I even have an Indy jacket from Wested (the original makers), though it's not fitted very well and it's more of a jacket for taking care of the leaves in fall or if I am traveling and need lots of pockets.

In short, I gave up on synthetic jackets about a decade ago because they always fell apart on me. Leather jackets just don't do that...they won't 'wear out' the way that synthetics will. It's not a difference in care, either....I care for all my clothing because I hate having to buy clothing to begin with. So, if I'm going to buy something, it better last. Anyway, I don't wear synthetic coats anymore, at all....so the stable has grown. Sometimes a store is closing down and you get a fantastic deal...sometimes a colleague bought too many and needs to sell quick and happens to be your size. But the added advantage is that now my body is in a shape that conforms to 'off-the-rack' for many companies, so it's easy to get a good fit. It wasn't always like that...and took quite a bit of effort.

Yup, I was thinking about that too...but I think it would have to be a different shade (lighter or darker) because the same shade of grey would blend in too much and look weird.

>> No.13459322

Actually, on that note I think a turtleneck or roll neck will look good no matter what with this jacket. The problem (as I may have outlined far earlier in this thread) is about the colours that can go with the jacket.

The way I figure it so far, the colours that work for sure are: black, white, grey, dark blue, dark purple, dark red, dark green.

Beyond this, I have no fucking clue. Given the 'colour wheel' (that's how little I know about all this and how basic my fashion coordination education is), I think the rule is that because the jacket itself is the piece of note and NOT the background, I have to choose colours that do not compete with the jacket but compliment it.

So, no opposing colours on the wheel (the opposite of red is green...so no green...though I don't know what the opposite of blood red is...though the colour wheel suggests the opposite is 'lime' green or 'bright' green....makes sense, it would look awful). In fact, I should probably stick with colours that are closer to the Red....

So, the possibilities (according to the wheel) look to be:
towards the orange spectrum or
towards the violet spectrum.

The other two equidistant colours are blue and yellow, so I think as long as I don't cross that point, I should be fine.

Does any of that make sense to you guys? As I stated earlier, colour is the problem I have...I just don't know and am guessing here, but I want more than just black/grey/white...that's easy and obvious, but I want to know what else is possible.

So, tell me if I'm wrong, and why I'm wrong.

>> No.13459332

Do you own any leather jackets Anon?

Oh, and one other thing...the one piece which 'every man' should own is one I do not. The double-rider biker jacket, with the most famous iteration being the Schott Perfecto. I recently tried a few on...and the sizing on off-the-rack Schott is atrocious (stomach is too wide, shoulders are too narrow, and length of the jacket is way too long). Granted, they will do custom sizing (for an extra cost), so it's possible if I really wanted it. But the problem is that it's become so generic and overused that I simply have no desire at all to own the jacket. It's iconic, no doubt, and can be paired with ANYTHING today....and I love the design (function over form by a mile). But Schott just fucks too many things up. If they did classic sizing like they used to do in the 60s, then it would be fine...but they are serving an obese market (Wested incidentally is doing the same thing with their Indy jackets, or anything else they produce, but that's another story).

That's why all but 2 jackets were made custom for me. If you're going to spend the money on a leather jacket (and yes, it is a lot of money if you go with a reputable company and good materials) then it might as well fit like a glove, which is how it's supposed to. There's nothing more terrible than a leather jacket that doesn't fit 'just' right....it can look like your fathers...or it can look like a trash bag (especially if it's patent leather or really shiny lambskin).

>> No.13459338

If this isn't bait. Anon is very autistic. Stop it, get some help.

>> No.13459342

The odds of you having the bodytype to fit this are incredibly low, if you aren't 6'3+ and skinny you're going to look like a fucking retard dressed up like that.

Bright red accents on black never look good, you're going to look like a Shadow The Hedgehog clone and not to mention that you're buying cheap fake leather from a 'videogame merch' website

Back to /v/ with you! away! away! shoo! shoo!

>> No.13459356

It isn't bait, and I'm not autistic. I started this thread a few days ago, not thinking it would still be here. It's simple...I know some things that will go with this jacket, but I'm trying to think of other things and can't. You guys are here because you like fashion, I assume, and if you do you might have ideas that I don't regarding risky combinations of colour and texture. So, that's why I'm asking for suggestions. It's not that hard to understand.

Well, fortunately I'm thin enough with shoulders that are broad enough that long coats are fine for me The issue is always the height with shoulder-to-waist taken into account, but the trick is how it looks without a hat. Hats normally serve to make the proportions for long coats more ideal (they raise your crown and they make your head look larger in width as well). That's the main difficulty, but I don't perceive any problems because my other long coats have the same 'handicap', and they look fine.

As I may have mentioned up top, I've seen pics of the actual jacket as owned by others, and the red is rather dark and subdued compared with the pics on their website. Furthermore, the 'antiquing' of the leather tends to mute the colours even more. So, I'm not worried about it at all. It isn't the 'warning SJW' kind of red hair that we see so often. It's blood, with a little more black in it.

Curious about your claim 'buying cheap fake leather from a videogame merch website'....it's not. It's from a company which is highly respected in the leather community, it's made of Italian lambskin, and I have no qualms about it. The jacket is not the problem; the problem is what colours go with blood red. I'm not sure how many more times I need to say that before it becomes clear.

So, what colours would you suggest go well with blood red accents? Help me think! Thanks in advance.

>> No.13459358

Anon post a pic of yourself please!

>> No.13459359

So you wanna wear a black and red jacket with a purple shirt, blue jeans, and timberlands?

>> No.13459361
File: 5 KB, 225x225, el risitas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.13459362

No. There is no need. First, the jacket hasn't arrived yet, so fit pics are irrelevant. Second, I'm not asking you guys about fit. I'm asking about colours! My god...it's like no one actually reads what I'm writing here.

What goes well with blood red accents on grey? I realize that it's a rather rare combo...but someone who has a good eye for fashion must have SOME idea of what goes well with those colours....

What do you think?

>> No.13459367
File: 10 KB, 220x263, thies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Match the accents of the leather with dark red timberland boots

Since the leather is incredibly high quality, be sure to let everyone know when they notice you in a room that they're in the presence of someone wearing REAL Lambskin from only the finest videogame retailers

And one of pic related should finish your outfit, hopefully that'll command people psychologically to look into your eyes automatically gaining you the respect of everyone who dares face you.

>> No.13459376

First, the jacket is dark grey, not black. If you've seen the other posts, I came to the conclusion that light blue jeans would be an absolute no-no...if jeans were going to be worn, they'd either have to be black or a very dark blue. Timberlands could work, but I'm not convinced that light coloured ones would be ideal....once again, black boots (if boots at all) would be good I think.

Soul Revolver is one of 3 known leather companies world-wide that specialize in this sort of thing. Their reputation is substantiated, and I know people who have bought their jackets before and they have nothing but good things to say. When you spend money on a jacket, and you're not buying from a 'brand' (i.e. Schott, Vansen, Belstaff, etc.) then you have to make sure you're not getting ripped off.

You sound rather uninformed about all this....but I do appreciate the effort you made with your post (as I've seen it before...it seems to be a combo of stale pasta and 'the rest').

No, I'm not going to wear a hat...once again, you didn't read. The coat has a hood, so no hat is necessary. I've never owned a hat...truthfully they don't look good on me.

Regarding the red boots....Holy shit, I never thought of that. It could work....have to think about it. It's been suggested that red Chuck Taylors would work as well....I think they'd be fine...if they were dusted up.

Regarding the 'letting everyone know in the room'....no, I don't need to do that. As I said above earlier, the circles I travel in know that I wear leather anyway...this isn't that much of a big deal. And you can see the difference in leather quality in person and up close...it's quite easy to spot fake leather / pleather, which is something the vegans will not admit to you.

Thanks for your 'encouragement' though. Hopefully when you need some advice and come here, you'll be gently treated with the same kindness and thoughtfulness as you've shown me.

>> No.13459381
File: 246 KB, 900x1350, IMG_2931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13459384

You are more autistic than half of the people here.
If you don't have a 'head that can suit hats' that probably means you have a weak jawline, and that's not going to look good on you if you're gonna wear long trenchcoats.

Just buy a parka like any other normal person, stop trying to stand out like you're some anime character with your trenchcoat WITH THE HOOD UP.

get some help. aspie.

>> No.13459391

Oh dear....well, again this is rather far from the topic. Hats are a problem for me because the ones that look good are not worn in society I live in (western hats tend to look really good on me), thus even if I wanted to wear a hat, it would look rather odd or it would be for the purpose of making a statement, the meaning of which I would know not.

It's very rainy where I live, so long coats that keep out the rain are very common. As I mentioned above, the hood has become 'the in' thing, as umbrellas are problematic in crowded areas and subways on the way to work.

There's no need for a parka because it never gets cold enough to warrant one (you really only need a parka for minus 15 C or lower)...if you see someone in my city wearing one, then it's probably that Canada Goose stuff which is everywhere now and has become a status symbol like Rolex watches (the only difference of course is that for some reason the Gooses travel in flocks....it's not unusual to see a group of 5 guys and 1 girl all wearing the same damn jacket walking together...).

>get some help. aspie.

Well, I'm here for fashion colour help...hence the topic. So, any ideas?

>> No.13459399

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13459407

Maybe a recap is in order.

1) I live in a rainy city, raincoats are common. The hood is now 'in', and the umbrella is 'out'.
2) I wear leather jackets almost exclusively. However I do not have a leather jacket with a hood, as they are generally rare to find and if you do find them, they don't fit well.
3) I came across this design completely by accident, having never played DMC. Nor do I actually care about the 'controversy' surrounding the redesign of Dante, which apparently caused some consternation amongst the fanbase.

So, the jacket itself (leather long coat with hood) is a design that fits my lifestyle. The problem I have is that I'm not very good at determining what colours go well with each other. The jacket is dark grey with a dark red interior, the leather being distressed and 'antiqued' so the colours are more muted towards the darker spectrum.

So, what goes well with dark blood red accents? Everything goes with grey...but red is the difficulty for me. Does that make sense?

Oh, and one other thing. I'm not trying to decide whether or not to buy the jacket...the jacket is bought, and hopefully on the way to me in the post. The question is about the colour combos, that's all. THANKS!!!

>> No.13459410

The only colors and things that will look even remotely good with this if you’re serious is black and white fitted t shirts, no suits, no ties, no button ups, simple t shirts, black, indigo, or dark wash denim jeans, and black boots or brown if you go with a jean lighter than black.

>> No.13459432
File: 486 KB, 1365x2048, I don't understand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am deadly serious. That's why I'm still here after 2 days.
1) The fitted t shirts are fine, I agree no ties, colours work fine. BUT!

I think a waistcoat would look excellent with this, if the trousers were not too formal but not too shabby either. So, button up shirt but not all the way to the top, with waistcoat. Essentially a kind of 'Jack the Ripper' style. Formal but slightly twisted. Thanks for your ideas, it's greatly appreciated.

REGARDING THE PIC! Okay, here's what I was going to post a moment ago. This is considered 'fashionable'. I still can't figure out why. First, leather blazers never work, ever. It's just a design flaw. Second, to pair something this bright (red) with a bright blue shirt seems to be a complete error. Then you have checked trousers...so, pattern on the bottom and solids on the top....shouldn't it be the other way around (i.e. the only reason your eye is NOT looking at the pants is because of the extremity of the colour combination at the top....but normally the checked pattern would draw the eye to the legs as that would be competing with the solid colours on the top which are visually boring). Then you have everything being fitted except the shoes which are big and clunky.

I don't understand it, but obviously someone does....and surprisingly, if I just look at it, it's not offensive. But I can't for the life of me understand WHY it's not offensive.

That's why I have difficulty with fashion. Even if I discount the obvious (which is that if you're a runway model, anything looks fine due to the proportions), the combination of textures, colours, and styles are alien to me. But they must make sense to someone...do they make sense to any of you, and if so, can you explain to me what is working here? Thanks in advance....

>> No.13459443

I really want to kill OP.

>> No.13459455
File: 45 KB, 500x750, I get it..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay....well, have a good drink, and a good cry, and maybe you won't feel so bad.

PIC TWO!! Here's another example, which is probably what is guiding my ideas regarding colour. This is far more conservative, and makes perfect sense to me. With red, you're 'stuck' with grey as a background palette (hence the grey suit), and everything else is a shade of red (shirt is towards white, tie is towards black, as is standard). It's extremely uniform, and everything is 'unified'.

I'm not saying I'd wear this. What I'm saying is that I fully understand the combinations of colours and why they are used where they are used.

Unfortunately, I've been doing research for the past few days to try and determine 'what else' goes with the jacket I purchased. The obvious (Dante-core) is all black or white. Grey is the next obvious, but it matches the palette of the jacket too much, so I'm not planning on going in that direction.

I can't determine if I should risk a blue of some kind that is not dark blue. I really don't think green is a good idea at all....or yellow. The point is, I'm looking to find out if anyone can say, 'well, you can do green if you do this...' or 'don't do yellow...it will never look good because of this....'

The way it looks right now, blacks/whites/greys are the most conservative and guaranteed to work....but I'm wondering if it's possible to do anything else more risky that works aesthetically. Does any of that make sense? I appreciate your responses everyone...

>> No.13459457

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13459477

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13459533

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13459594

Bro, I gave you a serious answer that should be the end of this thread, instead you gave me a six page paragraph on stupid shit I don’t really care about. I tried to be nice but you’re baiting.

>> No.13459603

I know your answer was serious, and I thanked you for it.

What I wrote afterwards was a little background as to why I can't figure this out and perhaps a helpful hint towards anyone who really knows fashion aesthetics (this is /fa/, after all). I assumed the people who frequent this board would be interested in the subject, and be better at it than me.

I realize that the coat is not normal at all, and doesn't fit into the usual sectors of fashion that most people have to deal with in life (suits, shoes, and fashion trends out of media). But that doesn't mean that someone here doesn't have enough expertise to enlighten me on aesthetics of colour rather than quickly and easily dismiss the jacket as a lark or a troll. I assumed that people here actually talk about fashion, about trends and combinations and directions of fashion, taking into account historical ideas and things like that. I had no idea that discussion topics were so limited here.

Aside from what you suggested (which I commented on), can you think of anything else that would go with it that is not within the boundaries of the norm that I think is already established? Thanks in advance.

>> No.13459619

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13460127

This is the only stupid bullshit "reply or whatever" I will ever respond to because I'm probably losing my hair with so much worry that this is going to happen to me and I can't bare it so
>"Your gift is to great for me"

>> No.13460131
File: 14 KB, 450x479, 74448988d4ad9bd2b8e52abe3b7f61ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pls do this it fits

>> No.13460148
File: 44 KB, 512x512, Morgana-Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking cool, Joker!

>> No.13460168

pls dont let this thread die

>> No.13460174

can a drawfag pls draw anons fit and assume hes a tubby jawlet.

>> No.13460184
File: 186 KB, 1008x1500, 81Xwk3agWcL._UL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, any fitting trousers will look good. Ripped jeans, striped formals. Just make sure you don't take too many accessories from one theme, so you don't look cosplaying

>> No.13460199

Your gift is too great for me, master.

>> No.13460206

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13460253

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13460259

Doesn't matter where it comes from, its school shooter levels of edgy

>> No.13460344

I have MANY. 5 Soul Revolvers in fact. Go create a thread and I’ll defrost contribute some pics.

>> No.13460354

This guy is actually “crafting” posts and has invested in some decent items by the sounds of it. Agreed - we need a leather jackets General.

>> No.13460576

It does, but then I need to get a cane and shit...and also, one of the elements that the jacket exudes is 'hard wear'...a well cared-for top hat is a little wrong. If it were distressed, then it's a maybe, but only for Hallow'een...but that's not the purpose.

Also (in all seriousness) there is no point wearing a hat when you're wearing a hooded jacket. Thanks for trying though....

Aww...but I just went down another waist size last month...you should be proud of me.

Yes, I was thinking about this for sure...but this was also an element that I was wondering about earlier on in the thread. Because of the Dante-core thing, I know that skinny/torn/black jeans will be absolutely fine. By translation, ANY skinny/fitted jeans or trousers would be fine. What I'm wondering is if it's possible to go outside of this aesthetic direction: in other words, how would normal fitted jeans or trousers look? The thing is, I have no idea, and that's why I ask. The jacket should be fitted as well, so theoretically you can't really have a fitted jacket with non-fitted trousers...the trousers just look like a baggy attempt. That concept should be uniform, for sure....at least, I think.

Thanks for your thoughts....what do you think about mine? Am I completely off the mark?

Yeah, but now that shooters are wearing all kinds of things, I think we're getting past the point where long coats are only associated with 90's autism and 00's Matrix try-hard. All fashion goes in cycles, all dependent on how easily and quickly people forget. So, I expect long coats to come back, certainly within the next few years.

>> No.13460580

A thread about leather jackets? Well, we could...but in all honesty, though I love talking about leather jackets in general, the bottom line is that there never seems to be any serious interest here because the 'leather jacket' is like 'the chuck taylors' or 'the umbrella'. It's seen as a single entity rather than a multitude of possibilities, and the idea is that once you have 'a leather jacket', then you've ticked off the box for that part of your wardrobe. That's how it's portrayed in the media (written mostly) as well...that once you find that one jacket that suits you, you give up the search and move on to other things.

It's understandable. Leather jackets are expensive, they're very difficult to get fitted correctly if they're off-the-rack and you don't have an off-the-rack body, they require a little bit of knowledge to keep them clean and fresh, and they require time to wear in so that they look like they belong to you instead of belonging to the store you bought it from.

Combine that with online sellers who are either complete frauds, completely authentic, or something unknown in between, and you have a very complex situation that affects everyone financially.

Lastly, and this is probably the most important point on leather. Given the subjects that seem to govern the threads, I don't think leather would be able to sustain itself as a topic because of the sheer expense. There is no such thing as cheap leather, or else it is not leather. Same for companies that produce coats/jackets/gloves...they all start at a range of pricing that most Anons would not dare to spend on a single item, and I can't blame them for it. The economy is shit for many people, savings are down for many people, and there is a lot of uncertainty financially regarding long term prospects and jobs.

I don't know...what do you think?

>> No.13460581

anon you better post pics when you get the jacket, dont let all this be for nothing

>> No.13460589

Thanks...I'm just writing what comes to mind though. I started this thread because I'm seriously interested in what you guys have to say about fashion because I haven't researched heavily into it. I saw the jacket, it fitted my needs, so I bought it. But after that I realised that I've never actually seen a jacket that is lined in red like this before, so I had no idea what to pair with it. That's why I appreciate people's advice here because my assumption is that you guys know more about colour and texture coordination than I do.

As for investing in leather jackets....I have to disagree with your assessment. In truth, it's simply 'bought'. While leather jackets can be sold at near their original price if in good condition, and very rarely for higher if it's a rare, sought-after piece, for the most part I see them as simply coats I'll never have to replace. As I mentioned far above, leather if well cared for will outlive the person who wears it, so it's really just about buying a coat that (as long as I don't suddenly gain a shittonne of weight) will be with me for a while.

It's a nice way of thinking about it, but the danger arrives when you start to think, 'well, if I had a different design, I could wear it with different clothing'....so you buy a second jacket. And then the same process repeats...and the third jacket...and the fourth, and so on.

I can at least help anyone out regarding the 'rules' of leather jackets though and give some ideas about where to buy them....that's where I could definitely be of some use to people. But I can tell you personally; I still lust after certain designs even though I have 7 jackets currently in the stable, with this one coming to make 8. It's just a part of it.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. Leather is a complex subject, and unless you simply love the material and what the material can do, then really it should probably stay as 'the leather jacket'...

>> No.13460592

If the thread is still up, I will. If it's not, I'll make another. Of course, that's if Soul Revolver got the sizing right. If they didn't, then pics would be useless, unless anyone is interested in the quality of the details of construction. Every report I've read from people who own jackets by the company have noted that they're well made, so it might be useful....or not. We'll see.

>> No.13460630

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13460814

Your gift is too great for me Ricky

>> No.13460834

It can be addicting.

>> No.13460863

Absolutely, and what makes it so dangerous is that a well fitted leather jacket always makes a person look better. For men in particular, it helps to define the traditional masculine shape that may not be sharply present in the actual body of the person wearing it. It can make shoulders look just a little more broad or angled, it can make the waist look a little more slim, and it defines the torso and arms the same way that suits define them, only the material is far more resilient. The perception of 'protective gear' really comes out of this, so in a sense you have the ultimate masculine covering: protective, with the ability to amplify or correct masculine shapes in the body.

The addiction comes from seeing more and more designs that you like and that you could see yourself wearing. I've managed to get out of that a bit though...now that I have enough to have a rotation, and given how often I can wear them throughout the season, the logical part of my brain has finally beaten the emotional one and said simply, 'if you get any more jackets of ''this'' style, you simply won't have time to wear it'. And it's true. I don't need another leather jacket that is for motorcycles (this includes cafe racers, the double-rider, or anything else). No need for a bomber jacket (I actually hate the design, though I understand why it is the way it is), no need for another 'black' jacket', no need for another 'casual' jacket, etc.....

So, perhaps that's another way of saying I've bought so many that now I've cured the addiction....lol Or maybe I'm just deluding myself. Regardless, this is the first (and probably only) hooded leather long coat I'll ever get, so it has a special place.

>> No.13460865

why are you guys ridiculing this *teleports behind you* guy. 4chan is where guys like this make their home. school shooter core is already in vogue, fedoracore and teleportscore will also unironically be in fashion in 5 years

>> No.13460869

Explain teleportscore? Wtf is it?

>> No.13460872

It's okay man, they're just having fun with the old man. Given the kind of jacket it is, and given the type of forum, I'm in some ways astonished that there isn't more ribbing. So while I appreciate the vote of confidence, there's in truth no need, and there have been enough posters with serious replies that I know the feeling of being 'aghast' at this jacket is by no means universal.

But I will echo another Anon here....what the fuck is 'teleports-core'? Is it the attempt to be superhero-ish without actually having superpowers?

>> No.13460876

Ledder jackettes General is now active. Post em if you got em.

>> No.13460879
File: 26 KB, 367x500, 1451081283225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*teleports behind you* is a cliche referring to online combat role play, which is a relic from the age of LAN parties and columbine. this type of person is also known as "mall ninja," and the demographic has crossover with fedora enthusiasts. known for trench coats, combat boots, cargo pants,black leather jackets, and other imitations of apparel from the matrix.

>> No.13460888

You need a handle brother - I suggest “LeatherLord”.

>> No.13460894
File: 143 KB, 900x1200, 1525361732591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

posting some more teleportscore inspo

needs some shit to frame the username and random capitalization for the full effect. like xX__leatherlOrd__Xx

i feel 1337 number substitutions would be too on the nose

>> No.13460898

Hmm...well, the definition makes sense...however it's simply not applicable to me.

Why do these people dress like this? I mean, they're not actually going out and sparring with people with their swords...or saving damsels in distress, or anything like that, are they? Furthermore, it always looks like they're dressed inappropriately for the weather...they always seem to be in places that look warm, or almost tropical, with not a hint of rain or darkness around them....

>> No.13460902

Thanks Anon...just posted. Hopefully some other people will too, like the Anon above who said that he had 5 Soul Revolver jackets.

>> No.13460920

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13460925
File: 998 KB, 1018x703, Necromancers Through the Ages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mother fucking Baron Samedi core...
Do it. Work that voodoo.

>> No.13460930

you play Smite?

>> No.13460936

I was thinking more James Bond, but I'm pretty sure the voodoo god of death is public domain.

>> No.13460937

It's possible, but I'm trying to think of more realistic real-world possibilities. There is Halloween, and there is all the other days of the year.

Thanks for the idea though...

>> No.13460958

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13461253

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13461256

your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13461258

any clothing is realistic if you’re brave enough

>> No.13461283

I absolutely agree..to a point. Bravery isn't the only factor...one also has to take into account societal influences and cultural references. Wearing a mankini to a business board meeting, no matter how brave you are, will still make you look like a fool, even though it would be fine on a Brazilian beach.

The voodoo doctor look is appropriate if I'm in New Orleans on a night out, but completely useless on the streets of Cambridge. Furthermore, as I may have stated earlier I do not intend on ever wearing a hat with this because from my point of view, the hat is an unnecessary addition because the jacket is hooded already. Although excess is an important part of fashion in general, this kind of excess really doesn't work (for the same reason that wearing a belt and suspenders tends to look odd).

>> No.13461339

>completely useless on the streets of cambridge
>clothing you enjoy has to have a use
You dont think you can be grand voodoo vizier of cambridge? I’m gonna steal this idea if you dont do it.

>> No.13461379

I don't live in Cambridge, I was just trying to think of a city that has almost nothing to do with voodoo historically..St. Petersburg would have been the other one that comes quickly to mind...lol

You are unequivocally invited by me personally to become the Grand Voodoo Vizier of Cambridge. Just let me know when you get your jacket so we can compare notes.

God I can't wait to get my jacket now....it's hard waiting for these kinds of things.

>> No.13461385

>your gift is too great for me

>> No.13461427

your gift is too great for me
please spare me ricky

>> No.13461466

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13461770

>I live in a rather rainy place, so people wear hooded jackets all the time. Occasionally you'll see someone with a leather hooded jacket, but it's rare

you ever think it might be rare because you're not supposed to get leather wet?

>> No.13461822

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13461842

>...you're not supposed to get leather wet...

Where in the world did you get that idea? There are definitely particular skins you shouldn't get wet (suede is the most prominent one), but leather jackets, leather gloves, leather shoes...all of it can and will get wet.

C'mon now. Do you think a motorcyclist won't wear a leather jacket when it's raining? Shall I remove my leather gloves when I touch the car that is wet from being parked in a storm outside? I don't want to say that what you wrote is idiotic....perhaps it's just naive because of a lack of knowledge.

Usually, when you get a brand new leather jacket, you wear it in the rain (or in the shower) in order to get it wet. The purpose is to wear it as it dries, so that when it dries it'll maintain the shape of your body and the creases that your body will create (in the elbows or shoulders, as an example). It's the first way to 'break in' a leather jacket.

Leather is saturated with oil to repel water, so you can wear it for many years (if not decades) without having to re-oil it. So no, I've never thought a leather jacket with a hood is a rare thing because you're 'not supposed to get leather wet'. It's rare because it's not in style right now, and leather long coats tend to be rather expensive.

Occasionally you'll see a leather bomber with a hood, but once again, it's quite rare and usually the bomber is made of pleather, not real leather.

>> No.13462300

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463177

Well, I think I've figured it out. After hours of research (admittedly, it's not a lot, but it's the first step), there seems to be a consensus in the fashion world regarding men and red. Apparently, red is a very powerful and eye-catching colour to the eye, and it tends to overpower everything around it. This explains a few things.

First, it's why it's rare to see a man wearing all red, or large canvases of red. Usually if red is used, it's used as an accent. I don't know if you guys know the Belstaff long coat worn in 'Sherlock', but the costume designer sewed the lapel button hole with red stitching, which really catches the eye HARD. And it's only a small button hole. As a small accent, it can be used with any combination of colour.

Second, if red is used for a larger spot (like the lapels on my jacket which I can't wait for), then the palette underneath or around the red must be colourless. So, black, white, and grey. The reasoning apparently is that since red is going to draw the eye, you don't want anything competing with it, and because it's a large accent, the attention translates to the rest of the piece that the red appears on. So, a red accent on the jacket translates to people looking at the other details of the jacket once they've moved on from the red.

Finally, if red is the palette (which is a general no-no for men), then the only things that should go with it are other shades of red (usually darker, as orange on red apparently looks awful) or brown. This explains Tyler in Fight Club (his JAL red coat is blood red due to the colour saturation in the film); most of the stuff he wears with it is red/brown colour scheme.

This all contributes to the final factor which again explains why so far the suggestions have all fallen into roughly the same category. As a man, apparently you should only have 1 piece of note in the ensemble. My coat will be the 1 piece. cont.

>> No.13463196

cont. Leather jackets in general are considered the piece of note regardless, hence why the palettes under jackets are so boring compared with the stuff worn underneath a blazer or a non-leather coat.

All of this contributes to the situation at present:
1) Dante-core works because the colours are unobtrusive, the fit is unobtrusive, and any details that exist simply conform to the purpose of the coat (hard-wearing protective, thus protective boots, jeans that have taken wear and are torn, etc..).
2) turtle-necks or roll up sweaters also fit because of the design, coming out of the naval tradition of long leather coats on ships and submarines used to keep out the rain (the hood is a big part of this). This also allows for proper trousers, but again in the naval colours of black or dark blue.

3) Soft fabrics are probably a no-no, of any kind i.e. no cashmere sweater underneath, no silk t-shirt, no linen trousers. This would not only conflict with the purpose of the jacket but would also add a texture underneath that is noticeable. This is a definitely no-no because leather jackets are perceived AS A TEXTURE unto themselves....I didn't know this, but that's apparently the case. So, you can't include more textures than that or else things get too complex and messy.

So, thanks everyone for your recommendations...it's making more and more sense now, but I'm also learning why there are limitations in terms of what looks good to me instinctively and how that matches up with what looks good according to the industry. I also now understand why this jacket can be so polarizing. It has a very specific function, and a very limited selection of clothing that goes along with it. It's not multi-functional at all....

>> No.13463205

based leather jacket poster

>> No.13463210

Cheers Anon...I'm surprised people are still reading at this point. The jacket sadly still hasn't arrived yet, but since it's the weekend then it probably won't be coming until Monday at the earliest. A long time to wait....

>> No.13463224

Your dark edgy soul will go well with the BLOOD RED accents

>> No.13463233

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463246

Your gift is to great for me

>> No.13463281

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463295


Interesting, I have a red leather jacket (I like red) but yeah It doesn't get that much wear because it tends to overpower.

>> No.13463298

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13463313
File: 1.45 MB, 1688x2509, P2200012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love red too...one of the other staples is a light jacket that has a leather interior that is red. In some respects, the issue should be similar to the long coat on order. See pic.

The red pops hard, and it always gets attention. But I find that I have to be much more subdued or conservative in colours when the red is being worn. At first I thought it was just because I am conservative in nature when it comes to dress, and that's partially the reason I wanted to go for something a little more risky with the long coat.

But after doing the research so far, it seems that red is a universal problem for men. On the one hand, red makes us look more 'aggressive', but on the other hand, we're forced into compensating for this in our other choices of dress.

I can only imagine how hard it would be if an entire jacket was red....if one goes with only dark trousers and shirts, then the red sticks out hard....but if you try other colours, they have to be within the same 'frame' in order to soften the red slightly (i.e. brown or even tan trousers, for example). Hell, light brown jeans could work too.

Why don't you post your jacket on the 'Ledder Jackettes General'...it seems that thread was created for us to talk jackets in general. I'd love to see it.

>> No.13463319

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463326

This thread is a fucking gift to mankind.

OP how old are you?

>> No.13463328

Young enough to wear leather, but old enough to afford it. You?

>> No.13463359

Of course, in my haste I forgot to thank you for your assessment of the quality of this thread, though I think it's a little over-exaggerated.

On that subject though...haven't you ever wanted to wear something that was outside of your normal boundary? To experiment with your own potential for adaptation? Or perhaps to risk wearing something that is absolutely a statement that might be outside of the norm of the society you live in?

If so, then you understand one element that underlies much of the discussion of this jacket. And then if/when you decide to ask people on /fa/ for advice at the time you are moving outside of your normal or comfort zone, hopefully I or someone like me will be here to give you some encouragement along with informed advice as what to do and what not to do.

>> No.13463710

Nice autism coat, great way for people to know you're retarded, without having to tell them you are actually retarded.

>> No.13463767

Thanks, though it still hasn't arrived yet. It's always gratifying to know that no matter what happens in life, I'll definitely have a more exciting one than you.

Though, you're always welcome to join me on my adventures, on the condition that you refrain from labeling me as a 'retard'. The appellation doesn't apply to me, and it is offensive to those like yourself who happily tumble into that definition.

>> No.13463776

It's video-game character tier. I'm sure it will impress the fat 30yo virgin at Gamestop.

>> No.13463780

I'm glad you'll be impressed, but I had no idea we had a Gamestop in my city...I thought they went bankrupt....

>> No.13463781
File: 129 KB, 960x640, larp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course, I think everyone wants to wear something outside of normal boundaries.

However, in this thread with everyone making fun of you is where those dreams crash down to earth. What you need to understand if this isn't an elaborate bait, is that we're trying to stop you from looking silly. You can try to "logically refute" each one of us that criticizes you, but in the end it's you that's losing. If you're so confident you might as well leave here and enjoy your autism coat.

Pic related, what you'll look like no matter what you think. Video game character design works because it's video games, not real life.

>> No.13463800

Imagine being this devastated.
You are spouting elementary reflective insults when I stated valid criticism of your unfortunate purchase.

Quite trying to validate your objectively terrible purchase, but please post a picture of yourself in the waywt thread once you get it. I'm sure it will be a great addition to the "internet fashion" compilation.

>> No.13463805

>If you're so confident you might as well leave here and enjoy your autism

No, I'm not going to leave. So far, some thoughtful Anons have given me some very good ideas about what will go well with this jacket, and it is definitely possible that more ideas are forthcoming from people who understand the core of the purpose of this thread, which I've reiterated many times throughout but of which is it obviously necessary to repeat now.

I don't care what you think about the jacket, or the design and origins of the aesthetic, or my intent on wearing it. I don't care how you 'feel' about any of those topics because they are irrelevant.

What I've been asking for (and occasionally receiving [always with my thanks!]) is advice on what goes with the colour scheme. That is the purpose of the thread. This is not a vote on whether or not I should get the jacket or wear it. You have to accept the obvious earth-shattering reality that not only have I bought the jacket but I will be wearing it rather frequently once it gets here.

Lastly, to those who have a good eye for aesthetics and design in general, they will find what I'm about to say rather redundant, but I think it's necessary to say regardless. The pic you posted is of a jacket that is profoundly awful in terms of design; even if you put it on David Beckham it would still look terrible. The design of the jacket I am getting is no where near as bad as this, and the comparison sadly destabilizes and weakens your argument.

I understand the position you're taking, I really do. I simply am not asking for that position because it is irrelevant to the core reason I came here and started this thread. I will be wearing the jacket, and I plan to enjoy the hell out of it. What I ask for are ideas about what goes well with the colour scheme. Do you have any ideas, or is the only value of your comment to miss the point spectacularly?

>> No.13463808
File: 36 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no fucking way OP is really this serious.

This thread has to be some serious bait.

>Lastly, to those who have a good eye for aesthetics and design in general, they will find what I'm about to say rather redundant, but I think it's necessary to say regardless. The pic you posted is of a jacket that is profoundly awful in terms of design; even if you put it on David Beckham it would still look terrible. The design of the jacket I am getting is no where near as bad as this, and the comparison sadly destabilizes and weakens your argument.

Holy shit.

>> No.13463810

>valid criticism

What is valid about it? That you don't like it? Please, enlighten us all. What specific elements do you deplore? What about it is specifically 'video-game character tier', aside from the fact that the design originated in a videogame?

>You are spouting elementary reflective insults when I stated valid criticism of your unfortunate purchase.

Beautiful...my memory is faulty, but did you not start all of this out by calling moi en retard?

It's okay Anon...you can join me. It's not as difficult as it seems....just let go of your prejudices...you too can embrace being different. It's not like the 'being yourself' that is currently espoused by parts of our political left....no no, it's far more honest than that.

It's okay...you can do it. And when you do, I'll be the one in the awesome coat waiting for you in the rain.

>> No.13463812
File: 1.63 MB, 1080x1556, 1504856541781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What is valid about it? That you don't like it? Please, enlighten us all. What specific elements do you deplore? What about it is specifically 'video-game character tier', aside from the fact that the design originated in a videogame?

>> No.13463813
File: 82 KB, 640x409, RIDE OR DIE BITCHES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay then. Black distressed cutoffs, black combat boots, a shirt that says "Natural Selection", a devil-may-care attitude, a wicked grin, and a keyblade to strike down everyone you meet.

>> No.13463818

Different question, OP.
Where do you live?
What country?

>> No.13463819

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463821

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463823

$20 he's indian. Indians go crazy for retarded goth shit

>> No.13463829

Well, thank you! That wasn't so hard, was it?

First, most of it tends to fall into Dante-core, which was established near the top of this thread as being something of an obvious choice. I think too that most of it can translate into other colours; though black/white/grey are obvious, other dark t-shirts should be suitable (dark blue/purple/red/green should be fine). The same translation goes into the trousers and the boots as well. Incidentally, I don't tend to wear shirts that have any slogans on them of any kind, so I think I'll leave that to experiment with another time, though it's an idea. Is there a particular brand you had in mind for the 'Natural Selection', or is that simply something you threw out there?

The 'devil-may-care' attitude will be there, the grin is always there, but the keyblade...well, I don't know what a keyblade is, nor is it necessary to strike down everyone I meet. That's just rude.

Thanks for the ideas though. Do you have any other thoughts of things that go well with a jacket like this outside of the Dante-core aesthetic? The Naval aesthetic seems to be a guaranteed fit (i.e. turtleneck, dark trousers, etc.), and the rustic suit (maybe pinstripe Jack The Ripper kind) seems to fit as well...would you have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

I live in a place that gets rain enough to warrant having a raincoat, and one where umbrellas tend to be cumbersome so people right now seem to enjoy wearing hoods instead.

lol You lost your money, Pajeet. Indians aren't as tall as I am, and furthermore while they love wearing leather, they don't seem to understand concepts of fit. Unless...did you mean Native American, which some people still call 'Indian'? I'm not one of those either...though their art and sculpture is spectacular...

>> No.13463830
File: 180 KB, 1200x1148, zT1iPAV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP is intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor. Pairs nicely with this.

>> No.13463836

I appreciate the sentiments...but the shirt simply won't do. Too much lime green (lime green is a no-no on the colour wheel if blood red is accenting).

Thanks though, I'm always open to ideas...this certainly was not what I had thought about at all...

>> No.13463837

>I live in a place that gets rain enough to warrant having a raincoat, and one where umbrellas tend to be cumbersome so people right now seem to enjoy wearing hoods instead.
So you've said. I asked what country. Your reluctance to give specific answers makes me question your self-confidence despite your constant claims that you don't care what anyone thinks. I'm not even critiquing the jacket, just trying to get an idea of what sort of culture you live in.

>> No.13463841
File: 36 KB, 350x537, kjsakf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah - Natural Selection is a new streetwear startup getting into a sort of 'loner' style. If you google the brand you could get some ideas from their recent shoot

>> No.13463845
File: 153 KB, 800x1136, 21445521525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recent shoot

>> No.13463852

I appreciate your point of view, but my unwillingness to reveal my location has nothing to do with self confidence, and everything to do with the availability of information on the internet. C'mon now, I'm not that young. Try that on someone on /b/ who's suicidal or on /wt/ because they trust everyone there...

The culture I live in is somewhat separate from the culture at large in the city, but that's like many of us. We have our groups of friends, groups of family, and groups of colleagues that we all spend time with. This jacket is meant for going out with my friends, journeying to work, and that's about it. Everyone I know, and everyone who knows me as a 'regular', knows that I wear leather all the time, so the addition of this piece is not going to be anything of a shock to them.

Then, if we consider 'public transport', we get into the area that is the most obvious; people in my city dress far more outrageously than I do, so there's no danger of social consternation or anything like that. People do what they want to do, and it's dangerously comfortable. Fortunately, no one hurts anyone over it. But that might change in the future...who knows.

For what it's worth, I'd never want to live anywhere else. But that's just me.

Why do they look so unhappy? If it's going to be 'shooter-core', then I don't think it's necessary or appropriate. But, thanks for the idea anyway.

>> No.13463870

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463871

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463889

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13463939
File: 19 KB, 588x880, J62-pb 13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


hey OP! I think you can pull it off, go for this look ;)

>> No.13463957

Your gift is

>> No.13463965

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464043

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464070

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464076

Basically. Even with something as basic and inoffensive like a black turtleneck and black cropped jeans, you'll still look like a cosplayer.

>> No.13464082

>Original Dante was emo
>that was what was in
DMC came out in 2001 and is a combination of Leon S Kennedy and Cobra you fucking inbred retard

>> No.13464093

>that fucking photo
There's a Yohji SS19 dump on the SS19 thread. Please for the love of god go look at that instead

>> No.13464121

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464251

For what purpose would I drop by here day after day, only to be genuinely surprised that the thread is still going, and then delighted to see that there are people who will give ideas that aren't obviously intended to mock me?

Think about it. As funny as I find the prospect of you wrapping your head around a theoretical Kafka-esque situation that I, the 'Master Planner', have concocted, solely for the purposes of attempting to fool you, and only you, I can assure you that this thread isn't for you at all.

Is it so absurd that in /fa/, someone might come here because they have bought a design that is slightly off the beaten track but not so far off as to be labeled Japanese-in-Congo, and is looking for advice on what potential clothing they can pair with the said item outside of the original aesthetic direction? Really? Is it possible?

Or does this thread fall into traditional /fa/, with you expecting /fa/ to remain as it always has been? A place where people attempt to find ways to out-suggest the competition in terms of outlandishness, with the win-win scenario guaranteed of either complete trolling or complete agreement and amplification of the reverse troll? A place where the only truly honest discussion surrounds items of clothing that are very affordable to many, honest because the ability to purchase it is a humble reminder to us all of the limitations fashion can force upon any man's budget, and that we all feel that pain at some point in life?

Okay....well, I won't hold it against you. If thinking that this thread is bait for the masses helps you to deal with it, then that's okay. To the other Anons who, for whatever reason, were kind enough to answer me with genuine possibilities, then the fruits of this thread are forever dedicated to you.

>> No.13464254

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464287

Decent stuff that's out of the ordinary here usually gets a mixed to positive reception. Of course there's a handful of people who'll just shit on anything that's outside of their extremely limited comfort zone, but there will be people calling them on that. Check out the cringe threads sometimes - plenty of people chime in to defend fits that maybe weren't 100% successful but that tried to do something different, "that's not cringe at all, with a little more work that could be kind of cool."

The reason this thread has so many replies (besides the balding meme magic pic) is because your jacket isn't "decent, but different", it's simply bad. I have never played a DMC game, and I could still instantly tell it was a costume piece just from how it looked. It's silly. You will look silly wearing it. You will look like the people in the "don't buy yesstyle or the Drive jacket" images from the sticky. If you post something that looks bad, and are obtuse about the fact that it looks bad, people will keep telling you that it looks bad.

Since you are set on wearing it, let me give you some advice: whatever else you wear with this needs to be completely down-to-earth and casual. The guys who said dark jeans (or chinos), boots, and a dark t-shirt (I'd advise against all black to avoid doubling down on the goth vibe, but stay dark, and very low-key.) I really cannot see it working with anything else. Do not wear it with a fucking waistcoat unless it is literally Halloween. You will look like you're wearing a costume - because this is a costume piece. It's not the gaudiest costume piece ever but the colors and lines together still make it very clear what it is. You can't see it, clearly, but other people will be able to. Everything else you wear needs to offset that.

>> No.13464308
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>> No.13464310

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464424

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464465

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464479

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13464489

an MP5

>> No.13464506

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464548
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I really don't think you can pull off this coat unless you go full-goth.

Shirt should definitely be black or gray. The cut, material, and the bright red color makes it a little too casual for a tie. A tie will just make it look like you're trying to hard, and it'll clash with the punk aesthetic. Wearing a tie with that coat is almost as bad as a vest and a fedora.
I would go with a tee or a sweater. Maybe some kind of athletic shirt.
Avoid graphic tees. That will just make you look like even more of a comic store nerd.
If you've got real confidence, you could try some bondage harness stuff too.

Dark jeans will work. I think skinny would be best, but slim could work too. Blue would definitely clash with the color scheme. Go for black, gray, brown, and maybe burgundy.
I think you should also choose something with enough visual interest, so the coat isn't completely dominating the entire outfit. Ripped/distressed/faded/patched jeans would help.
Motorcycle pants would also be a solid choice.
Military/tactical pants could also work. But I would avoid camo prints. Solid green/gray is better.
Cargo corduroy pants would also be a decent choice. But make sure they're fairly slim. If the pants are baggy, the outfit's silhouette won't look balanced.
Of course, leather chaps are always an option.

For boots, I think you gotta go with combat boots or motorcycle boots.
Workboots like Timbs wouldn't work. The profile is just too chunky. You need something slimmer.
I think there's probably a way to put together a "punk" look that would work with high-top sneakers.

TLDR: Go all-in on goth/punk.

>> No.13464549

your gift is 2 gr84me

>> No.13464737
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Looks okay with dark green trousers

>> No.13464769

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464772

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464791

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464802
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Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464804

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13464881

I appreciate the seriousness and thoughtfulness of your post. There are many things I'm going to say, and though they may be criticized as trying to 'rationalize' an inherently permanent problem, I'm still going to do it anyway to that perhaps you'll understand my point of view a little better.

First paragraph of yours, I completely agree with, and though I was somewhat polemic in my last post, I appreciate the balance in yours.

Second paragraph, here's where I begin to disagree a bit. The contention that the jacket 'isn't "decent, but different", it's simply bad'. This I still haven't gotten much clarity about. I understand the emotional or visceral reaction of seeing the jacket (i.e. 'I hate that/I love that') but what elements of the jacket specifically do you not like? Is it the colour scheme? The cut? the hood or way the hood attaches to the coat? The details on the cuffs? Everything? Or something specific? It's not that I don't understand the feeling, because I get that from other elements of fashion too, but in this case no one has actually told me what specifically they hate about it...just that it's shit, or it sucks, or it's bad, or it's cringe. That kind of assessment isn't useful in the least, and because I DO like the design of the jacket, my natural instinct is to think that the person criticizing it is either very conservative, lives in a very conservative place, lives in a place where everyone has played DMC5 (and hated it), etc.

In other words, because there is nothing specific, but just 'the jacket is bad'....that's not something that we can really discuss, and though I've stated many times in this thread that I don't actually care how people feel about the jacket, if someone is open to discussing WHY they think it's bad, then I'm absolutely open to discussing WHY I think it's awesome.


>> No.13464888

This idea continues through the paragraph: 'it's silly. You will look silly wearing it'. Again, I understand the core emotional reaction, but you haven't really given any useful information regarding what precisely is 'silly' to you about it. Furthermore, 'looking' silly is something that is absolutely dependent upon many factors that have yet to be determined (I still haven't gotten it in the post yet): fit, finish, aesthetic combinations, and the most important to your argument, the society that exists around me.

As I've stated, I live in a place where fashion goes beyond the norm, almost all the time. People wear weird shit everywhere, but it has become so common that it's lost it's sense of specialty or uniqueness. Because of this, a jacket like this simply doesn't stand out as odd as much as it might in a small town in Idaho, or in a conservative village in Bavaria. I can't stress this enough...there is no concern on my part about how people around me will perceive me, nor is there any genuine worry about looking like a fool (which is perhaps foolish, to a degree, but we all have our flaws). I bought this jacket for me, and while I expect gentle ribbing from my friends when it comes out, eventually we'll all move onto ribbing someone else about their latest purchase (maybe a new watch, or a new hat or something). The point is, this jacket may look silly in your world....in mine it's conservative compared with what people around me tend to wear, especially in their off hours. Be thankful I don't have any tattoos...which were the thing a decade ago....


>> No.13464903


Regarding the 'Drive' jacket...this actually requires significant explanation, as I followed the memes with interest. One of the most important factors about understanding jackets from films is that people usually want to buy and wear them because they like the character the jacket sits on; the feeling is that if they wear the same jacket as their hero, they will either embody the character's traits or at least project the appearance of those traits within themselves to people around them. If you wear an Indy jacket, then you are adventurous, attractive to women, and hardy. Obviously we all know this doesn't work, and yet we see it time and time again. The Drive jacket fits into this category.

What many people do not know about the Drive jacket, first and foremost, is that it was a costume designed specifically for the character. Unlike the Vansen jacket from House MD or the various jackets from 24, the Drive jacket was constructed based only on the costume designer liking cheap korean patterned aviators. These things, before Drive, were bottom-of-the-barrel, and in some respects, still are. The one in Drive, of course, is far superior in terms of quality of manufacture, fitting, and design elements that were taken from many other sources.

The actual jacket used in the film is a nice jacket and fits well on Gosling's frame....because it was made for him. Secondly, we accept it on screen because fashion on screen always has an extra layer of acceptance because characters within the film never note how odd it looks. Thirdly, the character wearing the jacket is a character with confidence and portrayed charisma, so we have the third layer of power for the wearing of clothing. These elements are never thought about to the casual person buying a jacket because they like their favorite character and want to be them.


>> No.13464917


What ends up happening is that they buy the jacket, but all the important elements that make the jacket work on screen are removed. First the fit is ALWAYS wrong, because most fans of these films are not in film-shape. Even if they are in film-shape or close to it, it's astoundingly difficult to get jackets that fit you like they should on screen, because unless you are willing to spend money to tailor heavily, then there will always be things that are out of alignment or wasteful of fabric. Secondly, on screen we have the acceptance of characters within the film world of the strange clothing, so a kind of social acceptance. In the real world this doesn't happen, and if it does, we can always tell when someone is just humoring the person or if they're being honest. In some places, someone dressing as a hippy is still going to elicit keks, even though the style has been around since the 70's and already went through a re-awakening in the late 90's. Then we have the third dreaded element: the character in the movie has charisma and confidence, and most people who where this kind of shit in person absolutely do not. They're emulating characters who onscreen are better than them, in the hopes of gaining whatever magic over society that the film characters have. That's why it's so easy to see people trying hard at this.

In short, these are the reasons why the Drive jacket usually fails so spectacularly and hilariously, but (sadly) the same effect was seen when everyone was dressing up like Neo in early 2004-5 or when everyone was dressing up like punk rockers around 1997. It's dressup, and it's obvious that it's dressup.

Now, what relevance does this have to me, to you, and this discussion?


>> No.13464936


I'm absolutely convinced where I live that we've gone past the point of a fashion culture that is firmly cemented in one general aesthetic or tied to one period in history. Although haute couture will demand that we see it otherwise, the fact of the matter is that people on the streets of cosmopolitan cities where any combination of anything; this is what modern real-life fashion has become. It's always a combination of what people grew up with (and what they've kept or jettisoned), what works for their body (and why they'd never change that in a million years), and what random elements they pick up from their social group or the people they admire. What has changed however is that there is no dominant aesthetic. Even if we look at suits, and suit culture as exemplified in finance, we see people breaking suit rules with aplomb, and not only do they not give a shit about it, but their colleagues don't give a shit either. Sure, a 65 year old banker on the way to retirement will shake his head at the youth who don't know a thing about a proper cut, but the vast majority under 35 have realized that fashion is disposable because of how quickly it moves, and thus there is no reason to stick to something when by the time you establish it, it's seen as outdated, or worse, old-fashioned.

We no longer have fashion icons who set the bar for an entire society...we have many small ones that set the bar for their followers, and as you know the only way to be a fashion icon is to do something that isn't currently being done. This used to work well when there would be one or two main aesthetics in a society, and then the rebels could do something completely the opposite (think of Madonna in the 80's). cont.

>> No.13464957

But once you fragment and shatter this because of our current culture of 'anything goes' and 'everyone is equally the same', then you get a situation where to go against culture is really just to choose which one to go against, and by doing so you simply might just fall into another one that is happening concurrently. I can't, as an example, go against conservative preppy culture by going punk, because then I'd be like all the other punks who have already rebelled and simply stayed that way. The same effect is being seen, incidentally, in tattoo culture, which is hilarious to look at in detail if you're interested in. Now that everyone and their sisters have tattoos, they've lost meaning. It isn't special to have an arm sleeve anymore....and to the dismay of older tattoo lovers, the segment of the population they hate the most (the ones who represent conservatism and predictability) are the ones who are getting these tattoos to show how 'wild' they are...lol It's all a joke.

Now, ALL of this only applies to major, cosmopolitan cities. This doesn't apply to small towns, or conservative areas or countries. This kind of thing won't happen in Dubai, nor will it happen in Beijing. But, I don't live in any of these places, so it doesn't matter.

So, to get to the point, which admittedly it's been a long time coming to, I'll try to explain to you why I don't find the coat silly, or have any worries about being socially castigated for wearing something that makes me into a fool.


>> No.13464966

1) The main tenets of why people buy jackets of characters they like to embody them do not apply to me. I saw the jacket first, bought it, and then did research on it to find out what it was based on. I haven't played DMC5, nor do I honestly care about the game or the characters...I bought it because I like the design of the jacket and it suits my practical needs entirely. So, I don't care about the relation to the character, even though others might (and as I've stated many times before, most of the people I hang out with or encounter have never even heard of the game). So, association with the game is entirely irrelevant.

2) Where I live, the fashion aesthetic has fractured to the point of no return, for good or bad. Anything goes with anything, and given that this isn't even close to the wildest things I've seen and encountered at a pub or on the subway, the issue of this jacket being silly just doesn't hold water. You have to think of it...if everyone looks slightly ridiculous, then no one does. It's like when we look at pictures of normal people from the early 90s, with their pastel colours, oversized sweatshirts, and gigantic prescription glasses (the leftover of the 80's)...today it looks completely fucked up...but back then, everyone was wearing it, so no one stood out). Now, apply that to a modern era where any style goes, so people where anything. A coat like this only looks strange in a society where this fracturing hasn't happened yet, either due to their population size, their cultural uniformity index, or other factors (usually financial).

3) Thankfully, I'm what could be considered good shape. Not fantastic, but not even close to obese. I have muscle in the right places, and I know how to dress for my body. If the coat fits well, then it'll be fine and will not look out of place on my body (which is usually the thing that tips people off to a 'costume' rather than an extension of someone's personality). cont.

>> No.13464975

Finally, me disagreeing with you on your perception of the design absolutely comes from a core understanding that I've come to over the years: that fashion up until the internet was relatively stable for periods of 5 years or so but then after that began to quicken and fragment so that now it's purely seasonal. This quickening could not occur without the internet, which disseminates information worldwide instantaneously. But this availability of information comes with a price, of course...aesthetics no longer are stable for long enough to affect an entire society...they're just stable enough to affect very small segments of it. Because of this mix, you get not just cowboys, but you get modern cowboys, traditional cowboys, fair and foul weather cowbows, etc, all with their own unique alterations to the basic concept of boots/jeans/button shirt and hat, and if you know the cultures, you can recognize them instantaneously. Then you multiply this out, to not only include all the other aesthetics.

Then, plunk all of them into a city, walking the streets, taking the subway or bus, and going to clubs. What do you get? You get a devaluation of aesthetic strength and a higher valuation in doing something for yourself. You get people wearing whatever the hell they want to, because no one will call them out on it because everyone is doing the same thing (wearing something odd). This jacket could be wilder...and even that wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Does all of that make sense? I hope it does....there's not much else I can explain.
Now, onto your practical suggestions.

>> No.13464980

This pseudo intellectualism is killing me lmao

>> No.13464984

Thank you for the third paragraph, that's what this thread is all about (supposed to be, anyway).

I agree that going all black would be a bad idea...I hadn't intended on it, as the goth thing just isn't interesting. I completely agree with it needing low-key clothing. The waistcoat is an idea only if I'm wearing suit material underneath (i.e. in lieu of a blazer or jacket, I'd wear the normal suit stuff, with the coat on top, but with a vest instead of just a bare shirt and tie). We'll see though...I have to experiment with it in order to determine if the Halloween result will indeed be true.

In terms of the jacket being a 'costume' piece, well...that goes into what I was going into before with the walls of text. I don't need to (but I will anyway) tell you that a double-rider leather jacket is a costume piece as well (it's now being seen as the jacket from The Walking Dead), even though the design has been around for a very long time and has gone through phases of its own (rebel, biker, rocker, punk, neo conservative flair, etc.). Everything is a costume, if it's in the wrong society. It's not that I 'can't see it' for what you see it as. I do. I just live in a society where no one else sees it as a costume except the elderly, and other people simply see it as a cool rainjacket that isn't bright green or tan or black.

Thanks for your ideas, I'll definitely keep them in mind.

>> No.13464994

Going full goth isn't an option, it's a little too try-hard (especially as I'm not goth anyway). I think a tie is possible, only I have to find a shade that isn't going to be a problem for the red lapels. I have to think a little about that. A tie with a coat absolutely works...any long coat (whether cashmere or wool or anything like that is normal for business attire)...but wearing a tie with this coat is dependent upon the colour palette...something I'm still trying to figure out.

I agree about avoiding graphic tees. Athletic shirt, maybe....I have an idea about that, but it's dependent upon how fitted the coat comes in. Soul Revolver is known for making jackets and coats that are slim fit, so it might work. The bondage harness stuff though...no.

Jeans, agreed. Thanks for the idea about burgundy...I hadn't thought of that. Interesting ideas about the different texture to offset the dominance of the coat...again, I'll think seriously about that (it's probably why distressed jeans are a standard for this kind of thing). I won't do military stuff though...again, not my style at all. I agree about the silhouette though being destroyed wearing something baggy...we've seen how that ends up from the 2005 Matrixcore stuff with jeans that were tree trunks under slim jackets. Boots, I agree. Interesting about the Timbs being too chunky....I'll have to think about that. High-top Sneakers seemed to be something to consider seriously, because high top no matter what would work with this jacket. But, we'll see...I'm looking forward to experimenting.

Thanks very much for taking the time to think about this. I appreciate it.

>> No.13464997

Awesome! It's like Urkel-Kore, if he went dark!

>> No.13465015
File: 83 KB, 577x890, ranger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could have bought literally anything else from soul revolver but you had to go for the one piece whose source material is based on a caricature of a demon hunter designed by a Japanese game studio.

You could have gotten the pic related lord of the rings jacket, the max payne trench coat, or even the watch dogs jacket if you really want that red. But you had to go for this demon hunter jacket just because you like the design.

On top of that, you like the piece but you have to 4chan to ask for advice on how to wear it.

These actions alone speak worlds about your lacking eye for aesthetic and sense of fashion.

The way you type reeks of pseudo intellectualism and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Your constant reference to your "average height, average shape but not good" makes me think you are just a pasty average white guy who is neither in shape or obese, just absolutely mundane. And here you are buying an outlandish jacket because you think it will help you defeat your mediocrity.

Return this jacket otherwise you are truly lost.

>> No.13465032

A shame...I thought you were going to refute my points, present me with better ones, and join in the discussion, adding something of value to it. You're still welcome to do so.

Lots of things here, so I'll go one by one. This is the first jacket from Soul Revolver, and probably the only one I'll get from them. If I wanted a jacket from other things, I'd go with the original maker (JAL did the Max Payne and Fight Club jackets, etc.), but that is not my interest. It's like you've missed the point, and the other posts I've made above. I have a stable of jackets already; this is going to be the only hooded leather rain coat that I have. I like the design, and it's different to anything I've ever seen. That should be easy enough to understand.

The second point about asking 4chan 'how to wear it'...that's a no. I'm not asking how to wear the jacket...I'm asking what goes well with the colour scheme of the jacket in addition to the normal Dante-core which is what it was designed for in the first place. It's like you're purposefully coming here just to comment without reading what came before...

Again, psuedo intellectualism; what have I said so far that isn't true or supported with your eyes? You know that labeling people doesn't work in arguments, it doesn't change anything...at least, if you're on 4chan then you should know this as instinct. Also, I think you misquoted me pretty inaccurately: I am definitely average height, better than average shape (given that most people are obese and I'm not), with all the elements in the right place (shoulders to hip ratio is nearly ideal, etc.)....

None of your post is applicable at all to me, and while I understand the reason for your anger, it doesn't further the conversation at all, it just gets thrown into the basket of 'I hate this jacket. It sucks. You suck'.

If that's how you feel about it, you're welcome to depart. But, you're always welcome to come back, if you're serious.

>> No.13465039

Jesus Christ no

>> No.13465053

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465073
File: 82 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f48531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

revolting fit

>> No.13465097

Where do you live?

>> No.13465134

For real, what makes you think all those things which make people fail at pulling off the Drive jacket won't happen to you?

>> No.13465161

Incidentally, the biggest problem with the 'Ranger' jacket is that it serves no purpose at all. Having a midlength duster that can't close at the front is....well, useless. I still don't know what they were thinking when they created it. It's like making a doubloon or a leather gambeson...they're fine for period re-enactment, but for normal modern practical wear, they're useless. Even the length of their design is all wrong, and the shoulders don't separate either (which is functionally incorrect compared with Aragorn's actual duster).

See: >>13464966
and >>13464975

So, keep reading, it's pretty clear. That's why the walls of text are there: to address the issues that have been raised so that you can understand why it's different for me than for the neckbeard who's overweight, carrying a kitana, and living in the midwest. I am none of those, even though those are what 4chan has immortalized on screen as 'the reject'....

>> No.13465194

That's why I'm curious as to where you live. I used to live near Tokyo and hang in Harajuku and Shimokitazawa a lot, so I've seen more than my fair share of actually wild and experimental fashion. I hung around in one of the most fashion-progressive places in the world.

Thing is, there's a very, very clear difference when something is a fashion experiment/statement, when something is a work from subculture and when something is cosplay.

This is very clearly something of the third. The blood red accent isn't very tastefully done and screams edge and topped with the hood+length makes it clearly a cosplay piece. It's not even the nice kind of Rick Owens edge where there's a really interesting play in silhouette either.

>> No.13465225

Yes, I spent time in Tokyo as well (many years ago, to be fair), and in truth that was where my eyes were opened to the possibilities of how far experimental fashion can go. But as you've correctly pointed out, there are clear differences between fashion statement/experiment, subculture, and cosplay. Furthermore, their experimentation comes from a deep-seated cultural problem they're still dealing with now: tradition in a monoculture and a rebellion against it.

I live now in a city that is less open to that form of experimentation, you could say, but at the same time it's no where near as conservative as places I've visited in the past. Furthermore, the root cause of people rebelling against traditional culture doesn't exist here because the millenials now form the major consumer base of nearly all clothing manufacturers. As everyone in the industry knows, their brand loyalty is the lowest of any generation, and when you combine their interests in vintage clothing (not only for the designs but for the price), you get what I was talking about earlier; a situation where everything is mismatched, thus creating a 'match' within, with the main factor always being fit. If it fits well, then 70's bottoms can go with 90's tops and a jacket from the 80's to round it off. But only as long as it fits...that's the key determining factor in all of it.

The other rules still apply of course: texture and colour are things which really can't be broken, because when they are they are obvious problems. But beyond this, things like silhouette are continuously changed, and unless you stay in the suit culture (where right now everything is slim fit), you'll see everything from a neo-boxy 80's look to the minimalist early 00 to Lady Gaga EVERYTHING to whatever you want.


>> No.13465240


In Tokyo, this jacket would absolutely be in the third category, as you describe. The red accents are harsh, and obvious, and 'pixellated' (the shape of the red on the sleeves is a perfect example of this). There is nothing refined about this jacket at all...everything is 'sledgehammer'. That's part of the reason why I like it. Most, if not all of the stuff I wear is gently refined...and I want something that is entirely different to that.

As I am not in Tokyo, these considerations are not ones that have much meaning to me in terms of daily wear as other societal considerations are more applicable right now for the life I lead.

I greatly appreciate the thought that went into your post though, and I agree with you in nearly everything. This isn't a jacket that is meant to be an artistic statement, or a statement of any kind really. It's a raincoat, which will be used in the rain, happens to be made of high quality leather (which I prefer as a material to just about any other), and is odd and entirely unique to the society it's about to fall into. Beyond this there is no secondary motive; this isn't about me being transformed by the jacket, or any of the other societal implications that may arise. Yes, the odd person in the grocery store may give me a bit of a wide berth...but that's no different if I'm wearing my rather distressed cafe racer.

It's such a strange thing..it is definitely possible to wear something without people knowing where it is from, and all the implications that that holds. I've seen the odd Fight Club jacket before, but no one here points at it saying, 'Hey, he's trying to be as edgy as Tyler Durdan'. And surprisingly, that jacket looks good on people who are obese, as long as they colour coordinate (because in truth it's just a 70's design, and as much as people can critique the 70's aesthetic of polyester, they still knew how to drape coats).

The bottom line is that no one here 'cares'. It's just a jacket.

>> No.13465253

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465262

I should probably clarify; my example about the jacket from Fight Club is about OTHER people wearing it, not me. I decided long ago not to get that one from JAL, because although I fucking love the design, I could never figure out what to wear with it. Sadly, because of the huge red palette, no one else can seem to figure it out either, which leads to a lot of owners dressing....like Tyler. Patterned shirts, big glasses tinted red, etc. It becomes 'the costume' again, rather than a piece of clothing that should be an extension of the personality of the wearer.

It's a funny world, when we think about it. I try to always remove societal associations with clothing when I look at the piece itself, and though I know societal associations will always be there, I still make the effort nevertheless. That's why, as an example, I'm not adverse to wearing my normal long coat over my suit. It has Nazi implications (as it's a Boss, and cut rather sharply), but since we don't have that kind of fascist tradition of clothing here, it doesn't matter. Obviously though, I'd never wear that combination if I was on the streets of Berlin. In other words, I'm aware of these things, but I always try to judge the piece without it.

That's how I view the jacket in this thread. Remove gaming, remove Dante, remove it all. What is the jacket without the association? It's a leather jacket, with a hood, with gothic undertones and unrefined, almost machinist lines. Complete with hood and oversized lapels, yet with slim-fit body and drape. It would be almost nondescript if it were all grey, but that hasn't happened: instead blood red alters the lines. All of it in 'antiqued' leather (of which I'm very curious to see....all reports of Soul Revolver's antiqueing is good, so I can't wait to see it in person). That's it...that's the jacket as I see it. cont.

>> No.13465270


Yes, it has societal implications, but to me those are entirely dependent upon others, not upon me, and if the people around me either don't know about those associations or don't care, then why should I? In other words, why should it matter?

This has nothing to do of course with the original purpose of this thread; to help me determine what goes well with a grey jacket with blood red accents. My understanding of colour coordination is absolutely 'en retard'; that's why I came here. And, I'm learning, thanks to many of you.

But to me the design is something that is very attractive to my eyes, as it is a very serious contradiction to many of the current design lines that exist where I live. It's an odd combination, ugly to some people, and I understand that.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and thoughts. Just because we disagree doesn't mean I can't learn from you or reconsider the ideas as time goes by.

>> No.13465272

Holy fuck I've never seen so many long as fuck posts about an ugly coat. It's going to look like fucking cosplay whatever the sperg wears it with.

>> No.13465273


Just please please please post pics when it arrives.

>> No.13465281

I plan to; as I mentioned before, if the jacket actually fits properly and doesn't need any adjustments, then pics will be had. If alterations are required or something is off, then I can still do a few pics of the actual jacket anyway, in case anyone is interested about the quality of leather or construction. I don't expect the to make a shit jacket, their reputation is as close to sterling as it gets. So, we'll see.

>> No.13465295

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465350
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This thread is still going

>> No.13465364
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how is this real?

>> No.13465385

this thread has made me lose the will to live

but i would rather die than step foot outside my house in that fucking coat, my lord

>> No.13465435

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465450

Really? You know the scary thing...this thread actually makes me more excited to get the jacket. Talking about why I love the jacket just increase the feeling of 'can't wait' or 'Christmas is coming'....man, the days go slow....

>> No.13465451

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465484

I know it's too late but your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465497

> There is nothing refined about this jacket at all...everything is 'sledgehammer'. That's part of the reason why I like it. Most, if not all of the stuff I wear is gently refined...and I want something that is entirely different to that.
You just said here that it won't go with your wardrobe, which is reason enough not to get it.

>It's a raincoat, which will be used in the rain, happens to be made of high quality leather (which I prefer as a material to just about any other), and is odd and entirely unique to the society it's about to fall into. Beyond this there is no secondary motive; this isn't about me being transformed by the jacket, or any of the other societal implications that may arise. Yes, the odd person in the grocery store may give me a bit of a wide berth...but that's no different if I'm wearing my rather distressed cafe racer.
There's no way you can claim this isn't a pseudo intellectual style of writing.

Also leather is a terrible material for a raincoat.

>> No.13465517

I'm not entirely sure where I said that specifically. The basic issue is that I can do a Dante core if need be, but it's not what I'm striving for. Within this, the core issue of the thread is that I cannot think of anything else that goes with grey jackets that have red highlights, so I was looking more for colour combinations rather than aesthetic combinations, though those are always welcome as well. The jacket can go with parts of my wardrobe, but the colour is the question for me, as I'm somewhat underdeveloped when it comes to understanding colour (though I'm trying to rectify that as I type).

As for my 'pseudo' intellectual style of writing. Considering that this is how I always write, I'm not entirely sure what is 'pseudo' about it. You're implying that I'm attempting to either fool people or trick them into believing what I write solely by choosing my words carefully and specifically, and not using language in the traditional loose way that it is used on 4chan. I'm not entirely sure how I can disabuse you of that perception however....

Should I say that I'm not trying to convince anyone here that this jacket is awesome? Well...I'm not. I already know it's awesome. The problem is that I have trouble thinking of additional possibilities that go with this jacket, and if you'd read the posts about halfway above, you'd notice that I came to some conclusions as to WHY this jacket requires a limited palette, according to common fashion theory.

Finally, leather is great for a raincoat....you should try it. It doesn't get heavy with rain (like cotton or anything else), it beads and repels water if well kept, it dries fast, it looks good on you, it's hardy, it doesn't leave rain marks (again, if well oiled), it is the best windbreaker....the list is endless. I'd rather this than wool, gabardine, any synthetics, or anything else.

The one problem is that it doesn't breath as well as synthetics, but that depends on how much you retain heat.

>> No.13465816

Either OP just baited himself at this point or he has a serious mental disorder. There's no use in arguing or even trying to help him. I feel bad for his family...

>> No.13465843

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13465949

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466036

As this thread is nearing its limit, I thought I'd just take a moment to thank you all for your contributions. I'll take your suggestions seriously, even the critiques, and when the jacket arrives (hopefully tomorrow, but probably more likely in the middle to end of the week) I'll post an update on how things go.

I really do appreciate your ideas, even if it is just to say, 'don't wear it, you're a retard, it's ugly, etc.'. At least you're being honest, and honesty is in very short supply at the moment in our world.

Good luck in your own individual fashion and aesthetic experiments, and if you ever feel like it's too dangerous to post an honest question here, take solace and comfort in knowing that even if other people might make fun of you, I'll at least try to give you options on how to make things better. And if I'm not here, then I'm sure another Anon will happily shoulder the responsibility (though not a heavy one).

The best to you all, and my thanks.

>> No.13466387

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466391

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466393

pink dress shirt, lol

>> No.13466415
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An axe and a mental disorder

>> No.13466418

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466421

Good bye.

>> No.13466426

unironically the best thread on /fa/ in a long time

>> No.13466512

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466558

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466586

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466616

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13466882
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Your gift is too great for me
Black vest

>> No.13467238

pls make another thread when you get it ΟP

>> No.13467429

your gift is too great for me

>> No.13467474

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.13467650

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.13467693

I will. It's still not here yet. I can't fucking wait though...man I'm so excited.

>> No.13467934

Your gift is too great for me