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your opinion on camo?

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the cargo pants of colors

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Those pictures are terrible. Camo should never be apart of formal wear.

Camo is usually pretty autistic unless you’re wearing a streetwear fit.

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i still wear my camo pants i got from when i got conscripted but only with a black t

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Kryptek patterns are dope. PMC use, largely.
Rhodesian patterns are dope.
Tiger Stripe is dope. Popularized by spec ops in Vietnam.
Grey multicam Crye Precision G3 pants are the dopest.

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Only good on pieces that fit the part, like cargo pants, field jackets, parkas BDU pants/jackets etc.
Streetwear, techwear or milsurp related styles. I guess you could consider the latter two streetwear but it's a matter of semantics.
These are all steaming garbage.

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Anyone recommend a good brand for tiger stripe pants?

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You don't know what you think you think you know

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Okay, teach me the truth, then.

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Lrn 2 grammar first, kiddo.

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you must mean patterns

dumb cunt

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Only looks good on cargo pants and military style items, not whatever that faggotry you posted is.

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I had a pair made by Propper that were great. That was like 10 years ago though, I don't know if they still make them.

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i cant see it

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Only Japanese camo, like Bape and Neighborhood. No one else does it right.

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Rothco does camo well tho

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I love camo, look for real military camo like tiger or chocolate camo

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STD old gay-core

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test this

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>colourful camos are aight

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who are you quoting?

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great, but only surplus.

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Looks like a retarded little boy

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Check out Moore Militaria

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No. Airsoft tier garbage.

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In this context it looks terrible.Absolutely terrible. Im so tired of tight fitting suits I hope they're really on their way out

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What are some affordable Japanese camo?

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just came to this thread to add to the chorus of people saying this looks awful. wooster is a clown and its a wonder to me he is ever considered stylish

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Thank you.

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Subjectively, go for it! Objectively, it would be smarter to wear it with Function in mind. The function of the design is to be camouflage, but if you send all your time in the city, it doesn't function very well any more, and it becomes like another design pattern like plaid.

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Buddy you think that's surplus?

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It's repro, most likely.

I think he is advising actual military camo over this:


i.e. Could not ever function as camouflage, while also looking like tacky garbage .

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Realistically, why the hell would you want something that functions as camouflage if you live in a metro city?

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Even if it wasn't repro it wouldn't be milsurp. People gotta stop calling everything military milsurp.

Hide in a bush during an event of knife assisted cultural enrichment.

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Crye Precision pants, self tapering 20 pocket gusseted crotch, double seat and knees, handmade in BJLYN to order.
"Truly a work of art. A wearable work of art."
-William Gibson


Fuck outta here son

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I like how /fa/ is slowly adopting gun shit

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That makes two of us.
Just got a rare pump action 22 remmington from the 1920's. When I visit the folks I set up cans of butane on the edge of the bluff and pink them shits from my lawn chair.

It's so simple and so fun.

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only for /terrorwave/

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Jesus christ those are expensive

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They're literally the best.

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I don't see it

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I love the wacky shit that's actually in service

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Don't use autism as an insult.

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What an edgy activity

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33 cal is about as edgy as a bouncy castle

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How long did you take to do this?

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But your image makes it look like nigger shit anon, it looks like nigger shit

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Blends right in with the trailer

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I'm glad someone followed through on what we were all waiting for

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What's /fa/'s opinion on mixing different camos?
I have a black camo jacket and a midnight blue pair of trousers that I was going to wear together.
Would they clash?

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Sounds interesting, could work, post photo

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