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find a flaw

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no inside shirt

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None to be seen. This is quite literally the perfect male physique

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belt leather doesnt match watch leather, clashes, absolute fucking shit.

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he shops at zara

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elf mode fucker get the fuck out

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not very exciting

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>not monochromatic
>watch in current year

Its like he is trying to be tasteless on purpose

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>silver belt w gold watch
>too much break

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t. pic related

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Thin hair, long forehead, strange skull shape.

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This is correct. He looks great, but it's cuz of his physique and persona. It's a safe solid fit.

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He also boring AF.

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I don’t know why people insult the Asian lesbian and the nonbinary Neo

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he looks like a lopsided midwestern ugly guy

its laughable hollywood keeps pushing him as a ladykiller

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Super boring.

Brown and blue is the most-boring color combo one could do.

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He still could pull more girls than you’re related to.

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can't be done. the GOOSE is loose

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Does anyone have that screenshot where they talk about asap carell's faded raws and shit

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I'm sensing that you consider this to be an accomplishment?

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How do you pull off a tucked in shirt?
Also how do I prevent my massive bulge from being too obvious?

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he's not my friend.

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Gosling may be the most handsome average looking person ever. I think thats why so many men idolize him.

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thanks I found the original thread but the formatting was all fucked up, I have the pic somewhere on my google drive account but I don't remember where lol

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Yup. They think it's attainable, and don't understand that the harmony of personality, physical appearance, celebrity, wealth, confidence, etc. can't be bought our earned at the gym.

The same shit happened when Daniel Craig became Bond.

Does anyone have that dopplegoose thread?

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Trousers are too long.

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now that you mentioned it, i can't ignore it
to the trash it goes

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