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Anybody know a cheaper version of these Alexander Mcqueens?

>> No.13403985

Axel Arigato clean 90s

>> No.13403999

Stan Smith's?

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Greats Alta.

>> No.13404372

lol, these look uglier version of stan smith's, and i bet they cost twice.

>> No.13405217

they are $570... might just well buy a gucci or cps.

>> No.13405226

Peep the sexy curves on the midsole tho.

>> No.13405241

Pop down primani you'll get a pair for a fiver lad

>> No.13406214

check your thrift store

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*Teleports behind you*

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unfortunately every other shoe that sort of looks like this, i.e. creeper stan smith, is just a rip off of these. You will forever feel inferior to the international students at your local uni rocking legit pairs. Just save up and buy used, I saw a pair at my buffalo exchange for like 150 so there are cheap pairs to be found.

>> No.13406664

alternatively mr porter has some on sale for 350

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