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Sneakers in this colorway that aren't these? Looking for white/light grey for the summer.

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I've seen some at aldo

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Veja 10's - 140 USD on Kith

Been meaning to pick these up for myself soon

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Copped these sambas a while back, they work great as a cheaper alternative

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You want a cheaper alternative?
Adida makes a pair and you can buy on ebay original Germany training sneakers for cheap

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Whats so appealing about this shoe?
My neighbor wore it and it looks trash imo.

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They’re the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned. The looks are divisive though, my girlfriend thinks they look retarded. I have the og colorway but think black looks better.

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It seems like they're either the most comfortable shoe or the most uncomfortable shoe according to everyone.

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Incomparably better looking then above two shoes

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