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Just came back from the Philippines

why do Filipinos love these shirts so much? desu id rather just wear a regular tshirt but every shop tried pushing this shit on me and every person there was wearing them.

they're also kind off too thick for the weather there imo

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> 3rd world fashion sense
Who gives a shit?

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Because it 'looks' expensive, it looks similar to polo or lacoste
t. Filipino

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It's considered business-casual here; long sleeve button downs are avoided because of the humid weather. Also, uni students from expensive schools like wearing prep, so other people copy them.

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I struggle to think of a country that was BTFO'd as frequently or hardly as the Philippines have been for the past 200 years. You little buk buks were target practice for like 8 countries lmao

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I agree seems counter intuitive but like other anons have said it's probably less about comfort and practicality and more about the look. Like much in dress habits.

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