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What is the most effay vape pen?

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No vape pen

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There really is none. They are non-offensive at best and ugly neckbeard at worst. If you vape for anything other than nicotine you have to reconsider your life.

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Problem is the slick ones are shit, just don’t get a big boxe that makes huge clouds, I use this shit just cause I’m too lazy to refill every 2 hours

Boy I wish I’d never started smokin

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>What is the most effay vape pen
A cigarette

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Straight-edge is the /fa/ way

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For the urban fit, I would say a crack pipe.
For a more rural-core, I would go for a meth pipe.

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Can’t someone explain to me how the Juul became an Instagram fashion thing??? I remember everyone thought vaping was super lame and now all of a sudden “it’s different it’s a juul”

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They’re never effay, but a juul at least is neutral

I see plenty of effay and business type people in nyc using juul, box mods or other pens are degen tier

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put some real shit in dat bih
and it honestly just looks better than any of the other ones; the bulky ones with the see through mouth piece are disgusting trash

>> No.13403966

Glass mouthpieces feel nice tho

>> No.13403994

It’s a fraternity meme

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Teenagers who never smoked cigarettes a day in their lives are addicted to "Juuling" and their high schools hate it, so to them it's really cool. That's how it's taken off.

For anyone else (adults) it's the same as vaping, a lame way to quit smoking cigarettes that are just as deep a rabbit hole of addiction as smokes are.

If you're going to vape, use a Juul since at least they are really small and discrete. But people who go from smoking to blowing beach ball sized vape clouds out of $300 rigs that taste like fucking candy, that's true faggotry and you might as well just smoke.

I'd rather smoke and die earlier, than be a faggot and die later. And I'm gay.

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you can put marijuana in them

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