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Which 1950s subculture is more /fa/?

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>it's a "/pol/tard pretends to find pedophilia morally objectionable in order to make people agree with him even though he can't stop jerking off to neotenic/underage blonde girls" thread

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beatniks t b h

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I will bump this.

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Neither, the 50s was the when the best ivy league style clothes were made even if the old line way of life was waning.

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Chad Mod vs the Virgin Rocker would have been a better example; US 50s subcultures were awful

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Here you go familia. You'll have to write the captions though.

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I like some beatnik era jazz but I don't really like their "non-conformist-normal" look

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Greaser style is top notch, anyone who disagrees has terrible taste.(I'm talking about clothing, not hair, greaser hair can be pretty terrible)

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>Projecting this hard

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please make this

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but beatnik is peak /fa/

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>premature balding

Nice job buying into Hollywood lies.

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yeah right
they were more alpha than greaser fags ever will be

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