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A.k.a high-class sleaze core or vegas core

Post stuff like this

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Bump, I'm interested.

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>itt a bunch of teens and early 20s kids role-playing as mafiosos
don't get me wrong the look is cool but not on kids

>> No.13403736

Pretty sure I took the bait, but theres no reason for this thread.

>> No.13403741

Indeed, i've seen threads like this before, with this guy as inspo. And it just looks ridiculous when guys with babyfaces and/or in their early 20's try to look like this.

>> No.13403747

the only variation of this core that works on young people is the "Christopher from sopranos tracksuits core"

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like this

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He could also go for corecaine because he has no fucking babyface and enough hair on his chest.

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>high class
>honda civic
Ya ok buddy

>> No.13404307

Ahahaha the civic is sleazecore as fuck

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