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haven't updated this in a year or so
might get around to it when summer starts

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Do you not carry a lighter for those cigs?

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>they EDC physical wallets instead of using Google or Apple Pay

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t. Idiot who would sell his soul to accept the mark of the beast

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>not being a cuck to someone or something
It's comfy

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You carry that manga around every day?

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no actually I like asking qts or even just nice old people for theirs

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that "NOIDED" sticker isnt very grips of you

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Painfully try hard, eminently weak minded and a slave to the opinions of others.

The beaten Coach wallet is throwing me off the sloppy tourist look but seems cool.

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as i was reading it yeah
done reading it now

i thought it was cute; it's been replaced now

why are you projecting?

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>soya carton in edc

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jebeni hrvati

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needs a vape to complete the basedboy gamer look

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dsptch shoulder bag

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And what do you do when someone doesn't accept those forms of payment? What do you intend to do if there's a large scale cyberterrorism attack? What happens if your phone gets lost or broken?

At least carry some emergency cash. Smartphones are great, but you're apparently comfortable with putting a heck of a lot of eggs in that basket.

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Pretty simple famalam.

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nice phone

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what do you mostly use your apple watch for?

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Workouts, I don't take my phone with me while running and with the LTE antenna it has now it can stream music off Apple Music plus receive calls/text/etc. It's nice leaving your phone behind everyone and then and still have the most basic features on your wrist.
And it's a nice way to stay active when most of my friends have one and we can tell a ranking on who's done the most exercise/steps/etc during the day real time.

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Is it not cool to say "noided" anymore? Genuinely curious—I haven't listened to Death Grips in years.

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i personally think it's a bit cringe unless you're using it properly

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cool thanks for response

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I think your laptop stickers look too curated.

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that's fair; i have mild autism and i like having all my shit neat and organized. i get that it doesn't really go with the aesthetic.

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is that some obscure reference to Naked (1993)?

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who the fuck carries dirty dishes with them?

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>pall mall

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i bet you do fag no-complies cuz u cant do real tricks lol

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worst cigarettes ever, if you gonna get cancer at least do it properly

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do you work at a grocery store?

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>I've got to put these dirty dishes in the picture to look cool and show people I consume caffeine
you're trying to hard

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Just got the babby vape. Pretty nice compared to the one I was lugging around before.

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no bully please.

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id on the non-galaxy phone?

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poz bratino, SRBIJA DO TOKIJA

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What is that box under your earphones? Is that an external HDD? Please name the model

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Sorry. This post >>13331362 is for this >>13325396 dude

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Not him but it appears to be a small Pelican case or something similar. I'd assume he keeps the headphones inside it.

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Thank you for your reply! Those Pelican cases seem to be really good. I'll probably end up buying one.

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>no car keys
of course

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>gee Bill, two watches?

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looks nice and practical anon. That vape is pretty small. Details? Trying to quit smoking and I don't wanna carry around a giant battery

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cool suitcase btw

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>doesn't know that scissors chan is literally a grill working for the fbi

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i dont really skate anymore but i used to just do kickflips and treflips back when i did
it was fun. there's no reason to be so angry.

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>not understanding the fucking reference
get the fuck out of here you fucking newfaggot

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Yeah, these new "pod vapes" are a pretty cool thing. This one is a Suorin Air, but it's only one of many similar devices on the market. They use a new kind of juice that lets you get the same nicotine hit with much less juice and battery usage, so they can be much smaller and cheaper than "traditional" vapes.

I'd definitely look into one if you're looking to quit smoking. I did it around a year and a half ago and I wish they'd had these simple little things when I first got off cigs. My advice is to find a decent local vape shop and go check them out in person.

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