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Pic related will help you GET anygirl

I've been watching this movie once a week (turn it off after he dies) been copying how he dresses and acts. been getting maad pussy lads
take the goose pill

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>I've been watching this movie once a week (turn it off after he dies

A-are you me? It's like 2 movies, it's boring after he dies.

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i know this feel, i swear i get more of a response from women when im wearing my ripped up stained clothes from my construction job.

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Hey op, you're very close to picrelated, just do it!

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he cute

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Woweee!!! It's almost as though a lot of women like the rugged no fucks bad boy aesthetic instead of the scrawny autistic goth ninja!!

Who would have thought???

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Just gotta get an xr650 and you’ll be good to go.

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>tfw learner on 50cc

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you inautehentic piece of shit, can only imagine how cringey you are irl if you come off this fucking deluded on a forum

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Lol i never hear anyone but my wife call 4chan a forum
Ive been with her so long shes caught on that im always shitposting on some site but she just refers to them as "the forums""what are you doing, are you on the forums?" i love her

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how old are you old man ? hahaha fuck

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Im only 23 i married right out of highschool

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fucking moron. high school sweetheart, you'll be divorced within 4 years. idiot wasting his best years, probably didn't get any higher education either

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Nope we are happy and successful but thanks for projecting your unhappiness with your own life.

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not everyone's high school gf is a dumb whore but mine sure was. we never married tho.

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>not already owning a supermoto

get on it bois

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are you from the southern US? sounds like some religious shit

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oops meant to quote >>13313327

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wr250r? rode one a while back, fun considering how small the displacement is. Certainly more fun than the drz tractor

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real hooligan shit. so fun

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I hope it continues that way, you deserve happiness and love as well as the rest of us. Have the best day ever anon.

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“Copying how he acts” - ROFL

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laughable pathetic

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fuck, >>13313581 meant for>>13313327

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is this thread for real?

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>no fucks bad boy
>construction job

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lol cute

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This is what an incel sounds like

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imagine wasting your """""good""""" years trying to get a girl

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low class poorfag, makes a lot more sense now

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did you buy it straight up or are you financing it through monthly payments? its hard to find a used one in decent condition thats not from a dealership.

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imagine being such a bitter loser that you call somebody a moron for being in a relationship that makes them happy lmao gaurantee this kid is a kekistani and manboy going his own way.

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Do you think that charismatic style is learnable? I read that he was obsessed with Marlon Brando’s growing up and imitated his voice and mannerisms, and they do actually seem similar when you start looking for it.

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i think the only look that attracts almost all girls is the soft, kpop, bts type look. girls of all varieties will find kpop boys hot

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There are two types of women, one group likes kind boys with more feminine features. And. The other prefers more masculine and dick head traits. The idea is that a women wants to taim the wild beast that is man. All women from group 1 become 2 eventually.

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It's so shit after he dies

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Just watched it, that core won't definitely get every girl unless your handsome.
He's literally called Handsome Luke, so unless you're handsome don't even bother trying.

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They can't tell the difference

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but for real this was my first exposure to the idea of romantic love as a little girl because of my dad

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>dressing for women

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>There are two types of women,

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