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Try to summarise /fa/ggot in one picture

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This thread is why I still come here

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I look better than all these guys but wont post in case one of you dicks tries to ruin how I feel about my look. The thing is, if these guys don;t have the same proportions of Goosey, they look shit,.

I'm the exact same height though and have worked out to get the exact same measurement and exact same weight, even the same hair.

I have to admit, I look good and I know it.

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is this a copy pasta

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It might be a doppleganger post.

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>thinking height & measurements make a good looking person

yeah mainly facial features

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Anddddddd here comes a jealous prick like I thought!

No, not at all. I like his look and to make it fit and look the best I have to be the same size and shape as him. It's why when some people try and copy Goosey and are a total different shape they look so stupid.

I'm dedicated. Perhaps this level of dedication seems unreal to you? I'm the real deal.

My jaw is kind of like his, my hair and facial hair is. My body almost identical.

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average streetwear wearer. such a fucking juvenile style, makes sense all these 15 year olds love that shit

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there's no conceivable way you're not trolling. if you're not you should stop posting until you hit 18 or get your autism in check, because you're lacking a huge amount of self-awareness

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>stop posting until you hit 18

Hahaha I am 35. How would some teenager have the same proportions as the Goosey? Point out what is wring in my posts. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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>still has no valid refute

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you sound like the average /fit/izen so autistic as shit

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Fuck I hope youre joking

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Can you explain why?

No and nobody has proved me with a reply as to why I would be.

Goosey is around my age. I like his look. I have the same build as him so I can wear his fits with them looking good. What is the issue here?

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Anon gets home from the gym. His mom asks him what he wants for dinner. He doesn't hear her. Anon has dedication and focus. He heads straight for the bathroom and locks the door.

Staring into the mirror he tries out a couple Goose expressions he's been practicing, but his eyebrows won't go right today. Whatever. Anon knows it's all about the measurements anyway.

He takes off his shirt and reaches into his pockets. In his right hand is a measuring tape. In his left hand is a crumpled stained piece of notebook paper that reads. "Goose Measurements".

Anon begins measuring his chest, comparing the tape to the paper. As he measures he starts to sing under his breath: "Real human being, and a real herooo..."

Anon has dedication.

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This is the perfect picture to sum up /fa/ggot. Clever.

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Very nice!

Here you go, time stamp, white henley and my tape measure.

Cry harder jealous babies.

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Just watched Drive for the third time today

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Goosey again here, going for my workout in a second, gotta maintain my goods.

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Are you completely serious, my friend?

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first one was half-believable, you ruined it now

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HOly shit this thread went from zero to a hunnid real quick. Very good lads.

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YES! What's the big deal, I really don't see it.

Look at it this way, most of you post core this and core that but do any of you actually wear those things outside? Very doubtful. I actually do. This isn't an internet thing for me. It is me.

If you actually can put forward some credible argument (no one has as of yet) I'd be happy to answer honestly and truthfully.

Just got back from my workout btw, lads.

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is this also you? >>13313215

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Haha, no it is not. Motorbikes are dangerous. I am more of a driver.

Pic related for those who think I am trolling simple because I follow through with my goals.

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based gooseyanon keep posting im having fun

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Thank you, it's about time /fa/ had a good thread.

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Ok now i know this is a troll

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you look fat. id change my mind if you had a shirtless pic from the front that showed your whole frame. as it stands its at an angle and zoomed in so i have no idea your body proportions

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sup chubsy

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You're welcome!

So let me get this straight, I say I try and get my body the same proportions and wear the same clothing. I get called a troll so post actual proof yet now it's a definite troll? WHAT?

I'm 6'1" 178lbs.

Pic related. Shoulder looks a bit silly because I am showing my trap. I am the same build as the Goose.

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can you show us a full pic of you wearing a,dare i say it, goosey-esque outfit? would love to see more

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Thanks guys

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y'all 2000s babies don't recognize Yusuke Urameshi

s m h

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sir, this is the goosey thread please take that someplace else

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Post a normal picture of your whole body you delirious faggot

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Gosling is a shitty actor desu, like most Disney kids

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no anime

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i love this thread

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dog wears it best

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Maybe, i'll admit every part of the Goosey looks fine so all together, it's something else.


Why do you want my whole body for your spank bank? Here is a body shot, you can the Goosey is 100% the same as Gosling.

*long pause* .... yeah.

A very honest thread, Goosey never lies.

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lol. everybody looks '''big''' in those poses you posted.

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b-baka... goose sempai...

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Post yours then? I'm not trying to look big. I'm trying to show I have the same body as the Goose.

I am 6'1" 178lbs. That's a size large shirt. I've been honest all through this thread.

If the Goosey wanted to look "big" he would do a most muscular pose and look 3 times bigger.

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Can we get a full body pic? Looking goose'd up bro!!

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Holy shit those are some shit bicep insertions....

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My bicep muscle belly is the same as Goslings. It's not short, it's not full either which is rare anyway.

Arms are 15" inch and chest is 45 inches. 32 inch waist. 11% bodyfat.

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Pic related.

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You're a fuckin freak.

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goosey doubters BTFO

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*long pause* ...OK.

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do you post in /fit/

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>I'm not trying to look big. I'm trying to show I have the same body as the Goose
Ok, but you don't. It's more than just statistics

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>all this fucking fat
You can feed a family for a week on that.

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Not really, I've been there, I like to keep my focus on the Gosling.

Obviously. 2 guys of the same weight are going to look different but most parts of my body are exactly the same. Gosling (like all people in movies) will get a pump before filming some scenes.

We are the same height though and have the same chest and arm size and pretty much the exact same weight. Of course I am not a clone, but it's close.

The way I see it, we were not all born as something, we became it. There is nothing wrong with becoming the driver. Why accept who you are? That's not a certainty, strive to achieve and become who you want.

When you bring others down for doing so, you're a negative person and every successful person drops so called "friends" like that and 9 time out of 10 they are unhappy with their lives.

The Goosey makes a goal and does everything to achieve said goal. Do comments attacking the Goosey do anything? No, not even a scorpion on the back. Nothing. I set goals, hit them and enjoy.

The Goosey is no "pretender" he is the real deal.

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Just the angle, I already posted other pics that confirm that. My bodyfat percentage is 11%. Much lower than yours, the Goosey is sure of that.

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that soyface doe

>> No.13314257

>I'm the exact same height though and have worked out to get the exact same measurement and exact same weight, even the same hair.
i'm big goose, and you are too

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Please stop calling yourself the Goosey. We don't think you're a freak because you meet and set goals. We think you're a freak because you have so much of your self worth invested in emulating a celebrity.

If you are the guy who posted that greentext Driver story, then it's worse. You're not striving to be the best you; you're driving to be a very troubled and repressed fictional character.

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He doesn't suit it like the runway model did

>> No.13314330

The Goosey is proud of who he is.

>We think you're a freak because you have so much of your self worth invested in emulating a celebrity.

Who sets the goals of what a worthy investment is? Is somebody who collects stamps investing in a good way?

I'm inspired by the Goose, not even him as a celebrity but his movies. By pursuing that, I achieve happiness, health from the gym and eating right and yes, I even get women.

Tell me how this is wrong compared to an obese person playing computer games all day?

>you're driving to be a very troubled and repressed fictional character.

When one "becomes" than fictional nor longer applies. One becomes reality. We're all troubled and repressed in some ways. I don't use drugs, I don't harm people, I don't commit crime. I simply drive. I am the Goosey.

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this dude has so much potential to be /fa/

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>hey dude go over and take a picture on that homeless guys stoop

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I'm new to this thread. I would just like to tell you that i feel you, and I'm on your side here. I pretty much live my life pursuing the cool. That is, i want to be someone that i personally would be envious of if i wasn't me. For one, I recently changed the way i dress to a style that i like alot more but was always too caring of what others might think of me. I know that people will shit on me for bringing up anime right now, but i once watched an anime where there was a character who was pretending to be a good person for the purpose of getting a ticket to salvation. When all was said and done, this person had actually changed so that being good had become their nature. If you want to be The Goosey, then do it man.

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Thanks man. Anyone who people look up to, that person wasn't born that way. They became that way. There is no set age at which someone must become who they are, we are ever changing and can be who we wish to at any age.

You don't have to think "Oh I'm this fat person who sits online and that's who I have to be forever or people will laugh at me and call me fake if I change" no, no. The minute you do change is the minute you have become something,. You are no longer faking, playing or pretending. You now are.

This isn't about pretending it's about becoming.

The truth is if you went to another city and were a total stranger no matter how you looked or acted people would see that as you and accept it. They wouldn't call you a pretender. It's only others that hold you back, often times your self.

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Well said brother.

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actually laughing, fucking hillarious

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you're too much mate holy fuck am fucking dying me. incredible

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pure unadulterated autism

>> No.13314727

a /fa/g is posting some funny shit after who knows how long what a miracle

>> No.13314742

another thread with similar levels of autism or trolling is that kid who went on a date & said she complained he looked like a drug dealer.
both of these are believable bc could easily be very autistic, or just trolling. so funny none the less

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I really like this thread

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Worst part is he's not even close to Goose's body proportions.

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It's real simple. You take a shirtless pic doing this pose. It's really the only metric that matters.

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I drive

>> No.13315185

fucking based

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>> No.13315216


b nice to child

>> No.13315447

>The way I see it, we were not all born as something, we became it. There is nothing wrong with becoming the driver. Why accept who you are? That's not a certainty, strive to achieve and become who you want.
You got me here desu, I may actually become the bRyan

>> No.13315877

ew he's literally fucking tubby, what a pretty face ruined by disgusting body. he'll never be fa

>> No.13315941

This thread really had me laughing 2bh, good job gooseautist

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Why does /fa/ attract these lone hardcore autists from time to time? And I don't mean the tripfags, who have debatable taste, but at least they seem interested in fashio and some common sense.
I remember that workswear obsessed guy who posted like 2 years ago. Absolutely shit taste and no sense of any kind of aesthetic. And now 'Goosey', a quite literal meme imposter. Absolutely top lmao.

>> No.13315985

Why do I want to punch these cunts in the face

>> No.13316137

"Real human Goosey... and a real /fa/ hero..."

>> No.13316167

Its okay anon
I like Yusuke too

>> No.13316412

We are dealing with a real human bean here people

>> No.13316503

>I remember that workswear obsessed guy who posted like 2 years ago. Absolutely shit taste and no sense of any kind of aesthetic.

Oioi ?

>> No.13316620

Why is this so funny???

>> No.13316638


he's a dick, sorry.

>> No.13317526

Bump in hopes of another dopplegoose post

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>tee - own from the 80's possibly kmart
>hat - dollar general
>glasses - goodwill

>> No.13319053

Genius. On a scale of 1-10 how hard is this?

>> No.13319064

>how hard is it to pretend to be someone else in an attempt to trick people into liking you?
Depends on if you're a sociopath or not

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>> No.13319285

>wont post in case one of you dicks tries to ruin how I feel about my look

Just from this I can tell you're a below average looking joe with an inflated ego.

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>> No.13319484

>squeezing your fatceps against your arms and body because youre a dyel skinnyfat loser

>> No.13319505

I hope someone makes a collage of this thread with all goosey posts but without le ebin reddit reaction faces

>> No.13319624

Nope, but I have posted like 5 times itt though.

>> No.13319804

Thanks for this, lol’d

>> No.13319811

What do I ask for at the barber for this haircut?


>> No.13320366

That’s disgusting

>> No.13320489

grain eater face

>> No.13320504

Collage this pls

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File: 186 KB, 748x1069, the_real_picture_of_mister_metokur_by_gabrielmontreuil-dc9e0ng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>I am more of a driver

>> No.13320654

I'd let the chink suck my dick tho, maybe wank him too

>> No.13320818

I'll not lie to you, bro. You have nice, goosy arms. I doubted but you proved me wrong.

>> No.13320830

agreed. Actually pulls it off.
yeah, the dude who looks like Todd Howard is the closest to pulling it off but still far

>> No.13320836

The guys that look the best get the most shit due to jealousy. Remember that.

I'm not even flexing. I could have done some curls and got a pump then flexed, but you can see I haven't. If I look like that unflexed and without a pump, it's a sure sign I am a lifter. Plus here:


My arm isn't squeezing against anything.

You...... 0

Goosey........ 1!

That's really all I do. I Drive.

It's fine, friend. It takes a big man to admit when they're wrong.

>> No.13321006

Drive is my favorite movie of all time and except for the retarded jacket, I have tried to copy his style and it looks really good.

>> No.13321012

The thing with all of these guys is they look like shit. I'm not saying that retarded jacket is any good, but all these guys would look terrible in anything they wear.

>> No.13321019

that chink looks better and nore authentic than goose himself

>> No.13321266

good thread, back to depression i go

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Not going to lie, you're above and beyond 95% of people who post here. When you talk shit you post up and actually back up your claims with pics- no matter how retarded. You're okay in my book. Post a bomber fit pls

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>> No.13321559

kill yourself subhuman faggot cuck

>> No.13321569

those UK gloves lmao

>> No.13321629

The proof is here people what more do you want

>> No.13321642

Goosey is the true god
There is no hell

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In need of a goosey fit pls

>> No.13321720

I was thinking the same thing. He's the only k e that really pulls it off

>> No.13322974
File: 724 KB, 838x370, godly goosey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is even more. You are spot on. Wow.

>> No.13324119
File: 903 KB, 3110x2073, 27E3E439-0A18-48C3-8CAE-5B5C25F5124E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not posting the non-photoshopped classic

>> No.13324255

OMG Goose! Hope you're well, a couple years back you when posted your face I tried to connect you with my friend who was an agent at Wilhelmina but you never messaged him :-(

>> No.13324266

stop goose

>> No.13324424

Far right looks like that dylan shooter lol

>> No.13324493

No, I was another poster on here a couple years ago who was doing fashion stuff.

If you went on face threads I was commonly remarked as looking like Akhenaten

>> No.13324556
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>> No.13324693

Because it is

>> No.13325803

He's a really pretentious pseudo feminist that's a moderator for Facepunch and is overall annoying, dresses like a 2011 H&M model and wastes potential

>> No.13326034

I'd unironically rob kid on the right for his shoes and sell them on evilBay.

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