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post 'em

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oc, just made this terrorwave. Feel free to add shit

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I don’t have any, I’m sorry. All i can offer is a bump

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Why does everyone here look scared of me?
I wish I was at home lubing my trusty sks
suka bliat

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Newer addition

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>everyone talking.
>not scanning for weapons
>mixed drinks
>not molotov cocktails
I wonder if i tell her my manifesto would she notice
the work i put into my diy arm patch
>showing your face in public
>playing music with the lights on
>standing in front of windows
>not hiding in corners

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Wtc qt 3.14 alien gf

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this is great

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Low-quality meta from a thread I was in a few weeks back

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this is and will always remain the best one of all time

a true relic of an internet fashion era long gone

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make the pants tighter and you got a gem

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what happened to sufu?

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You have to incorporate /k/ jokes into this due to the nature of the inspo.

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every time this is posted my want for niheicore grows

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>Tfw nobody wants to see my balisong tricks

Did I leave my Makarov at home? Everyone is gonna think I'm nofuns

>My pockets are too heavy

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Goddamn Im one hell of a faggot for seeing myself in this

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add black bob cut or whatever as well

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noone in the tek scene actually acts or looks like this tho

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what do people in the tek scene actually act and look like?

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This is spectacular.

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drawfags sap the fun out of everything

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Way to go brainlet these were already posted

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I can't read what that green stuff at the bottom says under the layers of jpeg

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lol this is fucking embarassing

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and then /pol/ came and sucked the fun out of everything
the end

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I am imagining a party of all these effay wojacks in attendance. all of them in their own little corners of the room.

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i hope dimitri doesn't notice my fake adidas

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i can't even tell if this is pro-/pol/ or not

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that would ironically be a lit party, maybe it would start off a little slow at first but then it would evlove into a pure effay orgy

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>i hope my knock off rolex is obviously fake

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This hurts me

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ok boys, I tried. Incorporated the suggestions and tried to add some from /k/ as anon suggested

what do you think?

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ok boys, I tried. Incorporated the suggestions and tried to add some from /k/ as anon suggested

what do you think?

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what are twave haircuts? I'm in between crewcut and buzzcut.

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fucking great

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I made a Twave one days ago but haven't been able to post it yet

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>>Caшкa бля, дeбил eбaнyтый
12/10 m80

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I don't get it

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kek, very nice anon

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This is as old as the rest

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This is like those Beta Vs Chad images where the creator lists beta as 'stuff I don't like' and chad as 'stuff I like'

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Took me some time to remember where I heard this.

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Top notch shit man.

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>Top notch, shit man.
>Top notch shit ,man.

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dunno how that happened

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Kek. You were reaching out to my inner weeb. Top notch shit, man.

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>tfw accomplished something today

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You're also a faggot for caring.
Go all the way or no way.

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fuck you seriously

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your strap is going the wrong way but 10/10

>> No.13232992

needs a
>my feet hurt
to be perfect

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It hurts.......

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on that note

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i don't know whos side this is on but its embarrassing either way

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i honestly love the wraps + gloves on the arms
shits cash

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>my stripes hurt

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Siq Sabiba jacket

>> No.13233626

I wish they did

>> No.13233628

Nike tops
Patagonia bullshit

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Brainlet is my new favourite word thanks anon

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haven't seen this guy around in a while
does he still have a crush on his robot toy?

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But techno-interests-me-man is a techno dj and he looks like that. He used to do a techno night in helsinki called techno interests me.
>tek scene
check mate atheists

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no one who does any of that in public looks like that.

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this is the worst one in the thread by far
>lrn 2 text

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>I can't go for that

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why Marilyn Monroe though? why admire her when she's possibly the most famous sexual object of all time?

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>that horseshoe tattoo.
Horses have to be the biggest red flag known to man, apart from maybe single motherhood.

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Watch Eyes Wide Shut

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Because feminists think Marilyn Monroe was some curvy fat girl and as she was idolized at the time so they use it to justify themselves being fat.

The problem is, in reality she was a modern day size 0 or whatever and the pictures they always post are her pregnancy pictures.

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lmao i remember this faggot
gj anon

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>i bet none of these girls listen to slowed down elevator music from the 80s

Heh heh heh noice.

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This - Adidas = Me

>> No.13234268

This + Uniqlo = Me

>> No.13234279

so are depressed, socially anxious guys wearing adidas a stereotype / subculture now?

>> No.13234290

that used to be me, thankfully I got better

>> No.13234292

I don't know how Adidas marketed towards low self esteem guys but it worked.

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This hurts me.

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how new are you

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yo anyone know what type of style is this called?
I think it's dope as fuck and would like irl examples of this

>> No.13235847

its gothninja but taken to its absolute extreme
a more current equivalent is techninja, although techninja has been around for years in the background

>> No.13235851

not enough neck/face tatts

>> No.13235957

>Bisexueel or Just really lonely
God I hope im not

>> No.13235972

to be fair its used way more on other boards than here. maybe anon isnt a crossposter

>> No.13236055

holy shit kek

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You little devil, that's me, can't believe this actually became a meme. Forgot to post in waywt recently. 4.8/10 this has potential.

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The Chad 'Stuff I Like'

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That's where you're wrong

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thats the one that really hit me. I started fucking guys on grindr lately and dont really enjoy it but its a lot less effort than hooking up with a girl.

on the bright side i can now call myself bi so i get to use the word faggot in real life so its worth it

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haha, hah....

>> No.13237734

this is me except instead of staying home i drink too much and make a fucking fool of myself at parties

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too real fuck

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best ITT

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>hustle bones doing what

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This isnt how I dress but its how I feel

>> No.13239242

can someone post the one with the rich foreign exchange student

>> No.13239261

this is me except i'm not poor because i don't know what to do with my money

>> No.13239313

you know nothing

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>> No.13239357

maybe at bait drumcode nights lmaooooo

People at industrial/EBM nights look like that meme-man quite often

>> No.13239418

Any on raf bois?

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Only betas don't enjoy parties

>> No.13239626

>I wonder if I'm really bisexual or just incredibly lonely
Every time

>> No.13239680

what does it mean?

>> No.13239917

Beta Males
Alpha Male

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what the hell why do his hands look like that

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imagine thinking you look like this

>> No.13240272

dunno why I thought of Titus when I saw this image

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that chad was sarcastic you sub-80 iq /pol/fag

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/fa/ as fuck

>> No.13240616

techno != tek

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is it bad that I fuck with the fit a lot?

>> No.13241989

the joke is he too young to get tattoos

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