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Let it out anon, what's on your mind.

>tfw she's done with you and now considering a buzz cut.

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>tfw slowly giving up on fashion because it makes your hideous face more noticeable

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Something really fucked up is going on with my body. Always tired, no motivation whatsoever, self-esteem is dropping but it wasn't very high to begin with.

God my mind is rotting away

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thats called just getting a little older

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if life is seriously going to be this shitty forever I'll just kill myself. no point enduring it

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go out and do something, it sounds reeeeeeaaaaaallly fucking simple and retarded, but doing shit gives you energy, a "you get out of it what you put in it" type of situation. it can start with simple stuff, clean your room or something

also: get your bloodworks checked, supplement b12 if you're vegan, supplement vitamin D if you don't work outside.

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>tfw you really trust your barber and he advises you to get a textured crop because of the way your hair falls.

i am currently looking at the top of my head that's looking well textured, but hardly has volume.

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>decided to stop being a skinnyfag
>start bulking
>previously defined jaw loses all definition
>face slowly becomes more and more circular
>less stares and mires on public transport

a-at least my arms are getting b-bigger heh
just need to stick it out for a few years of bulk/cut cycles and I'll make it brahs

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how much caloric surplus are you maintaining?

there's too many people out there that overdo it and get unnessecarily fat during their bulks.

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tomorrow is the last day at work for this girl who is leaving on maternity leave, i was gonna wear all black shirt, jeans and shoes as a joke "memorial" for her leaving. how autistic is this

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>I'm ugly
Oh well, at least I can work out and get a nice body! better to be ugly and muscular than ugly and skinny/fat
>Wide hips, Long neck, fucked proportions
At least I'm smart!
>Poverty education
At least I'm rich!
>Section 8 housing, posting this from a shitty computer that can barely run games from the 90s
>At least I have a good personality
I'm so bland I scare people away

Well shit

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It's a consistent -20 outside but I'll make sure to take my vit D pills

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Damnit anon. We might be dickheads, but we'll help you out. Where do you live?

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spending all week thinking about what to wear to a small alternative gig to fit in with the crowd

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>trying figure out if I should drop out of college
>don't feel like doing any of the work
>feel like shit all the time
>just want to buy clothes

im such a fucking shithead

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Tfw hairline is receding = no more friends + no gf + uni results going down = considering killing myself

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Calgary Alberta
Would you help me commit seppuku? I want to die like a man

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take a step back and consider how strange your train of though is mate.

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buzz and then focus on uni. gone need that degree to make any bank to get nice shit

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> be rail thin and able to wear nice clothes
> get girlfriend
> she is jelous of my heroin chic
> gets addicted to opioids
> gets addicted to watching baking shows on opioids
> now I'm fat because she keeps making cookies, pies, cakes, never eating much because drugs
> and now she is rail thin heroin chic

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Well that's one way to do it.

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I love my gf but I'm worried I've already found a long term partner when I wish I could date around a bit more, have more experience. It's definitely because she's dated a lot more (Not quality men, her childhood was rough so she thought being treated like shit was the norm, dated about anyone interested in her) but part of me misses being single.

It's just a "grass is always greener" thing. She's my best friend, but I wish I could have met her 3 or 4 more years down the road.

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Pretty much same actually. I have no idea what to do, it's not that I'm really interested in sleeping around, I just feel like I've come to a decision prematurely. Maybe this is normal, I dunno.

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I take it as an odd comfort that you never truly know. Something awful could happen and break us up. I don't want it to, but I guess I know life would go on.

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Damn. Going through the exact same thing right now too. She's amazing in so many ways, but I definitely have my doubts at times. I wish I could spent a little more time traveling single before reaching this level with her. I know I'd be devastated if I suddenly lost this relationship, but I feel like theres more I'm still missing.

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...is something in the air or something?

Same situation here. I've just started working from home now, too, so I feel really trapped.
I love her, but I could realistically be traveling around. She can't because of her job. I'm afraid I'll resent her if I don't take this chance and run off– I wish I had met her later in life. We've already moved a couple of times and I feel bad for constantly dragging her around.

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Same, except now she has no libido because of opioid :/

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Holy fuck going through this as well.

Gf of 2 years. I actually broke up with her a couple weeks ago. I was tired of 3 phone calls a day (she's at uni until summer) and I felt like I couldn't give her what she needed. It lasted a day because we both felt like shit. Now we are back together and it's hard to talk because I just dream of being single all the time.

Been listening to My Bloody Valentine for 2 days straight.

I think it's worth it, the what ifs seem insignificant in comparison.

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guy i met online and i broke up, he likes thots pictures on instagram and it makes me insecure bc im nothing like those girls .. anyone have advice?

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if he watches porn he will desire other girls. he will want what he can't have. also, when i (a male) am horny i have no concern for other peoples feelings, never mind my own, until after the fact.

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>i have seen my ex yesterday night at the local club
>I'm always have seen here her with her new bfs
>ok we broke up for 5 months (she broke up w me because "I don't love you anymore" )
>i want to say hi or something
>I went closer and she made it like he did not know me ever
>go to toilet and saw some old photos of us while taking xanax

>why are people so fucking disgusting
>hate everyone and get back my depression and anxiety
>i don't want to live on this planet without her and I can't see my future

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thats depressing, i dont think he realizes or cares how it affects me. but thanks anyway anon

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i miss my ex lol :(

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Damn. Me too.
>Been together since senior year of highschool
>Go to different colleges, stay together
>Shes at university
>I'm at a community college
>Initially afraid she'll fall for some fratty Chad, she partied a lot her first year
>She's head over heels in love with me though, loyal af
>I love her too, she's my best friend
>I visit her as much as I can, call her when I can't
>Year and a half passes, my schedule is packed with classes and part time work
>Cant visit as often as before
>She's asleep every night by the time I'm free to call her
>Both of our personalities have changed so much since highschool
>Sex becomes more awkward and less frequent, like we are both strangers
>Every time we meet we have less to talk about, less in common
>she wants to study abroad next year in the UK
>I'm about to transfer from community college to a 4 year school even further away, want to do ROTC

If we had only met 10 years in the future, I would marry her on the spot. After I'm out of college and done with the military. I love her, but I'm at a critical point in my life where I need to focus on securing a good future. no idea how this is going to work, anons.

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Same fampi. We needed to break up but like I still want to hang with her and hookup. But like dont want to date. it bad

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Finally feeling happy about myself

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Similiar thing happened to me, I was at the same point as you. She decided to break up as it was getting really shitty and we just didn’t make each other happy anymore. Mind you I still love her and hope few years down the road we’ll marry, but for now I can see that the break up was the right things to do. You shouldn’t force yourself to be in a relationship if it’s starting to get bad and there’s no fix. Trust me on this, it’s the worst pain of your life but it’s better for you and her in the long term. Even for her happiness also.
>tfw still miss her sometimes

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Checked and felt

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>no one ever replies to my posts

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Take Rhodiola Rosea caps in the morning, helped me a lot with this constant feeling of tiredness

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Tfw you can never be fashionable because of your huge nose.

Maybe one day big long noses and huge jelly bean nostrils will be fashionable...

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Damn, me too. We've been together for an year and half. She's a great girl and actually less experienced than me but I just feel like I've met her at the wrong time in my life. I could see myself getting engaged to her in a few years but right now I don't feel getting so attached to someone, call me irresponsible, but it makes me feel like life is already over, I just want to run away, but I also feel like I'm going to really regret if I do leave her.

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just have children and everything will fall into place

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Depression is not /fa/. The girl I fell in love with is on fucking depression pills and it makes her emotionless and doesn't care about me, though she wants to. Fuck this.

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you have the perfect nose for sleazecore tho, that nose is practically screaming cocaine

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>wear slick brand new black and white houndstooth scarf
>get called a terrorist because it looks exactly like an arabian shemagh
>never dare to wear it outside ever again

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Being super skinny I could pull off the cokehead look twice as easy, heck I already do with these bad boy nostrils.

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>just turned 20
>no gf virgin
>still attracted to youth, general dislike of adult drinking / party culture
>worried ill become a pedophile or something

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that's the spirit.

on the real though, practically everybody has imperfections/insecurities. find what works and look like you, not like a watered down version of someone else

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Too much carps, eat more meat, fats and greenies. Also sweat atleast 2-3 times a week.

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fuck, man, feeling this right now as well. i want to fuck around more without having to worry about another person besides myself. i haven't gotten myself figured out and settling down is far from what i want to do but she's already talking about getting a house together and kids.

>> No.13156261

>be kinda heavy for years
>suddenly become skinny because stress
>most of my clothing don't fit me anymore
on the plus side my clothing sucked anyway, basically all I wore were hoodies and a pair of denim jeans, was long due for a change.

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I hope you didn't do it

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Just get rhino buddy boy

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Fuck that. My sister had hers done, it was at a well regarded place but she ended up losing so much blood during the healing process she almost died, she kept leaking, swallowing and puking blood as the wounds wouldn't heal up properly. She also screamed like she being stabbed repeatedly when they took out the packaging from her nostrils.

But hey, she is happy now.

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get your thyroid checked

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>gf gets aroused when I wear nice fits
>tight jeans hurt bonner
>wear leisure fits and easily get bonner
>gf not as turned on

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Anyone ever feel outshined by the success of their friends? At one point, I was the friend who talked to all of the girls, had the best style, was the most confident, etc. Now when I go out to bars, girls always notice my friends over me. I've lost confidence and faith in myself and I honestly don't know what to do.

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what to do when
>i don't have friends
>going alone to clubs and social events alone but nothing is better
>can't enjoy the life and hate every morning when I get up

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thyroid was good
testosterone was at 13.3 which is the average for an eighty year old. not low enough for TRT. I get more tests down in a month so I'll see again.

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>perfect body except abit unproportional
>hideous face


>fell in love with friend
>we would never be able to stick together and i know this
>dating her would make our friendship circle fall apart if she even said yes if i asked her out

life is truly crippling

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>Tfw I went from being a fat, ugly weeb to the definition of a normie.

Everything is supposed to be perfect right now, but I just feel like something is missing.
I was always `smart` but did nothing about it, just autistic math olympiads and shit, was fat and looked ugly because I was fat.
Even when I got /fit/ I was still ugly and insecure, no friends to talk to besides 4chan, this stinky shithole was the only place I felt I could call home. I felt in a loop that I thought would last forever.

Now I got a scholarship from my shitty third world country to a first world country, in a top 50 uni. Starting my degree on april after studying the language and for the entrance exam for a year. Doing gymnastics, literally being known as the `charisma guy`, I have friends wherever I go, you know that disgusting normie guy, that is what I became.

My PC I left back at home, saving my 4chan and anime folder somewhere no one could find it. Will probably open that vault and cry when I go back to visit my family.

To be honest I dont know if it was worth the change, but I cant go back now, all I can do is come back here every now and then and see how its all doing.

Im happy as fuck everyday, but when I do get depressed I think back to those times and I feel that I will NEVER get that back. I ACTUALLY miss it, I would have never imagined it would turn into this. Not even a little bit.

>People are mentioning anime and I have to hold back my powerlevel, just say shit like `oh I saw dbz and naruto on TV when I was a teen.` When I have seen probably everything that is to be seen.

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we are two of the same

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OP & everyone else? These painful moments will pass. You're going to end up stronger and more perceptive as a result of them.
Life is nonstop changes, and you can get to feeling lost pretty fast. It passes, you'll come out on top. I swear it.

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>tfw your dead dad fucks up your mental health and life

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You say you're happy as fuck every day, so what's the problem? Do you miss the solitude?

Honestly, man, don't hold labels like "normie" to heart. That kind of shit doesn't matter in real life. That "thing" that you feel is missing from your life is probably your sense of self. You're so focused on playing the normie role to suit your surroundings and hiding your real interests. You see this sort of thing all the time on this board--how do I dress? How do I live an effay lifestyle? Basically, they're all asking, "how do I fit in?" Tell me exactly what to do. And they do it, but it'll never be fulfilling.

Have some integrity, be yourself, etc. If you stay true to you then eventually you'll find the right people that you can genuinely connect with, even if it takes time.

And it's more often than not shitty here, but you're always welcome on effay. You fuccboi.

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>tfw depressed since childhood
>24 now, first thoughts of suicide around 10
>alienate yourself, ruin relationships on a whim/out of boredom
>tried antidepressants, didn't work
>doctor strongly urging me to seek therapy, referred me to a therapist who is usually a few months wait
>feel worse about myself after the session, couldn't be honest about how I think/feel
>self medicate with alcohol on a daily basis, might be developing a habit

>lots of female attention since adolescence, considered attractive, know how to dress
>see friends every week or so, feel like they genuinely enjoy my company
>meet girls fairly easily on tinder, looks & smiles while I'm out somewhere
At least mental illness helps my aesthetic, right?

Feels like less of a downward spiral like everyone says, more like I'm floating towards the deep end in a pool

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The closest people to me are dead, I would have been really good looking had I not been scarred up so much, I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life, but hey I wear nice clothes that will make me happy r-right /fa/?

>> No.13156809

Art is literally the only thing in my life after a fucked childhood, leaving university, no one stuck around, no friends, never had a girlfriend, never had love reciprocated, people seemed to warm around me but that was that. 24.
It's actually a good feel. So many people are miserable and without passion. I'd rather have my life than someone else's functional yet passionless life. Couples never looked that happy to me either. Sure, a date would be nice though.

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That feeling of constantly having to work to get skinny. I get fat easily. I can't take a fucking break.

>> No.13156821

same here, looked at a picture from last party, was wondering ... am i really that much of a fat turd?

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Know that feel bro. I feel like everything about me is about fine except for my easy weight gain and well, nose.. Is a rhino worth it /fa/?

>> No.13156827

thats what i was saying a year ago, it gets worse thou, my dad is bullying me now and havent had sex for a year now, despite improving every aspect of my life from uni to job

>> No.13156832

lol this is fucked up, how is that not enough for trt

>> No.13156843

>>just say shit like `oh I saw dbz and naruto on TV when I was a teen.`

>> No.13156870

You just don't know how to wear your nose right.
Dye your hair a natural colour like blonde to suit your skin and wear pink lipstick or something striking and your nose will look better I promise.

>> No.13156872


One day we'll be the cool ones.

In my opinion Rhino isn't worth it, I've posted a reply a bit earlier with my sister's experience (all though it's a fairly rare occurrence).

Plus, there's nothing drastically wrong with your nose that warrants it, seems like a normal snozzle to me.

>> No.13156896

For how long you've been together? I feel like online relationships have a very, very low chance of succes.

>> No.13156902

should i got to party without tell to my gf?

>> No.13156907

Not my natural colour, but a wig. Still waiting for natural hair to grow long. It's brown and curly and I wouldn't dye it. I don't wear any make-up tho. I microblade my brows but that's it.

Thanks, yeah I read that. I wonder if that really happens alot though. Tbh I don't think a rhino is that expensive but I'm not sure if it's going to change that much since my nose isn't drastically out of shape, but more regular aquiline.

>> No.13156922


if you feel like you need to hide stuff like that from her it's probably time to break up though

>> No.13156927

You faggots are pathetic, Jesus Christ

>> No.13156930

please, do share

>> No.13156936

he's in another town atm

>> No.13156942

That one qt who obviously wants me to make the first move
Im still the same social retard from 4 years ago but I just look better.

>> No.13156945

Stop eating carbs and fat
Work out more you faggot.

>> No.13156948

Stop jerking off

>> No.13156964

tell her if you want to, although if it's something you're hiding from her for a reason maybe it's best not to go or to tell her. but if she demands you tell her this stuff generally, something might be up senpai

>> No.13156975

sounds like you're depressed man. Drink some water, hang out with friends. shit sucks now but things will be ok

>> No.13156982


In the same situation and just dropped 600 dollars to go see her while shes studying abroad. what the fuck is going on vros

>> No.13157021

Finally starting to not take things personally as much anymore.
Still fucking ugly though.

>> No.13157052

You guys are cute!! I don't see anything wrong with your noses. But if getting a rhino makes you feel better by all means go for it.

>> No.13157065


Love you anon, from male big nose.

>> No.13157113

I'm guessing there rationale is that TRT would shut off my natural test production (or what little there is) I'm probably just going to take dbol for acouple of days to kill my test levels before my next blood tests. that way I'll actually get TRT

>> No.13157159

>tfw dropped my phone and it shattered big times

>> No.13157183

stop bulking but maintain the intensity of your workouts?

or go for that cute thicc built boi aesthetic

>> No.13157194

Society puts too much importance on sex. You shouldn't value yourself or your life on how much you get.

>> No.13157270

It is not about sex, it is about feeling that even the most losing losers can get it, and are happy and content with their loser lifes, while I'm trying as much as humanly possible to become the best version of myself yet I'm still a drepressed fucker with no reason to live.

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>haven't only had sex for year
>still complains

>> No.13157294

I'm not >>13156827, anon

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I'm sorry

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>started buying fake designer clothes
>it gets lots of attention and compliments from people, way more than I would get dressing in the same style without it
>they make me feel worse because people just like that perceived wealth, not my actual style or looks
>actually feel worse now that I'm getting all this positive attention
>still no real friends, almost done with second year at uni
A-at least I've got you guys

>> No.13157365

Paedophilia is an innate thing, like schizophrenia. You're either a paedophile or you aren't. That said, latent paedophilia is probably triggered by this kind of mindset, so maybe you should see a therapist or something.

>> No.13157400

I dont feel like a pedo necessarily.. its just that i am attracted to innocence. In america once girls hit 21 they just become party sluts, totally devoid of any personality beyond getting wasted and fucking and spending money. I'm just sick of them. Every girl ive met that i was interested in dating was 15 - 19, but theres a stigma against that in the US. I had a friend who dated a girl who was only 6 months away from being 18 (he was 23) and outside pressure from friends made their relationship fall apart.

>> No.13157403

i feel this, but it shows in nearly all aspects of life.

i try to fix my faults wherever possible, i live a healthy life, i'm financially comfortable, basically everything is going pretty well, and what isn't is improving by the day.

doesn't make me any happier though, at the end of the day i still haven't been happy ever since ~fourth grade. meanwhile there are plenty of idiots about that hate their job, hate their wife, live unhealthily, get angry over trivial shit etc. etc. that seem to be doing 10x better than me.

feelsbad, but in the end you have to keep in mind: there's a major difference between you and them.

you have depression, it's not the end of the world, but it is very real and always will be.

even when times are bad though, life is always worth living. even if you suffer way more than you enjoy.

find what works for you, don't compare yourself or your hapiness to others, but to how you used to feel. take your pain and channel it into something beautiful

>> No.13157410

Truly a tale for the ages

>> No.13157427

Free cookies and shit bro. You are livin it!

>> No.13157436

Take some ecstasy

>> No.13157447

You're obviously in different stages of your lives. Best thing to do is to break up focus on your own future. These type of situations happen to a lot of people, you're not alone.

>> No.13157568

od'd on X like 3 months ago
depressed since then, everything feels weird
no hobbys anymore, disconnected from world and music/films tv
trying not to quit uni
gf leaves me
don't see the light at the end of the tunnel but hey at least i've lost 30lbs

>> No.13157590

I'm gonna take 2grams of shrooms. hopefully, I'll find some answers

>> No.13157595

Oversized hoodies are the shit man

>> No.13157606

If you took a lot of ecstasy your brain is severely depleted of seratonin, you're just gonna have to wait a while for it to naturally build back up.
Try drink less and use substances less in general, you'll see a difference after about three weeks.
Its recommended to wait a month between each time you consume X due to how much seratonin it depletes, so I can only imagine how bad you are cause I'm pretty depressed after one pill
>gf leaves me
me also anon its real shitty:(((
anyway hang in there!!!!!!!

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Multiple people at work have complimented my pilot jacket i bought online feelsgoodman.
I also got my hair cut and dont horribly regret it.

>> No.13157624

>Finally have money to afford almost any clothes I want
>Dressed better than ever, basically can have a full fit everyday casually
>At the same time gf leaves me
>We were planning to get married
>More depressed than usual and miss her like fuck even tho its for the better
>Slowly developing alcoholism cause all my uni friends are alcoholics
>Downloaded Tinder 2 weeks ago and still too much of a bitch to make an account

>> No.13157626


give me your money faggot

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same here but i have an account and 1 pic of my cat
>mfw people still give me likes

>> No.13157658

Get a job
Hey I'd swipe right just for the cat

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Il give you pusy tho

>> No.13157673

I guess you are right, I feel like it's probably me being pissed off at myself for changing the things I like? a.k.a growing up?
Because I genuinely like what I'm doing now, it fulfills me but I also feel that something is missing. and it's really hard to manage both lifestyles.
Also who says I can't do both? Fuck it, I'm just gonna do whatever the fuck I feel like, when I feel like it. Not worry about labels, not out there with anyone and not in here with the 'normie' label. Good advice. Thanks.

This is probably insecurity on my part? Recently i've stopped giving a fuck and are commenting more. But generally it's because I don't want to be put in the same bag as some people who come here (I'm living in Japan, and even tho I used to be a weeb that's not the reason I came, I got into a scholarship program) and disrespect everything, those people who expect real life to be an anime.
Tbh I still like anime, but only the aesthetics of it, not the whole being delusional part.

Anyways I guess I will always keep coming back here, and on other boards because I absolutely LOVE how people say exactly what they think here, without holding back.

>> No.13157678

fucked my flatmate last week and its fucked with my head

>> No.13157679
File: 82 KB, 539x422, khkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would honestly fix most of my life problems now

>> No.13157700

ah shit just like me in 1st and 2nd year now in 3rd year still no friends, given up on buying nice clothes just wearing black all the time and depressed as fucking shit

>> No.13157742
File: 203 KB, 1024x792, alopecia-triangularis-congenita-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fate was cruel enough to give me the genes of the only man in my family that lost most of his hair and I'm balding exactly like him. I'm 22 and will probably look worse than my dad when I hit 25. I can't take fin. Can't even buzz it because I have a small birthmark with no hair in a place that won't even go bald, like pic related.

This is unironically the one thing in my life that has completely defeated me, feels bad.

>> No.13157754
File: 85 KB, 750x729, F2FF205C-F2D2-4EB3-8681-573DD7896491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw there is no "she" for me and there never has and never will be

>> No.13157777

>tfw getting so burnt out and lazy from school that I don't put effort into dressing anymore and just wear jeans sweatshirt and flyknits every single day
>tfw no qt petite gf

>> No.13157828
File: 48 KB, 492x449, 1470232164317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im so fucking tired
can't even let go of a girl who never gave a shit about me

>> No.13157832

> tfw you use fashion as a crutch for your introverted antisocial nature

>> No.13157833

Why do people get so sad about lovers and exes and crushes? I don't get it. If it's so easy just get someone else, not like any people are different. They all want the same things from you in the end and vice versa.

>> No.13157844

Have you ever been in love?

>> No.13157848
File: 967 KB, 245x250, 1DD7F758-4A9A-4E89-B6CA-7A09D73B0FE0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13157862

No, he clearly has not.

>> No.13157865
File: 78 KB, 256x256, aaaaaaaaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13157868


>> No.13157930
File: 30 KB, 350x246, rsz_flyover_country_onion_7885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>moved to flyover state
>no one here does anything or has any dreams or goals
>see social media posts of my old friends making music/art
>tempted to give up on my actual interests

People here just care about the next Marvel movie and TV series of the week. Do I just get a Netflix account and start playing video games?

>> No.13157933

Goddamn. Don't kys. Just move, man. Not that any minors are on this board, but moving out of my small town at 18 was the best thing I ever did.

>> No.13157935


>> No.13157936

I want to die peacefully in my sleep

>> No.13158076
File: 30 KB, 516x604, f5e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13158101

Won't happen unless I'm 50 and don't have a family or a wife at least. I'm happy I fully realized the problem of needing a mate before it was too late. like with George Sodini who woke up one day when he was 40 and realized his whole life was wasted. Poor bastard didn't last after that

>> No.13158186
File: 356 KB, 502x476, 1478476101414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man is this really this common? Gf of 2 years and she is wonderful loyal and loves me but she has more experience than I do and i really wish sometimes I was single.

Cheating isnt my shit either so I sometimes hesitate and wander if we should stay together or not.

>> No.13158209
File: 556 KB, 800x1011, kieffer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got a new tattoo
>tell mom during our weekly call
>begs me to not get anymore
>I lie to her and tell her I won't

>> No.13158217

feels like im being used for attention
she says one thing then the next she's on her private twitter talkin bout how much she misses her ex and im sitting here not knowing what's going on

worse part is that I let it happen
this the third time someone has done this to me
dont know what im doing wrong

>> No.13158220

I read so many of these, I hope everyone can work everything out. This thread should be a more common thing:)

>> No.13158224

I want to sudoku because I wear a size US14 shoe. As a result, I can't find anything effay to wrap around my feed.

>> No.13158274


There's that, yeah. She is also making some overnight refrigerator rolls and white chocolate.

How is a guy supoosed to stay thin?

In a sense, it was easier when I was dating men on a steady diet of vodka and amyl nitrate.

>> No.13158284

get skinner so jeans aren't so tight.

>> No.13158285

don't fall for people who aren't over their exes

>> No.13158292

>I want to sudoku
Um. Ok anon. Here you go. Don't see what this has to do with shoe size though...


>> No.13158304

2 is a fair starting dose. To find some "answers" 5 is the so-called heroic dose. It may shed some light into your inner self. But be aware of wisdom you did not earn.

>> No.13158310
File: 107 KB, 600x600, NLDW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw will never know this feel

>> No.13158324

>she is a legitimate 9.2
>her friends told me she thought I was cute and that I should go for it
>had the chance to hook up with her that night
>didn't because I was pretty drunk and feared messing it up
>asked her out a few weeks later
>she's seeing someone else now
>I can't stop thinking about her/comparing other girls to her
>her best friend in the state thinks we would be really cute together
>same best friend said she is really into her guy but that there might not be enough coming from his side
>not sure whether to wait or move on
>at least I'm starting uni soon, so I might be able to find someone else

I kick myself every single day for not taking that 15 second window of opportunity to sit down next to her and tell her how gorgeous she is. If any of you guys see the chance to make a move on someone you like, just fucking go for it, don't be a dumb cunt like me.

>> No.13158378
File: 152 KB, 432x584, 5ad788536e5f9f7e23e59dd6a5317874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 grams of shrooms? You're just gonna feel a little goofy. Ego loss starts at an 1/8oz. Heavy life changing trip starts at a 1/4oz.

I used to sell years back. My stuff was the best you could get, and even then 2 grams wasn't much. Probably good to not go all in right away though.

Protip: see if your dude sells shake. It's usually cheaper, just as potent, and easy to mix other food for easy consumption. Expect to puke your first time, regardless.

>> No.13158575

>receding hairline=suicide
Oh boy.

>> No.13158691

>girl I have literally no interest in calls me and asks me for 2 hours why I don't want to go out with her
>keep talking and playing hard to get because I like the attention

>> No.13158705

i agree. but things just continued going really well, and a couple months in he was planning to move to my place etc.. but things kinda went south and here i am.

>> No.13158727

Did the 2 of you finally met irl before planning to move together?

>> No.13159128

here you go anon

>> No.13159161

I met this amazing girl like two months ago, kicked it off in a great way. My mates told me to take her home but I didn't really act, I was still in shock. I was honestly in a place where I thought the whole fashion thing was a joke and that I was such a repulsive and depressive human being(more in behaviour, I groom myself) that no woman would ever want to approach me, and she pretty much literally reached out to me.
Later on new years eve we danced, just the two of us for like 3 hours, while our mates were in another room. She is the complete opposite of me, fiery, wild, kind and caring. She even said we work so well because we're so different.
Thing is she doesn't seem to care much about intimacy or boys. Every time we go out drinking she gets completely smashed but always makes sure to not get too hot.
Obviously I'd like to go a step further, but I just don't know man. And the fact that she's not easy just makes me desire her more.

>> No.13159167

I sharted 4 days ago

>> No.13159168

That's a good thing. And if you get into high fashion you can even start to look like a freak and scare people.

>> No.13159195

Dick sucik

>> No.13159228

You won’t find out until you make a move, and you’ll always regret it if you don’t wonderig what could’ve happened

>> No.13159474

Tried 5 grams once
it was sheer terror
I'm going to work my way back up

>> No.13159530
File: 151 KB, 634x890, 1517343093310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a pathological liar. I can lie through my teeth with little to no problem, sometimes, it isn't even intentional. It's as if they casually slip through and I have so much confidence revolving around the lie that other people eat it up like crazy.

It's gotten me into some sticky situations, not going to lie. It's ruined some past relationships, be they romantic or social, and so on.

There's nothing I can do about it so I'm not stressing it. That really isn't my problem here. However, I've been told by others that it is a problem and that I ought to feel guilty for doing so but I simply don't? It's an odd feeling. To be frank, I could give a rats ass. On top of that, I too, have been ridiculed for cutting people out of my life without any second thought. I'm genuinely not trying to sound edgy but, it's like, I don't see anything wrong with it. People lie all the time to get what they want so what's wrong with me doing so? Why am I the bad guy?

I need some help understanding.

>> No.13159542

>It's gotten me into some sticky situations, not going to lie.
>not going to lie

are you sure?

>> No.13159864

Maybe you have tendency for psychopathy

>> No.13160102

>fall semester starts
>uni doesn't give me a dorm to live in or a meal plan even though i paid for everything
>homeless for a year
>barely scrape by and pass most of my classes
>second year of uni starts
>pay for everything again
>uni tells me my gpa wasn't satisfactory and disqualifies financial aid
>uni asks for 9k out of pocket
>me and gf break up
>have mental break down
>almost kill myself
>get sent to crisis unit
>have to look my parents in the face and tell them how and why i was about to commit suicide
>might have mental illness

at least i lost a lot of weight i guess

>> No.13160232

>tfw phobia of wearing new clothes
>no one else fucking understands

>> No.13160238

fuck you and everyone agreeing with you.

>> No.13160261

Insecurity, try wearing them to your friends house or For a short walk first

>> No.13160313
File: 689 KB, 599x796, 133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At least mental illness helps my aesthetic, right?
Not just helps, but is what actually built it. It sounds to me like your appearance is meticulously crafted to attract positive attention, whether subconsciously or not. What you've written gives the impression that your only gratification from life stems from receiving looks, smiles, being valued amongst friends. At your core, you might feel deeply unsure of yourself, maybe even hate yourself, and those little positive interactions are what keep you afloat.

Take what I've said with a grain of salt, though. At the end of the day, it's all just aimchair psychology from a shitty, past-its-best-before-date fashion forum. Best of luck to you, anon--I hope you find something to look forward to in life. And lay off the alcohol.

>> No.13160336
File: 82 KB, 960x636, 984027_686964268017433_376740664_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>work in politics so lots of different politicians offices in same building
>meet girl who works in another office in my building
>perfect to me in every way
>show her i'm interested in a few different ways
>we're friends but is she totally oblivious to the fact that I want more
>make things as clear as I can with a valentines day thing
>she thinks I did it as a prank
>mutual friend tells her it wasn't a prank
>she doesn't like me in that way
>doesn't want to talk to me about it
>is pretending nothing happened, acting normal with me
>find out she likes a friend of mine

On the bright side, life is meaningless and then you die.

>> No.13160339

what disorder is this? you literally described me exactly. I'm also struggling with college rn coincidentally, and that other anon's story terrifies me.

>> No.13160380

you sound depressed bud

>> No.13160384
File: 87 KB, 645x773, feel mmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have really nice, symmetrical face features and i'm good looking
>at 27 i'm literally bald and i see men who are like 70 with full heads of hair and it feels really bad

yeah, i'm working out. started couple months ago. but it just sucks.

>> No.13160390

I don't think there's a specific disorder that fits that sort of behavior. Its main component is deeply-rooted insecurity, which lends to a strong desire for validation. The validation is easily obtained by having an attractive appearance, so as to bring in as much positive attention as possible, even from strangers (i.e. looks, smiles on the street).

I can't say where the insecurity stems from. Neglect or being outcast during childhood? Who knows.

If I really had to put this kind of behavior under an established disorder, I'd say it fits under depression. Don't take this too seriously and start thinking you have depression, though. Like I said, I'm just an anon writing down conjectures.

>> No.13160506
File: 32 KB, 436x296, butcher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I met my gf when I was 23. First long time gf. Now I'm 31 and have two kids with her. No regrets.

Sure it would be fun to date around a bit, but man it was such a fucking drag to dodge the psychos/idiots/whores, and I'd never trade a woman who actually loves me and who's loyal for a couple of years trying to fuck on tinder.

Now that my friends hit 30 they're jealous of our relationship since most women around 30 without a man are psychotic and wants a baby straight away.
And sure, maybe you could do better, and get a hotter girl, but keep in mind that personality wins in the long run. You'll both end up like wrinkly ballsacks anyway

>> No.13160518

I really want this kind of relationship. The idea of casual hookups or fleeting relationships doesn't appeal to me. Maybe if was a teen and wanted to fuck constantly, like any teen, I'd think differently. But now the idea just makes me feel so hollow.

>> No.13160532
File: 33 KB, 882x758, 1518418673446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Familiar feel. I met my gf a year ago and she is the best thing in my life. We're pretty much certain that we're gonna get married because everything just feels good with her. Im a bit on the younger side of all these anons (being that her and I are only 20) but it just means I've found my soulmate a lot earlier.

Admittedly, I kinda wanna indulge in some other girls because I never really had a "fuck around" phase, but Im not gonna give her up to get some from other people. More so, I really want to travel around Asia alone but its something I can never really do if I have her because it'll take away from the adventurous feeling of it all.

At the end of the day, I can at least say that I have someone and I wish the same for the other lonely anons out there.

>> No.13160534

who knows if it will work out. I had a gf and thought this. It was because I sensed it wasn't going to workout. trust your gut.

> it was such a fucking drag to dodge the psychos/idiots/whore

no girl is perfect . im sure you've thought this about ur wife. but good for you dude. glad you have kids. thats awesome. im not even trolling.

>Now that my friends hit 30 they're jealous of our relationship since most women around 30 without a man are psychotic and wants a baby straight away.

not always. you can date younger. girls are always thinking marriage/kids. you should be too if you're dating someone.

>The idea of casual hookups or fleeting relationships doesn't appeal to me.

if you have a goal of getting into a long term relationship you gotta date around a bit.

>> No.13160537

>I never really had a "fuck around" phase

there isn't a real fuck around phase. It's meeting people and see if you have chemistry. if you love your GF and want to be with her for life. more power to you.

what you want at 20 isn't the same as to what you want when you're older. your life isn't long enjoy it and explore.

>> No.13160540

>tfw around 5'6 or 5'7 but love the SLP aesthetic
i-if Lenny and Zachary can do c-can't i?

>> No.13160578

>if you have a goal of getting into a long term relationship you gotta date around a bit.

You're totally right. I guess it's always been in the back of my mind--that I have to put myself out there and meet people if I want to find what I'm looking for. Right now there's someone I have in mind, but at this point I can't tell if it'll ever go anywhere. It's kind of a strange case. Anyway, thanks for the food for thought, anon.

>> No.13160616

>but at this point I can't tell if it'll ever go anywhere. It's kind of a strange case.

then keep her in mind while you date more people.

>-that I have to put myself out there and meet people if I want to find what I'm looking for

this. you need to make a life where meet women is a normal thing for you, asking them out is normal and having sex is just a regular thing for you.

you want to gain muscle/lose weight? its the same thing. you create a lifestyle where it happens.

I'm in the same boat anon. a goal is a goal. you can get distracted, rest on yesterdays successes or just have a shitty attitude. I gotta work on all 3 of these.

>> No.13160633

>have a long term relationship (3+ year)
>everything is so damn fine on it
>meet a /fa/ girl from uni
>we flirt with each other pretty frequently
>everytime i see her i feel one imense sexual tension
>can't stop thinking about her
>still love gf tho


>> No.13160701
File: 76 KB, 720x552, 20180131_020125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't cheat on her anon.

Got this message from an old ex of mind. I feel like the internet has turned me into a depressed retard.

>> No.13160707

nah cheating is not an option

im just unsure about wat to do
i really love my gf you know
but i'm also so tempted by the other girl
semester's going to be hard

>> No.13160712

>tfw you have a nice defined aesthetic and a clear vision for how you want to look but you're ugly and have shitty unfeminine bone structure and are poor as fuck
>tfw 16.5 BMI and equal waist and head circumferences but you just look like a kid because you're short
>tfw see beautiful girls every day because of the city you live in and know that you'll never fucking look like that unless you drop thousands of dollars on plastic surgery

fucking kill me

>> No.13160713


see if there is a honest future with her. Either stay in the rrelationship and have loads of fun or move on.

I've been in that position. I'm 29 and just left a relationship of 3 years that wasn't fucking going anywhere great.

I loved her and still do to some extent. but to be honest with myself I had to many other thoughts about what if / who / where is my life going. in the end those thoughts were there for a reason. Reasoning being. The relationship wasn't as good as I thought it could be.

here is my thought for you

>have as much fun as you can with the girl you have
>continue to meet new people
>develop a fun life

in the end you win no matter what

>> No.13160717

Riff raff?

>> No.13160720
File: 37 KB, 400x386, 1508007410946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly the same shit. I feel like I'm going insane sometimes, like shit doesn't make sense, reality doesn't make sense.

Took phenibut recently and I genuinely felt what normies feel like everyday. That constant bliss, being able to smile on a whim, it's insane. Normies are an entirely different creature from us if they feel like this everyday. You might be able to benefit from it, just dont' fuck up your tolerance or get addicted.

>> No.13160723

>break up with boyfriend because I'm pretty sure i'm going to kill myself soon

>> No.13160726
File: 96 KB, 396x388, 1499830984428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not a prude
>feel like one though because everyone is super into fucking around, drugs every weekend, cheating, ONS etc.
>that's not my shit but feel like because I'm not engaging in that dumb shit I'm being a a fag with a stick up my ass

>> No.13160729
File: 2.81 MB, 350x235, 1510554536284.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn /fa/ you guys got some issues.

>> No.13160769

thanks for the advice man.
i dig it

>> No.13160773

dont fucking throw it away do you hear me you fucking idiots

do not fuck it up

i threw away my relationship and regret it damn near every day and its been like 3 months

>> No.13160775

im lonely, and feel fat and ugly. i've lost 10kg and still feel just as big as before. im obsessed with the numbers.

tried tinder and shit to help with loneliness but its just made it worse because im not a rich banker with a porsche living in a highrise flat in central london

>> No.13160777
File: 938 KB, 1173x590, 195 O Farrell St Google Maps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A girlfriend of mine is becoming kinda distant with me. She does work quite a bit more now and is infamous for not answering texts fast/at all so IDK. I suppose im the normal person here. I also know where that photo was taken. see pic.

>> No.13160872

>because im not a rich banker with a porsche living in a highrise flat in central london

You really believe this?

>> No.13161207


>> No.13161214

Nice projecting

>> No.13161223

Become busier than her

>> No.13161260

No matter how /fa/ I am, no matter how /fit/ I am, no matter how /sig/ I am, I have a mutilated penis and I never consented to the operation

>> No.13161263

She broke up with me today, and im gonna get a haircut later today.
I realized today i always went to get haircuts after break ups, since they always feel really nice for me, and i feel "cleaner", like getting rid of part of my hair that was touched by her, im a idiot i know.

>> No.13161304

left college 3 years ago and haven't done anything since. i have good days and bad days but more often than not, bad one. im prone to bouts of acne and have a wide head and weak chin. i used to think i was good looking but either exposure to the internet/ body dysmorphia/ self awareness has changed that. jerking off because of hormones resets the cycle/ spots and any infatuation i might have with anything dissolves.

i want to just end it all already but im too pussy to do that and it would unfair on my family and dogs.

>> No.13161358

>tfw effay and attractive, able to get girls but can never get very far with them
how do i work on this please help

>> No.13161370

that's not receding lmao

>> No.13161395

>not asking for a three way

how the fuck

>> No.13161397

are you retarded

>> No.13161421

way to emotionally kill another person just cause you can't see outside yourself

>western people

>> No.13161422
File: 84 KB, 494x494, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet girl in uni
>we get along in class well during the semester
>I really like her
>end of semester, go our seperate ways
>stay in touch on social media
>end up coincidently travelling to Japan at the same time
>arrange to meet up
>spend 2 full days together sightseeing
>she's touchy with me, but nothing super serious
>99% sure she is in to me as well
>both of us are shy
>I don't really make a move the entire 2 days because I'm a 20 year old autist
>now we are back in our home town
>really want to try to make a move and get more serious
>no idea how to

Please help guys. My psychiatrist is literally going to force me to message her in my appointment tomorrow and ask to meet up.
What do? Someone with experience help me, what is a good way to ask?
I really like this girl

>> No.13161495

Just ask her if she's busy during the week, and see if she wants to go for a coffee or a walk in the park or some shit, it ain't that hard

>> No.13161515

itt soy

Check out rsd it helped me a lot

ignore the ads but really take this shit in

>> No.13161527

I dress like shit, fashion requires confidence and I am lacking in that department

>> No.13161539

i want to ask this girl out but i am afraid of rejection. I feel connected to her at a spiritual level, we have so many things in common, i've given her gifts for her birthday and valentines. She started seeing a psychiatrist so she could get the help she needs while im just here sitting at home depressed wanting to kms because everytime i take those depression test things they give at the doctor's i lie on it since it's so easy to fake that you dont have it. what should i do anons.

>> No.13161547

you giving her free shit has the opposite effect you think, she is not gonna be more attracted to you. no more fucking excuses, you need to start holding yourself to a higher standard. otherwise you're gonna live like this forever. go to the gym/work out, figure out what you like doing and go fucking do that all the time

>> No.13161558


>> No.13161590

tfw in a really similar situation, not sure what to do. your advice sounds quite good, it can just become a bit of a drag you know?

>> No.13161596

How i got out of my 'rut' of depression
>Realized that it was mostly in my head
>Started working out and eating good foods
>Began holding myself to a higher standard, and PUSHING MYSELF to be better
>Became more INTENTIONAL with my time. No more pointless computer browsing, every hour of the day served a purpose for making me money, going out and talking to women, etc.
Boom, something magic happened. I realized I could be anyone or do anything I put my mind to. What i thought of before as impossibly 'hard work' became a drug to me, I just wanted it more and more, and i couldn't stand sitting around doing nothing.
Do this shit and commit to it and i PROMISE you will become better. Love u all.

>> No.13161597

Same. Been with this girl for 4years. But we aren't even in a relationship now, I keep trying to break up and end up settling for something less intense with her

I don't have alot in common with her, but I feel she holds on to me because she thinks I will make a lot of money.

>> No.13161616

put your fucking foot down.
men who can't put their foot down are the bane of society.

>> No.13161680

change is scary i dont think i can do it i've tried working out i usually quit after a couple of days i dont enjoy many things, but the things i enjoy doing i share with the girl. how can i hold myself to a high standard when im constantly reminded by my parents that i am an accident how can i do anything.

>> No.13161714

im ugly, i have no friends, and have no motivation to do anything. also my forehead is so big that every hairstyle looks like shit on me

>> No.13161723


>> No.13161738

Guess what, change is just as scary for everyone. We're all petrified. The difference is successful people don't let their fear control them.
> how can i hold myself to a high standard when im constantly reminded by my parents that i am an accident
So you have 2 choices, you can look at that as an excuse to sit around and not do shit with your life, forever wishing your situation had been different so you could be happier

OR you can make yourself happy by MAKING YOURSELF BETTER
It's your life, your childhood can't be changed but you can do literally anything you want with your future. It's your call to make it better or not.

You having this victim mentality sickens me, and I want to see you let it go and go succeed in whatever you do

>> No.13161744

Motivation is an emotion, discipline is a habit. Motivation comes AFTER you take action and begin doing something

your appearance can be changed, and people will want to hang out with you anyways so long as you make yourself socially valuable by letting go and finding the fun and truth in everything.

>> No.13161830

i dont know what i want to do in the future i honestly feel like im just going to end up rotting away without achieving anything, without reaching any goals without experiencing life at its fulleset i wish i could make things better for myself but i just dont know how to, i want to get help, but im too afraid of how it will make others see me, i want to loose weight but i always end up quiting the diet or work out after a few days. i wish i could do a lot of things, but im not capable of doing it. these sort of threads is what makes me feel better as i can just let everything go anonymously without being judged in the real world.

>> No.13161844

Dude, it's all easy to say now after you've stopped being depressed.
I've been there many times, it was so obvious to me that I should eat better, push myself, exercise more etc. blah blah. I thought I beat it and NOW - after I know all that, there's no way I'm going to be depressed again.

And guess what, a month or two passes and you're at the bottom again. You don't remember those obvious advices, everything is 100x harder again.
It's just a never-ending loop.

>> No.13161857
File: 37 KB, 780x438, 1515364125767 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At least you got numbers.

>> No.13161864

checking those dubs

>> No.13161875

join the club, bud

>> No.13161879
File: 13 KB, 220x293, 220px-Atlas_Schloss_Linderhof[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have found that depression is something very hard to get rid of, and my tips are the following:

1-Let yourself relieve your grief when necessary, dont hide it from yourself because you are only storing it until it all explodes again, relieve pressure...

2-...but don't ever allow yourself to go further down the rabbit hole. Tatoo this shit in your mind, NO GOING BACKWARDS. No matter how you feel, always keep on improving: start lifting, reading, creating stuff (for me it's 3d art and altering my own clothes), studying, working... Seriously, whatever you do, it must be to go forward. If something can be fixed, work on fixing it, if not, try to make it better as much as possible.

3-Keep in mind sadness probably won't go, I still have my breakdowns after 2 years, but as long as you keep on moving forward, the worst that can happen is staying the same, with a likely chance of you getting better. If I am going to be a depressed fucker, at least I won't be an obese autist neckbearded incel.

4-Ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. Even if things can't be changed, you can strengthen yourself to bear them easier.

>> No.13161914
File: 719 KB, 293x182, aaaaa why.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you anon

>> No.13161939

This is pretty fucking solid advice
And I kinda agree, I don't know if depression is something I can really ever get totally out of me but it gets easier if you keep your mind at it.
2. is especially important, and I'd add to try and stay positive. Just convince yourself tomorrow is going to be a better day, or you'll feel bit better the next time you eat or have your coffee or take a nap, the tiniest baby steps make it easier to get through rough days and in the bigger picture those are the things that make a huge difference. Fake it til you make it even, no need to keep up a facade or force yourself to smile but as long you don't lose hope you are doing bit better.

>> No.13161946

Have to study for admission exam for medschool in about 4 weeks.

After a month of depression because of my ex gf, found another girl and i've been dating her for almost 2 weeks, shit's great

Bulking is going excellent in the gym, (happy cuz im growing my hair cause i want a full man bun, beard is finnaly filling in, shits good)

>I have little time to do all 3, must give 1 up and idk what to do, stress and deppression starts to kick in, I just want to win the lottery and be a fucking lazy piece of shit for the rest of my life.

>> No.13161948

Yes, that is what I do when I have a "bad day", I just tell myself that tomorrow it's going to be another day, and that in the grand scheme of things, I'm way better now than how I used to be.

In fact, I appreciate "bad days", if it weren't because of that extremely bad one, I wouldn't have started improving myself and I would be waaaay worse now that I am. Bad days are good to keep focus: when you have one, you know you're not done yet with improving yourself. They make you stay on the track, even if they feel like a kick in the balls.

>> No.13161954
File: 13 KB, 650x650, 1512066852097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha losers

>> No.13161955

how can i get better with girls fuck fuck fuck i dont want to die alone

>> No.13161961

>1.Adquire job
>2.Adquire money
>3.Buy cheap pussy
>5.Congratulations you just got laid

>> No.13161964

buying sex is disgusting

>> No.13161966

i'm in a long distance relationship and finally got to visit my boyfriend for a little while. he took my virginity and i was more happy in those few days than i have been in a very long time.
now that i'm back home, i wish i was there with him instead. i miss him so much :^(

>> No.13161989

I hope you are a boy. Cuz I cant let that boner go to waste.

>> No.13161994
File: 13 KB, 601x592, mfw hmm froggy pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13161995

>literal neckbeard no friends for first two years of uni
>drop out
>bloat to 391 pounds
>about to literally kms but decide to just starve myself for a year and see how it goes
>16 months later i'm down to 186 pounds
>still socially awkward as fuck
>live in big city with cousin for 2 months
>he teaches me how to not be a depressed loser
>come back home re-enroll at uni
>program requirements have changed so much i'm starting back at first year pretty much
>fall in love and bag dream girl that goes to top uni in the country (she really liked my style when we first met)
>lied about when I was gonna graduate because i didn't want to be a complete loser in her eyes
>she finds out
>breaks up with me day before valentines because she can't trust me anymore
>depressed again
>gaining weight again
>smoking agian
why do I fuck up everything good in my life /fa/

>> No.13162000

You dumb fucker, instead of learning the "I should not lie" lesson, you come back to your old self destructive habits.

What is your intention with this post? Whoring some attention? It's up to you, and to you only, to get your own head out of your ass, for your own good.

>> No.13162001

look man things are gonna be ok for you, if you managed to get your life back on track before, nothing can stop you from doing so again. please keep trying for me and don't let yourself slip back :)

>> No.13162008

>Implying fittet jeans and a nice sweatshirt can't be /fa/
But I know how you feel anon

>> No.13162013

Depressed and anxious, but know it's because of my own actions but I find it incredibly hard to fix.
Skinny but feel the worst I have ever in terms of physical fitness.
Not satisfied with my job, even though it's a good opportunity.
Not satisfied with having fucked up my late high school rendering myself in a shit position to pursue any interest in University.
I've achieved becoming a 'professional gamer' on salary, but it feels so empty now.
Reflecting on what I've spent on fashion and regretting it because it's so fickle.
Haven't had a meaningful relationship with a woman for a few years; the only one I've been interested in and pursued doesn't reciprocate.

ha ha

>> No.13162019

Have been heartbroken for 5 years over a girl with whom I've only kissed a couple of times. I've had hook-ups with others since but I still haven't moved on one bit from a girl who doesn't give a shit about me (even though she says she does)

>> No.13162035
File: 87 KB, 768x1024, 1503503055083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw fat and miserable

>> No.13162119

No, you gotta chase some dreams man, don't give up just because everyone around you is boring

>> No.13162219

>tfw she's done with you and now considering a buzz cut.
Don't do it, faggot.
You're being played like a damn fiddle. Just let your hair grow even more.

>> No.13162306


>> No.13162310

>tfw no effay friends
>tfw no qt effay gf
>tfw no job to fund effay hobbies
>tfw no will to live

kill me

>> No.13162316

Isn't that alopecia areata? I was diagnosed with it at 17 and female, lost my waist length hair but got it all back using minoxidil 5% for 6 months day and night. I was devasted and the stress about it just made it even worse.
Buy minoxidil 5%, sleep early, meditate and look into paleo diet for autoimmune disease :)

>> No.13162352

Feel yea man, i feel yea

>> No.13162425

>Be me, 23, up and coming skateboarder.
>Spent the last couple of years stacking footage, for a couple smaller companies.
>Drop a homie video part late in juli.
>Couple weeks go by, and I get an email.
>Big company is willing to set me up as an am, with a paycheck that meant i could quit my job and pursue skating full-time.
>Went to france to film for my introductory part.
>Filming a hillbomb, did a slide before a turn and as I hooked up my knee gives out.
>Can't move my left leg at all, it's completely locked in place.
>Go to hospital, but the doctor spoke poor english, so she put me in a immobilization brace and gave me some dank ass painkillers.
>Fly home, get to a doctor who tells me I'll be fine, and it's nothing serious. Start being able to walk a week after.
>A month goes by, and I'm at a party.
>Jump up on a table and squat down.
>Knee locks up instantly, and I freak the fuck out.
>Rushed to a hospital, get told have a major tear on both my acl and my mcl.
>Surgery is possible, but my knee could still lock up anytime again.
>I can't do any serious physical activities for at least two years, and will have to build up from there.
>Call big company sponsor, tell them the situation.
>Their offer is called off, since they need a new am now.
>Dreams shattered instantly.
>Spent the last few months in limbo, didn't eat well, partied every weekend and smoked weed every weekday to not think about it.
>Had a complete mental breakdown this november, and didn't leave my house the entire month.
>Best friend pulled me out of it with a mushroom trip.
>Applied for photography school the day after, and got accepted.
>Sold my first prints last week.
>Just got into a relationship.
>Was promoted to manager at the bar I work at two weeks ago.

I've never in my life been this happy.

>> No.13162445

i'm glad for you

>> No.13162454


that was a rollercoaster but I'm proud of you anon, keep it up bro

>> No.13162474

>freshman in college (finance major), moved to NY from HI
>go to good private school
>sign with modeling agency, have been doing some shoots and stuff
>social life going well, I've made a bunch of friends and get invited to fashion events and stuff
>grades have been good
i should feel good about my life but i havent been happy in 3 or 4 years and i thought moving would make it better and it did at first but now i just feel like shit again
>grades slipping a little
>using more drugs to feel better
might see a counselor at my school, idk. i wouldnt ever kill myself but i would be ok with dying

>> No.13162487

happy for you anon! i wish you the best

>> No.13162506

I've been empty since I was 10

>> No.13162577
File: 5 KB, 259x194, walrus mustache.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhm, gonna start Architecture after dropping out of civil engineering because I realized I'm a retard and didnt want to actually do engineering. Worried about being able to make Friends (capital f) there. While in engi I only managed to get a couple of "friends" that I didn't actually enjoy talking to one bit and later, when they all failed classes I didn't, I just didn't bother to go through that again but it turned out being alone in a college class is mind-breaking torture.
I so envy people that seem to be able to make friends all around and enjoy themselves with people. I want to do that, but the few people I figure I'll talk to I end up not liking (is it me? it's probably me).
Also no gf

>> No.13162710

>anything. you're on /fa/? you like clothes? pursue fashion
i resonate with that. i kept doing things to boost my idea of myself without actually improving my baseline depression. so you have to get deep and dig to the root of the problem

>> No.13162769

fuck you. i didn't even get to hold her hand.

>> No.13162784
File: 55 KB, 500x379, 1518910277392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw finally beat acne
>Realize that my cheeks are covered in wide, shallow scars that are extremely noticable in certain lighting

Well shit.

>> No.13164119

I got a buzzcut cut and ohh boy people are shocked.
My friends was angry

I got a haircut that I didn't like and couldn't hear people laugh at me, got a buzzcut cut shocked everyone. Had a small breakdown.
I know Im stupid

>> No.13164228
File: 110 KB, 1200x800, Danny-Trejo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're not the same boat Danny.

>> No.13164259

if u really have a decent face and improving ur body, its not a big deal m8. also, the older u get, the more acceptable it is, and u naturally give less fucks about it as time passes by. ur gonna make it brah

t. bald at 20

>> No.13164604
File: 95 KB, 215x301, 1352660639810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The girl I am madly in love with has come out as a lesbian

>> No.13164652
File: 76 KB, 233x255, 1517790210662 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw everyone in my family looks youthful as fuck and they all have a full thick head of hair, even my 80 year old grandparents
>Everyone around me going bald
Feels fucking good knowing he future is bright

>> No.13164714

Get some products in it my man

>> No.13164729

Focus on yourself/ getting to know yourself really well. Likes/dislikes, fashion, work on fixable shortcomings. You’ll be better for it, don’t try to impress others rn. If you spend enough time working on yourself and what makes you happy then other people will like you more. And girls love people who are self confident (real confidence tho not just faking it)

>> No.13164749

Dude she’s immature, that’s why. She’s too scared to face you because of insecurities and also I’m sure she sometimes regrets her decision. Don’t be as immature as her, she dates around because she doesn’t know what she wants and needs validation, she’s probably worried you’re doing better, so prove her right, move on and lead a more fulfilling life without her

>> No.13164770

Hey man take the chance to rework your look or dress how you always wanted, have fun with it!

>> No.13164793

man it sounds like you need to find some new people/ places to hang around. Not everyone goes to bars or nightclubs, and you’ll never find the type of girls youre looking for there.

>> No.13164807

Things got really dark recently man, found out my dad has cancer and im scared to the bone, important test are coming up and ive reverted back to becoming a normie

>> No.13164820

Hope you feel better bro. Stay on the grind, you have to take care of yourself

>> No.13164831

what scares you the most about your dad's news?

>> No.13164835

same except I developed a man body, while my brother got the feminine body.

>> No.13164850

Hey me too senpai

>> No.13164860

I don't get why virgins always think this about women.

It's truly mind boggling

>> No.13164868

Colon cancer my guy

>> No.13164876

anyone in Boston know where people hang out?
I'm 19 and live just outside of the city and I'm ready to fucking kill myself desu I haven't talking to more than 2 or 3 people in 7 months

>> No.13164908

Bro id talk to you but shitty im in europe

>> No.13165265


>> No.13165272

Don’t join the military

>> No.13165290

you got plenty of life ahead of you don't dwell on it too much

>> No.13165300

you don't have the right mindset dude
you need to spend some time educating yourself

>> No.13165351

Two weebs meeting in Japan what a coincidence

>> No.13165356


>> No.13165395

damn man. that sucks. godspeed, anon, hope everything turns out well.

>> No.13165861

I wish i could give you advice but nothing will help you unless you learn to take charge yourself and have some confidence. I asked /adv/ constantly how i should ask out my highschool crush, i grew balls and did it, then fumbled the date and we havent ever spoke since then. But whatever you do, tell her that you like her romantically or you'll sit in quiet desperation forever.

>> No.13166005

follow this guy's advice. it honestly did wonders for me.

>> No.13166050

how'd you think HI would be doing if the white man never came over?

>> No.13166069
File: 26 KB, 600x600, 1516620835378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get pixie cut
>called "champ" and "buddy" by servers
>people look at me like I'm a tranny when I wear a dress

thanks fa I fell for your short hair girl meme

>> No.13166258

pic is cool, but guy needs to learn how to fucking write, the fucking imbecil

>> No.13166261

>Work at a mall in one of the richest areas of LA
>Hypebeasts come in every day
>7 year olds wearing Supreme LV and yeezys
>groups of high school kids wearing yeezys
>All clothing marketed towards skaters is only bought by middle aged men.

Post pics, i bet ur a qt

>> No.13166271

You guys gotta shake your foundations, change your lives up. If you get stuck in a 'fine' life youre going to stagnate and rot and will never be fulfilled. Other people can do it because theyre fine with being complacent. It doesnt make them better than you.

>> No.13166277

Damn. Fuccbois don’t skate my man.

>> No.13166289

see the thing is when people recommend pixie cuts they assume that the female is atleast a 6/10 and thus not having overly masculine features.

>> No.13166293

finally give up on girl of my dreams, start having a relationship with another girl, girl of my dreams starts liking me. ended up cheating on current girl with dream girl and hate myself because of it

>> No.13166303

not a weeb, and neither is she really. She was back visiting her family in Korea, and I was just there for a holiday

came back here because I did ask her.
Said I was going to a movie tomorrow night, and asked if she wanted to come, because I knew she hadn't seen it. Basically went like this
>I ask her
>she says 'what time'
>I begin to think she might say yes, if she is curious about the time
>I tell the time
>she says she's can't make it because she is already planned to meet her friends at that time with some crying emojis

Not entirely sure if it was a legit excuse or not, but I guess time will tell.
Feels bad man

>> No.13166305
File: 59 KB, 601x508, FD9F6D96-0BDF-4D87-817B-F45E98D4289F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet my amazing qt girlfriend
>over the free months I put on the weight I lost, 2st
>she likes my gross dad bod
>I want to get lean but I also really love my gf so I respect her opinion
>depression has now creeped back in and is making me miserable
>on the other hand I am the most happy I have ever been
>my fits have been pretty lack listed because I don’t care too much but also care a lot about how I look
>really committed and want to go to uni to do architecture but also don’t have the drive for it as much as I did
>these mental gymnastics are fucking me uo
>really want a cigarette but also can’t because gf wants me to give up

Why is life pain?

>> No.13166310

Counselling hasn’t worked but I am also not too keen on the idea of anti-depressants because I don’t want to miss one pill and feel shit for the entire day. Cigarettes and vidya were the things that kept me stress free but I don’t smoke or play vidya anymore.

>> No.13166316

You remind me of me and I love you. Don't smoke because then you'll keep thinking about it and try to do the things that make you happy.

>> No.13166320

That’s the thing i don’t even know what I love to do anymore. My girlfriend is moving an hour and half away and I can’t even drive yet. I’m trying to use that as motivation to get my license and car but it’s super expensive in the uk

>> No.13166324

Good for her

>> No.13166366

Your girlfriend does not love your dadbod cunt, she just says that coz she loves you. Stay in shape bitch

>> No.13166399
File: 87 KB, 960x768, 42248890-47F8-48F4-A301-5D781F3AA909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeh cheers bro, some people aren’t as insensitive and brain dead as you. I never said she loves it but she just doesn’t mind that I’m abit chubby atm. But nice troll tho bro

>> No.13166654

bleached my hair recently, aside from looking hideous it absoluly destroyed it. i used to have beautiful thick wavy hair, now it’s thin and brittle as fuck and when i pinch and part my hair close to the scalp, I can see a LOT of it. is it possible that it burned my hair follicles off or something? my scalp wasn’t irritated at all after the bleaching so i hope that’s not the case. anyone had something similar happen? is it likely that i will regrow my hair back?

>> No.13166835

It very likely could have been real. People make plans, especially if it was less than a few days away. Try to change the plan, maybe not something as basic as a movie unless you're both really into movies. Maybe something as simple as you wanting to see her. When i asked my highschool crush out, we went out for coffee then watched the sunset together over the beach. It was really nice. Then again, i already told you how my situation turned out.

So maybe you shouldnt listen to my advice.


>> No.13167069

>wearing the same id black tee and black jeans every day
>just wear interesting fits at home
>im afraid from that people laugh on me

>> No.13167494

my dick doesn't work, and i hate it and it makes me so sad. I'm ashamed. I can't get an erection. I feel like an 80 y/o man, except i'm only 22

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