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techwear exists as a subculture only because it impresses losers that grew up watching video games and jerking off to children's anime. it looks cool and edgy to them. it's like a symphony of spaghetti, and it makes me cringe

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when techwear enthusiasts post a photo on the internet, they are in control over the lighting, composition, and content of this photo. they can emulate an aesthetic seen so many times growing up in comic books/video games/movies etc. for this reason, techwear pictures look cool and edgy to the weak, pale geeks of the world when they come to sufu, or 4chan, or stylezeitgeist, or pinterest, or thefedoralounge. when you take them outside this frame of reference, and capture someone trying to posture as "techwear" while walking down santa monica boulevard with a slice of pizza in their hand, it becomes very obvious how pathetic their charade is. they lose control of their aesthetic in the real world and it's sad to behold. so instead they avoid being seen eating pizza, and try to slink around in the shadows smoking cigarettes, sending their mom to buy groceries so as not to be seen with luncheon meats in their hand. they avoid going to the beach because they know it's impossible to perpetuate their carefully crafted image there.

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Sounds like somebody is upset they can't afford techwear

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stop projecting so much holy shit

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You are the one's projecting your stupid dumb uncultured tv, comic, videogame weebshit fantasies, buckaroos!!!!!!!!! I'M PICKLE RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SZECUAUN SAUCE

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look up the meaning of projection, and then realise that it is what you are doing with all that caps-locking

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Please don't post on this board anymore

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>I only visit one avenue of techwear that i dislike, thus i must shit on the whole idea.
Its kinda saying avant-garde as a whole sucks because i don't like rick.
Like any style it always looks wonky when you go overboard, Rick Yohji hype can all look good in you dress sensibly. Yeezy with modest outfit looks fine if you style it right. but LV X SUPREME + BAPE PANTS + YEEZY + BOGO obviously looks dumb.

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you cant eat pizza while wearing tech wear?

I guess it depends on where you live. I live in a city and I see people quite frequently wearing it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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also i grew up in upper new england in the catskills before moving to the city. A lot of fall and winter hiking gear is very techwear/utility oriented simply based on materials and design

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Nomex is best tech wear

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>t. 13 year old redditor

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you can tell /fa/ is full of complete fucking newfag teenagers because they respond to old pasta designed specifically to get them angry this angrily

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how techwear gothninja macag cucks look LOL

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fucking newfaggots

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Nice blog posts

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