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>Old fits
>old memes
>old cores

No newfags allowed

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Remember Cara threads?

This new /fa/ has no taste in women

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goth ninja isn't old /fa/ you fucking faggots and neither is that pancake face cara

goth ninja killed old /fa/

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oldfag gtfo

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you know /fa/ popped up in like '08 right
2012 was when /fa/ began it's high fashion phase and that was 6 years ago which is pretty old all things considered

also 2012 - 2013 /fa/ was the best it ever was, it was the golden age of Internet fashion forums in general

go check the archive you dumb cunt

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still love you brother

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real oldfags remember the gif of him busting a nut

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gothninja exists as a subculture only because it impresses losers that grew up watching video games and jerking off to children's anime. it looks cool and edgy to them. when gothninjas post a photo on the internet, they are in control over the lighting, composition, and content of this photo. they can emulate an aesthetic seen so many times growing up in comic books/video games/movies etc. for this reason, gothninja pictures look cool and edgy to the weak, pale geeks of the world when they come to sufu, or 4chan, or stylezeitgeist, or pinterest, or thefedoralounge. when you take them outside this frame of reference, and capture someone trying to posture as "gothninja" while walking down santa monica boulevard with a slice of pizza in their hand, it becomes very obvious how pathetic their charade is. they lose control of their aesthetic in the real world and it's sad to behold. so instead they avoid being seen eating pizza, and try to slink around in the shadows smoking cigarettes, sending their mom to buy groceries so as not to be seen with luncheon meats in their hand. they avoid going to the beach because they know it's impossible to perpetuate their carefully crafted image there. it's like a symphony of spaghetti, and it makes me cringe.

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here's your (You) newfag

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you gotta be dumb if you think /fa/ discussed goth ninja the second it dropped

go check the archive and tell me what the majority of threads looked like in 08 then 2012 you dickhead

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properties says saved in 2009, i used to see it posted all the time

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Uhhh, back when /fa/ first popped it was pretty much just NY (or similar big american city) hipster teens discussing H&M and thrift stores.

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There aren't archives of anything from 2008

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How were peacoats ever a thing. It's the fedora of coats.

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Selvedge meme was the worst

I still remember the goofninja vs dadcore threads, the emergence and fall of lunarcore, "get af1s instead," palewave, jewelwave, reeeeeee and their downfall, and probably some more memes i can't think of. I have a 4chan folder from like 2013-2014 with some old saved fits and images, if there's interest I'll dump.

I am not an oldfag though

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>you gotta be dumb if you think /fa/ discussed goth ninja the second it dropped

we literally did

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obviously dump

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Anyone remember this thread?

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I remember the Daily Kanye threads

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I remember daily Mac Demarco threads

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trent reznor in some geos

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some og thinspo

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le epic troll

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Your post just proves that /fa/ is one of the stupidest and most gullible boards, posed with his image of course he was reposting something old and funny.

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or maybe cara cut off her hair and became cancer

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Somebody post the wall of hate.

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>Denim Dan. Knows everything, yet looks like shit
>Denim Dan in slaters chat a few nights ago.
>Says he knows about fashion but looks like shit.
>Says he's the only one on /fa/ that knows real fashion.
>Lies about his height
>Reveals how he lost his virginity to a fat, drunk girl.
>Goes on OKC and says none of them went anywhere.
>Makes out with a girl. Says she regrets making out with him.
>Lives with his brother in his MOTHERS HOUSE.
>admits paying hookers for sex
>always posts late at night
>no life

>Denim Dan.

>Epitome of Loser

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he was underage in that

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Saw him here like a year ago
He posted vile trash and got banned lol
I'vebeen wondering what happened to Patrick Bateman

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loooooool i had a fucking flashback with my eyes open

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Am I really that old? How long ago was that holy fuck

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the only person we all drowned over and wanted to fuck was cole mohr
i dont know who that rank bitch cara is

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real homies saw slater getting blow from another homie

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Please post it

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you greww up

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please post /fa/tan

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original /fa/ is stil alive, it's just called /r/malefashionadvice

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you are soliciting cp on an ip-logging website you incomprehensibly new fucking idiot

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I wonder if he's still alive.

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I am a newfag so I would really appreciate getting some background and inspo of the old /fa/
So please dump

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cole mohr is all you need to know

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Looking good Dan!

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4chan was more almost as bad as mfa back in the early days

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uhhh this shit

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also this.
Every jacket I make has interior pockets big enough to store a book and a sandwich and a passport.
fuckin sandwiches in Cargobaskets

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I live for these threads..

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i miss pf and basedprophet

shitposting with these yung bucks while wearing four figure garms was real life

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nobody talked about this larp uniform until 2011
which by then sufu and sz had long thrown it to the weekly garbage collection

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void was one cool ass nigga
one of the very few on this board actually living that fashion ting hope he safe and hamming it up in the twerp still

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This is the only fit where I like how the geos were used (besides some fits wored by Rick obviously)

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fucking pedo

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i forgot how much this img used to make me laugh, thanks anon

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thanks dan

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lol bruh maybe he aint post anymore but u know that nigga up in the clouds watching over us like he fin to do. shit ma, u aint gonna tell me every time u find those julius jawns for fuckin 9500 yen on global rakuten u aint feel his presence? u aint gonna tell me every time u sittin on the train and all a sudden u hear some soulful galactic ambient trance leakin out some open-back headphones somewhere u aint know hes there wit u? u aint gonna tell me when ur slippin through the quiet city blocks soles of ur nike field generals hush on the concrete u aint look up at the night sky and see those stars get a lil teary eyed? u gonna try and sell me on that ish?

and im just gon be real here for one sec. realer than i ever been on this hell hole of a website. but my nigga poet was in the business of knowing. bruh signed off but he still knew. this the power season. p o w e r s e a s o n. poet here now hed just be telling u what u already know. "keep your edges clean and your geos dusty. dont forget to look over yo shoulder every once an a while. dont ever let em at your truths. they aint deserving."

pull on yo ma-1. pull on yo acne shit u bought on sale. pull on yo god damn achilles lows u trying so hard to keep crispy. stay cold, stay icy. keep yo shoulders back. u had the manifesto the whole time, chief p jus tweaked the frequency, cuz he was good like that, an he wanted to see u succeed.

so u gonna succeed or what?

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is that piss?

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Denim Dan. Got a lifetime of hard-earned folk wisdom.
Denim Dan round the campfire a few nights ago.
Says he ain't never trusted no man without a little dirt under his fingernails.
Says "Never slap a hooker when she's chewin' tobacco."
Works hard and drinks hard.
Reveals how he was born in the back seat of a greyhound bus.
Knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.
once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Don't own nothing but the clothes on his back, one pair of blue jeans and this here guitar.

Denim Dan.

All-American Hero

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I can't tell if that should have been sung by Mötorhead or Johnny Cash.

Or perhaps someone not dead.

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still makes me cringe

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anyone remember SICKFITBRO?

>> No.13042272

guy who used to trip here
don't remember him at all because he wasn't popular at all,stop trying to turn yourself into a meme 'sickfitbro'

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just genuinely curious about the guy, i only have these two images. fair enough

>> No.13042296

curious about what? those pics you posted are garbage, are you curious as to his method of suicide because if he posted that shit here he must have got bullied

>> No.13042309 [DELETED] 

what are you so mad? i saved these images 8 years ago. lol - you said you used to trip? i bet you lurk these threads and hope someone posts about you. chill out fag

>> No.13042313

why are you so mad? i saved these images 8 years ago. of course they're dated. you said you used to trip, i bet you lurk these threads hoping someone posts about you. chill out, its really pathetic.

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>just so happened to save pics 8 years ago and remember the guys trip
really makes me think

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thats what i thought bitch

>> No.13042773

whoooaaa forgot bout that guy

>> No.13042780

lmao had that haircut for over a year, always split down the middle and looked like shit

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newfag reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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these fucking hats

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>still have mine

>> No.13044417

Can someone explain the


Rick meme to me?

Sorry genuinely curious and out of the loop.

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hows germany

>> No.13044597

Still don't fully get it. I assume someone messaged this other guy named Rick Owens for the lulz but I don't get the part about a birthday card or anything.

>> No.13044623

>skimmed thread
>no cereal Trunks


>> No.13044668

a true hero

>> No.13044671

don't know what this is. you're a true veteran.

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Does anyone have the Birthday saga? Beginning from the blue and cream dip-dyed raf sweater post, of course.

>> No.13044719

was this an actual scene in the show that had the text edited over it, or is it a fan animation

>> No.13044726

That is Rick. It was his birthday and fa made him that image. I really don't know if i can make it any simpler

>> No.13044728

Yes a children's show featuring a talking bird and raccoon decided that it would be a good idea to animate a scene referencing the American avant-garde fashion designer Rick Owens as well as referencing popular street wear brands like Supreme.

>> No.13044729

>children's show

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1 year isn't oldfag

>> No.13045055

newfag, /fa/ made a montage birthday card for rick and and this guy emailed it to him and that was the reply from the big man himself, it rapidly ascended to meme status

>> No.13045702

holy fuck this dude was such a faggot

>> No.13045795

sum1 post the meetup pic

>> No.13045876

everyone was like woah its rick and its not all black *cum*

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meetup guy went full rick

>> No.13045915

wrong one newfag

>> No.13046535

What happened to casemods?

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here you go: brisbane meetup 2014
not really oldfag desu. i joined /fa/ in late 2012 and had a really good time until 2013-14

streetfagwear has a ton of influence now and /fa/ is only filled with dumb threads, besides the generals and a few ok-ish others.

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but desu i still laugh at longneck meme like the teenager i was

>> No.13047961

Can someone explain to me the foam roll thing?

>> No.13048050

Any of you nigs saved all of void/user's fit pics and mind posting them? They were fucking neat.

>> No.13048062

It's a tool you use to sort of give a tight muscle a hard, painful massage to loosen it up.
That pic is an edited from /fit/.

>> No.13048175

anyone got any fits from the skinhead/droog dude who posted in waywt every day even though all he got was abuse?

>> No.13048198

thanks for my first chuckle of the day

>> No.13048213

These are dunks you newfag

>> No.13048245

my roomie just caught a glimpse of this pic and got all "who is that?" interested...looking good girl.

>> No.13048347


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