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Hey /fa/ what can i change to look more attractive to females ?
i was never approached by one, i'm also 22

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Please stop cyberbullying this boy (girl?)

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go away elliot

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You guys are no help :C

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u need some facial hair

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Lose weight lift weights
Stop jacking off everyday
You look like a soy boy

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Get rid of the glasses and wear contacts, get a shorter haircut, Exercise.

Maybe then you wont look like a lesbian.

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So no facial hair, no fit bod and glasses are the reason i'm not approachable ?

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maybe not glasses but weight and the low test look doesnt help you bud

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Females don’t approach unless u are 7+ below that u have to grow balls and initiate

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Okay thanks i have problem growing facial hair except the neck, massive hair on neck, 0 hair on cheeks

what am i /10 ?

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Finish your transition process

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solid 4-5/10, average to just below

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There's actually 0 point in trying to run pretty boy game to get girls to approach you, because for it to happen consistently you need to be in like the top 1% of looks. Even good looking guys have to work for it sometimes.

Improve yourself to a 5-6 and work on talking to girls.

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I also say 4-5 out of 10.

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bait thread but i will provide help to the people here that really look like this:
when you are fucking ugly nothing will help you get females the way attractive guys get females,nothing but a few millions in your banl account.
so get your paper up cuz women are not genetically programmed to find ugly fucks attractive at all,your shit face = shit genes and womens brain know this and no women wants to have a shitty baby with shitty genes. its just nature.
so study,work hard and get your paper,there is no other option.

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did u copy and paste that from the trp subreddit

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t. balding manlet
first off,you have to back.
second,you can keep mewing and meditating and triming your eyebrows and lifting and reading whatever shit site you read about seduction and game but there is one thing you cant change,one thing nature cares about the most...
and that is your genetics.
ugly fuck = shit genes

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most guys dont look like the guy in ur pic

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and your point is...?
most guys have miserable lives,get cheated on,have sex one or two times a year with luck,and have to put a lot of effort into keeping a gf or even getting one. im not talking about average dudes,im talking about genetic trash.
why do you think attractive people are tall,smart,healthy,good at sports,super social,etc,mmmm might be because their attractive face serves to tells females "fuck this dude,he has great genes and will produce great offspring"
again,its just nature

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you have a warped view of reality that's been tempered by too much internet. your logic is like comparing yourself to a millionaire and just giving up on life because you will most likely never attain that level of wealth.

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>from the trp subreddit
>>from the the red pill sub reddit

I bet you also say "atm machine"

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Are you the guy from the /fa/ meetup?

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I'm not american

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you are the one with the warped view of (((reality))).
just accept the truth and move on with your life. Nature does not want you reproducing and so the only chance you have to fuck hot girls is becoming a lawyer or something and making mad dough.
niggaz need to stop telling disabled people that they can be the next messi if they lift and buy x clothes

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You need to go out and see more
I've seen ugly repulsive guys with pretty girls
and effeminate "soy boys" too.
Plenty of Asian girls find the gay looking kpop singer irresistible.

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blackpillers are obnoxious

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i have seen people survive a shotgun to the head too,whats your point?

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