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I really wish I lived in a society where people wore cloaks

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Cloaks are impractical outside of your parents' computer room

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Pitch them as an evolution of blanket scarves

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Just do it, and who cares ! or use a half cloak.

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Varusteleka has a new wool cloak (Jämä collection), no idea if it's effay because I'm a fucking autist

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As someone that has never even seen a cloak irl I will disagree.
See, coats are basically made to be taken off today, right?
You step out of your house and into your car and any mall you step into cranks the heat up so you're uncomfortable in more than a t-shirt.
Cloaks give you coverage for rain and cold but are also very easy to put on and take off and more compact than a coat to store. They also won't crumple your clothes as much as a coat can.
Another point of them is they're much less labor intensive to make - they would be cheap.

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live in europe

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I've been living in Milan for 2 years now

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Why aren't you wearing one then? If nobody starts, how can it become mainstream?

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post your cloak fit

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the hoodie is the modern cloak

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The shorter cape kind are still in though aren't they?

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haha people would probably buy it

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I were a cloak on a daily basis and I get complimented on it. You can do it anon.

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id like to use one

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Okay this thread got me worried now, does this look okay?

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Or are people making fun of me

I mean, ill still wear it cause its comfy and fluffy but yano

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aw damn, it's okay, I never got a different response on here, I don;'t really know what the kids are supposed to wear those days

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looks pretty fuckin cool famalan
fashion is about being unique and enjoying what you wear, don't let some asian supreme boy tell you otherwise

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You're fine. The question OP is really asking is "how do I (as a man who isn't a male model) wear a cloak without looking dumb".

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I hopped in to start, that's for sure

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but seriously
unless you're a trap
take that fucking thing off

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reee no I do what I want

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Fuck yes

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Where do you guys shop for cloaks

What are some good all weather materials?
Wool ,leather?

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I could do this all day.

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>t. Fag who has never worn a cloak

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Zara velvet cloak, was on their webstore for a month. Gone now

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I though i was done but then

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Its amazing how awesome you can make a bolt of textile by adding a few buttons a stiff collar and a hood.

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a cloak for the lunarcore boys

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As soon as people start walking again. Ever get in & out of a car in one? Ride a bicycle in one?

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I don't see any hinderance a cape or a cloak would be. Long coats are still worn today

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I agree.

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that's a poncho.

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Which is like a full body cloak

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I'm looking for something like this to wear over black tie. W2C?

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Holy shit, anon. Thank you! I've been looking everywhere for a website that sells these. I can finally go full vampire-core

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i love this video. He makes some very good points

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Carabinieri capes obligatory

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both officers of the San Marino military. rocking that M. Bison aesthetic.

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found something like this in grey at my local surplus but too manlet :(

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Where and how much.

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That dude in that pic is probably like 5'6.

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My winter line has a cloak planned, but its for women. Still not sure on the design details but I am pretty sure cloaks are gonna make a comeback.

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me too op

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toronto, canada. At an army surplus store in a place called Kensington Market. Price was definitely $100+

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If you saw this being used to pin a shawl/scarf together, would you assume the wearer was autistic?

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>See, coats are basically made to be taken off today, right?
They're also made to allow me to use my arms and remain warm.

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ww1-era nutrition senpai

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you a trap?

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Nope, I'm a wahman

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You wish

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I, uhh.. Why is it hard to believe? This is fa, not r9k. Not everyone is mentally ill.

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No but seriously i think it looks ok on you

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Meanwhile, in Finland.

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old french ones pop up from time to time. this one on etsy for around 200, i've seen them cheaper too

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What, do ameridumbs actually think we still dress like it's the middle ages here??

>> No.12984633

>dress like it's the middle ages here??
That would be effay af

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Do you get there often? I'm 6'0" and interested.

>> No.12984755

Do you have metal beard rings and a pointed hat as well?

>> No.12984757

Capes look rad indoors too

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Get out fucking scum

>> No.12984766

these just look retarded though

>> No.12984839

I'm not finnish.

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Wishful thinking.
We like the think that Europe is free from consumerism

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That cloak is only hip length. Anything longer might be dangerous.

Have you done this? Doesn't it blow everywhere?

>> No.12985562

>Have you done this?
no, but i've ridden bikes many times wearing coats with over the knee skirts with no problems. also that cape is obviously thigh lenght, like most in this thread and irl

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I'd ridden a bike wearing a poncho. It's tricky but doable. I mean the whole cover chain thing was to stop the long women's dresses getting caught in it.

A shame undertakers kind of have a monopoly on those.

I'm completely on board for cloak wear, it;s just hard figuring out what to wear with them.

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CoE all the way baby.

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if you're going to be a protestant at least be something cool like a fundamentalist calvinist

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cloaks not capes!

>> No.12985969

Nope, one larp item is risky but 3?

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I'm pretty sure people wore cloaks because they basically take no skill to make. It's literally just a piece of fabric with some way of tying up a hood

>> No.12987236

how long should a cape extend anyways? I've always liked the look of knee-length capes, but anymore and it seems a little bit rediculous

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>Church of I don't like my wive and I'm the king

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It's all based on nothing anyway, at least that was a practical reason.

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Incidentally it's me that is interested. I love all things french. Except their camouflage uniforms because they're really boring.

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>not wanting le blend in suit to be unremarkable

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File: 695 KB, 2048x1362, 1454795856268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no denying it works, but there's much more interesting patterns out there.

A camo cloak might be pushing it.

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File: 830 KB, 1200x1200, ghillie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why stop at mil cloaks

>> No.12987959

>what are parkas
>what are shawls
>what are ponchos

cloaks just evolved my man

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So is one supposed to wear the cloak on top of your coat that is on top of your jacket or whatever?

Is it like an outer outer layer?

>> No.12988624

Cloak or cspe is always the outermost layer. Simply because it isn't physically possible to wear one under clothing with sleeves

>> No.12988630

It's a fourth layer then.


That's a lot of layers.

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File: 26 KB, 525x543, 1511158934056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4 u

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