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why your father wears a fit like steve carell's

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... he doesn't.

more like Gosling's, but plus 50lbs and monoblack.

like some sort of evil CEO.

which he is. also possibly a robot

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He doesn't because he's dead.

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My dad has been married for over 25 years. He is happy with his life, with his family. He has absolutely nothing to prove and no one to impress. He's a modest and humble guy who isn't particularly interested in clothes.

Actually my dad never wears Jeans though he wears track pants like Slav.

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huy guyz my daddy is a ceo :)

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why does he looks the same height as ryan ?

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Damn that's pretty much exactly what my Dad wears on the weekend.

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My dad wears polo shirts with a pen pocket, always heavy cotton, and cargo shorts
He has an outfit for mowing the lawn, one winter jacket, and a suit he never ever wears
He doesn't give a fuck

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becayse ryan isnt that tall. he is like 5'10 tops in shoes

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because my father is a fashion god

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Celeb statistics, esp. height, are usually made up.
It's all about what believable. Not to mention steves shoes give him a tiny boost.

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Heh this

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Have you seen Steve Carrel recently though?

Don't even tell me this isn't effay as fuck

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He’s fat and ugly.

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Greying hair is effay.

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Was my dad effay?

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epic reply my man

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My dad is that guy who wears shorts even in the snow.
I don't think he owns any pants that aren't dress pants

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As of 2017 Steve's fit is ten times more /fa/ than Ryan's.

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suppressed childhood abuse

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Yeah, effaygeegeeohtee

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ew those shoes ruin the whole thing

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was about to post the same thing. hideous

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My dad dresses like trevor in gta v although he is extremely well paid. I've never seen him wearing a suit.

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>wearing sneakers past the age of 16

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