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Does anyone here dress with the 80s style?

Could I please see some pictures?

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I like the USA's 80s style of fashion for some reason.
And it is weird, because normally I don't like anything from the USA.

By pictures I meant, of anyone here dressing like that today, lol. But thanks

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I was thinking of buying some sandwashed jeans from the 80s since i already have white adidas and a timeless hoodie.

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Do it man! Remember that the most important piece is the haircut.

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Early episodes of jackass
although its early 2000's it still has a 90s and slightly 80s vibe. After watching them i bought a vintage windbreaker on ebay

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I've used white Superstars and light blue Levi's 501's for years, as well as puffer jackets (not those "shiny plastic" soft looking ones, the pillow looking ones) and baseball jackets, plaid button-ups and Nike tees

Idk if that qualifies as 80's but come to think of it most of the movies I've watched in my life were depictions of 1980's America so I probably picked it up from those. Kids using these type of clothes is kinda making me insecure slowly though, because dressing like this used to be slightly less juvenile in comparison to jean+hoodie+baseball cap that all the little fat kids wore but now they dress like me